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  1. LOVE the Foxes Pride banner in the background, too! @Foxes Pride LGBT Fan Group
  2. Also, there’s a thread on Reddit called Football Downloads - there used to be a thread of that season but I think a lot of the games had expired. I’m sure there’s a request option though.
  3. Are we sure Spurs didn’t make a DVD of it?
  4. I ****ing love having a cold. Because despite feeling very unwell, sneezing, a spluttering cough, headaches, occasionally not being able to trust a fart... I have the dirtiest laugh imaginable. I find myself laughing out loud about about absolutely anything, even thoughts in my own head, which always makes me feel jolly and therefore better. I don't care if that's just me.
  5. I remember clearly spotting the staff from my local chippy in Syston waiting outside Wembley before the either the Spurs or Tranmere cup final. Rumour had it that the owner/manager was either an uncle/cousin/dad/grandad/brother/patriarchal connection to Theo Zagorakis and they'd get free tickets all the time. I appreciate that's a completely useless memory but that's just how my mind works sadly.
  6. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/09/25/jamie-vardy-hardly-touches-ball-leicester-important-brendan/
  7. Long story short, I joined an amateur filmmaking group in town last month, right in time for the screenwriting challenge. One month later I now have 4 short scripts under my belt where before I had **** all. They're only 6 pages long, as that was what the challenge limited us to, but it's still work that wouldn't have existed before and has been really well received! Onwards and upwards!
  8. This, but with Maddison on the wing, and Amartey left back (at home).
  9. He’s outgrown them now. They’re holding him back.
  10. Liverpool v Arsenal Chelsea v Manchester United
  11. When we played West Brom in 2017 their fans started singing "JONNY EVANS, HE'S WON MORE THAN YOU" at us. Which we then just sung back at them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Can someone please confirm that I actually saw what I thought I saw? Ndidi playing a 1-2 with WES MORGAN IN THE PENALTY AREA AND THEN SHOOTS AND NEARLY BLOODY SCORES??
  13. Neighbours are fuming again in the documents section...
  14. Didn't he play the full 90 against Newcastle in the cup too?
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