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  1. A lot of Liverpool fans saying he is not to blame at all due to 3 defenders being injured. We have had injuries to our main 4 central defenders and have slotted Justin, Fuchs, Amartey and Ndidi in - we are still above them with a much less costly squad.
  2. What’s the point of keep getting in the Europa League if we can’t cope with it?
  3. To add to their numbers in case they get short like Leicester did with the defender from wolves last season
  4. I think we will finish fifth behind the same 4 as last season, don’t think the rest will trouble us.
  5. Maybe because they don’t have the money to buy better players?
  6. It sounds like it is a BBC decision for local radio which is sensible. National stations will not have commentators in all areas but hopefully they will cut down the travelling as much as possible.
  7. Certainly in the Premier League there will always be pictures available. Not the case in the lower leagues though.
  8. Thanks, I did not realise that. So it looks like no travelling in or out of tier 4 areas. Either commentate from home or take the local commentary.
  9. I have heard that commentators in tier 4 are not allowed to go to away matches. If so Radio Leicester would not be able to travel. Does anybody know if this is correct?
  10. There's also a huge difference in our spending power compared to WBA.
  11. Could there be an announcement on this today? Seems like a difficult situation with the TV companies not wanting to keep putting every match on for free & fans not wanting to pay either.
  12. Which clubs have not finished any lower than the Championship play off places in the last 20 seasons?
  13. Yes but this season we were already in the middle of the pandemic when the rules/laws for the season were decided on.
  14. Pearson gets his name back out there over the weekend and now Sheffield Wednesday sack Monk.
  15. The rules should not be changed during a season, this only happened last season because we were hit by a pandemic.
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