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  1. I'm sorry if it came across that way, I was suggesting that it gives us an idea of the government's thinking.
  2. I agree with you - every community in the City needs information at this difficult time so why just do this bulletin?
  3. Government have told Radio Leicester to do one bulletin each day in Gujarati. Tells you all you need to know.
  4. The figures must be bad for this to be happening. Obviously Soulsby wants business in the city to get back to normal but I agree he has been very irresponsible today.
  5. Why would you want to cram everybody in to a smaller venue? Also I can't imagine there would be suitable facilities for spectators, players, officials or media. Plus health and safety issues, VAR problems, pitch size and ticketing difficulties. So taking everything into consideration it could work.
  6. Norwich said they would not be happy with promotion if the season is not finished. I don't really get their argument though - if they play the full season and get relegated because they have not been good enough, then stopping others coming up seems petty.
  7. All this early testing is good and should lessen the chances of somebody positive playing in a match - but it could still happen and what will happen then?
  8. I assume this is not a major problem at the moment - these people will self isolate and should not have been in close contact with others. More of a problem when matches start.
  9. 6 'players/staff' from the 3 clubs tested have positive tests from what I have read.
  10. We don't know who is working and who isn't. There may be men with pregnant partner who are not going out to work because they think it's too dangerous. It may depend on their financial situation - and of course footballers are not going to risk their family to get a bit more money.
  11. If this happens I will definitely have some sympathy for workers such as hairdressers who are waiting until July at the earliest - they will argue that you can have all those people on a pitch yet you can't have one-on-one hairdressing. I know the testing makes the 2 situations different but it will definitely feel a bit strange.
  12. There was definitely a list of about 10 stadiums - they didn't want to use stadiums in built up areas or those with a shortage of space behind the scenes.
  13. I thought some grounds had been ruled out because they would not be practical even for behind closed doors matches - that means home and away matches are not possible.
  14. Not necessarily - as the infection rate decreases restrictions are gradually being eased. It could get to the stage where football is allowed. Of course the problem without the vaccine is that it could be halted again at any time.
  15. LCFC were relegated from the top flight in 1987 following a 0-0 draw at Oxford.
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