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  1. It took more posts than I expected before somebody gave up there season ticket due to Puel ball
  2. Most the noise seems to be coming from the PSG fans!
  3. To be fair the Leicester City stadium was decent on champions league nights
  4. We’re 8 points above the relegation zone and have a much better goal difference if we don’t get 6 points from our remaining fixtures we deserve to go down we’re shit but not that shit!
  5. He’s upfront on his own and it don’t really work he’s at his best when he has a strike partner to do the less glamorous stuff ie nugent/Okazaki and even Slimani at times now he’s getting older and having to do more work it don’t really make sense!
  6. I don’t see how booing a player helps our player coming on except it made me get behind him even more when he came on. Today Ghezzal bought other players into play, drove purposely towards their box, put in some decent crosses and was very unlucky not to score from that free kick the only negative is that his first touch is terrible i’d rather have him in the starting 11 than Gray.
  7. How did he do? I went on the Monaco fans forum but my gcse french qualification didn’t help me very much in translating
  8. Yes they are for some reason I thought they where below us but come on what sort of useless team conceed 3 or more goals against wolves
  9. Silva surely won’t be in a job at Everton too much longer
  10. I was going to put 8.30 but I’m trying to stay positive
  11. Quite fancy our chances with Wijnaldum at right back and shaquiri in their side, I’m sure i’ll Be eating my words at 10 pm
  12. Lots of pace in that front 4 I’ve got a good feeling about this one!
  13. 0-4 Maddison, Barnes,Gray and Albrighton
  14. I think the things he’s saying and his actions on the sidelines are an indication that the pressure is getting to him now
  15. I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 92 seconds  
  16. Puels not going anywhere, he’s here to stay, if you want king Claude out you’ll have to wait till May (2020)
  17. Claude would put a reserve side out and we’d lose to Shamrock rovers in qualifying
  18. No the Wycombe defeat was abit more devastating essandoh was bought in from a teletext ad
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