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  1. Shazza’s mate is knocking off Boris #neverwrong #ITK
  2. In one of the videos he was training and looked pretty vigorous, he was meant to back late October/early November give him 10 minutes if all is going well and ease him very gently
  3. How many fans are Lokomotiv allowed into the stadium some of the sections of the ground look packed
  4. So why do you not like being called Athens? and in your opinion who does better Indian food The Raj Mahal or The Prince of Punjab??
  5. After the opening weeks of the season and there being tons of goals it looks like sides have actually began to think about defending
  6. Is 140k a decent amount for a Ppv event? £2.1m is ok on paper not sure how much it costs to put on a live tv broadcast but I’d imagine the £300k bought in for our game against Villa would barely cover costs
  7. Not for me it does have a few pop ups maybe if you’d have gone back you would have been ok
  8. A stream that keeps freezing could be a blessing with our line up tonight
  9. http://blacktiesports.net been fab so far this afternoon
  10. Just watched it and thought it was great slightly worrying that the surgeon and an American politician would shag a 15 year old
  11. The rain drenching the sex god Cavani was the best part of the match
  12. Frank Lampard really don’t suit a Woolly hat
  13. I’d agree with you if there was 60,000 fans in the ground without fans there’s no real home advantage I think we’ll do well on Sunday
  14. Forfana looks excellent on the ball
  15. Maybe one of the heroes could put a stream of the game up
  16. Wes Morgan got a grade B in his french Gce they will be tres bien
  17. I suspect they’re correct Vardy was training earlier
  18. So who’s going to be tier 3 then Nottingham and Liverpool??
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