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  1. And the weekend we play united, wolves face chelsea
  2. When he’s in more of a withdrawn role he gets abit more time on the ball and has to over think it and it does seem to take him a while to find his feet if he’s pushed up alongside Vardy he’ll have to use his instinct and will be more effective inside the area
  3. And having a centre back like Jonny Evans by his side will certainly help him too
  4. He’s certainly got an error in him but let’s be honest most of our players have the ever reliable Wilfred Ndidi screwed up today, but Cags looks pretty solid at the back and comfortable on the ball and I think he’ll get better as his confidence grows
  5. I’d like to see Perez up top with Vardy and maddison behind the two, with Tielemans, Ndidi and Praet in a midfield 3.
  6. How’s Mcgoldrick not scored there weren’t we in for him a couple of seasons ago
  7. I think Vardy going out wide can be effective and he was out wide a couple of times vs wolves but it’s pretty pointless as there’s nobody in the area to finish the chances he’d create
  8. He might be an absolute arse but I’m afraid to say we could do with slimani on the bench Vardy was having no joy at all today up against Boly et al think we could have done with him to mix things up abit later in the game
  9. Youri was taking some corners in pre season and I feel these looked far more threatening than Maddison’s floaters into the box
  10. That Lewis Dunk looks like a decent centre back for Brighton
  11. For all the Mickey taking on here their curry’s are actually really nice
  12. I think Soyuncu will be fine but Evans will be the one that looks dodgy because he’ll try to over compensate for his lack of experience and not trust him
  13. If we play a 4-3-3 in the same style as Liverpool on paper are we really that far off them?
  14. Most go and sit back and frustrate Liverpool and end up losing not very often it’s 4-0 at half time
  15. I don’t think it has tightened up at all I get good info but only see my source before games so pretty useless during this transfer window but he did tell me Youri would sign just before the Chelsea game
  16. I made a comment on his Facebook page and have had friend requests from loyal United fans in Nigeria, Kenya, Algeria and Saudi Arabia
  17. Same as last season unless you have changed category my son got a new on Wednesday
  18. Ricardo £100m Chilwell £120m Maddisson £100m Ndidi £130m Tielmanns £120m quick lets cash in
  19. Evans looked very shakey for a change, Perez is going to annoy the hell out of me looks like he’ll be pushed off the ball a lot but he’s always available and will do well, willing silva to do well but he always looks half arsed. All in all very positive especially considering the opposition top 6 is a possibility I’d like to see us bring in another top striker and winger out of the Maguire money but the squad is looking very strong!
  20. Just listening to the radio and they were listing all his negative qualities in his game and were he’d improve surely at his age and at that price you’d want the pinnacle of defenders not some body who get turned easily when faced with a bit of pace
  21. £85m for a defender who’s not very good at defending great at bringing the ball out from the back though.
  22. Tarkowski not schar and he’d probably cost abit more than £35m
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