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  1. SpazticChicken

    Pre Season - Notts County (A) Pre Match

    These next five games could define our season
  2. SpazticChicken

    Ahmed Musa

    Maybe this is the trick. Man City have Saudi connections, maybe we negitiated to move some dead weight off our books and Man City pay less for Mahrez on their books whilst this team gets a player they want with the investment half covered from elsewhere. Win, win, win for everyone; Musa obviously doesnt mind playing in lesser Leagues and although he'll miss out on Champs League he'll probably be paid in gold bars and barrels of oil for his Nigerian petrol station business.
  3. SpazticChicken

    Darnell Johnson

    I thought his contract was up end o last season?
  4. SpazticChicken

    Russia 2018 - The World Cup thread

    Kinda disapointed really, I think 2014 was a better spectacle. The stadia and the settings seemed flatter and less picturesce, the atmosphere at times just lacked passion. 7 Nation Army leading all the teams out as a World Cup Anthem was tacky, all the teams having their own stupid jingle when they scored ect.(ours and Belguim was the same cringy club tune memed to popularity in 2016, Freed from Desire). You had the refferees not punishing diving in the first couple rounds of the groups leading to even more diving because there were no reprecussions. VAR showing promise but ultimately the refs still managed to make themselves look complete tools, getting decisions wrong they and their full kit wankered mates could watch repeatedly in their little box miles away from the pitch. Eventually cut VAR down to 25% of what it was in the Groups for the KO's. Think there was also a lack of great, great games; really the only memorable ones are gonna be Spain v Portugal, Germany v Mexico, Germany v Sweden(only for the winner), Nigeria v Argentina, France v Argentina, Belguim v Japan, Belgium v Brazil, Croatia v Argentina & Poland v Columbia - alot of good, good games in there but nothing jaw droppingly remarkable like 7-1 or Campiones Spain v Holland. Very little confrontation and flair ups too, there was abit from Matic vs the Costa Rica bench but its all been too chilled, I want to see neck grabbing, headbutts, slow mo shots of players so angry spit is flying out from between their teeth at eachother, blood red faces, flying elbows and knees into backs, random red cards - very little to show of it. Lack of stonking good goals too, theres been good ones but no James Rod of 2014 thundercrackers, David Luiz 40 yard free kicks or even a Tim Cahill over the shoulder volley. More of the average teams showed that just organising the midfield and defending with descipline and focus could give them opportunities against bigger nations, which also made games quite simular and boring at times. No remarkable style of play has won the show, its just been organisation, pace and individuals; showcased by France - who without Kante wouldnt look anywhere near as organised and wouldn't have won it in my estimation, they played incredibly turgid stuff in the groups and their best performance was against an Argentina who were in absolute tatters, they ran away with it today but in the first half they were incredibly lucky to go in ahead with both goals coming from suss calls. Champions were stacked with abominable players too, Umtiti the centre back who's main individual trait is diving, Poobag has done better than he has with Utd suppose, Griezmann and his punchable face, diving and dickhead celebrations - only ones I actually like are Kante and maybe Pavard. I'm happy it will be remembered as a great time for the fans after all of the fear and playing up of stuff in Russia, Brazil is a far more dangerous country but had nowhere near the same level of media attention for it, same with South Africa. It's good it seems Putin kept the dogs on chains and the huge majority of Russian people welcomed everyone from everywhere with open arms - it sounded like they'd put happy juice into the water supply and looked a great time.
  5. SpazticChicken

    Positions still needed and players you want out.

    CB & RW CM, ST is dependant on people leaving. Can't see the need to get rid of Gray or Chilwell ,both young England u23s with Madison, latter improved towards the end of last season and still has alot more in him, good attitude ect. see no reason to bin at all and I dont think Puel will after he described him as 'complete'. Gray deserves one more season for me. Think we're gonna find it hard to offload players again; Slimani in particular who was unlucky to be injured with Newcastle but ultimately showed himself up getting banned for the remainder of the season, his best mate Riyad's gone, no-ones gonna offer alot for Slim and he's on a wedge . So yeah if we can get rid of a couple of the festering corpses we can have a go in the market again, problem is the window closes in three and a half weeks so we need the undertakers the hurry the eff up otherwise we're pushing the wages too high getting players in.
  6. SpazticChicken

    West Ham United.

    They've got a good manager in and they're backing him. Still alot of dead wood floating about and the stadium atmosphere doesnt help but I can certainly see them getting top half
  7. SpazticChicken

    Belgium vs. England - The race for 3rd spot (14th of July)

    "We put the pressure on" "We gave everything, can't fault the lads" t.Spurs player
  8. SpazticChicken

    Belgium vs. England - The race for 3rd spot (14th of July)

    How about Stones clearing the ball straight back out to de Bruyne on the edge of the box. Maguire looked good towards the end of that, coming out to close KDB, dominating Lukaku near the halfway line
  9. SpazticChicken

    Belgium vs. England - The race for 3rd spot (14th of July)

    Maguire only England standout, everyone else looking pretty bad, still no midfield with the back three getting exposed regularly. Hesitancy as soon as we get out of our own half, sloppy play. Not good.
  10. SpazticChicken

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    Don't know why but it keeps reminding me of this
  11. SpazticChicken

    Mahrez replacements

    Ante Rebic please, would compliment our pace with some aggression & intelligence
  12. SpazticChicken

    Post Match - England 1 - Croatia 2 (AET)

    We need actual quality midfielders, there's only really Henderson who is capable. Lingard & Dele cannot hold possession, dominate opposition, control the game, relentlessly win the ball back like most of the other sides have at this stage - France have N'Golo, Pogba, Matiudi. Croatia have Modric, Rakitic(ran the show after the first 45) & Kovacic - we're basically trying with attacking midfielders and they just can't, and thats what lost the game for us tonight, we lost the midfield, it was going high and long and they were exposing us time and time again, pinning us back and we looked terrified towards the end of the second half, panic in the ranks because the ball kept coming back again and again. I like the mentality, I like the youth, I like the perseverance in a certain style of play, I think the vision for the future is a great thing and there is something to believe in. I guess we tried to make what we could with the 'best' players that we had, Sterling, Dele, Lingard, Stones in their current state really shouldn't be starters if we're looking to make it further in future, I know and understand in Sterling's case he stretches the opposition, creates space for other team mates but he must've had a chance in every game and relentlessly gave the ball away when he did have it, there was no point marking him because he'd always fudge it. Stones again with a lapse in concentration at a vital time and he's the main defender of three, he should be no nonsense and methodical but just isn't. Most of the others show huge promise - including Kane in that but giving him the captaincy shows another glaring hole in the squad and that's natural leaders - Kane doesn't fit that bill tbh, he's too greedy and quite dense tactically; he knows exactly which part of his foot to use when hitting a ball, where to find space in the box and how to dominate the odd centreback but he doesnt pull his men about and doesnt even look for them, he''s in his own headspace when he's supposed to have a vital role pushing the lads. We're producing some very good players with complementary attributes so you can see the dynamic developing, the sport science and analysis is pushing the English game forwards leaps and bounds, the FA seem to have a method which is working in all of the important youth levels and we've taken huge leaps forward in this Tournament with a coach the fans can get behind and one who knows the system he works in perfectly. We need better thinkers primarily in midfield and a selfless leader on the pitch.
  13. SpazticChicken

    Post Match - England 1 - Croatia 2 (AET)

    Too Spursy
  14. SpazticChicken

    France v Belgium - Semi Final Tues 10 July 7pm

    Two very solid teams who tactically set an organised defence before anything else, yes there were absolute fantastic quality players against each other but it was a pretty boring match; maybe it was the lack of atmosphere in the stadium, maybe it stems from my perceptive distaste for the France team. Apart from Kante that is, I think without him France would've been out earlier on, Belgium seemed to try to cut N'Golo out, going to the wings and then back into the CF often, they had no space to operate in infront of the box and De Bruyne was stifled, Belgium had chances they still should've took in the first half though and did nothing in the second. It wasn't a very good match, it had a couple of moments like Mbappe's skillful pass and yes tactically it's interesting how teams that far in this competition go about their business but it was a drab game for that stage.