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  1. Capital punishment

    No. You cant say an act is completely abhorrent and carry it out as a culture, even if 1/1,000,000 death row inmates are wrongly convicted and put doown its murder. Send the definite 100% verifiable ones off to a desolate island together in the Indian Ocean I say, let them have it out with eachother there and dont let a soul be born there or let out. Military patrols and zero press.
  2. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Okaka really gives Watford something not alot of teams have, a big confident striker who has alright speed and huge strength. Like how Leo was effective for the first two years, just creates issues and really helps push the team to the pitch. League's really starting to bunch up now. Top 6 are really far away whilst ourselves and Burnley have gone off the boil at the same time.
  3. Stoke post match 1-1

    Cant let them off for that, absolute caca until we changed the formation and we nearly lost to a very poor team. Main issue for me is Centre Mid, think we're using James there because we need some one to impose himself in there and its either James or Iborra for that and Matty is somehow ahead. I mean James does have patches where he does physically marshal the other team and isnt bad at spreading play and organising but he comes in and out of the game and offensively has never really offered anything at this level, that woddle around the six yard box when the ball was bouncing around just showed he hasnt got the instinct to be in that position. Gray was useless again, Albrighton looked bolloxed chasing back in the end and dont even get me started on Kasper's distribution ect. Anyways centre mid is where we need to fix up mainly in my opinion, we were lofting it up to a deep set defence with nothing but pace and technical players up there, couldnt play it through and when we did find space to play they'd foul us(which the ref let continue really, a clear tactic). I don't want to see a performance like that first 70 again, should be better than that
  4. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    The F is this? Ref needs to get his cards out soon, clear tactic to foul around halfway and let us loft the ball up to no-one. Shame really cause it looks relatively simple to toy with them with the ball on the floor. All over the place, mentality doesnt look right either from a few
  5. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    By controlling the ball and having about 10 corners. Listened on radio for 25 and watched the last 20 honestly. Calm down lad
  6. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    Dominate the game, dont take your chances, get sloppy and nonchalantly give a goal away. Like watching a worse version of Arsenal. Both mids at fault for the goal, shouldve been more pressure on Shaqiri from a CB too probably. Gray really struggling to impose himself. Concerning atm
  7. Europa League

    Why are they wearing an away kit for a competitive home game? c'mon Ostrichlands
  8. FA Cup 2018

    Surely by planting your foot in the ground, even if it's inbetween player and ball; you're holding that ground, even if some scroat is moving in that direction and rolls over after bumping into it
  9. Adidas

    Great news if this is a direct deal and not through a proxy like Puma coming through Genisis. As for kit designing though, they're abit crap when you think of other Prem sides over the years who've been decked out in three stripes. It's very indentikity with West Brom, Southampton, Middleborough, West Ham having minor changes to their template and the design choices around that being lazy too; with moving the 3 stripes onto the torso from the arms being the biggest development in over a decade. And although Puma and Nike are also both very template fixated they generally take more risks with their designs.
  10. FFS Kasper (and Stowell!!

    Has a bad game every now and then, that was one of them. It used to be more frequent but he's usually a bloody good keeper who showed what he's about the year we won the League and especially in the Champs League. Not a Captain though, missing Westley
  11. Matty Fryatt Retires

    Nahh, all respect gone after he cupped his ears infront of the Kop after bagging for Hull. A unique talent who grew massively in his time here, still remember him scoring late in a game against Wolves when they had Lescott and maybe even Paul Ince on the pitch and he got mobbed right infront of where I wuh sitting. Welcomed him back veraciously and loudly from several injuries and even in the relegation year where he and Campbell(offside) really struggled. Looking back maybe always an average Championship player but he was one of ours alongside Hume, Howard or Waggy; completely outshone by Nugent who was the bees knees in comparison. As I said, eff him because of the goal for Hull but best of luck in his future pursuits ect.
  12. What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    Finally got with the times picking up an xbone last week with Forza 7, Gears 4 and Pubg; with AssCreed Unity packed in as a freebie. The console interface and all that is decent enough, still getting used to it. Gears is alright but the new weapons aren't any improvement over the old lot, they've implemented their own tact on loot crate system with weapons skins ect and charge £4+ for individual multiplayer maps I was playing a decade ago! Played my first ever round of Pubg - came third with one kill as I panicked in my first house and just dropped a nade behind and ran Snuck around the rest while having no idea about the buttons. Forza 7 has really dissapointed me so far, I've not played any of the Horizons and the last Forza I had was 4 after loving 2 & 3 and would consider myself a fan of the series but this one seems to have had the soul ripped from it - the freedom to tune your cars as you like has been hidden away with autotune now being the norm - it's soundtrack gets repetitive a few hours in and sounds like middle aged Dad rock - the structure of which you level up and acquire cars leads you down a linear path and keeps you drained of funds. Thinking of picking up Sunset Overdrive and Forza H 3 at some point. Looking forward to Crackdown & Red Dead. Only PS games I'd have been interested in would be Yakuza zeros, a few other Japanese games and Last of Us - Bloodborne and the like never floated my boat. Any xbone gems I've missed out on?
  13. Swansea H match thread

    4-4-2 or is it one of Vardy/Nacho in behind or even on the wing?
  14. Everton 2-1 A Post Match Thread

    Beat ourselves. Everton are awful and you can't blame them for the scummy time wasting in the last 15mins, they've not won in 6 games or so. Ref improved in the second but let them drip the clock down, the two sub's they put on wasted over a min and a half at around eighty mins. Rolling around, goalie running away from his goal when it's his goal kick, Scousers clutching the ball in the stands at our throw-in Defensively diabolical though, Kasper didn't show much in way of Captaincy and seemed non-plused at his team struggling.
  15. Everton (A) Match Thread

    There's a boz-eyed ref putting nearly as bad a performance as we are at the moment. Rooney's loving this Losing to a below average side here, creating our own problems . . .