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  1. Thailand international Chanathip Songkrasin

    Even if he's brought in to boost Thailand's development internationally and our commercial interests there I doubt they'd force the manager to play him if he's not good enough. 24 years old and 5'3". Only played 14 games in Japan and not scored there yet either. You'd have to think dev squad signing or loan out, if not send him to Belgium for a season first
  2. Notifications

    Ive noticed this but it doesn't effect me too much. Thing that's getting me - I'm using Firefox and generally have FT stickied in my tab bar, it'll put a little dot on the tab logo which should mean I have a notification or the thread I have on the go has a new comment ect., go to see what's up though and there's no notification. Little thing but it's irritating the dozenth time
  3. Iheanacho

    Vardy is our best finisher and starts every time if fit. Against Man City who are so dominant in midfield you can't play two strikers against them as you're overrun, torn apart and exposed in midfield with only two(unless you have N'Golo), so you drop a striker in place for a midfielder as Puel said on the radio, he went with Albrighton. His choice didn't work and Shinji probably would have done a better job dropping in, he also scored a peach last time he came up against these. Iheanacho needs game time, his position and preferred role is obviously less of a concern. We also have Slimani, Ulloa and Shinji seemingly in reserve which shows how poorly the squad has been balanced and that's before deadwood like Musa are even mentioned.
  4. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    No shots on target, don't really remember any chances. Vardy was through first half and maybe Komp should've gone, you can't bank on that and there was still 80mins left. We were still in it up until Stones went off and they jiggled their formation and attacking/possession strategy, first goal was class but a couple switched off after getting bombarded. Second half we come out well, Vardy gets put through and Ederson dashed out and cut it out and then Maguire misses and they smash it up, Kasper stays at home when he should've done what Ederson did, De Bruyne finds space and that was the show over on 50mins. They weren't at their best, we lacked our potency and confidence. Albrighton through the middle didn't work. Finished up with ---------------Slim Nacho ---- Shinji ------ Vardy --------------------------- Gray -------------- Wilf Can't complain really with ManC Champions elect. Just find a way to bounce back soon
  5. Man City Match Thread

    They've been in control from the 30th minute, Stones going off has made them more solid and tactically they're doing us too. Not sure about Albrighton inside at all, too lightweight to be a midfielder, best attribute is crossing and he's not getting wide often.
  6. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Dodgy keeper, dodgy keeper
  7. Star Wars Battlefront

    Kinda watching from a distance, have had no interest in this game really. It's amazing just what EA expect to get away with these days, it's nothing new though. The clear business model over the last 5 years or so has been to shoehorn money milking schemes into their games - FIFA with UT and Americans having NBA & NFL UT iterations now with the same system, whilst the games themselves have barely moved forwards at all in terms of features or dynamics over the same time - so the FIFA players movement now seems floatier in play, they tinkered penalties and the crowds look better . . . and that's £40+ a year a pop for starters. Altogether they're making billions whilst just saying they're happy to be making their market more 'sustainable'. Another side of their game is rotation of franchises. EA are behind Titanfall, Battlefield & Battlefront which are all shooty games with identikit game engines and money milking systems, difference is they release apart from each other and by the time ones gone stale one of the others is about to drop. Can't blame them really. The consumer demographic hasn't shown to be the sharpest but even here where there has been a fuss kicked up millions of Star Wars fans will lap all this up with glee and EA stays well in the game
  8. Vardy in the jungle

    Only real concern would be based on back off when Vards said he has motivation to tuck in for the night with her about, it's gonna be a cold bed for a couple weeks at least. Add to all the World Cup focus and hype thats gonna ramp up soon, it could cook up a long term media sh**storm if this goes particularly bad
  9. New training ground

    True, although as this forum is somewhat of a local thing for local people there are a few that like to know this stuff. I just don't like the names involved, BOTCHeston & FOREST hills doesn't quite match up to Belvoir Drive in Alestone
  10. England squad

    I'm watching the German's broadcast. Instead of pundits and stuff they cut straight to one beer advert and then the news where they were on about Indian city smog and American war crimes in Vietnam using Agent Orange, twelve mins of that and then the same beer ad and we're back to footy. Don't understand much but it beats Hoddle & Co all ends up
  11. Northern Ireland v Switzerland

    Yeah abit, I just hate Kyle Lafferty There's a good spirit there and its an honest hardworking team. EURO16 was a top effort and they still have a hope in this especially if they bounce back from that ref's decision
  12. Northern Ireland v Switzerland

    Turned off around 50mins when Dallas limped off after getting booted for the 6th time and they brought that Derby/Forest sh***er Ward on, caught a glimpse of Kyle Lafferty in the background and all my feelings of support evaporated instantly. There's a good spirited core in there with a good head but it's dressed up in complete sh*te - a West Brom without Chadli, Rondon,Jay Rod and without any pace.
  13. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Emenalo has stepped down at Chelsea. Been a controversial there somehow, kinda like Rudkin