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  1. Probably been said before but I've only just noticed this thread and be muffed if I'm reading the lot Main problem in keeping Shakey on as Gaffer would be if it goes tits up next season he'll be sacked and we'll have a baying mob online and out there that probably wont want to keep him on in any capacity. Theres no doubt hes a great no.2 and his roots run deep into the squad, the ideal for me would be to get an established head on our beast that can integrate and adapt with what has done us good over the last few years. Maybe I'm just scared of change though, the Thai's and Susan have made the best decisions possible after letting Sven go. Crucial its done right this summer though
  2. You'd imagine him complimenting Vardy well, if he and we hit form he could be looking at an England place. Only issue really is Slimani and to a lesser extent Ulloa, we have big bustling Centre Forwards and one with a point to prove with Slim next year. I'd press around £25m but higher still seems crazy. West Brom have Rondon who'd similar and Everton Lukaku; although who could be leaving, would he be big enough to go in and fill those boots?
  3. Got a wig but it's wizzy Any decent ones working on PC, PM me please
  4. Been a while
  5. Strange one No matter what was happening, he shouldn't have been stood outside the ground saying he'd never play for us again; business has to be dealt with internally. Over the last three years though he has become abit of a legend, he scores goals and wears the number 23 ect. He's still very adept at this level and is unique in what he does. He has to repay the fans and clubs faith with performances
  6. Well no-ones gonna have heard of him if you dont mention names. Is this lad going to be announced holding a shirt with a question mark on the back?
  7. How about a fair trade? They can have their captain back, Papy Mendy
  8. Name brings back memories of a semi final in the Coca Cola Cup against Villa and a Family Fun Night where Elliot was fighting to regain fitness but was clearly close to packing in. Progressed to coaching at a reasonable level shows he had good application and knowledge, surely a good bloke who will be missed by Family and others. RIP Eckyogg
  9. There have been cases of it happening before -' Marky Mark gave the ref a decision to make just as Riyad did by going over Gabi's leg in the second half. I'm not defending the ref one bit all, I'm saying is that we should know how the game works sometimes and how to play it, its more important to get up and try again than to throw your toys at the ref for being inept, do all that when the dust has settled. I think the game has more going on under the surface than meets the average viewers eye but I also think the game is there to be played. Dont know why you've said the FIFA corruption bit, unfair to put things I've never said over me to judge it. Mahrez was hacked down and targeted last night, there were multiple breaks stopped by fouls and there wasnt a card given to Athleto all night, fouls were given for them falling over the ball when anyone got close too; it was a shocking refereeing performance. I dont agree with UEFA being against little old Leicester though, whats the logic? That viewing figures will be bigger for Athletico in the next round for advertising profits? I highly doubt it, we've captured the hearts of so many people across the planet, people that never heard of us three years ago would cream their pants to see us go further. The Mourinho reference was in regards to his eagerness to blame the easiest of targets for random and if not his own shortcomings, that was well proven last season; I wasnt on about Chelsea-Barca /09. Also think you should sit down for attacking my persona aswell as my opinion. Never convinces me when someone starts off by saying 'sorry pal but', that they respect my views. Just end that there lad.
  10. Dont start with this Mourinho conspiracy logic please. The only people we're up against is Athletico Madrid, Albrighton gave the opportunity for that type of decision and its one moment out of 90minutes, we had chances and time to make more of our time and more often than not recently we've been capable of that. Money where your mouth is pal, lets see your slips for Barcelona. Free money right?
  11. Why did someone get sent off from our bench, couldnt work out if it was coaching staff or an academy player?
  12. He got repeatedly kicked to shit at the start of counter attacks most of the first half and as usual he fleets in and out of games, if he popped up with a through ball to Slimani in one little moment with the same performance hes biggest legend ever again. Goals against West Ham, Hull and a very good performance against Seville dont count as contributing to Shakeys revival then? Support the players dont jump on their backs, we know what Riyad can be capable, even if you dont believe it to begin with . . .
  13. Said it many times to myself, you're guaranteed to lose possession of the ball when Gray has it. One in fifty it'll fly in, the other 49 it's going wide or losing the ball; not a new thing
  14. Mehh thats harsh, it gave us more reason to go out and buy Ndidi(Is he considered a Ranieri signing?) consequentially. Strange how these things work out. Nampalys hasnt had a consistent run in the side, not to say he deserves it over others after the Millwall/Porto performance be he surely has to be capable of better. Its obviously best if he comes back fit to either have him performing for us or on the other side, to sell him on in fit condition.