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  1. How many posts a page do they have though? Plus I'm sure in the Maynard days we has ten posts less a page
  2. Looks like Neymar is leaving Barce for an absurd amount of money. Seems the replacement will be Coutinho as it frees up the left wing, but it also means Barcelona have a ****tonne of cash and a twin to spend it, also Liverpool will need a replacement. Still over a month of the window left
  3. Whilst he's our player we should still support him. Kingy isn't saying he can't be part of the team and that he's an insidious element of the squad, he's saying we are together and we will stay together and by knowing that you put in nothing but effort for the team. Jumping on the back of inflammatory journalism based on trying to get a controversial headline to get more clicks to push fans towards rejecting a player and being toxic towards someone who could well be a very highly valued and integral squad member, if it does work out he's staying. I won't boo even if he does go, he deserves more respect than this really. Just please not an English club
  4. Some legit pro footballers names in Brasil
  5. Agreed but not on the price you've said. If were serious about getting him in get something done, until then I'll see it as like the time Liverpoo wanted Chilly; agent games for a new contract. Could do with a young feisty striker trying to prove himself, if the scouts rate him highly enough gerrimin
  6. Ya, theyve got electrolytes
  7. Mate, it's a forum for anyone. Theres no need to attack all American interest in football with no sign of humour because you dont agree with someone. On the subject though I think James has earned the right to be given a chance over the years, he gets along crackingly well with some of the core members of the squad, has a great attitude as shown by his determination to get back into the squad after serious injury and character going in and putting hard work in at Barnsley. He deserves at least a fair chance to be a squad member, he's worth much, much more than 4m in this market
  8. Surprised Arsene is giving up so soon after giving Diaby so many chances to fight back It seems though his ankles are made of chalk but undoubtedly has special talents, his development or lack of is a huge loss for England's national team
  9. Way before my time but these were beauties.
  10. I'm guessing he had you dosed up on some pretty potent stuff if you heard £50m. Only keepers in the world maybe worth that are Donnarumma if he keeps on developing over the next few years and de Gea just because United have him and Real Madrid want him. I love Kasper but £50m is Man City near young English 'talent' money, its like another dimension
  11. I want to know whether that rumour about there being a clause that stipulates we pay 500k or something for every 20 appearances is true. Seem to remember it being said on here in the month or so after Claudio was sacked. No solid info as far as I remember but some seemed to consider it fact
  12. Half these photos are just a line of text for me, dont know for sure if this aint been posted
  13. He's worth more than that. Especially with them selling off Ince and Hughes, they have money and need players. Milk them dry
  14. Derby Dirty Think they've airbrushed Davies's knees and the sponser looks poorly shopped on
  15. 316736180.208 British Pound from a quick Google I thought that situation had changed abit with the new King. Could still all be bollocks though, their huge money being talked about here, any games could be being played