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  1. Champions League 2017/18

    Our title win was a proper acid test of the pundits, Hoddle wasn't the worst but it's annoying he commentates on 75% of all football these days, international and otherwise. Roma are bizarre, shot themselves in the foot with this high line. Think Liverpool have a better chance against Real in the final than against Bayern, it's all tactics with Klopp and Heynckes has had him sussed
  2. Slimani

    Definitely a main striker. You cant really expect him to drop in, hold the ball up and link up play like a mix of a target man and no.10; he's a no.9 Good thing he's playing well though, get some cash back off him
  3. Championship 2017/18

    Soooool, Sol BAMBA! *skews standard pass across to his defensive partner* Soooool, Sol BAMBA! *Slips over in possession and shouts at the ref*
  4. FA Cup 2017-18

    Dodgy keeper, dodgy keeper, dodgy keepa!
  5. Championship 2017/18

    Had no idea Tim Cahill was at the Mill
  6. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Tifofootball or whatever it was called before is alright, the lads droning voice is helped well by some reasonable intelligence and illustrations
  7. Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    Nothing to play for in the players minds, lack of conviction and a general lethargy all game. Very disappointed we look like just another one of the teams in this League who turn to slush as soon as they're safe and without a chance of getting into Europe. That said its good we changed some players around, look to build something for next season and blood more of the promising youngsters in the next few weeks who do have points to prove in this League. Southampton were just bizarre, 4 games left and 5 points from safety. Happy to sit in against a side who haven't won at home for three months. They should be going down with a pretty good team by the look of it and being that they're a similar side to us in terms of stadium, budget, expectations, fans, history(bar recently), its not a good omen.
  8. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Like a pre-season game - even against a team in the bottom 3, 5 points off safety with 4 games left after this evening. Great having N'didi back, we look far more composed in transitions and holding with him there. Whole spectacle is pre-seasony, few chances, occasional bits of nice play, all too relaxed. Expecting a better second half with the news Burnley are losing
  9. World Cup Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 153 seconds  
  10. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    re. Maguire on the corner, it's clever from Burnley. Their man lost Simpson at the back post too easily, Maguire is being held by his man(Wood) to the ground and their free man is there too jump above Mags and nod it in at the back post. Can't really blame Maguire all that much because it's technically a foul but savvy from Burnley, you can get away with little bits in the box.
  11. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    Morgan & Chilwell for the first and Maguire had a complete job done on him for the second. Errors randomly thrown in all game, Simmo's more or less injured Kasper with a backpass. Just eurgh We've been shithoused by a team who specialise in exactly that and gave it them on a platter in the first ten minutes; all they did after that was count the clock down. We made numerous chances in the first we should've took, second half we had a better attitude and looked determined but still didnt take our chance until their fans were ripping the sh** out of our lot for being silent and then Vardy seems to channel inner frustration into rage and bags. Really not liking the fan attitude at the moment, when the lads are low they need fans behind them, this sourness stinks of piss when were still top half of the Prem. Choudhury grew into the game and offers something else to the other CM's, he can slot in as a sweeper and allows Maguire more space to roam and also helps control the game, definitely needs to add some muscle though as he looked twiggy compared to everyone else. Silva was meh again, dont know why he was so smiley smiley with the ref and their lads when we're 2-0 down, he was also having issues controlling Iheanacho whilst trying to tell him where to go when we're defending. Speaking of Nacho, it looks like he's cut alot of them out; looks alot sleeker and fitter. Chilly at fault for the first but really grew into it. Unless there's a clear disparity between Puel and the players or internally I'm still behind giving him the Summer to shape the squad. We were shoddy when he came in and compared to Shakey we're still miles better off. Well done Burnley, they're good and hard working in what they do
  12. Danny Drinkwater: Would you re-sign him?

    I'd want Lewis Cook over him at the moment. He'll always be a legend here but the wage he's on isn't worth covering.
  13. Championship 2017/18

    Colin to Nuno there at the end
  14. New shirt sponsor.

    Well you misspelled sponsor on the title of your thread mate, people are generally gonna come in here thinking you're getting things slightly wrong
  15. Brighton Away post match 2-0

    Atrocious reading through this lot here at half time, it wasn't the best but it's in line with what we've been putting out away from home for months. Got the result, showed strong character. Heads up rest of the season, play like were after something and I'm happy