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  1. Diego Costa To Athletico Madrid

    Gotta be about a year ago now right? Everyone was down about it back then, Wasil had 'let us down ect. ect' - Was worth it just for the effort to be honest
  2. Boxing

    Customary American anthem just for the sake of it then. Is that for the Ref or something?
  3. Theres ways of testing with bone scans and stuff. In particular a bone in your wrist that doesnt fully fuse til about 18 they've looked for with the kids in Africa for a few years now
  4. I've had 1?

    They were doing the same thing last season, its got all the competition arm patches on the front Who knows why. Probs just banter, like
  5. That Slimani shot

    Everything about his demeanour and reputation coming in screams cold blooded killer, you kinda expect him to be skilful and ruthless and when he isn't its frustrating, the pricetag obviously added to that. I was seething when they scored their first yesterday and Slim initially took the brunt of blame for me, the finish had to be better. Looking back on MotD though, he fought for the ball with N'Golo on the edge of our own box, won it, laid it off and ran the length of the pitch; I'd consider that a decent effort. It was also cruel to bin him off and blame him by subbing him at half time, unless Shakey explained to the point of understanding with him that it was tactical, if youre going to throw one of your strikers in the bin the first game after the transfer window probably isnt the best time to do so. The brunt of my frustration is from the feeling of all too much the same of last season; its the same players, the same lethargic loose passing and the same getting walked over by the 'big guns' every week, I think my initial frustration and lividness was from the recurrence and familiarity of that more than Slim not taking a chance.
  6. Harry Bamba

    Its good to see a new signing well supported, he's hit the ground running in many regards and if he carries on in the same vein it'll be hard to keep him. All that said though his forays up-field rarely yield, his approaches create space as midfielders/defenders come out to confront him but he usually runs down an alley to lay it off to someone 5 yards away or much less so loses it. Every now and then it will create a chance or two but you could say the same the opposite way, he lost the ball at least a couple of times yesterday and teams on better form than Chelsea will punish us for it. You could add that his passing when he does get up the field would be better from the feet of one of our midfielders. His focus on further development needs to be specifically defensive, he's good but not the finished article there.
  7. Chelsea Home Match Thread

    Shame really as Morgan was our best player that half. Get Slim off ten mins or so in for Iheanacho. Theyre clearly the better side but we have to take our effing chances
  8. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Where's Anderson Perry when you need him?
  9. England Number 1 (poll added)

    Its not just been the last couple of years, its been especially evident in particular on from being humiliated in the penalty shoot-out against Italy where Pirlo successfully Kermo'd him that he isnt a good keeper - on from that event he's shown himself up at every Tournament. It seems that his high regard has been earned more from his attitude and mentality, spirit and 'hart' he displays is seen as invaluable, as is hysterically screaming at ballboys, diving over balls, clenching at air with his feet planted like a 60 year old amateur and diving out of the way of shots. We have talent in the country with Butland and Pickford and they need blooding if theyre to reach international potential, Hart has peaked and waned.
  10. Cuphead

    Not surprising Crackdown 3 dove under the radar, its been in development for years and generally Msoft went quiet on it up til more recently. The franchise really does deserve another proper attempt though, they absolutely butchered and Frankensteined Crackdown 2 in my eyes; the first was a raw open world, jump up here, drive up that, blow that gang up, explore and stuff - The second on the other hand forced you into repetitive minigames and tedious tasks at every turn. Tbh I only played the demo of the second but was so disappointed in what they'd done, I'd sunk 1000+ hours into the first one, even carried on playing after they'd released Halo 3 Anyway its good to get an occasional pull to stuff like Cuphead s'pose, looks like a game I imagine playing more sporadically than in a big sesh or two.
  11. Cuphead

    Wasn't this getting hyped up big time soon after the xbone was released alongside Crackdown 3? I don't really console game these days anyway. I assume Xbox's main games are still cross plat, looks like they gutted Halo but it was clearly dead when Bungie left it, Forza is what it is and Gears still hasn't reached back to it's peak of the first one
  12. Demari Gray's Attitude

    Its mainly agent stuff really, who from signing a contract with a release clause at Brum has done the job excellently for Dimmy Damma. He wants more money and more playing time, does he deserve that? I'd say so. Give him a new contract, balls to the wall though - make sure there's no release clause so if he does realise most of his potential we can make bank and for now pay him just enough to be pleased but also just under so he has the need to up his game in the next year or two. If he doesn't make it after that point don't give him anything else and bin him off to some newly promo'd or Bournemouth if they still believe in him -5 goals and 3 years later. He's frustrating and irritating to watch, the Sunderland home game last season really summed it all up but he's a unique talent and still with potential, physically quick and relatively tall, skillful, athletic and determined; its there. As a club the decisions have to be made to let him flourish.
  13. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    They're not gonna improve here if they don't play though really, gotta blood them somehow at a reasonable level or they're well within their rights to leave.
  14. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    So Arsenal have kept Sanchez, for now. Its inevitable they'll lose him in January or for nothing next summer unless they somehow galvanise and win the League or something ridiculous. More likely though they'll attempt to attain Champions League football with a team more or less the same as which failed to do so last season to fail, leaving many of us to watch on in humour. In my eyes they have completely failed to address their issues this summer and have left an opportunity to streamline the core of their squad, get rid of the deadwood and build a for purpose functional squad to get back into the top 4 in the next two seasons whilst adding new blood and impetus to the Club. They shouldve aimed to keep one of Ozil or got Alexis up to a new contract to build a team around one of them whilst binning or cashing in on the other; instead theyve tried to behave like a Champions League team which has ultimately resulted in Lemar unwilling to move for megamonies. If they galvanise and find a new wind this season then all the best but of its still tits up they have to be the poorliest run club of their stature going. They have some top quality players, the location, prestige and glamour but their squad is built with playboys, burn outs and no hopes and are content in letting that culture thrive even if the end result is proven failure.
  15. Terrible players we've made look good

    Should be plenty on here