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  1. Sorry man, yeah, just seen the UEFA statement which I've posted. Obviously from our end BBC just cut and they said PP. You're in Denmark aren't you?
  2. There's pics of him on twitter sat up but it's twitter so I don't know if to believe it.
  3. When they focused in you could see his eyes were fixed. Should have pulled away then I can't believe they showed him being revived.
  4. Worse thing I've ever seen watching a game. So scary. Hope he pulls through.
  5. Fox92


    Yeah, I usually go my local record shop every year, but today didn't go (first time in years). Thought I wouldn't be bothered, although I wanted a couple of records, but now I've seen them on eBay for double the price I'm gutted A lot of places are putting their remaining stock online at 6pm so might be worth a look. Check their social media accounts out for info regarding stock left etc. Other year I forgot about Procol Harum, rang on the Monday and thankfully they had two left!
  6. Fox92

    Euro 2020 Fantasy

    There's a substitute window after every game... can I now take Immobile out, put my other striker in, then put Immobile back in before Italy's next game?!
  7. Didn't know what to expect from Italy but I enjoyed them. Should win the group with ease.
  8. Could say that about any signing by any club.
  9. Portugal. Always has been. I used to holiday there a lot with my family, so have great memories of the place, plus talking to people we got to know over there about football/Portugal/England/their favourite players.
  10. A group with Turkey and Wales. Hopefully Italy win it.
  11. He wasn't unimpressive in the Prem, he was one of their better players alongside Cantwell and Pukki. In fact I'm pretty sure he got more assists than Maddison. His output will probably be better now he's got better players around him at Villa.
  12. Their squad is really average. I'm always interested to see Lewandowski but it's a shame he hasn't got quality around him like he has at Bayern.
  13. It's about loyalty. Same way someone who isn't a member/STH at LCFC doesn't get the discount on products as those who are do.
  14. Couldn't care less who monitors my shopping habits. They know nothing about me aside from what I buy. I was in Tesco the other day and bought a crate of beer for £13.50, with my clubcard, instead of the usual price £15. I'm not there for a "shopping experience", I agree that term is shite, but I'm there to use my clubcard to get money off because I use my local Tesco more than anywhere else to buy my shopping.
  15. Spurs never bottled 15/16 because they never led the league. If we overtook them to get to 1st I'd understand but they were 2nd for most of the season.
  16. I remember being younger and having so much excitement over Michael Owen. I don't think I've yet come close to that with an England player, not even with Rooney. Owen was so good in his prime. I like a lot of England players, including the spoken about Sancho, Grealish, Foden, etc, but I haven't got that excitement watching them for England... yet.
  17. Agreed. I see people talking about Fleetwood Mac all time now but the original Peter Green stuff was the best for me.
  18. A fine is nothing considering the money they've got. They can win it back next season finishing in the top 4 again. Should have been a points deduction. Hit them where it would hurt more and make them start behind everyone else, by at least 10 points too.
  19. My favourite version of Fleetwood Mac was the original when they were a blues band.
  20. Fox92

    Euro’s Playlist

    Nah man, We're On The Ball still sounds good. I had a play of the records I have at the weekend and that was included. Also, from 1982, another favourite of mine which doesn't seem to get mentioned a lot is "This Time".
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