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  1. No footballer says that. But even if he did, it'd mean fvck all. Take what footballers say with a pinch of salt. Chill out. He'll be here next season. We'll, rightly, want £75m+ for him and nobody will pay that.
  2. 17 out of 23 players in 2018 were from the so called top 6 but I can't think back to who else should have gone instead, too long ago. Did Vardy ever play under Southgate? I agree he was never given a fair go but I also wonder why you would retire on the back of that. Scholes and Carragher did the same thing but I've always found it strange. Trouble is we only play one up front so Kane is always gonna get the nod because he is World Class, I don't understand how you can't think he is "all that" when he scores 20+ goals a season in a top division. Even though I am a big fan of Danny
  3. Well, yesterday I said Yarmelenko’s was the best but I think that’s just beaten it!
  4. I am I do turn volume down when I get a call. But I finish at 3pm this week so get to watch second half in peace.
  5. God Save The Queen is shit. Must be one of the most boring anthems in the World. Glad we got to see Italy's first. Best one going. France coming up soon too, that's a good one too.
  6. In between two defenders there. Great header. Shocking defending.
  7. Tbf I don't want Scotland to do much in this competition but I hope they win today as it would make Friday's game more interesting.
  8. I never understand this. I don't rate Southgate as a manager but he doesn't just pick top 6 players. Maguire has been the main centre half for this Country since he was here, at Leicester. Chilwell was the main left back when he was here also. Henderson plays for a top 6 club, and there were a few calls for him to start, but he went with Pickford. I dare say Pope maybe ahead of Henderson too (which I think would be correct as Pope is our best goalkeeper). Phillips is a good player and has been involved since Leeds got promoted back to the PL. Who would you s
  9. I always like a home game, to start, preferably against a mid table side such as Newcastle. I never fancy playing one of the top 3 sides or a promoted side. Looking forward to fixture release day though. Always a great day in the football diary that one.
  10. Don't think Nige ever did that tbf.
  11. Think I was harsh looking back. Still stand by that we were on top for first 15 mins, Foden hit the post, then Croatia settled and controlled the ball more but I suppose, looking back, they didn't do much with it (that said, 50% possession each according to the stats.) Suppose I am more critical of England than I would be of Leicester. Maybe they've just ground everything out of me. But still, pleased with the win and hope we hammer Scotland. Plus that will see us through.
  12. We were decent for first 15 mins then Croatia settled and got hold of the ball. Great ball from Phillips, and run from Sterling, for the goal but I think a draw would have been a fair result tbf.
  13. Fox92

    Peter Walton

    I just wish BBC had all the coverage. Much better than ITV.
  14. No chance surely. Rodgers bought him for Liverpool so hopefully could persuade him here. Wages must surely be massive which I thought was the issue for Eriksen in Jan.
  15. Fox92


    Should have his own thread really. I'm really into High Flying Birds. Of course they aren't as big as Oasis but I think they are as good as. All 3 albums have been excellent. Got to see them in Nottingham the other year and they were great.
  16. It shouldn't take actions of yesterday for that to happen. So many people on here jumped on him after the Spurs defeat but, as I said at the time, I lose count the amount of times he keeps us in games.
  17. Not when that idiot is in charge. We all know it was gonna happen deep down. Also I like Trippier, decent right back who's just won the league in Spain, but why is he starting at left back. Are Chilwell and Shaw that bad then? Shaw should start for me, he's had a strong season.
  18. Yep. Typical people criticising something yet not even offended by it. I criticised it at the time, in this thread, but carried on watching.
  19. Oh, right on cue. Absolute ****. Get Southgate out the job ffs. How he got it anyway I'll never know. Relegated with Middlesbrough, couldn't get them back up and then somehow in the England setup. Also, Luke Shaw should be left back if fit.
  20. I'm excited, have been for the past few days, but never liked Southgate and still don't. Would love to see Foden and Grealish in the same side but 100% know it'll be one of them and Sterling. This is the same manager that doesn't move away from two holding men, even when we're playing minnow sides at Wembley during qualification.
  21. Up the Spireites. Maybe this is the season to get out that league. Rowe certainly turned them around when he joined so hopefully that wasn't a false dawn.
  22. Both Kasper and Kjear showed great leadership. Can see why they are are captains at the respective clubs.
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