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  1. We made so many bad signings that summer. I'll always remember going to the Forest games and the that got abandoned was awful.... The second was superb. That Clemence goal! edit: Just realised they were both under Megson.
  2. I think Alexander-Arnold has been brilliant. Only 20 and has been part of a solid defence. Hopefully will be England's first choice right back for many years. Agree 24 is too old. It should be up to 22 for me.
  3. Off to Bramall Lane next season then. Superb. Hope Villa or WBA win the play offs but I think it'll be Villa.
  4. It's been a great promotion race, so competitive. I'd be excited to see how Barnsley get on in the Championship especially.
  5. Can’t see anything other than Norwich win today. Good luck to them, hope they seal promotion.
  6. Some big games today. And Mansfield can win promotion at Oldham, Flitcroft has done well with them I thought they’d be fighting relegation this season. Barnsley at Plymouth, Sunderland at Posh and Cov at Pompey.
  7. Some big games today. Good luck to Orient who can go up. Stockport and Chorley also battling for promotion into the conference.
  8. Saw this article in the past week. Because I like to collect things I'd probably buy that toblarone just because the club name was on it and not eat it.
  9. Watford do deserve it. Best team outside the top 6 this season. 7th plus an FA Cup final is a great season and something we should be aiming for in the coming years.
  10. Yeah I'll not bother now. It's killed the last game of the season and a great away day, shame. If they want to move a game then fine but to select Tottenham and Manchester City on the same weekend when one of them was set to play on the Tuesday was ridiculous, even if Sky themselves thought Spurs wouldn't win at Manchester City to get through. If they wanted to put Spurs and Manchester City on tv for the weekend then choose Friday and Saturday and nothing later. I don't think that would have upset people because as much because we (and Spurs fans going to Bournemouth) could have planned hotels, travel tickets etc knowing the games weren't getting moved again.
  11. I always look at it like this.... We wouldn't have won the Premier League with him in charge but without him we wouldn't even be in the Premier League.
  12. Bradford near enough down. Lost 2-0 at Cov. On the other hand, Cov only 5 points off the play offs and Doncaster are away at Sunderland tonight.
  13. Well in. Good news. Just waiting for confirmation on Manchester City away now.
  14. Fraser is dfinitely worth looking at. Our wingers don't contribute enough. Gray gets slated, rightfully so, but Albrighton doesn't score enough either. I'm glad Brendan has already identified our wingers as a problem area.
  15. Clubs don't care about fans that go to games either. They are all in Sky's pockets. And it'll never change because the same people moan about it on the internet but still pay to go to game. We seem to be very good at moaning without actually going anything. I don't watch much European football but I see that every time a German game is moved to a Monday night the fans protest and Dortmund's attendance is down by 30%.
  16. I forgot about it being bank holiday! Hopefully it's changed from 8. Why can't it be 5 given most people aren't at work?
  17. Absoloute shite. Can't stay 8pm on a Monday surely. It's a bank holiday just knock it back to 5. I didn't buy train tickets yet because, even though I thought Man City would beat Spurs, there was always that chance this'll happen.
  18. Got fed up with the media banging on about this quadruple. I don’t like Spurs but fair play for that result, unbelievable.
  19. I see "the best PL team of all time" still haven't won the Champions League.
  20. Yeah. I've been hanging on to buy train tickets but now it's a Monday might give it up all together.
  21. Getting moved then? ffs it's gonna be Monday night.
  22. At least the media will shut up about a quadruple.
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