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    I visited this earlier today. Good little store with a variety of genres.
  2. Ross McCormack has signed for Aldershot..
  3. So happy we avoided that last season But lost to a side we should have beaten in the semi's. No doubt Man City will win it again this season!
  4. If we beat Arsenal and Liverpool then we probably deserve to get to the final Liverpool will play a weakened side but I can't imagine Arsenal will.
  5. Is it 2-1? Or 1-1? Google says 1-1.
  6. Yeah, agreed. I thought a some had demonstrated against him though?
  7. So he's only joining on loan! And they're getting rid of several players, possibly Alli, to allow it to happen? That's mad.
  8. "Maybe" Cannavaro!? Definitely! If I was going for two centre backs in my dream team it'd be Cannavaro and Nesta, without a doubt.
  9. Yep, media will be gutted about that.
  10. "off the pitch" ... I don't think Vardy's previous off pitch are worth the discussion. What a stupid opinion you have. It's definitely because of Lineker's political opinion I like how angry it makes people. Take someone like Shilton though who is completely the other way, right wing and backs the tories, and some people like that.
  11. Definitely agree on both accounts. Was sad to see the true original go out of business.
  12. No chance. Our slump started in December.
  13. Sad. Again. Will we see more clubs go this way?
  14. Good move, good level. Hopefully he does well.
  15. This attitude I never understand. I'm not doubting the owners, though sometimes I am critical, but Nigel Pearson got us promoted. We wouldn't be here now without him. Yes the owners did the finance side, and injected money into the club etc, but having money doesn't guarantee success. Hence they chucked money at Sousa and Sven and it didn't work. Pearson sorted us out on the pitch. Don't ever forget the manager and the players. They do the business on field. You can be critical of something you appreciate.
  16. The comparisons to Vardy is totally different... Lineker left to join the league Champions. You rekon any of our players would reject Liverpool/Man City now? Not a chance. Plus who the fvck would reject Barcelona. He won the golden boot and is one of the Countries greatest goalscorers. "Just a goal-hanger" such a playground term... a striker is supposed to score goals. Also, as I mentioned, he got a consortium together to save the club. He backed £5m bid to save us ffs. If that doesn't fit your "legendary" status then I don't know what you have to do. I love Vardy and in terms of contribution to the club I think he's our best ever, and I didn't have the pleasure of seeing Lineker, but if a player now moved from us to the league champions then onto Barca/Madrid/Bayern then I'd probably think.... wow.
  17. Makes sense because Spurs were never top in 15/16 (unless I'm mistaken). You can't bottle something when you were never in position to. I agree they are pre bottlejobs if that's even a thing We definitely bottled last season though, it was criminal.
  18. "Noise" is shite most of the time anyway. The club are hardly gonna come out and say "well we want player A and we're selling players B and C".
  19. Thomas Cook has today relaunched as an online travel agent.
  20. You wouldn't though would you? People moan about presenters and pundits all the time. You're telling me you'd enjoy watching the likes of Crooks and Jenas every single week? Of course, mainly, it's about the highlights but a good team make the programme (like any programme). Otherwise news anchors and presenters would just be picked off from the streets.
  21. Great goal from Grealish. Probably the winner.
  22. Watkins has equalised now. On the other hand.... Derby lost. PS @davieG (or another mod) can we have some of this in general football as we usually have a thread but I don't think there is one for this season? Saves us posting generally in a thread that was created for LCFC League Cup stuff.
  23. Probably cause she's a woman and they took so much stick for not paying women well.
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