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  1. Attitude as in diving? He hasn't got an "attitude", he does a lot of good things off the pitch. The only thing I don't like about Grealish is how he expects every touch on his to be a free kick but I'd love him here. Direct, runs at players, carries the ball, the weight of his passing is superb... Arrogance isn't a bad thing as long as you can back it up.
  2. Some of the names on here Mane, Suarez, Diego Costa We could play those three alone and win everything .
  3. No. I never liked Danny Simpson before he played for us. Turned into one of my favourite all time LCFC players.
  4. I've always said this. A bad referee is still gonna be a bad referee behind a screen.
  5. Who you calling Bladrick? You're the one that posts such imaginative names for teams, like "spuds" instead of Spurs, if anybody was Baldrick it's you.
  6. The season before weren't it? Either way, shite.
  7. Lets just play to not lose. They're not unbeatable.
  8. Be a great signing if we can keep him fit. Give him a years contract if he'll accept it with an optional extension. Uses both feet, technical, plays across midfield. Will score a couple goals. People turning their noses up are the same who say "why are Huddersfield fans turning their noses up at King, a PL winner".
  9. I meant outside the laws of the game
  10. Same. It's proper boring "King Power". Looks more business. I like what Tigers have with thier legends mural on the Aylestone Road side. I'd love something like that.
  11. Pretty tough atm they're only mid table, about 11 points off Belper in 4th.
  12. He annoyed me when we went up to Old Trafford. Anything he could do to stop Vardy getting away, constantly hammering the linesman for any hint of offside too.
  13. Raneiri and Morgan lifting the PL trophy. Biggest trophy we've won, and can win. Stick that on the front plaza bit outside the club shop. I'd also have another one, of a player, on the other side. Sort of the corner where the away end is. I like it when we visit the Emirates because they've got it right in terms of four single statues. We literally have nothing celebrating our past around the ground.
  14. It’s not VAR that is the issue, it’s the referees. If referees are shit, and some really are, why would giving them a screen make them any better? They’ll still make shit decisions but sit behind VAR doing it.
  15. Great corner, that’s how you take them
  16. Don't really think that matters about "trying to hide", we still did something dodgy. Sellings grounds is causing a big issue, I wouldn't call it legit. There are several clubs who want the likes of Wednesday punished for it, and rightly so.
  17. We settled £3m with the football league. Not sure if that means it's over but what our owners did was dodgy as.
  18. On twitter I have a load of words and accounts blocked because I don't want to see certain things but all social media is toxic, I agree. I only use twitter, I don't use facebook (deleted that a long time ago) and have never used Instagram (don't understand the idea/concept of it). If I was famous I wouldn't get involved with it. It's a platform for anybody hidden behind a screen, a keyboard, a picture of their favourite celeb to say whatever they want. There will always be those celebs that just stay out the way of everything so nobody has any dirt on them (look at the likes of Kate Bush as an example, you literally hear nothing about her as she keeps everything private).
  19. Ausden Clark much better in my experience. Cheaper and will get you there in time for a drink.
  20. Take Aubameyang out, who is World Class, and they'd be even lower in the league. His goalscoring record is outstanding considering he plays for an average side. Arteta may turn them around though given time. Too many draws for him atm but he's only lost the once.
  21. I don't mean struggle financially as I wouldn't wish that on anybody, but maybe lose a few key players.
  22. They're on gen sale aren't they? I've just looked online, there's about 35 left.
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