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  1. The decision to play a wing back at centre half fvcked it. We missed Evans but just play Amartey.
  2. Rodgers decisions have been shit all night.
  3. This is a disgrace man. The timing of this.
  4. He started the mess.m never mind turn it round. Wingback playing centre half? Then takes the holding man off wtf
  5. Why did he pick Albrighton over Amartey and leave Castagne wing back? Newcastle deserve to be winning. We are missing Evans.
  6. Bloody hell how bad is that. I just checked the twitter help account and no word from them since the 5th haha.
  7. I got tickets so I'm expecting do to the test in a week and it to be positive...
  8. Managed to get in and buy mine. Looks like to the left of the goal but not really bothered where I just wanted one.
  9. Is it? It does say after queue you "enter the website" so I thought it'd be like normal from then on.
  10. My queue refreshed. No 488 and 433 ahead of me.
  11. Wondered how long it'd take for a response like that.
  12. I don't get why we are so limited. Obviously Man City must have got a deal with Avanti. I'd have hoped EMR would have put a couple special trains on and the club allowed people to use that. People complainging about £45 for bus well I'm looking for trains, from my location, and it's about £80.
  13. or jonathanlcfc. Strangest of all.
  14. That’s just LE postcodes! I’m outside Leicestershire so gotta get my own way down according to the information. With it being round the corner train prices will have rocketed I imagine.
  15. The latter is true actually. Probably bigger for them regardless.
  16. They ain't gonna rest against us when we're their nearest competitors. I know Liverpool is their biggest rivalry but we're the ones 4 points behind them.
  17. Man City fans had to do it for League Cup final other week. Think there were 3 specials put on.
  18. What did he get sent off for? Denying a goalscorer opportunity or serious foul play?
  19. haha you're not missing much are you. He tweets generic stuff just for likes. I muted his account just so I can't see what he's putting.
  20. I'll do it despite the fact he's on my muted list.
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