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  1. Same. I think they're the worse side in top 6. Most Chelsea managers come in and look much better than this.
  2. Maguire / Morgan / Mendy / Ndidi 4 Everyone else 5
  3. Fox92

    Islam Slimani

    Kasper is the worse at this. It's never his fault. He blames everyone else first.
  4. His distribution puts us into trouble nearly every game. See last week as an example with the pen. I will also say about today not hanging onto the ball instead just kicking out and losing it (but I haven't seen the goals back yet so can only go on one look at the game). But my point is even if he's shit for three months he isn't getting dropped.
  5. Fox92


    Hasn't been good enough for months (or should I say hasn't deserved to start).
  6. Puel has inherited an ageing squad. However I just don't get why he insists on players that seem undroppable... Morgan, Ndidi, Mendy, Kasper can all be shit but guarantee a starting place next week. Our squad is completely average, I've said it all along. Trouble is you've got people that seem to overrate our players after a couple of games.
  7. Fox92

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Awful first half. Got back in it but never felt like we'd go on and win it. Our defending is awful. How many times was Morgan 20 yards from Jota?
  8. Fox92

    Everyone back for corners

    We concede much less zonal marking. One thing Puel has done well is address our defending set pieces. I don't like bringing all players back though. Vardy/Gray should stay up top.
  9. Fox92

    Will be Puel be moved to DOF...

    Rudkin seems to be the owners' favourite so I doubt he'll ever get replaced.
  10. Fox92

    Eduardo Macia to Bordeaux

    How many clubs has he been linked with now
  11. Fox92

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    I wouldn't want him gambling with us financially. QPR, Portsmouth, Southampton and now Birmingham all have financial trouble after Redknapp's stint.
  12. Fox92

    Coventry City FC

    Shame man, shame. Something needs to be done about their situation.
  13. Corbyn has spoken about this many times before. I've signed anyway. Nice to see an MP considering us.
  14. Fox92

    Islam Slimani

    His record here is alright. He was never played as a target man though - at least I can't recall - we always seemed to have him running around like Vardy and it's just not his game. Dunno about his attitude, this seems to be aimed at anyone who doesn't work out here. I'd like to know how many assists he has, also. I recall him getting two in the Manchester City win.
  15. I wondered why you got rid of your avatar. Nashville Skyline weren't it? I love him. Not gonna say he's anywhere near the great singers but he tops any other songwriter.
  16. Courteeners are awful but get raved about on twitter by your typical 17year old dark fruits indie kid. 10 years or so they've been around without doing anything special. And considering I like similar bands I feel I should like them. I even listened to two of their albums and they were just shit.
  17. We're also expanding the ground and building a training ground.
  18. Fox92

    Islam Slimani

    Shame. He's got a decent record when starting games, just seems don't want to give him a chance. Same people who are calling for us to sign a target man. If we actually played him as a target man, with a strike partner, I'm convinced he'd be good for us. But it's not going to happen.
  19. Fox92

    Tottenham away

    Tottenham (at Wembley) and West Ham are both shit but I'm definitely doing Burnley, Huddersfield, Manchester City and possibly Watford. Huddersfield will be the best though, shame we're gonna lose it when they go down.
  20. Fox92

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    Well if he was manager here I'd go with what happens to our current manager: A good signing: It's Rudkin A bad signing: It's Puel
  21. Fox92

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    Pretty much agree with this. I don't think us and Liverpool are comparable though.
  22. Fox92

    Gilette Advert

    I haven't even seen it yet. Can't believe I just got some news from FT.
  23. Fox92

    Best opening lines

    Love it, obviously. Lennon wrote that (the first line of the song) on acid.
  24. Which is basically what everyone does. It's a penalty. Defenders gone with the wrong leg, it's a stupid challenge.
  25. What a stupid challenge to make.