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  1. Fox92

    Everton (A) - 12.30 New Year's Day

    haha no, I've already got my tickets for Palace. I can believe it though. You know what the club are like with blocks.
  2. Fox92

    Spurs new stadium has spursy - Delayed

    Looks nice but 100% it'll be quiet. Can't wait though.
  3. Fox92

    Chelsea (A) - 3pm, Sat 22nd December

    I imagine so. Especially with us at Palace the week before. Wtf is the general sale thing about. Never seen that before.
  4. Fox92

    Everton (A) - 12.30 New Year's Day

    Ah man just looked at trains for this and there is a replacement bus service from Manchester Piccadilly to Liverpool Lime Street.
  5. Fox92

    What gigs are you going?

    Thanks for that! 9pm is great, I'll be there earlier than that. This is my third time seeing him so really excited as I'm a big fan of his.
  6. A lot of them seem to have teamsheets from corporate.
  7. Fox92

    What gigs are you going?

    I'm going to see him tomorrow. What time did he come on? I don't finish work 'till 6. Need to get back, dressed, eat and then head back out.
  8. Fox92

    Bring back Shakespeare

    Nowhere I know of. Got sacked with Big Sam at the end of last season with Everton.
  9. Fox92

    We lost our record yesterday

    I don't get the point in Mendy and Ndidi against sides like Burnley at home. Iborra would provide more creativity; Ndidi and Mendy are defensively-minded. I thought Ghezzal was very good behind Vardy but isolated when he's out wide (again). I impressed with him first half, a lot. Vardy has missed good chances in a lot of games this season but Iheanacho seems to struggle with confidence.
  10. Not having that, he's one of the better goalkeepers in the league.
  11. Fox92

    Thank you Burnley.

    Dyche was great going on Radio Leicester too. He annoys me going on about money but I don't actually mind him.
  12. Fox92

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Thought he was impressive when playing behind Vardy.
  13. Fox92

    Leicester City Family.

    Unreal to see the current players and staff, former managers, former players all there today. Very sad circumstances to great to see.
  14. Fox92

    The King Power Stadium - Our Home

    We've won three league titles, including the top flight, here so without doubt it's our home. I just wish we had a bit more signs of our history around it.
  15. Fox92

    Sing for Claude

    Anybody that manages and guides a group of players through what's happened in the last two weeks deserves a song.
  16. Fox92

    Matchday Programme (Burnley)

    Just about to open mine
  17. People won't stop paying to watch their club home away. Whether it's Leicester City, Luton Town or Aldershot.
  18. Fox92

    Burnley (home)

    Fvck me Nige and Claudio in the same ground representing Leicester City I think I'm going to cry with joy
  19. Fox92

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    I really hope he doesn't get any stick when he returns
  20. Fox92

    Football Manager 2019

    It's weird because I used to sit and play FM for hours but now I play one game (two max), save and turn it off.
  21. Fox92

    Football Manager 2019

    Wtf is wrong with early goals. At least 4 of my matches this season (played 10) have had goals in less than 35 seconds.
  22. Two separate events though. If it wasn't the memorial fixture it'd just be the one minute as it was on Saturday.