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  1. I used to buy one or two packs with my dinner money every day. Think they were either 30p or 35p a pack and this would have been 2002/2003/2004 time. Football fans swapping stickers in school. Soon got banned.
  2. One of the World Cup sticker albums is worth thousands. I think it's 1970. There was some bloke on radio a few months back saying he'd sold his complete book for about 10k.
  3. Must say same for me, especially Red Onion. Lovely stuff.
  4. Worst ref in the league mate. Shame they go up to VAR when they retire from on field now.
  5. I'm pretty sure under Pearson most years we had poor pre seasons. I recall losing to Northampton and another lower league side too, possibly Cambridge!? Results don't really mean anything but it's always funny to see the people thinking we'll go down on the back of them.
  6. Come on boys I still see that tackle by Moore, and when Lineker scored, Bobby belting the ball.... and Nobby dancing.
  7. Don't care. Right price and he's gone just like other players. I trust us to get as good as/better defender in. "Negative impact on our growth of overseas fans" sounds like something the top 6 European wannabees would say.
  8. I don't understand the cut off point for capital punishment? One person gets executed but another doesn't. Which crime justified? Or is it the idea that all murderers just get executed? Murderers should face whole life punishments. Die in prison. It's a joke people like Pitchfork can get let back into society.
  9. I just got tickets for Sheffield! Logged into Ticketmaster and was able to get two. Must have been someone sending them back I guess. Just gotta keep checking.
  10. I saw them support Arctic Monkeys years ago and tbf they were decent (albeit they are a much bigger band now).
  11. Brilliant man and yeah for me possibly the most revisited records of his that I play too. If it's not Blood On The Tracks then it's Blonde on Blonde, Highway 61 or Bringing It All Back Home which are all top level albums. "Idiot Wind" is still my favourite from this album. Lyrics are so sharply aimed yet make me laugh. "You're an idiot, babe, it's a wonder that you still know how to breathe"
  12. Fox92


    This morning I visited my local record store for the first time since it reopened. Ended up spending nearly £40: Wolf Alice new album "Blue Weekend" (just playing the B side now); The Specials 40th anniversary of "Ghost Town"; Baddiel & Skinner 25th anniversary of "Three Lions" (A side is '96 and B side is '98).
  13. Derek Adams gone to Bradford Strange move (albeit a bigger club).
  14. I wasn't doubting that. I'd hope we're in the same market considering we've had two top 6 finishes, play in Europe and have won a domestic trophy.
  15. It's just how it goes really. We can get Luton's best player, Man Utd can get our best player, Real Madrid can get Man Utd's best player.
  16. Same. Was in work for 7 so completely forgot. I'm on Ticketmaster site now but it's saying nothing, even though main page states "limited".
  17. So am I. As I've said before, I wouldn't really go near Burnley defenders as Dyche builds his team around them. I think he just suits them like some players do.
  18. Yeah, I wasn't doubting, just genuinelly don't know that many players outside of the obvious ones. I forgot about Hojbjerg!
  19. Wonder which manager was the best player? In more recent times I'd probably Paulo Soua. But we've had a fair few managers who were good players/had good playing careers such as Martin O'Neill, Nigel Pearson, Frank McLintock.
  20. Oh yeah, course, I was thinking World Cup this time next year.
  21. Who stands out for Denmark? I like a couple of their players, including Eriksen and Delaney (and Kasper of course!), but our squad does include the likes of Grealish, Kane, Foden, Sancho, Trent...
  22. Footballers will be having short breaks for the next year, that's obvious considering Euros have been moved forwards to this year then the league starts then it's the World Cup.. Most good sides have players that won't be getting much rest. It's a negative side of having good players, being a good side, but ask the players if they'd rather just miss out the Euro's and I bet they'd say no. Competitions like this don't come around that often in a players career. Short breaks is just something we'll be dealing with for the next 18 months or so.
  23. So pleased it's been kept as a Saturday.
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