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  1. He came at a strange time and inherited strange players that weren't bought for him. With that I still don't think he would have taken us anywhere though, he never seems serious enough and at the end of the day we're the biggest club he has managed by a long distance. Nobody really knows though. I do like him and he is a great listen.
  2. I think it'd be very difficult to just stop and not celebrate, even if he knew it hit his hand. I'd imagine the passion and heat of the moment is massive, like it is when you're at a game.
  3. Got to be. I know they're all passionate when singing the National Anthem but he seems to be up a level.
  4. Yeah he's obviously still got big connections with Liverpool, and the love there is mutual.
  5. Agree he is a bit of a bomb scare but Tarkowski is not an upgrade.
  6. I'm surprised he'd go there and it work out given his connection with Liverpool and the things he previously said about Everton.
  7. Looks very good. He'll be worth more than that soon.
  8. Hopefully some of our fans stop moaning about graphics now then.
  9. Brilliant from Bale but Ramsey was great too.
  10. And why does Everton away always seem to be in December
  11. First away game is the worse one of the lot ffs.
  12. Fox92


    Ah yeah I did forget his little spell around the timing of Chelsea/Leeds/Fulham fixtures when he was in form.
  13. All three relegated sides are good aways. Gutted. At least Leeds are still in the division and we ain't been there in years. Brentford coming up provides a new ground which is always exciting. I don't mind going Norwich, albeit the distance is horrible, it's a nice City to visit and Carrow Road is a cracking ground.
  14. Fox92


    When though? People keep saying he can change a game etc but when has it happened? Sheffield United away, yes, lovely through ball to Vardy and he scored two goals at home to Brighton but other than that I cannot recall him changing a game for us last season. For me, an acceptable price and he can go. I think we'd be able to find a better player (and before someone asks, I don't know who, I'm not a scout) or even allow Youri to push more forwards. Youri is more capable at finding anyone else than Maddison.
  15. That parachute guy wtf! Dechamps getting out way.
  16. Does Clive Tylesesley ever be quiet for one minute?! I thought Tyler was bad for just talking shit.
  17. Everybody had to prove they'd had Covid vaccinations to get in the ground. So, yeah, wait for the outcome in 14 days time when nothing will have happened but our Government are still restricting what we do.
  18. What a goal that third one was.
  19. Not a fan of getting involved with America. It's American owners that have come here and want this European Super League. Wish he'd have gone lower league instead, especially Stocksbridge. Even more so in the current pandemic.
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