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  1. Not doubting it. Obviously been justified because VVD influence on them alone is massive.
  2. I hear "guys" so often now to address a group of people, including families, including mixed sex.
  3. I wasn't having a go btw. I get what you mean now you've explained in more detail.
  4. The squad he inherited was so bad as well. It included players like Clyne and Lovren. Fair play? People talk about us rinsing the buying clubs and the Countinho deal is no different. If a club is willing to pay that much it is mental.
  5. Nice touch from Rio after the CL final
  6. I'm not saying you stand around until a screen tells you to celebrate but it's impossible, in filbertway's words, to just go "yeaa..". That will never happen at a game. Your involved in the emotion of the game and when a goal goes in everybody celebrates it reglardless of VAR in that minute. I've never been at a game when people don't celebrate just in case VAR rules it out. Your other point I wasn't disagreeing with, Walkers. IF the goal is correctly ruled out then of course there's no ground to complain because technically it shouldn't stand. Werner scored with his hand against u
  7. What, so a goal goes in and we should just stand there? Not celebrating a goal will never happen. It's emotion. It's bad enough players score and don't know what to do half the time now. Mings scored that overhead kick at Old Trafford last season, he'll never do that again, and didn't even celebrate even though it counted (and that was when fans were in too).
  8. Agree with this. I think Chelsea will be top 4 next season but thats all in terms of the league. 2 games in a month is different to 38 games in a season. The issue for them at the minute is scoring. In the CL final they should have been 2 up before they scored. I always feel, watching them, I don't wanna go 1 down as it's hard to come back yet going 1 up against them is more comfortable than against other sides (and I include Man Utd in that). They had a lot of possession against us in the FA Cup final but didn't do that much with it. They only had t
  9. I've always thought West Ham have a big fan base. Also in terms of away followings I think Spurs/Chelsea/West Ham are the best from London.
  10. I'd count not being able to go on Snapchat as a positive.
  11. Croatia and Belgium in the group stage then.
  12. Not that I'm aware of. You probably got a birthday message from one of the players though.
  13. 6 full backs and 2 centre forwards (not counting Rashford there was his best position is coming in from wide)
  14. Should be Grealish and Foden wide. No contest.
  15. Nobody can moan this season then. All third placed sides went up.
  16. Chill out man. Given your response I'd ask do you have trouble getting over your exes?
  17. Arsenal haven't won a league title in nearly 20 years. A few FA Cups in that time, granted, but no Champions League. I've always said, historically, Arsenal are the biggest club after Man Utd and Liverpool but right now I'd say Chelsea are.
  18. I'd have Watkins up front with Kane but our man Southgate will go with just the one up front so he can play two holding men. Absolute shit. Trent and Saka should both make the squad. Sterling should be one of those whose place is up for grabs but of course he'll go.
  19. Dunno but any chance someone can have a little word with him to come back here
  20. Unreal Morcambe are in the third tier. Great job there Adams.
  21. Yeah, Walker's pace gets him out of trouble a lot of times.
  22. Sunburnt on my arms and knees after yesterday. Always the same. I never learn.
  23. Lewandowski up top surely. One of the most complete strikers I've ever seen.
  24. Great win for Chesterfield. So tight around those play off places prior. Up the Spireites. Just a shame it's County to play. Should be good games though.
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