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  1. They were all awful I have noted that many times but there was a change within the team and no change came from Mahrez. You're right he is a quality player, who had an off season, which we could all have probably drew a line under but he caused this shitstorm and we have our valuation of him it's not our fault other clubs don't rate him within that valuation.
  2. Fair play to Mahrez for turning up, training and playing with the team, I respect and appreciate that, but why didn't he turn up last season - That's a hypothetical question by that way which has been discussed many times, further to that whether this reasoning is right or wrong it's fact - Mahrez needs to put himself in the shop window, Sigurdsson doesn't. That doesn't excuse Sigurdsson and you could argue he's a bad apple, but it's true. And as @murphy has said show me this hate, I see plenty of disagreement, debate but I see no hate. I suppose I 'hate' Mahrez for daring to question him last season/suggest he's played well today (From what i've heard - i've not watched it yet) just to put himself in the shop window. I want him to play well to put himself in the shop window for the record because if he continues/continued to play as he did last season he's no good to us or anyone else for that matter.
  3. Managed to catch the last 15 minutes and the penos, gonna watch the full match tonight - Any good? Fair play for Mahrez turning up (From what I hear). What a pathetic fuck about with the penos though!!
  4. And people joked about this making 200 pages...20 to go.
  5. I wish we were priced out. If we're haggling to try and get the money we paid for him back he is being priced out isn't he?! Perhaps he's just being honest, personally if we can get half of what we paid for him i'd take it and he'd be overpriced at that.
  6. The £50m is spot on, in this market I consider it 'cheap'. £125k makes me feel a little uncomfortable however. Really? Pissed off at having a wage rise?.... I'm sure I read those two and one or two other's have a clause in their contracts that they get a wage rise should a higher earner come to the club, albeit read and being rumour.
  7. Today's the day.
  8. If he really wants a move, wants CL, he won't demand £100k a week.... ...Nah, didn't think so, he'll just cry about us wanting a high transfer fee instead.
  9. I do beleive Daily Cannon is one of those click bait sites? However I have to post this purely for comedy value. £17.5m Looking for an offer closer to £26m?
  10. Won't learn anything going on loan to an SPL club, may aswell loan him to Burton/a Championship club again failing that a League One club, it'll be more beneficial than the SPL.
  11. My problem isn't necesserilly our outgoings, barr Kante but we draw a line under that. My problem is how we have our pants down and held to ransom with incomings, usually record signings, they're awful - but likewise with us regards Mahrez they're just trying to get the best deal, the fact our recent record signings are never in a million years near the region we've paid for them however is what i'm getting at. That said i'd pay over the odds for Sigurdsson.
  12. Todays the day. So we know when Man City fly out on their tour (Tomorrow - Monday) when do we fly out to Hong Kong or have we already?
  13. Less than Slimani. (And I laughed at Mahrez going for the same price as Slim let alone less )
  14. Like we weren't when we won the league? They're in the same league, of course we're competing with them. Maybe i've deluded myself with our title win but I feel the gap between the 'big' and 'small' teams is closer than ever - That doesn't just apply to us because we won the league, it applies to every team in the league.