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  1. Alot better, still not fantastic but a hell of an improvement. We looked alot more 'together' before the game, the hugging before the game I took the piss out of but it was different and the togetherness of the squad looked back. The play and the build up play of which i've been calling slow and labourious looked quicker, slicker, better, I still think we looked a little clueless up front in the 1st half but it was better. I question whether we'd have scored if it hadn't been for 2 Palace **** ups but we caused those **** ups, we rushed them, pressed them, harried them, it was nice to see, it was half this 'transition'/half our old style. I won't be getting too excited because Palace never looked a threat, ever, but it's settled nerves, it's made me smile (Finally!) so onto the next one and hopefully these reviews and feelings can continue.
  2. Looking slightly better in general but toothless when it comes to it. So clumsy in final 3rd. Palace don't look a threat whatsoever (Which would explain why I think we've looked 'sightly better in general'), so expect it to be 0-1 Palace by the 50th minute.
  3. I remember when opposition were moaning about us getting so many penalties. Back when we attacked teams, got in the oppositions penalty area often. Strange how we don't get as many nowadays isn't it? Of course it might be something to do with passing side to side camped infront of our own penalty area rarely venturing into the oppositions half, but hey our possession stats are high!
  4. 6th if we’re lucky and a rather disappointing, underwhelming season. It seems weird saying that as a Leicester fan but unfortunately that’s the reality of it. You have to seriously question have we really moved on from that last bloke, a lot of people will clamber to say yes because of the vitriol (I include myself on that part) aimed at the last bloke but has much really changed? I’m not too sure.
  5. Probably the best we’ve played since the restart and before but far from good enough. I don’t get this slowing the games down and sideways play. Our team is about pace, use the ****ing pace. I’m getting rather sick of saying it. We’ll be lucky to finish 6th. Some harsh words need saying amongst management and players on top of that a few of them need to take a long hard look in the mirror and have a few words with themselves. Benteke hat trick Saturday anyone?
  6. need some ****ing strips ripping off the ***** at half time.
  7. oooh to add to my negative football comment. i'd like to add 'possesion based football' which ensues sideways, backwards football and preferable not crossing the half way line. you just can't beat the shit! it's a joy to behold.
  8. 0-0 written all over it. What a joy these two teams are to watch, I personally think i'm gonna struggle to sleep between now and Wednesday because i'm so excited. The anticipation is palapable.
  9. So what excuses are we going to be given over that shite? 1st half I was quite impressed I must say, by our current standards we were amazing (note 'by our current standards) we were actually going forward being abit positive. Obviously Rodgers had to reign them in at half time though, how dare we actually look up, go forward, pass forward. Normal service resumed in the 2nd half, dire, negative, sideway and backwards football where we were scared to cross the half way line, sitting back, letting Chelsea come onto us, doing half the job for them and leading them to victory. Sort it the **** out Rodgers, thankfully for him he's understandable and for the reason I think its what's keeping people on side with him - What's changed since the last bloke in reality?
  10. Good selections. So, let's not have no bullshit excuses of tireness - We've had a few extra days rest than them and i'd hardly say our lads exerted themselves v Brighton. Let's play to our abilty, play to our strengths and use this as a springboard to kick on from this restart. No more boring football! Please!!! Forwards!
  11. But how about we (when I say we, the club, management, staff, players) look at ourselves, how and why can't we break teams down? What can we do to be better? Instead of persisiting with this shitty style and blaming it on 'transition'. A transition that has been going on for a few years now and hasn't really changed too much within that time. We're quick to blame the opposition for dragging us down to their level or for being defensive - it doesn't help when we're one of the most boring teams around, especially given the potential talent that's being wasted here in this negative style. But nope, lets just continue the sideways and backwards passes and hope for the best. Get ****ing forward, there is time and a place for sideways and backwards, I appreciate and understand those time but when we're hardly going forward teams we're doing more than half the job for teams setting up to get an easy draw or snatch a win against us. I didn't like the last bloke, I hold my hands up but everything I said about his style was due to it being what it was, poor, I see quite a few parallells in style since he was replaced but people let them slide because Rodgers is more likeable and understandable, now i'm not calling for him to be sacked, nothing near that but this style stinks, such a negative, boring style especially as i've said given the potential talent and pace in our team yet we choose to be slow and labourious, rarely playing a forward pass.
  12. You make some valid points about Wolves but I find that a hell of alot more entertaining that our keep ball shite. It's funny you mention overplaying (Albeit in a different context) as thats all we seem to do, overplay. Wolves remind me of us when we fun and good to watch certainly compared to now and the last couple of years of this 'transition' and 'possesion based football' anyway.
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