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  1. I was one of the most staunch Puel outers on here but I was saying yesterday if you cannot see the work he did off the field and how Rodgers has benefitted from the work Puel did you are an ostrich. He had to go and was here arguably far too long. he stunk the place out, the style of football was genuinely getting me down, it was disgusting but things he put in place did have a big part to play in moving us forward. I remember a few people suggesting at the time he was bought in to do the dirty work and I think they were right.
  2. I’m not really sure what I did. Think I just had my head in my hands. People say VAR is bad, players can’t celebrate, etc, I can see where they are coming from but rarely do people look at it from the other view so yesterday the right decision was made and we got the celebrations - it went the other way. It’s like when Iheanacho scored that last minute goal against Everton, great scenes when it was confirmed because of VAR. It’s when the stupid decisions where non common sense has been used where I have a problem with VAR.
  3. I've been emotional all day and this is why mainly my dad and Vichai personally, we all have our individual people who aren't here. But since the game, since we've won it's joy. This is for them.
  4. Wow. I'd thougjt of a big post but forgot it now. Wow.
  5. Has anyone heard or seen rumours of a burgundy one (Pretty much the same as this year) but with a paisley pattern in it? Quite like that idea. Sure I seen a picture a few weeks ago but can't find it anywhere now.
  6. Where do you see order information on the website? I find the LCFC website so awkward to use.
  7. We didn’t lay a glove on Slavia Prague over 2 legs. I think that’s enough proof. You could argue it allowed us to go stronger and take the FA Cup more seriously or the league - although recent form in the league puts that argument to bed and renders it pointless.
  8. Looks like Man Utd fans fears of playing Liverpool, their protests, postponement and attempts to cause more trouble were justified. Absolutely bobbed it. Utter shit **** bastards. ”Super Club”.
  9. Liverpool's mouthpiece not on co-comms? Edit - Oh, there he is.
  10. Granted but they're not protesting against the attempted ESL breakaway, they're protesting against the Glaziers and wanting them out. The attempted ESL breakaway is the final straw that created these protests but ultimately its about Glaziers out although apparently they've been doing it for years now they're taking them to the next level As I said I expect Man Utd fans to be protesting at any home game and use any opportunity to do so.
  11. Regardless i'd expect Man Utd fans to make a stand for every home game, any opportunity to make a stand.
  12. So Man Utd fans are protesting again. Am I missing something here? We played them at Old Trafford on Tuesday not a peep from the - the opportunity was there for them. Do they just not want to play Liverpool or something?
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