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  1. I can't believe so many lies, fantasies, fabrications of the truth are allowed to be told by these bloody politicians from all sides. Surely there should be some kind of regulation - Is there already? (There must be, surely?) If there already is it doesn't seem very strict or well regulated in itself. I used to be bothered about politics, have an opinion, be bothered to argue my beliefs but being continually shit on, told lies, hearing lots of talk but seeing nothing come of it I gave up. It amazes me that people are still so shocked about it all.
  2. Rightly or wrongly I see no difference to what you are describing to any other politician.
  3. I think they did it that way when sacking Jokanovic. I remember hearing Ranieri had been appointed by Fulham and thinking hang on, Jokanovic hasn't been sacked, then realised they'd sacked/announced at the same time.
  4. Did I hear the radio right, they've conceded 13 goals in the 90th(+) minute?!
  5. Feels quite novel going into an International break on the back of a win. I'll probably be proved totally wrong but when was the last time we did and how often has it happen in recent times? Doesn't seem to happen too often in recent times.
  6. Love that! Rode our luck at times by the sounds but when you're down to 10 men that's to be expected. Fantastic and never stopped! You have to question if we'd have seen that performance, desire and positivity a few week back. I doubt we'd have seen it at all with 11 men let alone without. Wes, I've slagged you off a fair few times, at times rightly imo, I still think you're too slow at the back but you're always a threat from set pieces, especially late on in games.
  7. It's fine, I dislike many myself, I remember being frowned upon for my severe dislike of Arsenal years ago, but it just seems a general consensus regarding Wolves, with comments every week - again nothing wrong with that exactly, although again it seemed frowned upon when I did it with Arsenal years ago. The dislike has been explained by some, it's fair enough, it doesn't need explaining tbh, as you say people dislike other clubs, I dislike other clubs, it's football. As I have also mentioned in the past there seems to be one team every season that everyone on here seems to have a problem with, an obsession almost as @Kopfkino mentioned, does a team get drawn out of a hat pre-season of which team it'll be or something? Your severe dislike of Liverpool is shared with myself and many others i'm sure.
  8. No, people had 'problems' before the season started. Something about have asperations, dreams, aims and plans for the future, they seem to be going about all of those things pretty damn well aswell, whether it continues past this season remains to be seen but fair play to them this season. The ironic thing is and i'm not being bigheaded, what we did gave teams outside the top 4, teams like Wolves the reason to dream and aim high, now Burnley (Last season) and potentially Wolves might be qualifying for Europa League people on here don't like it.
  9. I still don't get people's 'problem' with Wolves.
  10. Glorified friendly so it's a no from me. It was a good day out in the sun at Wembley and if we'd have won i'd have a different opinion of course
  11. Thought it was a great 1st half, lost our way majorly in the 2nd, i've not seen the equaliser back yet but it seemed a very poor goal to concede, took time to get back into the game and I couldn't see us getting a winner, we did get a goal and looked good again though!
  12. Oh ffs. He’s a legend and I respect him for what he’s done for us don’t get me wrong but it’s the end of the line, let him go. This has been coming though and doesn’t surprise me one jot. It was only a matter of time.
  13. It just concerns me we’ll be signing a load of SPL players or players that are of SPL standard. We’ve been there before and it didn’t work well, in the Championship.
  14. I do feel alot of people have been bought into the youth aspect abit too much, don't get me wrong, it's good to see but I think some have gone abit OTT, got abit ahead of themselves and allowed themselves to get abit over excited by it, also the possession football, it's crap, it really is, short passing around our own box, passing ourselves into danger, it's getting abit repetitive and tiresome. That said alot of our mistakes are coming from our more experienced players.
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