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  1. Matt


    Forget positions for a minute. Obviously we want to finish as high as possible. What Puel has to do to be deemed a success is show us a winning, exciting brand of football. Then we can look at and assess an expected league position from then. Where we finished last season I admit wasn’t bad - although we did throw it away abit and finished lower that we could and should have, but again, for a minute forget the league position we finished, it was dire, boring football we played. I always used to say winning was the most important thing, then you work on the style but we weren’t even winning games either. One thing I can say that goes in his favour is that all expectations due to him and last season have been lowered. I dont think many people are expecting anything except boring football. The ball is in his court. Impress and prove us wrong.
  2. Matt

    Post Match - England 1 - Croatia 2 (AET)

    Not posted much on here recently. Gutted, but proud. I've finally got some emotion back about England!! Ironically everything i've struggled to feel about Leicester in the last few months. Role reversal! Alot to be positive about for the future. Well done!
  3. Matt

    Jack Grealish

    I was interested although had worries over his attitude but now i've heard what they want, no thanks. I wouldn't even go back and try to negotiate either, he's not worth the effort given the questions over his attitude, big risk imo. Either they are crazy asking for that much or we're being ****ed over with the Mahrez deal. I imagine it's abit of both.
  4. Apparently they're taking 40k (Plus maybe ). My question is where have those extra 20k+ fans come from? All clubs have hanger oners, who pick and choose when they go to game and that's fair enough, I don't wanna start a real v plastic debate, but 20k+ is a whole fansbase that picks and chooses when they want to support the club or not or when they want to go to games and jump on the bandwagon - especially when there is no excuse of not being able to get tickets, the opportunity for those 20k+ to go to games is there, they just don't take it. SISU are the main problem with Coventry and I can't argue against that but their fanbase needs to take a good look at themselves and take some responsibilty for the mess they're in, their fans stopped going well before SISU got involved. As for their excuses of not turning up as a boycott or protest against SISU...well, that falls flat on it's face when so many jump on the bandwagon. The only thing I can say in their defence is they seem to be a club neutral's jump on, you know the plastic Man Utd and Scouse fans, e.t.c. I know a couple of Man Utd 'fans' who jumped on them when they got to Wembley last season (I dare say they're doing the same today), a plastic Scouser who was crying on Saturday is at Wembley today from what I see on Facebook and I know of someone who can't decide whether he's a Man Utd, Leicester or Coventry fan (Seriously) who jumps on whichever one of the 3 are doing well at the particular time.
  5. Matt

    Jamie Vardy

    I don't think the club would let him go but I can understand and imagine his frustration. Can't say i'm surprised at all.
  6. Matt

    Vardy to Atletico

    I was talking in terms of summer transfer windows, this will be the 3rd summer transfer window since then. Despite them winning the league it needed back up, at the very least. If not replacing/improving.
  7. Matt

    Vardy to Atletico

    Neither was our ageing defence... ...Bar Maguire it’s took us 3 years to actually do something about it, it seems we are going some way to solve that problem finally though.
  8. Matt

    Vardy to Atletico

    Quite a few in a round a bout way. It is the belief anyway. Sorry, I’ll try and change my opinions just to appease you.
  9. Matt

    Vardy to Atletico

    Well people claim our style needed to change. Vardy was crucial to that style and won’t work aswell playing a slow build up working off scraps. To coin a phrase commonly used when talking about Mahrez in past windows, you’ll miss him (it - the style) when’s he’s/it’s gone. I suppose it has already gone though hasn’t it. I was worried he’d leave based on the style change. Hopefully I’m wrong.
  10. Matt


    They must be considering a loss in ST's as a factor, surely. Listen, they'll still sell plenty, there won't be that many who don't renew because of the situation but there will be a few, no doubt they'd get sold to members waiting, but I dare say there will be a slight loss in ticket sales. I'm seriously wondering if this may be the case and a reason for not announcing any ST details yet. It's so weird we're hearing nothing regards ST, this is a potential reason.
  11. Matt

    Who Do You Want As Manager Next Season

    Are you really bothered? If so why?
  12. Matt


    It’s was announced a couple of hours ago he’s leaving. On your train of thought however it’s assumed Moyes is leaving West Ham but there’s been nothing announced yet. I think lots of clubs will be having a season debrief an appraisal if you like, where a few managers will be given the boot, that is what I’m clinging on to. I do fear he’s staying though.
  13. Matt


    Didn’t Schmeichel say he and everyone were behind Ranieri and there wasn’t any player power? Talk is cheap.