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  1. Excellent. Amazing how fun we can be to watch when we actually play attacking, positive football moving forward! First half of WBA was abit meh and thought nothing had changed but the 2nd half of that game and the whole 90 today has excited me again, it's easy to say that having won both games but for balance many times even when we won last season I thought performances and style were questionable, we've only played WBA and Burnley but they're games when we've struggled in the past to break teams down but we played attacking, exciting, took the game to them and it was positive! Next week will be a test of how much we learnt and took out of last season, we'll need to play with caution of course but there is no reason why we can't play positive football against them and certainly do not be scared of them. Onwards.
  2. The high street. We keep being told it's dying, which it arguably is, online shopping is killing it, e.t.c, I personally like to go and see products before buying and would choose to buy in store rather than online. However the high street isn't helping itself, whenever I go to see a product it seems a wasted journey and never seems to be available forcing you to go buy online.
  3. Excellent. Excited by this. More needed in terms of thickening up the squad but this signing inparticular does look exciting and something we've been crying out for a few years for, I just hope we play more expansive to suit and don't pass it 80 times wasting him, hopefully this pushes us forward to be more forward, exciting and expansive!
  4. Decent, actually played forward and some exciting stuff, in the 2nd half anyway. Looked very vulnerable at the back in the first half but that comes with the territory of sitting back and not crossing the half way line creating your own problems. Hopefully that pushes us on to how we should play more often or certainly make people realise how we can play by changing things up, onwards we go!
  5. Forward playing, attacking, expansive football? Exciting to watch? I'm not sure about that, They'll have to be far more passive to gain any plaudits of their play in this age of modern football.
  6. Matt

    Wesley Fofana

    We should, but we i'm not sure we would. Fair play to them though.
  7. Matt

    Wesley Fofana

    Playing far to much forward and expansive stuff for me. They need to play much more passive stuff if they want succeed in this league..
  8. Matt

    Wesley Fofana

    I'm not disputing that but I just think we could have spent slightly less balancing it with investment in the squad, without investing in the squad now chances are we'll slip, undo the hard work we've done to get where we are and have to start again, you only keep rebuilding for so long, as I said it's a balance. I'm sure we could have spent less, had competitive facilities without it impacting or giving us the excuses for lack of investment now, then in a few years spend abit more of the facilities to upgrade and improve - the plans could be there, but make it a project over years and decades like you say, it'll ned upgrading and improving over years anyway whether we spend £100m now or not. For me investment in the squad now, and in previous years (Which imo we should have done) is more important to our future, thats what gives us the platform to keep building, balance that with the new training ground and facilities, it shouldn't be a case of one or the other.
  9. Matt

    Wesley Fofana

    People keep claiming we can't attract players because of our location and "we're not in London" so as you say I don't see what difference the training ground makes, doesn't seem to make a difference for other clubs outside the capital but hey ho. A new one was needed Belvoir Drive is getting tired and we could probably have done with serious upgrades or a move for a while however I questioned the cost of the new one last week when asking questions about lack of investment in the squad, i'm sure we could have had a competitive new facilities without the price tag, it's all about balance.
  10. Atleast people are finally waking up to the situation, not making excuses and actually asking questions now. (Not that it makes it any better but i'm sick of seeing people making apologies for the situation) Whether it be excuses from/for Brendan or excuses for the club they're excuses something I do not want to hear certainly not when something could have been done about the situation - not just the here and now but in past seasons but failure to strengthen over recent years whilst selling assets is now going to catch up with us. Fair point but why didn't they back him in January abit more. Even so the position we were in - even after the restart we should have made CL and whichever way you look at it the form since January and after the restart is indefensible from both him and the club - both have to shoulder the blame and both need to work together to sort it out something that doesn't seem to be happening. Now i'm not particularly keen on him or his style but what's the point in paying Brendan whatever we are paying him if they're not going to back him.
  11. Quite and I appreciate that is possible but as i've said I genuinely don't see a great deal of difference between Puelball and what we're getting now, not to mention recruitment (Or lack of) and prep towards the season, with that in mind I can't believe or get my head around those same people who shown so much vitriol towards Puel can be excited and happy with what we're seeing, let things slide and stick up for things but everyone is entitled to their own opinions..
  12. I think the person I quoted originally is treating Rodgers very differently compared to his views on Puel.
  13. I think there are a fair few giving him a free ride, some who were super critical of Puel yet letting Rodgers get away with the same things, even sticking up for him in alot of cases.
  14. In an ideal world yes but particularly. My (and I’m sure many other people’s) issues are largely the same things I complained about when Puel was here. The main difference is we can understand Rodgers. It astounds me how much of a free ride Rodgers gets compared to the staunch Puel our brigade, I’m no Puel fan, I made that clear but I really don’t see a lot of difference. (Tbh our recruitment seemed better under Puel, albeit a mixed bag) I’m not calling for him to be sacked and I’m certainly not saying I wish we hadn’t sacked Puel but I am asking him to change things, I question whether can or will change things.
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