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  1. Slow start which was concerning. I had to question where the urgency had gone. 2nd half wasn’t brilliant but it was much improved and we were the better team, should have got a winner really then I thought we’d ****ed it but credit to them, never gave up!
  2. Not great. Wheres the urgency gone in the last 2 games?
  3. The scars are still there I feel. Many times last season it frustrated me so much how mentally weak we were and how we seem scared, mentally and physically in certain games - almost every game after the restart and as the season came to a close. I thought we'd perhaps addressed these issues given what we've seen so far this season, comebacks and how we played against Man City and Arsenal. Perhaps i'm being harsh, tonight may have been a one off but we looked more scared than ever tonight, it seems like some kind of mental block against Liverpool.
  4. What a load of shit! Worst we've played all season - tbf 1st bad performance of the season. Can we just forfeit our games against these *****? It'd save me alot of pain. I said it many times last season in these types of games - We looked scared with a full strength Liverpool team we shouldn't have been scared, we most certainly shouldn't have been scared by a weakend Liverpool team. I thought and hoped we'd moved on from that given how we played against Man City and Arsenal but I fear we've still got some kind of mentality problem in that area.
  5. It is. Probably the reason I keep thinking it's a cup game rather than simply because its on the BBC
  6. Can't help but keep thinking this is an FA Cup game with it being on BBC
  7. Most games involving Man City are. I'm not sure why so many teams were/are so scared of Man City.
  8. I thought this yesterday. Ok, so a couple of hours extra would be handy, not rushing about, gives players/coaches/clubs more a routine, but in all honesty does 2.5 hours make that much of a difference, I can't see it. As you say move the games to a Sunday and it's a knock on effect of having less prep/recovery for European commitments. If you wanna play in the elite competitions you have to deal with the circumstances - that goes for ourselves, although i've seen nothing of anyone here passing comment on fixture congestion like the 'big 6' and with their squ
  9. Which in turn will be passed down to the customer. ...Thought not.
  10. Fair enough. I didn't think any had been annouced already, I thought they were just all released at the same time. As I said in my original post it doesn't really matter anyway as PPV has been scrapped, I just find it hard to believe should PPV were continuing this would have been on PPV.
  11. Doesn’t really matter because PPV has been culled but I’m on the understanding the scheduled 7.15 on a Sunday night fixture are fixtures that wouldn’t usually be scheduled for TV coverage. Which is why the 7.15 on a Sunday KO was PPV. That was the excuses they were making correct? Are you telling me Liverpool v Leicester. 1st v 3rd/current Champions wouldn’t be scheduled within the usual TV KO slots? Arsenal v Leicester is always on TV, likewise our games v Villa are always on TV - but they were made to be PPV. You have to laugh at some of the bullshit
  12. I read that after posting. However I still question international games taking place at this moment in time given players are testing positive whilst on international duty (Which is happening in domestic football, however there is increased risk of a spread during international duty), out of their club bubbles, breaking travel restricitions, all on top of a Croatian player being took off at half time against Turkey because he was found positive and a ROI player who played 90 minutes yesterday testing positive last night.
  13. Whilst we're benefitting from it, i'll ask the question again, why are we playing needless International friendlies and glorified friendlies, breaking club bubbles and travel restrictions. It's beyond me. The injuries are one thing, the injuries already happened and it sounded like Gomez's was going to happen at any time from what I heard, the increased chances of contracting and/or spreading Corona by playing International football, simply no need. Bearing in mind Kasper's expected to be joining up with Denmark now the travel restrictions are being weived and Vida was
  14. Just very basic every day use. Nothing too taxing, basically identical to the OP, Web browsing, streaming (Music and/or video online), office programs, perhaps capable of running the odd game, possibly capable of running AutoCAD although that need is pretty unlikely in all honesty.
  15. We did enough! I was happy with our first half and think we played well throughout, I always felt we needed a 2nd though and thought we'd rue the 2nd penalty miss. The 2nd half certainly towards the end was abit nail biting, I didn't feel in control towards the end of the game and that's classic Wolves. Great win all round and just hope it's a draw in the Scouse v Manc game.
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