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  1. I was going to post something similar to the OP the other day. My current laptop is fine, done me well for years, still working fine, but is looking abit tired now and am certainly coming to a point where I want to be looking and considering replacements if and when anything goes wrong - If I see a good deal or decide once this shit storm passes I definetely want to replace but i'm in no rush currently. My requirements are pretty much identical to the OP aswell - Probably wouldn't need AutoCAD although it'd be quite handy and could be of use to me. Any brands to avoid or go for? I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, cheers for any advices given!
  2. Better. Started slow, lets of sideways passing and looking clueless pissing about at the back for possessions sake but got better as the first half went on. 2nd half was much better and very enjoyable. Build on this!
  3. Well it’s the predicaments we get ourselves in isn’t it. It seems like a lot woke up and joined in now though instead of burying their heads in the sand like a month or 2 ago. Even though I used the word pessimistic I wouldn’t actually call it that, I’d call it realism and actually seeing things for what they are. People have trouble being honest with themselves though and would rather make excuses until they really have to.
  4. And to think people were getting mocked for being concerned a month/month and a half ago. How dare they be so pessimisitic?! So critical?! Not make excuses for poor results and performances.
  5. His head has been turned and it's reflected in his performances. The potential is there but he has a lot to learn and I question an attitude problem. Provided we can get a decent sum for him in the summer (Which will be significantly lower if he doesn't sign a new contract - which is probably a reason why he is stalling signing one) i'd let him go. If he wants to chase pound signs then so be it, who am I to judge, but as I did Maguire, i'd question his ambition.
  6. People who call Burnley boring - I've not watched them much this season admitedly but I think this is quite good from them, they want to go forward, attacking. It's good to see and far more exciting than 'possession football' without purpose or going anywhere. Perhaps it's skewed and they're being made to look half decent because Tottenham are so poor but the key part in all for me is they're looking to go forward which so many teams don't in this current obssession with 'possession football'.
  7. I like what you have to post and respect your opinions but it's not much better (If any) than when Puel was here, it's almost exactly the same brand of boring, sideways, backwards, negative, uninspiring, one dimensional football. You, as was I and many others, were hammering Puel, week in, week out. We're playing poor, very poor at the moment, I'm not gonna make excuses or pretend it isn't. We're 3rd, got to a semi final in the League Cup and are in the Quarters of the FA Cup, i'm delighted with that, but performances and form over the last few months have been quite dismal, I agree when you've pulled someone up on saying "It's the worst we've played in the last decade", it's abit OTT, however my adjectives used in the first sentence sum the current situation up and the fact it's not alot different to when Puel was here is indefensible when there was so much disappointment, frustration and vitriol shown when he was here.
  8. After our title win and this season there is an argument to be made the we're getting close to 'nicking' Man City's "We're not really here" chant. We are not, we're not really here, We are not, we're not really here, Just like the fans of the Invisable Man, We're not really here.
  9. I'm happy we're 3rd, I'm happy we got as far as we did in the League Cup - Although not happy about going out, how we went out and who went out to, I'm happy with our progress in the FA Cup. However, I'm not happy with this passive, slow, boring, negative, one dimensional style and it's not a problem exclusive to Leicester City, it's a problem with many teams, it's a problem within the game, I don't get the obsession with it, as i've said it's boring and negative as far as i'm concerned and i'm worried i'm losing interest in the game which is the most annoying part of it all. Earlier in the season we were playing ok, although not fantastically imo but getting results, I remember making the point several times but claiming 'it was a sign of a good team' and hoped it could improve, we havn't though, it's got worse, it's got slower, more passive, boring, sideways, backwards and negative. Currently it's not much better, if any (The style of play) than it was under Puel. The claims were that we'd been 'found out' playing in our old style, there were calls to progress into this passing side, we've been doing this for 2 years now? Probably more, it's never really been very pretty, exciting or easy to watch, how long before we bin this off or atleast certainly mix it up abit, play in several styles, change from game to game or even during games, we're currently so so predictable. You can be happy with our situation but at the same time have concerns, issues, even frustrations with things.
  10. Got the job done, through to the next round but jeez we made hard work of it and are still playing this negative, awful, dogshit style.
  11. I think it was very inbetween early during the season when we were doing well (well in terms of results) some claimed we were playing some incredible stuff, I personally never saw it, it was still this boring passive shite, we were doing it better and we were getting results but I remember many times commenting that the results were great but we weren't playing particularly great but kept claiming it was 'a sign of a good team'.
  12. Strong. Lets just go ****ing forward though ah lads?!
  13. 2-0. Hopefully this gets nasty for Villa. Vile Club, Vile Fanbase.
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