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  1. I would but hopefully it'll be a case that he'll be blaming Man City for 'wasting' 2 years of his career like he blamed us. He made his bed...
  2. Teams know how to almost guarantee getting a point against us with the possibility of shithousing a win now and you do it by doing what Wolves did. We've beem found out like we did with our counter attacking football which made certain people insist we needed to change into this passive shite, we've now been found out in this style and to add to it it's boring as hell, now most teams combat it by finding a way round the problem but nope we just pass sideways and backwards. As I said i'd be crucifying that last night if Puel was in charge as many others would, I'm not going to be contradictory now, gotta either find away around 10 men behind the ball and pronto or shake things up with a variation of styles.
  3. Please just stop the sideways, slow build up shit which results in us going backwards. Fortunately, I don't think Man City will sit back so it'll allow us to go forward abit more.
  4. I appologise for being thick but I don't see what point you're trying to make? Are you saying we shouldn't have sacked Ranieri who would have took us down? Puel who the less said about the better? Or not appointed Rodgers who i'm delighted with how we started the season but since late November/Start of December has arugably been Puel-like, possession without purpose. Either way we've followed this Pep fanboi opinion of 'we must keep the ball, for keeping the ball sake, without going anywhere other than sideways with it' mentality throughout all three options, throwing away all of what we're actually good and effective at because we were 'found out', yet we have been 'found out' in this style too. hpw come we seem to be the only team that are 'found out'. As I said in my very first post in this thread, as soon as Pep, his boring football and his fanbois **** off with the 'this is how you play football' opinion **** off the better. After tonights 'big news' hopefully it'll be very soon.
  5. They’ve stuck with their manager ✅ Correct they have. Chopping and changing the manager hasn’t work our how I’d planned. Erm, well I’m delighted we’ve got Rodgers, tbh I’m simple delighted we’ve not got Puel, we started the season great but we seem to have gone back to the Puel style, I am in no way wanting Rodgers out but I am in no way impressed how we’ve played since late November. We will see how Wolves adapt if and when Nuno leaves, I don’t see what point this has. As for seeing Wolves as exciting to watch (apart from tonight) we’ll have to agree to disagree.
  6. No, lack of service is what it is. Too much passive shite behind him, lack of service. Which is exactly why he should reject an England call up should he get one, Let's move FORWARD!!!
  7. Distribution has always been my issue with him. He 'saves' us as much points as he 'costs' us. 'Equals itself out over a season' is a famous football cliche, right? However his distribution has always been shite but I blame this as much on himself as I do the coaches he's been under, it never seems to change.
  8. Equally I still don't see the dislike and nastyness (and no, i'm certainly no snowflake) towards them. If i'm honest I see them as a 'mini leicester' before we started this passive shite. Exciting. But then 'we got found out' with the exciting football yet we seem to have been 'found out' with this passive shite too, how come other teams don't get 'found out'?
  9. I’ve always been impressed with Wolves and enjoyed watching them but tonight all we wanted to do was pass sideways and all they wanted to do was sit back.
  10. What a shit game and there was me thinking a winter break would create a more exciting, more intensive end to the season. Right, onto the actual game I don’t think we looked in much danger but I do think we created our own problems which put us in danger from time to time but that’s what this shitty passive game brings - when will people realise!! The sooner Pep ****s off in the summer the better and his fanboys can follow him with “the way the football should be played” bullshit philosophy! Equally we also don’t look like going forward, passions for possessions sake, possession WITHOUT possessions purpose, almost Puel-like and I’ll admit it, I’d be crucifying that if Puel was still in charge but see the Pep point as far as that is concerned. In the circumstances of both before the game and during I’m quite happy with the result, as for the performance, well, I’ll carry on, we’ve been poor since late November.
  11. "Will people please think of the coefficient."
  12. I've got reservations about it all personally. I'm surprised in this day and age its not already a thing. I think it's a good thing and there is a place for it all. However if and when it comes on one hand all kick offs should be a 3pm Saturday correct? No need to move the games and make it an inconvenience to the match going supporter. On the other hand from a selfish point of view I like the Saturday lunchtime and late kick offs as I do the Sunday games, aslong as it doesn't disrupt me, as I said its a selfish point of view. I understand I can't have this both ways. I do feel match going supporters aren't cared or considered at all amongst the TV companies or the powers that be who rule football and they are more concerned and cater for the armchair fan, which I do worry what effect that will have on the match going fan, I think attendances will suffer (At the top of the game and all the way down the pyramid) and I still think we'll get shafted and have even more incovenience with even more stupid KO times when there is no need for KO times to alter at all on a platform where every game is available let alone alter more (Probably).
  13. I can see what you're saying and I don't for one minute agree with what FoxFossil is predicting. However it's been more than one poor performance in the league v Southampton and first half at home to Villa in the cup hasn't it? Be honest, alot of our games and results since Everton at home in the league has been very disappointing, underwhelming, frustrating and concerning, warning signs have been there. As I said earlier the fact some are worrying now make me laugh and there is a still a comfortable gap but it shows how blinkered some have been to not see the chasing pack coming. What's funny is all this panic and concern comes after one of better performances and results in our 'big' games this season of which have been lacking. Someone used the word naive and that's bang on. The mid season break has come at a good time and I hope that after it there are no excuses, it's time to kick on.
  14. Thing is this hasn't just crept up on us, we've been generally poor perfomance and results wise for a while, yet people acting as if it's a shock all of sudden, ironically people have only just woke up to this after one of our better performances and results in a 'big' games v Chelsea yesterday.
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