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  1. Matt

    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    It’s got a very “Crystal Palace” feel about it from last season.
  2. The irony in all this is I dare say anyone who can see the shortcomings and have issues with what is going on don’t have the PL success in their minds when making their points, opinions and arguments. I know I haven’t. PL title or not I’m not impressed with what’s going on and would be making the points regardless. It seems you are the one who keeps harping on about PL title win.
  3. Matt

    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    Oh here we go again, player power. I know it’s easier said than done getting rid of bad apples but you have thought with a summer transfer window under his belt Puel/the club on Puel’s recommendation or advice would have done something towards resolving the situation about player power...if indeed it has ever existed under Puel, of course it could simply be used as yet another excuse. For those reasons and many reasons I gave last season I just can’t take the player power arguments seriously.
  4. yeah but patience, ignore last season, don't dare question or flag up that there are alarming similarities, just carry on clapping.... 2016 ruined us.... you bloody idiot bell-end for having those opinions grrrr!
  5. Matt

    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    Can't see us losing but not convinced we'll win.
  6. Matt

    So, 5 games in...

    Before I start for the record i'm not saying Shakespeare should have kept his job, he shouldn't, he was out of his depth and it was only going to end one way but I made these points yesterday when someone made the point "we've played two top four sides". So, last season in the first 8 games (Up to when Shakespeare was sacked) we'd got 6 points, playing (And losing) Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea, and Liverpool, beating Brighton, drawing to Huddersfield, Bournemouth and West Brom. I didn't see anyone using "playing the top sides" as a defence for Shakespeare and given the way we set up, played and performed, I didn't expect them to, likewise I don't understand why how people are with Puel. I'm merely making comparisons to the start of seasons/situations but given last seasons start was arguably harder and we're in similar situation, potentially the same (with an 'easier' start), Puel needs a dramatic upturn in form, no excuses.
  7. Matt

    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    Puels first name on the team sheet is Morg....oh no!
  8. And albeit only 5 games into the season but going above us, that'll go down well on here. I don't see alot to poke fun at with Wolves, they play good stuff, if I were a Wolves fan i'd be frustrated with the chances they've had and only scored 1 but they're good to watch.
  9. They don't get it do they? We're moaning, we're angry, we're slagging things off because things aren't right and we're not happy with it. We want better. But no, we're simply just miserable ****ers that enjoy losing and failing ain't we? We lost 4-2 yesterday and we're supposed to not be bothered or something? And it's becoming all too common (Not necessarily losing heavily but losing) add to that being bored to tears by this 'style'. Personally I find it weird these people who aren't angry, slagging things off and aren't pointing out the things that are wrong, like they're happy with it. Whilst I get being negative (at games) isn't productive towards supporting the team some people simply don't seem to be able to see any of these shortcomings. but nah, let's shut up, not have our opinions, pretend everything is rosy and hope it continues because apparently there isn't much wrong.
  10. Matt

    Puel goes. Who do you choose?

    I'd be tempted to say old Woy looks like a better option and everyone know what a problem i've got with him. *That's not to say i'd seriously want him here, doubt we'd even go for him and doubt he would come here as he's in a job at Palace. I using it for an example purpose.
  11. Matt

    We'll bounce back as we do.

    Tbh I very rarely use stats, I do on the odd occasion but generally not and i'm not trying to have it both way. I concede they did have more chances, more of the play, deserved to win, but didn't. That's the way it is sometimes. I have to smirk everytime I see a stat quoted though, a couple of year ago the majority of people took the piss out of other teams using stats, most notably Spurs (Maybe Burnley?), we didn't because they didn't favour us, we more than anyone should know how pointless stats are, however now they favour us, now they alter points and make things look rosier quite alot of people are all over them, despite the ultimate stat, the result, not favouring or going for us alot of the time.
  12. Oh so Puel is just meant to stand there and let that cost him his job? Ok, more fool him I guess, I know what i'd do, grow some bollocks and tell them some home truths, until that happens I don't know how anyone can stick up for it. Outrageous philosophy.
  13. Matt

    We'll bounce back as we do.

    Wow, just wow. If you ever needed to prove a point how pointless stats are....