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  1. I’ll take a point given yet another poor performance to add to the past month but it just adds fuel to the fire likening it to last seasons drop off given the string of poor performances. Not good enough.
  2. We’ve improved since the equaliser but it had to open up after that. Improvement wasn’t hard given we’ve been crap for most of the half though. Still way off it.
  3. Rodgers, team management team, the players do know playing in this way is putting the game and more goals on a plate for Burnley don't they? Surely they're not that thick? It's not hard to see.
  4. Whats with the return of this ****ing dire sideways football?
  5. I’m not too enthusiastic, excited or confident tonight given our recent performances. However I’m interested in how we react to our last few games and how we react to the situation we’re in. I still expect us to go out there with some fight, put a shift in - although that’s somethings that’s been lacking the last month. There is chance for players to stake a claim in the team, chances for players to step up. I’d also like to see a siege mentality almost. Perhaps I have blue tinted glasses on but the team we have out is more than capable of app
  6. Easy to say when you know there’s no chance of them being available I guess. Southgate must be quite relieved secretly.
  7. Fair play Exactly what I’ve been saying, we’ve had injuries to key players all season, we never cried or even really spoke of it when things were going well.
  8. Credit where credit is due and i've noted how well we've played, learnt and improved up until the end of January. Does that mean i'll not make comments now? Not at all, not when we've seen something previously that a similar patten might reoccur.
  9. Its a funny one really. On one hand we want Europa League, on the other we treat it contempt (Whilst balancing the squad I understand) arguably not seriously, we moan about it taking a toll on our players, moan about the extra games, so ultimately whats the point? It's what we aim and strive for but almost chuck it away when presented with it - to not land a glove on Slavia Prague is disgraceful and unforgiveable really. Seems like we've treated Europa to give us yet another excuse. Also I've never understood the arguement of extra games in Europa League, or most certai
  10. Performances have been poor since 27th Jan (Everton). I blamed it on opposition making the games poor but i'm not so sure given the sustained run of lacklustre performances and form, even in wins. Everton, Leeds, Fulham, Wolves, Brighton (Changed team, FA Cup game) were all poor, very insipid and uninspiring Liverpool, we were pretty awful for 75 minutes, something switched and we looked exciting for the last 15 admitedly. Villa last week I was waiting for them to score an equaliser, thankfully they didn't. We never landed a glove on
  11. Exactly. There is my worry though, he couldn't instill the belief and verve in them last year when didn't have the threadbare squad (Of which i'm not crying about, as I keep saying we've had injuries to several key players all season and just got on with it, there was nothing being made of it when we were going well, no point in crying now and using it as an excuse for our downturn) so i'm not sure I have confidence in him instilling the belief and verve this season and only seeing us sliding and struggling even for the remainder of the season.
  12. Agreed. Going back to Everton (27/01/21) I don’t think we’ve been great, performances and form has been lacklustre. No disrespect to opposition and perhaps I should have been looking a little closer to home at the bigger picture but I thought it was due to opposition making the games poor in the games against Everton, Leeds, Fulham, Wolves, even when we won those games I thought they were poor performances but wins papered over them but the issues have been there for a month or so is the point I’m making. We were pretty awful for 75 minutes against Liverpool
  13. We were certainly aiming and challenging to be top 6, we might not have been in the top 4 or 6 all season but we we were certainly chasing before chucking the towel in and falling off a cliff edge at this stage in the past 3 seasons (I might be wrong with 4 i'm going back to Puel day's where I never really wanted the season to start, i'm trying to block it out).
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