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  1. A hunch or are you ITK/heard (Chinese) whispers.
  2. Mahrez to Man City shock

    Ticks both boxes for me.
  3. Slimani to Newcastle on loan

    They've gotta give him a run of games though ©
  4. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Keep hoping, our ‘meaningful’ matches have been as (or less) entertaining.
  5. Negativity

    You could argue that's what Puel has tried to do. Implement his style instantly, instead of progressing, building it up, slowly transforming to his style, it's clear these players can't play to his style and as people keep saying he's not had opportunity to bring players in who would suit his style, now I understand he needs to see who can and can't play in his style but to constantly continue with it? When it's blatantly not working? Really? Work with what you've got, get the best out of what you've got. This same style was berated at Southampton, it was argued he didn't have the attacking players there, he doesn't have that excuse here. To me it seems he can only implement this style, he can't do it any other way.
  6. Vardy

    Apologies to have picked you up on it. I was talking in general of those people claiming player power, some of who have pointed the finger at Vardy (Although most are saying Kasper and Morgan being the main culprits Vardy has been mentioned). I'm with you, I don't believe there is player power as such to cause such a downfall, I agree Ranieri and Puel are their own downfalls, don't get me wrong the players are probably believed Ranieri changed things to quickly and didn't like, agree or get on with those changes, but ultimately it was too much, too soon. Under Puel, I can imagine they're bored and don't agree with what he's doing but I don't believe there is player power impacting on team selection or lack of a performance, it's simply just not working.
  7. That's good to hear, how do we claim/redeem the points then?
  8. Vardy

    Answered your own question. Sideways, sideways, backwards, sideways, backwards. Service is lacking, that's what I find amazing, surprising and astonishing about his current form, not putting words into @jammie82uk mouth but I assume he has the same or a similar opinion.
  9. Vardy

    Hang on, in one breath people are saying "Get rid of the title winning players, they've got too much player power" and in the next people are saying this. Can't have it both ways. I think this has been done because if a club comes in for Vardy he'll want out, he's being suffocated in this style, having to work even harder than he already did, playing everywhere except where he is supposed to, I can't actually understand how he's still scoring in this style, shows how good his conversion rate is I guess, fair play him, it's frustrating to watch so he must be even more frustrated about lack of attacking threat and chances though.
  10. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Bottlers, Spursy...doesn't matter, ultimately they're the same thing.
  11. Huh? Really? Seriously? How did he justify him walking back into the team and then continuing to play for aslong as he did? It's took him how long? How long have we been calling for it? Besides, and this remains to be seen but apparently (I'm getting this info 2nd maybe even 3rd hand because I simply can't listen to him) he said Morgan was only rested on Thursday because of the quick succession of games, so if that's right and true, he'll be back for the next game, doesn't fill me with confidence that he has been dropped.
  12. Boxing

    Khan has quite literally just ran away.
  13. Boxing

  14. Boxing

    Vardy's there.