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  1. Maddison and England just don't seem to work, whether it be coincidental circumstances or whatever it just seems weird how it pans out, i'm sure it'll work out and he'll get his opportunites sooner or later. I'm not saying there are any agenda's (Geoff, Geoff...) or conspiracies against Maddison and i'm sure it's just unfortunate coincidental circumstances. (Although I still think there is 'big team bias' and the need for 'names' amongst the England camp rather than playing players on form) Reminds me of Drinkwater and England simply not working out for one reason or another - he had the opportunities but it just didn't work out for him - Then he threw his career away.
  2. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11679/11862213/riyad-mahrez-out-of-algeria-match-in-botswana-for-personal-reasons I suppose we’re at fault for it...
  3. Oh they (Man City) invest and take a risks on players, don't you doubt it for one second. They stockpile players, buy up the market, buy players simply so other teams can't have them, the unfortunate part is that they don't then go on to give them chances or opportunities to prove or improve themselves, they don't want to loan them out and let other teams benefit from them either, they literally stockpile them. Chelsea used to do it - Eventually they used to sell them at a very low, cut price then look back in years to come at very expensive talent's they'd lost due to not given them a chance or being patient with them but Man City are taking it all to another level. Hopefully (Or hopefully not, for our sake) Chelsea have learnt from trusting and playing their youth, seeing how it can be successful, seeing how well it's working for them, rather than spending obscene amounts of cash, but I don't think they have learnt based on rumours of them going on a spending spree in January or when their ban is over, which imo can only be good news for us, one being that they seemingly havn't learnt and two that I think bringing a load of expensive signings and egos in will upset the apple cart and something that Lampard might not want or be able to handle.
  4. What a wanker. Shame Liverpool weren’t interested in him, he’d suit them right to the ground with his woe is me, self pitiful attitude.
  5. Question. In a season where media favourites are struggling thus far, does the top 4, top 6, move and become the top 7, top 14 even. Pfft, how dare these unfashionable, small club clog up the top places.
  6. Think that only applies to us. Atleast that's all i've heard from pundits. "Oooh, if Leicester get one or two injuries they won't be able to keep it up" as if every other team could afford injuries and still be as strong.
  7. Mane's set the precedent for Peno's now. If he's getting penalties for what he does then that's a peno and so was Son's last week.
  8. Brilliant yesterday, very loud.
  9. Matt

    The top 4.

    Doing what they are doing is a sign of a good team, I was saying that about us earlier in the season so i'd a be a hypocrite to say anything other about Liverpool. But to say i've been blown away by Liverpool or claim I think they're anything other than average (Which for the record probably says more about the rest of the league barr the top 4 than it does them) and that they are scraping by would be a lie. They are doing what they have to do though and fair play to them.
  10. Matt

    The top 4.

    One game at a time, feet on the ground, etc. But on those around us: I've said for a long time Liverpool really aren't anything special, when i've watched them they've been bang average for quite a while it seems, I've not sat there and thought 'wow, what a team'. Man City are 'struggling', poor Pep's got abit of an injury crisis brewing and need more players to stockpile, bless. Granted no-ones managed to get close to them in a while but I think that says alot about the rest of the league, I mentioned it the other week, If Liverpool win the league will everyone have the opinion no-one turned up (Apart from the top 4) like they when we won the league? Will they fuck. Think you have to watch Chelsea as much it pains me to say also, alhough if they do get this transfer ban overturned and go on a spending spree I think that could be detrimental, cause problems, upset things, actually make Lampard's job harder and hopefully cause them to tail off.
  11. Possession with purpose, fantastic isn’t it!
  12. What's happened to the Zaha love in that the media portrayed during the summer?
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