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  1. Exactly. Pants down springs to mind.
  2. Man City are way more than 3 players off winning the league, or getting to the SF CL! Like a whole new defence and keeper away for a start. They're doing their business early though, i'll give them that, maybe we should take note.
  3. I'd like to know where those who 'can't deal with the heat at work' work, probably in an office, with the heating on. I work in between a workshop/outside an it's beautiful, however whenever going in the office/working in an office it's like being in a sauna, winter or summer, no wonder you're always ill/have colds.
  4. Not many. I always used to goal hang at school, still couldn't score! Penalties for example, we naturally think it should be a goal, don't think i'd score if i'm honest! That said, when a professional is taking them then it should be a goal pretty much every time!
  5. Maybe because we only get three days they (I'm talking of the people you describe generally) don't know how to do it properly.
  6. Love it! Changes my mood for the better sooo much and everything seems so much nicer, England actually looks nice and has beauty!! Rain tomorrow so i've been told though Normal service resumes.
  7. I said no last summer, in hindsight I wish we had gone for him, £35m now? Certainly not. He doesn't even start for Watford does he? £35m for a player that doesn't even make Watford's starting 11?!! That said he's an improvement on Slimani and we threw £30m away on him...thing is he was never worth £30m in the first place, which leads me back to my first point, I wish we'd spent it on Deeney last summer if that was the choice.
  8. Hopefully. As i've said i'm not sure Schmeichel will leave, maybe i'm being a naive ostrich but he seems to love it here, that and regards Man Utd whilst I can understand it'd be his 'dream club' i'm not sure he'd go there because he wants to be known for himself, not his dad, if he goes to Man Utd he'd be compared to his dad more than ever.
  9. No De Gea in goal for the Europa League final, I though he was being rested in the league incase of any injury for tonight, think it's fair to say De Gea has gone, next question is will they really want Schmeichel/will he want to go there?
  10. Spurs away first game please. It does sound like I have an obession with Spurs and i'm not gonna deny, I ****ing hate them, I was all positive going into the other weeks game about thinking we could beat them obviously we got embarrased but even so hopefully first game away, revenge, kick start their bad season at Wembley ... In reality we probably get tonked, embarrased once again, give them even more confidence and start them off on a great season at Wembley where they lift the PL
  11. Hope he has to negotiate with Rudkin at some point...
  12. Fair play for people wanting change but... (It seems our club were a year too early for that slogan) Fake promises, lies, lies, lies, moan, moan, moan, outrage, outrage, outrage annnd repeat. No matter what party, nothing will change. Forget 'fake news' now everyone 'has a voice' on social media, everyone's a bleeding expert all of a sudden, I call it 'fake outrage', which is ironic as I get wound up, moan and outraged over people's fakeness! What makes me laugh is my polling station will be in a church...can anymore lies be told there?!! Mind you, I guess lies and preaching go hand in hand.
  13. I'm sure it's a huge network right but "ISIS claims responsibility" right ok, so who is ISIS? Where are ISIS? Track whoever claimed responsibility and keep doing so. I'm sure it's not as simple as that but why do we never hear outcomes from whoever claims things after attacks have happened? Like I say maybe it's abit of a simple ideology and I'm sure someone will come back and make me look stupid but educate me.
  14. I get what you're saying and agree but this 'win' phrase people keep mentioning, it isn't a game, people die, do these cunts really care about 'winning', they kill themselves at the end of the day, they don't get to see or 'enjoy' (Is that the right word, of course it isn't, but in their sick mythology it probably is, forgive me if it isn't) the terror they cause, they just do it, cause terror and kill innocent people. We certainly aren't winning, we go about our lives and continue as normal in defiance of them but unfortunately if you're in the wrong place and the wrong time next time and there will be many next times then it's over i'm afraid.