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  1. Cannot agree more with these two comments, absolutely bang on.
  2. *Pretends to be shocked* I’ve never known a fanbase, infact, City, be offended by so much, play the victim on everything, continually feel hard done by but be ashamed of nothing.
  3. Foden, Grealish, Mount, Lingard given the revival of what we've seen this season (and for the record I think he's a bigger **** that Maddison), I'd even say Barnes deserves an England spot over Maddison and yes I realise he's involved in this issue of breaking rules,
  4. I see both points. I agree with you, Maddison's form is too patchy and inconsistent and there are better players ahead of him on consistency, when he is on his game though he should be involved though, to add to that since when has that stopped the England set up or whichever FA yes man is in charge at the time picking players based on who they play for or name? Maddison's misdemeanour have held heavy over him, make that misdemeanours now and in seemingly in a different regards to others who have made mistakes whether on England duty or not. It's clear South
  5. I’d seen people saying they’d not been fined but hadn’t actually read any proper reports until Percy’s most recent article. Wow. I mean as I keep saying there is no punishment that will really hurt them, I don’t see being dropped as a punishment not when it’s a case of feet up or going out playing golf and a fine doesn’t hurt them on what they earn but to learn they’ve not been fined anyway. Disgraceful. Hoping Kasper and Vardy make them feel tiny in order to learn tomorrow (Which I suspect they already have before now).
  6. As I said in another thread unfortunately we have a few unlikeable players in our squad and not unlikeable in a good way either - not useful or helpful for the winning mentality, the ‘nasty’ types as in your Keane’s and Neville’s or in our case Kapser’s and Vardy’s who I respect for their no nonsense, hard work, endeavour, focus and winning mentality. I think we have two types of players in our team. One type with have the siege mentality in them the other are just unlikeable pretty boy, party boys who when the going gets tough find it easier to hide (quite literally of the reports
  7. I said this end of last season. We really do have quite a few unlikeable bunch of players in our squad but I guess that’s what comes with doing well, progression and ego’s inflating. Unfortunately they’re not unlikeable in a good way either, such a ‘nasty’ as in your Keane’s and Neville’s or in our case Kasper’s and Vardy’s who I respect for their no nonsense, hard work, focus, fight and winning mentality as I’ve seen one or two people point out, instead they’re unlikeable ‘party/pretty boys’ who when the going gets tough find it easier to hide (quite literally in this
  8. Still fuming, more about the game than this incident tbh, whilst the two are separate entities they give a license to blame and excuse rightly or wrongly. This overshadows the game and it’s a case of they’ve made their bed they’ve gotta lie in, although it seems there is no skin of their nose and it’s everyone else that has had to pay. As for hearing what they have to say? It’s a case of wanting to hear what they have to say but I think that could just potentially wind people up further. It’ll be hollow apologies anyway, a case of an apology for being caught rat
  9. I certainly wouldn't be advising him to 'clear his head' by going to a golf club, as i've said in my last post, if Rodgers or club had said anything remotely like that I think they'd have advised him to us the training ground. As i've said in another thread the club and Rodgers couldn't really do anymore than they've done and there lies my point that the players can do no wrong because there is no punishment that can really effect him.
  10. I was thinking this. Surely if he wanted to play some golf or whether the club said 'clear his head' or whatever excuses people are making for him, he could have played at the traning ground, you know, the thing we've just spent £100m on, instead of going to a less private/public golf course.
  11. 'And whenever you fancy a game off again pull another stunt like this' What example would that set? Come on Stan I know we're not privy to all the information but surely you're not that naive!
  12. There is no other solution though is there, so they've been dropped (of which they might not have played and/or are not match fit so would be on the bench anyway) and fined, an insignificant fine given what they earn and already have in the bank, it's hardly going to effect them, so they can't really do any wrong - it's not really gonna effect them, theres not much else you can do to punish them yet is it really a huge punishment is it? I'd love a few fines on what they earn. 'No travelling to London? A match off? Feet up and/or an afternoon on the golf course? Oh pleas
  13. I don't see that he had to make a call. It's been massively blown out of proportion with the game, what happened in the game and the disgraceful performance. Perez might have played but does he really add much? Really? You're telling me he'd have made the difference? Maddison would have been on the bench - Probably come on at some point, Hamza might not have even made the bench, very unlikely he'd have come on. If people wanna make this an excuse for today, make them feel better about it then so be it, but personally they're two different discussions.
  14. "But don't worry, you'll be back and available in next week" Yes, yes, I know what else can he do, we need all the players due to a small squad. I'm not criticising him just there seems to be no way of punishing what they've done, a real finger up to fans and everyone really. On the naughty step, an insignificant fine given what they earn and have in the bank and forget about it.
  15. Yes. But in the context you were asking what the 6 or 7 defining games were from last season and this, I think 5 of the ones I listed were from last season, which were disappointing games and led to us falling out from where we'd been all season. I listed 2 from this season only one of which was truly defining, Prague which was defining dumping us out of Europa league. I also mentioned today which tbh remains to be seen if its defining, likewise so do the positive results you've picked out. Given what we've seen previously I think the concern are
  16. With respect I don't think you really get defining games or points at the start of the season do you. You have to get to a point or stage for it to become defining.
  17. In Maddisons defence and i'm only saying this as devils advocate plus the fact i've said i'm not a hypocrite (yet I hold my hands up, I am being now) the golf thing has bought a different dimension to the situation. Did anyone have a problem with Maddison going to a casino when he get sent away from England? I didn't. Do I have a problem with him playing golf following his actions? Yes I do. But thats the club over country mentality I have, I don't really care for England, certainly pointless friendlies and boring qualifiers. Either way, Maddison
  18. Anyone else probably would be sat at home abit worried and concerned for their job, yes. But we're talking about a footballer here so what he's done is totally expected.
  19. Villa (League Cup semi final) Chelsea (FA Cup semi final) Bournemouth....BOURNEMOUTH end of last season. Tottenham end of last season Man Utd end of last season. Prague (Europa - They've gone on the beat Rangers and drawing against Arsenal but the fact we didn't even lay a glove on them over 2 legs is disgusting) West Ham, Today. Liverpool boxing day last year and earlier this season were hugely disappointing but don't think we can really call them season defining. As I said the mentality has grown and improved this season but we still have
  20. Hmmm i've gave you a like but I do think Grealish has abit about him as a player as much as I think he's a dick. I question Maddison, certainly his consistency nowhere near Grealish in terms of how good they are. Maddison pretends he's Grealish like a schoolkid pretends they are Ronaldo or Messi. Two - Constantly going to ground if they've been as little as blown on.
  21. They've grown and improved mentality this season but they've still got a very soft centre, to easy to upset which results in letting their heads drop.
  22. Yes we do. Your point remains Grealish could have still been there but it has nothing to do with him not playing for the past 2 weeks. It surprised me most when nothing came of Maddison or Chilwell attending Grealish's party last year. As I say Maddison is just a Grealish wannabe.
  23. Think him not playing is due to an injury. Although I know what you mean. Maddison is just a Grealish wannabe.
  24. I can't stick up for them, I called players of other clubs who broke rules out and i'm not a hypocrite and gonna change my tune now, they need punishing, seriously, I don't really know what punishment fits, when other players (Or even Joe Bloggs in the street) broke rules I suggested criminal records, I stand by that - unfortunately it's probably not possible due to the amount of idiots who break rules. Anyway, as for the game I see people are using this as an excuse - a few are seeing it as it is; A poor performance, a disgraceful performance, but then I see others giving the play
  25. I'd like every single individual involved in our playing staff and management team to take a long hard look in the mirror, on and off the field, whether they played today or whether they were sat on their arse at home 'not involved with the squad'. Pathetic. Every single one of them, to a man.
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