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  1. Who would have thought at half time we'd be disappointed not to win. Completely dominated that 2nd half, just lacked the quality with the final ball.
  2. That was an absolute battering 2nd half. Can't believe we didn't end up winning.
  3. Praet and Barnes on. Could take any of the midfielders off tbh but would probably go Hamza and Maddison.
  4. Archer sconning the concussion replacement within 2 balls. Brutal.
  5. They played 120 minutes against Frankfurt 3 days before playing us end of last season. They went on to outplay us at the King Power. Not to mention the Wolves game after their 6000 mile round trip either. Doubt fatigue will be a factor
  6. Think the fact they're playing midweek won't make any difference. Wolves showed no real ill effects of their trip this week, and Chelsea outplayed us final game of last season 2 days after going 120 minutes with Frankfurt in the Europa League. Draw would be a good result.
  7. Rudiger is a massive upgrade on Zouma and Christensen.. Even if you don't rate Willian per se, having him or Pulisic replacing the absolutely awful Barkley also makes them stronger.
  8. Not really sure what you're trying to say? What other corners? There was only 1 incident in the game which resulted in the ball hitting the net. The replays showed it hit an arm, leading to a goal. Therefore overturned as per the new rules introduced. You stated your issue was with VAR. Disagreeing with a rule is fair enough, but that has nothing to do with the implementation of the technology.
  9. So your issue is then surely with the rule, not VAR? "IFAB law states that it is a handball offence if a player gains possession/control of the ball after it has touched their hand/arm and then scores in the opponents’ goal or creates a goal-scoring opportunity. It doesn’t matter if it’s accidental" VAR showed the ball hit an arm leading to a goal. Therefore a clear error based on the new rule, surely?
  10. No justification for any dummy spitting. He simply hasn't produced for us consistently enough. If he gets a chance at a run of games this season, he has to take it as it'll probably be his last.
  11. They've got Rudiger, Kante, Willian to come back in.
  12. Had the same thought as that attack was developing. Would have to assume it would have been ruled out.
  13. Sounds familiar to fans of other teams circa 2015/2016
  14. Be interested to hear your rationale for this. If you were massively pro, that would imply you were in favour of correct decisions being made (with the background that there have already been numerous examples of goals overturned/celebrations being cut short/length of time it takes to make decisions etc etc) What has changed based on today? The correct decision was made.
  15. Great refereeing to play the advantage
  16. 8 - Soyuncu, N'Didi 7 - Ricardo, Evans, Barnes 6 - Vardy, Tielemans, Choudhury, Schmeichel 5 - Perez, Maddison, Chilwell, Albrighton
  17. Draw a fair result, although Wolves will probably feel they had the best opportunities. Soyuncu MOTM by a street, N'Didi played well too. Chilwell and Maddison very poor. If we're to succeed we've got to find a way to get balls into Tielemans/Maddison in space. All too slow today.
  18. Stark reality check of our level. 7th absolute best we will achieve. Main positive Soyuncu. If he maintains that level we are sorted.
  19. Issue i think with Perez is he lacks a little bit of awareness of what's going on around him. Few times that half he could have fed people in space with 1 touch, but had his head down when receiving the ball. Noticed that a bit against Atalanta too. Wouldn't take him off though, not sure taking a player with double figure goals off for Albrighton is what's necessary when trying to break a team down.
  20. If Soyuncu can keep this level up we had nothing to worry about.. Big if though..
  21. Sorry to join the list, but could someone PM me a stream please Normal sources not working
  22. Agreed. Everyone will knee jerk insist Norwich will get relegated after this. Anyone can get slaughtered at Anfield.
  23. Did this get sorted for you on the end?
  24. That's a really good video actually. First thing that stands out is he plays like he has a really low centre of gravity, and can quickly manoeuvre his body to escape tight situations as well having the quick feet to match. Can see why Rodgers would like his style. Could have used a player like him versus Newcastle at home last season when we simply couldn't escape their high press.
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