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  1. "Tielemans' fitness needs work" will be the new "Demarai Gray needs to fulfil his potential". Youri isnt a natural athlete and struggles in games where we arent dictating the tempo.
  2. That 2nd half was diabolical. Just waiting for Villa to score. We are a team who find it impossible to turn the tide of a game when it starts going against us. The amount of times the midfield just got bypassed by one pass was criminal, but was a by product of a total lack of composure on the ball 2nd half. Fofana the only bright spot. Perez a total waste and Barnes 2nd half was sunday league standard.
  3. Those 2 or 3 times Villa's back 4 gifted us possession under no pressure would have led to gilt edged chances with Vardy running in behind. Think we've looked solid but nowhere near threatening enough. Need to get Barnes one on one with Cash as much as possible 2nd half. Fofana our best player so far. Loved some of those threaded balls into our midfield
  4. I know Man Utd have had a lot of dubious VAR decisions, but i thought that one was fair enough to give.
  5. Don Hutchison saying Chilwell has "gone up a notch" from the player he was at Leicester. He has played 120 mins in the PL for Chelsea.
  6. Why is this particular decision being bemoaned more than the million similar ones last season? Just because the one angle we saw made Mane look level? Unless its an incorrect drawing of lines or technology failure, then that's a separate (worse) issue.
  7. We've had hairline calls like that since the start of last season, why all the talk about the game being finished now? Is that the first VAR call to cost Liverpool points?
  8. Allan proving to be an excellent signing. Really good again.
  9. That's a red for Pickford all day long. Offside should be irrelevant
  10. Fundmsith has had a great run, much like anything overweight in the USA Geographically and Technology as a sector. It's amplified with Fundsmith though as the holdings are so concentrated. Whether that performance continues, who knows. I'd still recommend novice investors go with low cost index trackers on the lowest cost platform possible as a core, and then optionally have some satellite holdings to overweight in some areas you want to.
  11. Right @joachim1965 except those swine flu and bird flu forecasts are completely and utterly irrelevant when it comes to the actual tangible statistics around Covid. We have 40000+ dead, likely more judging by ONS statistics, with maybe 6-10% or so of the UK population having been infected. Do the maths and you might get quite close to Fergusons "wildly out" figure. Fine to have an opinion about opening up being the best route forward for the country, but not fine to use misinformation to do it.
  12. Take no pleasure in Maguire going through a slump like this. Hope for his own sake he can pull himself together.
  13. Absolute no brainer political move for Starmer this. Scientists support him, it stops the "Captain Hindsight" retaliation, and it's likely the lockdown will come anyway, making it look like he effected it.
  14. The Imperial vaccine is an RNA one - so you get injected with a synthetic version of the spike protein, rather than inactive virus.
  15. I'm not entirely sure yet. Over the next couple of days they're doing the health screening, so would have to get past that first before receiving any vaccine. They give you an information sheet at the screening which i guess covers everything. It's the Imperial Vaccine - Stage 3.
  16. Been invited to participate in the Stage 3 Imperial College vaccine trial. Got to decide tonight whether to take one for the team in the name of medical science.
  17. The virus understands when it's on the premises of a Tory Donor/Brexiteer and makes a hasty retreat before bed time at 10pm. Pretty incredible really.
  18. Nunsmoor (Fenham) as well. At least, when i went to Uni up there Fenham was about the 3rd most popular student area after Jesmond and Heaton.
  19. Interesting to see a conclusion being drawn linking mental health issues with lockdown and very little about mental health with respect to the actual virus itself. I myself suffered badly with anxiety back in March, with the trigger being the impact the virus was having in Italy, and it seemed obvious we were sleepwalking into a disaster here. What do you think happens where you dont lockdown, and where deaths may start hitting hundreds per day again. The fear and anxiety associated with that itself is real and people will lock themselves away anyway. Then we have unk
  20. You really shouldn't pay any attention to these daily figures, there is more reporting lag on certain days of the week. After about week or so (assuming Excel is playing ball) the data starts to resolve in terms of how many cases were reported on a particular day.
  21. Why would experiencing rising cases mean masks are ineffective?
  22. He didnt look too great on the White House balcony, was gasping for air.
  23. 6 - Mendy, Amartey, Vardy 5 - Castagne, Schmeichel, Barnes 4 - Evans, Tielemans 3 - Soyuncu, Justin, Perez
  24. Missing Praet and Maddison was killer. Praet especially was a big miss. He is good enough on the ball in tight areas to help build play to break lines and also has energy to makes runs which create spaces for others. Without that Tielemans has to force things and when he is off, like today, we simply cant get anything going. Ally that to 3 of the back 4 having stinkers and its a recipe for disaster.
  25. Perez been useless but you can add everyone bar Amartey, Mendy, Castagne and Vardy to that list
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