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  1. Have no issue with Maguire being sold for a decent fee as it should enable us to invest in areas we are severely lacking (a winger, number 8 and striker) without ending up with a huge net spend. I would however be a bit concerned if we sold 2 or more quality assets in the off season. Its not football manager and we don't know how good our recruitment is going to be, do I don't subscribe to this "let's get 100m+ then buy x, y and z" . Big upheaval every summer is risky for many reasons.
  2. This is the Tielemans plan B then.
  3. First time I've seen McGinn play tonight, looks a very tidy player
  4. Fortunately the Chelsea fans deflected attention away from it soon after with their apology of a banner for Eden Hazard. Must have spent about £2.50 putting that together.
  5. Yes obviously I'm aware that the whole recruitment process is not under the remit of 1 bloke. However as "Head of recruitment" who will have the responsibility for arranging that chain of command? Of course he needs to be given a chance and not written off immediately but it's perfectly valid to be concerned about Congerton given his track record.
  6. Nobody has a good word to say about this bloke. Pretty worrying.
  7. Gutted for Ajax. I can completely understand why they did it, but they aren't a side equipped to protect a lead by dropping off like they did. Llorente made a massive difference, am shocked De Ligt didn't follow him and that they didn't try and get one of the midfielders in front of him.
  8. Surprised De Ligt isn't following Llorente. He is having a field day against Blind.
  9. I'd expect there's a good chance he will end up back at Betis, especially as Lo Celso won't be there next season.
  10. And Messi is the last player to blame for this. Barca would have been out of sight if his teammates had finished the chances he laid on a plate at 3-0 first leg. Not to mention the 2 one on one's he created today for Suarez and Alba as well.
  11. No fan of Liverpool but that was great to watch. Hopefully Ajax join them, it would be a great final to watch and the thought of Spurs having a chance to lift the trophy is sickening. Barca need a refresh badly, the genius of Messi has done a good job of hiding their deficiencies but they had absolutely no answer for Liverpool's intensity. They would have been better off starting Dembele instead of Coutinho, stretch the game a bit and give a threat in behind.
  12. Doubt it. Norwich have Max Aarons and Sheffield United value attacking defenders. Think he needs to drop down to the Championship to get a guaranteed start.
  13. All down to the quality of recruitment in the summer, and ability to hold onto our key assets (would hate to lose either of the full backs). We're in a good position with the manager we have and talent in the squad already. Clearly we need to sign Tielemans or someone of similar quality on the ball in the middle of the park. Then the clearest upgrade we can make is some genuine quality in wide areas. Gray doesn't cut it, Albrighton has been a great servant but it's time for him to be phased out into the role of squad player, and Barnes is still learning (although he'd be my first choice winger out of the current options). I think this will be Rodgers #1 priority given what he has said about the output he expects of his attacking players. If we have to sell to help finance that, Maguire would be the one which would affect us least. Finally, we have to hope we can improve the squad depth whilst removing the dead wood, which will probably be the hardest task facing our recruitment this summer. With that done, we're a very good side in the making - one which could easily mount a challenge for Top 6 given the malaise at some of the division's big guns.
  14. Not got the quality to beat their press.
  15. Not surprised its Tielemans off Game has passed him by.
  16. Man City fans on their forum are paranoid about absolutely everything. Mike Dean is against them, Sky are against them etc etc. Am no fan of Liverpool, but wouldnt have any qualms with us throwing a massive spanner in the works tonight.
  17. This is the correct answer. Points target of 60 is realistic if summer recruitment goes well and a points target is the most sensible way of measuring progress rather than arbitrarily picking a league position without knowing how other clubs will do.
  18. Wonder if Danny Murphy would castigate Salah like he has just done with Maddison.
  19. OKC hamstrung again by their inability to shoot. Lillard stepped up massively, thought the Blazers would struggle without Nurkic.
  20. It's about time refs were brave enough to give bookings for time wasting early on. Far too easy to give the token gesture yellow in the 92nd minute even if a keeper has been doing it all game. Hopefully brave enough to give a second yellow if it continues as well.
  21. It was a penalty and a dive. Don't need to be mutually exclusive. Hopefully VAR can help result in players not needing to fall over to get penalty decisions.
  22. Tony Gale is an absolute berk. Probably 2nd only to Barry Glendenning in terms of how much I dislike someone involved in football media.
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