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  1. Puel would have to be Haribo TangFastics, he makes your face do this.
  2. City are Live on BBC Sunday 6th Jan
  3. There were some great moments during the season but the best individual moment has to be Eden Hazards v Spurs. That was the moment when the dream became a reality (except for the final whistle). Sat in the pub watching Chelsea get destroyed thinking we would have to wait another week, then watching Spurs lose their heads and throw it away, before legging up to Vardy's house for the celebrations. Magical.
  4. Yohan go your own way rock the Kasper al-bright-on (all night long)
  5. The increase is not until 2026 and there is only 3 extra places for uefa so there will still be the odd occasion where a big team misses out.
  6. Do you work for the Seville police force?
  7. That's not strictly true. If we didn't sell Kante & Drinkwater for £65m (ish) then we probably wouldn't have spent a similar amount trying to replace them (Ndidi, Silva, Iborra, Mendy).
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 110 seconds  
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