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  1. Puel

    Puel needs a window (and as others have mentioned the next one is a big one). A new right back, CB, LB and a Mahrez replacement. A CF option also if Slimani, Musa and Ulloa go. He deserves at least that. i don’t think it was the game to start Nacho but he needs time, Morgan was fine. Diabate can on when we needed mor up front which was about right for me
  2. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Are they laughing at Burnley? I’m not if we don’t finish 7th then i’d like Burnley to. Them getting into Europe would be a fantastic achievement given the investment they have made in their squad.
  3. Adrien Silva

    How many of the ‘failed’ category actually cost reall money and we will result in a large loss £5’ plus when we sell them? Musa, Slimani maybe Mendy? Inler was also kept out of the team by the brilliance of Kante and Drinkwater. Zieler, Hernandez, Jaku and Benny were squad players and have been just that or were sold for what we bought them. Net cost of Kapustka likely to be very little. We will make a profit of Diabete, Gray and Armarty. The season after the title was bad but apart from that we were okay, not every signing will be a hero
  4. Puel-come to the future

    We are still very much in the mix for 7th spot or the FA cup or at least a trip to Wembley. Dragovic, Chillwell, James, Armarty all given game time. shipped out a fair few of the ones we wanted shipping out and brought in a good prospect. I’d like to see what Silva has to offer (Iborra seems to have disappeared also). at the very least he warrants a summer and next season. Are we really any better than a team chasing a Europa league spot and a good cup run?
  5. Big clear out this summer?

    it’ll be the ones out on loan, Mahrez, Huth. And Benny. I don’t think we need that big a clear out. It destabilises the squad. A decent right back, a centre back, a replacement for Mahrez and a good number 10
  6. Vardy breaks a new record

    I’m sure someone out of Kane, Aguero, Sanchez, Costa etc has scored against the other 5 of them. it’s a best of the rest type stat. It does help show that we have one of the best strikers in the league though
  7. Just play well to the end of he season then do one. That sad, we won’t see a more creative player than Mahrez for a long while
  8. If he is back in training, get him on the bench for Sat. He’s made a fool of himself but time to reintegrate him. send him on at 80mins with the specific purpose of putting a reducer on De Bruyne...
  9. The Mirror article isn’t really new news, he is just putting out this side of the story. £50m in summer in time to replace him is not the same as £50m in late Jan. Also prices have gone even more mental and are especially so in Jan. I love this talk of remediation and asking to be ‘guaranteed he can go in the summer’ - yes you can go for the right price. If he felt so strongly about a release clause his agent should have put one in (even a massive one). 18 months ago he probably would have got one at £60m or so
  10. If the club had given him say 2 weeks to get his head together. Why not just say so? Surely that would be preferable to this situation? Mahrez hasn't done himself any favours
  11. I've never seen a footballer'ss contract so I have no idea if we can keep fining him for missing training. i suspect there is some clause about the players obligations but whether or not we can repeatedly fine him I don't know. Mahrez is 26 more or less at his prime and has 2.5 years left on his contract. While we could lose £60m or so, he could lose the best years of his career. He may think he holds all the cards but with billionaires as owners he doesn't.
  12. So has he turned up to training yet? i reckon the entire squad should buy and wear Man City kits with Mahrez 26 on them for that first training season. Bantz
  13. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    He signed a 4 year contract surely some part of him realised he might have to see it out. i think he'll go for about what Man City offferd but on our terms when we have time to replace him. adhering to the terms of a fixed contract is not slavery.
  14. Should have sold Mahrez

    Can we have a big thread merge....