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  1. 8th is best of the rest (if you include Everton). Come the end of the season, I'm sure there will only be 5-6 points difference between 7th and 10th. So anywhere around there really. A cup run for me and in Europe again next season. I'd love that. but well done for keeping the faith!
  2. Expensive Bench Warmers

    Ulloa has done his job for us. Never should have been offered a new contract. slimani will score goals for a team that plays to his strengths. His record for us is pretty decent Nacho is a funny one, he has plenty of time to develop but needs game time.
  3. Next up . . . Manchester City (Home) thoughts?

    They look great. No shame in being beaten by them. hopefully we will score a couple of goals to make it interesting
  4. Transfer Window - January

    We tried and failed to get rid of Musa and gave James and Ulloa new contracts. someone might take a punt on Ulloa as he has scored goals at this level but that will be at the £5m level or less. Musa will hopefully be loaned out, possibly Benny also but I suspect we'll be paying most of their wages. i can only see a couple of players max coming in. Possibly a CB (dragovic is only a loan) possibly a RB. Maybe a replacement for if he goes.
  5. Transfers

    Presumably Maguire, Silva, Iborra and Ndidi will all be key players this season. Slimani and Nacho will play a part, if Mahrez goes I expect one of them to play more. ulloa has easily repaid his transfer fee, we shouldn't have offered him a new contract, however. Mendy was injured and compared to Kante. He seems to be playing well so we may recover most of our fee for him. Musa is pace an not much else and I'd say he was a bad buy. Krameric is also playing well since he moved on. We bought players to evolve but didn't change our play. The squad needs a bit of trimming and Puel will want to bring in a few players so I expect more change in Jan.
  6. Everton (H) Match Thread

    Decent formation Mahrez in the middle. Grey and Chillwell given a chance to stake a claim. It's a positive line-up for me.
  7. Huth

    Depends how Morgan says this. If it's I want to play so if you see me as back-up, I'd like to go then that is fine. If it is I'm the best CB and i want you to tell me, then that isn't. promises made by a previous manager are worthless anyway. i think a couple of senior players need to be moved on. Might be Morgan and Vardy
  8. British managers who have won things and with CL experience. They grow on trees right? No English manager has wo the PL and the last English FA cup winner was Harry Redknapp.
  9. He has a good track record, experience if it wasn't for the couple of years at Southampton we'd be reasonably pleased. Surely he's more tactically astute than Shakespeare.
  10. Puel the other one....
  11. Koeman sacked. Leicester???

    Wouldn't be against it. Should be able to handle all the egos in our club. It's not clear who is to blame for the lack of signing a striker and signing three playmakers. Hasnt picked a balanced side and that is his fault
  12. Swansea post match 2-1

    Well after slating Iborra on Monday it seems like he played a stormer. I'm actually looking forwards to the next game again. What a difference a win makes
  13. Manuel Pellegrini

    We've clearly failed since the title win in terms of transfers and all the backroom staff are pretty much gone. i imagine a new boss willl have more freedom to dictate what we wants than Raneri or Shakespeare did. This charming man? Yes
  14. Next City Manager?

    Dyche might fancy the Everton job. But so might Anchelotti and Rafa (maybe not).
  15. Shakey back as number 2???

    The Title is I the past, time for fresh faces so a no from me