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  1. If that's the case then I don't see why we even bothered playing him at Brentford to be honest.
  2. Fingers crossed he's wrong, plays him, they beat us 5-1 and then are kicked out
  3. Yep. Made it harder for ourselves. I think I just about fancy us but not as confident as I wish I was.
  4. "If Carlsberg did final tables" and they put themselves third hahahaha what an absolute knacker of a football club.
  5. If we want that Preston defender, surely there's a case for including a loan there as a part of it.
  6. It's mental think we lost at home to Cardiff in a league game only a year ago.
  7. Puelball wasn't entirely down to the formation to be fair. That was definitely a part of it but it's more than just that. Puel just wasn't anywhere near the coach Rodgers is.
  8. This is the right type of signing for me. I also do think we need a box to box type - our midfielders are a bit too samey. Maybe we're loaning Choudhury out, though it doesn't bode too well for him either as he's actually older than this bloke.
  9. The Pikachu was funny to be honest so bizarre but just funny.
  10. Reckon we've got a shocker this time. We've had three ideal draws on the bounce before this.
  11. Agreed. I was quite intrigued by the whole thing until I saw he was 21. He should've been out on loan two years ago at least. Choudhury was out at 18, Chilwell 19, Barnes 19. I feel like we've probably pissed a couple of years away here.
  12. I can't believe he's 21. ****ing hell I thought he was about 18.
  13. Biggest game in years this. I am shitting myself.
  14. The difference with Vardy and Iheanacho is they've come good a lot sooner. Vardy was out of his depth in his first season here but it was kind of natural as well really. He did struggle in his first year in the Premier League for a while but he always had something. Iheanacho's under his second manager here (third if you include I think 8 games under Shakespeare) and the second one appears to have almost transformed him. Whether it's Rodgers' coaching, the realisation from being dropped from Nigeria that he's in genuine danger of pissing his career away or a mixture of those and other things, Iheanacho is looking a real asset to us now. Gray has been here for four years now. He's genuinely our Theo Walcott. It's the same story every time as well. He's had the most time and has produced the least. If Gray had kicked on he would stand out in a game like that yesterday but it was the usual - next to nothing produced all game. He's not good enough. He's not the worst player I've ever seen by any means but he's not good enough for a team with our aspirations. Bournemouth have been interested before and Howe has been known to sign players he's tracked for a long time, a bit like us. If Bergwijn comes in this week then that probably frees up a winger to go and with 18 months left on his deal, and Bournemouth in a pretty desperate situation in the league I can see it going through.
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