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  1. Dan LCFC

    Claudio to Fulham

    Blind opinion? It's a frequent occurrence in his career. There was something clearly not right towards the end under him, you could see it based on the comments from the likes of Ulloa & Schlupp, Ulloa in-particular.
  2. Dan LCFC

    Claudio to Fulham

    I'm not sure about that. Look how frequently it goes wrong for him with fractured dressing rooms etc...
  3. Dan LCFC

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    Vardy hasn't completed a single take-on all season?
  4. Dan LCFC

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    I've got to be honest my inclination is nearer to Arriba's. I think a lot of his shortcomings as a player aren't necessarily things he'll improve. He has got some quality, there is no doubt about it but he's more often than not poor.
  5. Dan LCFC

    Claudio to Fulham

    Someone on here called this a few weeks ago and I did think it made a bit of sense. I think there's a good chance he keeps them up this year. He rarely starts badly anywhere. Next year however.... But good luck to him. Our game against him was always going to happen at some point but I think after what's happened, there's going to far less nonsense written by people about it.
  6. Dan LCFC

    Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

    Cannot word the satisfaction of a Sheila kick.
  7. Dan LCFC

    Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

    Playing it now. I only really properly played year of the dragon when I was a kid but I'll play through the others afterwards. Really like it so far. Pretty much everything I hoped it would be.
  8. Dan LCFC

    We need to talk about Wilfred Ndidi

    I think he's a good midfielder but not actually a great fit to this system we try to play. He's not really going to be very effective in a patient, possession side. I agree with whoever it was who said N'Zonzi is the player you'd like to see him become. Problem is his passing isn't even close sadly.
  9. Dan LCFC

    Sing for Claude

    Can't agree with that. Depends where the shots are from. We don't create enough as a side in general. Should've scored at least one of the chances yesterday, mind you, but I think as a general rule we usually have a lot of shots without actually having that many clear chances, if that makes sense.
  10. Dan LCFC

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    If it wasn't for the lack of options in attack already I'd be in favour of loaning Iheanacho out. He isn't good enough to hold down a place here and by not holding down a place, won't become good enough.
  11. Dan LCFC

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    That's far too much. That's the problem with buying from this league. I like Wilson and I'd take him here but not at that price, yet Bournemouth are well within their rights to take less than that.
  12. Dan LCFC

    Thank you Burnley.

    I thought it was quite fitting in a way to play Burnley. They're the club we've probably been battling against the most in Vichai's time here. Promotion 2014, relegation 2015, Europa League 2017.
  13. Dan LCFC

    We lost our record yesterday

    A shot isn't necessarily a mark of creativity. It's the quality of chances being created. Gray and Vardy should've both scored really.
  14. Dan LCFC

    We lost our record yesterday

    It's very Leicester to lose that record against a side who've just let in 13 goals in 3 games
  15. Dan LCFC

    Places in the UK you'd erase off the map

    I listen to national radio and in the traffic updates there is a problem almost daily with this, to the point I actually had to check if it was playing regional transport. It's unbelievably shit.