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  1. We surely won't have a worse result ths season than losing to this absolute toss. Bottom half level these.
  2. Possibly the most under-rated player in the Premier League. I think he'd start for nearly anyone in the league and he'd make a noticeable improvement to any of Spurs, Chelsea or Arsenal's back lines just like he has for us. He's nearly faultless. Just a really clever defender.
  3. Fingers crossed they all actually have this fight and simultaneously knock each other out.
  4. That performance the antithesis of last week. There was belief, ambition and aggression in our game with a real touch of quality. VAR's done us a huge favour today mind but I don't think it was hard on Tottenham for us to win that game. I think we edged it.
  5. Maddison just doesn't score as many as he should. I think he's good enough to get better at that but he's scored three goals from open play for us, none in nine months.
  6. I quite like xG. It often represents what I think I've just seen.
  7. Just reminded me there we had both games against Stoke televised in one season. What were they thinking
  8. Manchester United were shit because they are shit. When West Ham beat them Sunday it'll be quite an eye opener on them.
  9. How many times did Wolves break through? Wolves created more chances in that game than we have in all of ours bar Bournemouth which as I've stated a number of times was an excellent performance and the one where we lived up to our billing. Sheffield United was a weird game, a tight one which we weren't poor in, but weren't particularly great in either. The type you reflect and think you'll take that result, but you've got to improve if you're serious. Chelsea you can argue the toss. You can argue we were lucky to not be more than a goal down by half time. You can argue we were unlucky to not have won it after how well we played in the second half. Not having it about the Man Utd game. We deserved to lose that. It was abject.
  10. This seems to be a real recurring theme from us.
  11. Those quotes do read quite differently in the Mercury. Pathetic from Xtra really and I'll remember that one. That said there's still some evidence on the pitch to back it up. So we'll see.
  12. It's also not the case as we've kept one clean sheet this season, and even in the one we did keep one, we were fortunate not to and conceded a goal that, quite frankly would've counted any other season in football history. I'm not suggesting we have defensive issues but I feel like we're improving that marginally at absolute most (and maybe not even at all) while at the same time crucifying our own attacking. I really hope that tweet is a bit of a misquote.
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