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  1. Sky must be absolutely gutted. All the spaffing over the Maguire move and it ended up like this.
  2. We should sell him. Give him a fresh start.
  3. Is Middlesbrough a ridiculous suggestion? Or Blackburn? Barnsley makes a lot of sense but I'm sure they've got this transfer and manager structure in place that simply wouldn't churn out Neil Warnock.
  4. Our template for a midfeld three is literally my perfect midfield. All young and quality as well. Fantastic stuff.
  5. This Sterling / Gomez thing should've never got out. Grow up and play football. It didn't stop Spain winning things with a squad largely from Barcelona and Real Madrid.
  6. Mahrez could very conceivably be playing for a Nimes or a Guingamp now if it wasn't for us. A gem which we unearthed. I am convinced there are plenty who just don't quite deliver it and one good move can make their career like it has him. Him, Vardy and Kante were all from obscurity. All three owe at least gratitude to Leicester, as we do to them. No need for Mahrez to come out like this - plain disrespect to a club that don't deserve it.
  7. He has legitimately won more because of hanging around with us for another two years. If Arsenal were the destination that's genuinely the case. Comes across very badly there tbh.
  8. Don't understand that article. Says he lost two years at a top team but also says he was close to joining Arsenal? Which was it?
  9. Hahahaha didn't realise that was next. Get in. That's going to be hilarious.
  10. West Ham are just the same every single year aren't they. They have at least one run where they absolutely crumble. That result, and performance by all accounts is pathetic. Sheffield United - they could genuinely get a European place at this rate. What Wilder's doing is nothing short of extraordinary. We look nailed on for the top 4 to me.
  11. This is an exceptional Leicester side. We are legit.
  12. He's actually starting to click. He's developed a selflessness. Keep it up.
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