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  1. I didn't see Pearson ever go after someone like Klopp did Choudhury. It's the hypocrisy of it.
  2. And nobody in the Liverpool shagging media calls it out either.
  3. Only just seen this, I mean ****ing hell
  4. Surprise surprise the one who should be off scores.
  5. Fulham are the biggest waste of space, what was the point of them coming back up, they're even worse than last time (which is some going)
  6. I think the real test of our mentality will come when the pressure is on us. This isn't a criticism but it's more that we've not yet discovered if they can deliver when there's any pressure on them to - so far there hasn't been really.
  7. When we're in the mood, and genuinely believe in ourselves, we can be a match for anybody.
  8. Literally this. A lot of people here getting on their high horse with the benefit of hindsight. Yes people got it wrong (me included) but it wasn't exactly baseless drivel. What did actually pan out, as well as his interview where he actually seems to have acknowledged some previous shortcomings, something I've never seen him do, is a big positive, and could really be the turning point of him as a manager. I will admit I got it wrong but it wasn't based on nothing.
  9. Would be totally typical of fhis bonkers league this season for us to lose this, however I'm not having it and it's another win, 3-1.
  10. I can't believe how bald Pep is. He's honestly even balder than I realised. The shine on his head visible from miles away tonight.
  11. Just watched it. That's really impressed me actually. The first sign that he's fixing his shortcomings and what a way to do it.
  12. I actually cannot remember a player having a better opening three games here. He's been excellent in all of them. Looks a much better player than Chilwell.
  13. Rodri's won a Carabao Cup in his history, less than a lot of our players. The ramblings of a bitter loser.
  14. One of the most ridiculous games you will ever see. Sensational.
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