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  1. Many thanks to @Des. for organising the tournament. Very disappointed that we couldn't pull off 1-0 wins in the semis and final but I'm happy enough to settle for 3-1 and 2-1. Uruguay never let me down. Andorra for my next campaign please if there is another!
  2. Hahahahahahahahahaha how the ****ing hell has that happened
  3. The fixing of 1-0s is working a treat. It's taken some time but I'm glad we managed to scab through the group stages with our friends Turkey doing us a big favour on the final day - the group stages were just a chance for us to practice our skills, I'm delighted that we have finally mastered the art. Two more please. It's time to destroy that robot Haaland and Odegaard can do one too.
  4. Do you really think I do it for any other reason than to jinx the opposite?
  5. YES YES YES! Thank you Des for finally fixing me a 1-0 win, three more please!
  6. I always felt our Mahrez replacement was Maddison - obviously they don't play in the same position but I mean as the creativity in this side shifted to the midfield from out wide. It's true though however we haven't gotten close to replacing Mahrez in his actual position since he went. Ghezzal was out of his depth, Diabate wasn't good enough and Perez, I don't know, he just isn't anything like him, I see Perez as more stylistically like Okazaki than Mahrez and yet we play him wide. It's a pointless argument really. Mahrez isn't coming back.
  7. Mahrez is the missing puzzle piece to this side. He'd be brilliant in this team.
  8. That's the title race basically done and dusted. Another night with no home wins. Having some right luck with betting on away wins too. So far had Dusseldorf to win at Koln and Freiburg to win at Frankfurt, both of them bottled two goal leads however I was saved by early payout
  9. Annoyingly that last minute goal I conceded has cost us a game with Uzbekistan although I wouldn't discount them on this showing
  10. How have Croatia landed a group of Iceland, Algeria and Uzbekistan and not picked up a single point
  11. I reckon if Turkey win 8-0 I'm out but yes we'll take this. I'm calling a 90th minute Portugal goal.
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