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  1. Unreal some of the ripping off you can do on this game. I've just sold a bang average winger for £35mil
  2. By about November of this season I thought my Gladbach side had an outside bet of winning the league if Bayern slipped up. Now I'm really worrying that newly promoted Wolfsburg are going to stop me getting into the top 4. It's pathetic. We can't win away to save our lives at the minute. Filipe Cruz one of the best bargains I've signed. Benfica are a ridiculously good club to sign from.
  3. Those names suggest Chilwell is off.
  4. Finally left Bochum after 4 emotional years for Gladbach. Only a matter of time before I get the boot. My three objectives were to finish in a Europa League spot (top 6), get to the quarters of the cup, and the semis of the Europa League II. Fiorentina binned me out of the Europa League II in the first qualifying round, horrific draw but still poor. Holstein Kiel knocked me out of the cup in round 2. We sit 8th in the league. 2nd highest scorers in the league but defence has been awful. Buying full backs is the bane of my life. Xaver Schlager and Galeno are class players. I'm yet to make a bad signing really, just can't seem to get any real consistency. Excellent on our day but frequently dropping clangers. I knew it'd be like this after losing 0-2 to Augsburg first game.
  5. The potential dispute over Premier League money being claimed back could have serious consequences for the game. I doubt that'll happen but I do get the impressing something significant may have to give here. For all we are very well off at the minute you do wonder if it's going to remain that way.
  6. The proposal I read was more to do with having this seasons qualifiers get in by default and teams in the qualifying spaces having to go through a play-off, rather than going through a co-efficient.
  7. I'm still yet to see a better shout than giving 2020 to complete both this season and the Euros, then moving the 2020/21 season to February - November, as well as the following season, lining it up nicely for the winter World Cup as well. Admittedly now the fact they've said the Euros will be June 2021 means this isn't really an option anymore but that was the fairest way around it. Absolutely sure we're going to be screwed harder than most here. It's pretty obvious that they'd rather we didn't qualify for the Champions League so what better excuse than to screw us out of it. The very fact that suggestion where Spurs go in automatically and we have to qualify says a lot.
  8. McNeil at 28/1 is ridiculously good. I'm getting on that one. Tomori in theory should go, 6/1 is definitely overpriced but in reality now it's probably about evens - whereas when I had it at 6/1 I thought it was probably worth about 1/2.
  9. Mine on Tomori to go at 6/1 has been void today. Annoying. He was looking set to go at one point but could well have missed out actually, seems to have harshly fallen down the pecking order at Chelsea.
  10. To be honest that's actually better than I thought it was going to be. Obvious shockers are Markovic and Balotelli. The likes of Gomez and Firmino are encouraging.
  11. 2nd quoted tweet basically answers the first. To me it would be a bit hollow.
  12. I am by no means keen on Liverpool but this would be utterly tedious really and the problem is they'd have a real point. That said I'm also strongly against awarding it to them by default as well.
  13. I don't see how you can possibly award the league to Liverpool but I also don't see how you can possibly take it away from them either. Postpone things and shift them back - the integrity needs to be protected here. The verdict on what they do will tell you a lot about the structure of football and I've got a sneaky feeling we'll be screwed over.
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