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  1. That's the PR machine at it again. Makes me laugh that they fawned over that fluke. They only had to wait another 2 games for an actual worldy from him.
  2. I'd take that Anguissa here. Such a good all-round midfielder. We'd have depth like we have in our defence in midfield if we had him too.
  3. Bruno Fernandes getting fawned over for putting a low cross at the keeper that he palms at Cavani. The PR machine is on a level of its own.
  4. I don't get how that goal can possibly count. Mings has only started the new phase of play because of the initial player from the forward who was in an offside position. Therefore the offside player has influenced the play. If that goal counts by the letter of the law then the law is simply wrong.
  5. If people are still listening to their assistant managers despite them encouraging you to make a sub when you've already made 3 then I don't really know what to say to you.
  6. Having the best season of his career. I've been wanting goal contributions from him and he's delivering them almost every game at the minute. Justifying the hype.
  7. There was no doubt at any point during that game who was going to win it. Even when we conceded the penalty I wasn't worried that we were going to throw it away. I think we've stepped it up a level lately. The fact we're doing this with Vardy off form is testament to that. Maddison's been very good this season. In the form of his career actually. Is it something like 14 goal contributions in 16 games? I've never 'quite' bought the hype around Maddison but I'm starting to. Extremely good lately. Ndidi's return has helped massively. He's one of the best in his position in
  8. Unreal isn't it. Disappointed we made a thing of it. The worst thing you can do with the types to moan about that is pander to their demands. The only real blot on our performance.
  9. Maybe he should've come on last year instead of Praet
  10. Numbers massively improving this season. Barnes likewise.
  11. One of our best wins of the season. Only poor finishing stopped that being sealed a lot sooner, against a dangerous side.
  12. We are twice as good away as at home aren't we.
  13. Who does he think he's kidding All just to protect the current crop really. I'm sure somebody will come out and say similar about this era.
  14. With no fans and VAR it's particularly dull. I'm treating this period of football almost like a bit of a downtime.
  15. It just confirms that many are out there to spread as much misery as they possibly can. Not even discrete at this point. It changes literally nothing how they celebrate.
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