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  1. Fully agree. I reckon they'll do the usual West Ham thing which is basically.. very little, and they'll be paying money I'd be wanting Europe for if I was an owner. Best part of £100k a week on average each for Hart, Zabaleta, Hernandez and Arnautovic. Dear oh dear.
  2. Would be a disgrace but I can see it happening eventually sadly. It won't fully go away. They won't be happy until the game is as soulless as it can be. The success of the super bowl isn't good for football either as it will further encourage this. I reckon it happens within ten years and it'll be then where my interest takes a genuine dip.
  3. Glenn Hoddle is biased to the point of unprofessionalism. He's a total embarrassment commentating on England. He cannot ever praise a thing Vardy does yet actually praised Kane once when he hit the post with a penalty I've just always felt they're massively favoured. There's a real snobbery about them.
  4. My dislike for Spurs is two things. Their fans and the media. Their fans has been covered. The media are so far up their arse its beyond belief. They went on like they won the league the last two seasons. Their team I wouldn't say I have a big problem with. Don't particularly like Alli. Kane I've warmed to. Pochettino is top drawer. There's a lot to respect about them but the two things I mentioned earlier are enough.
  5. Top drawer. This needs drilling into so many heads. Build around him!!!
  6. Kisnorbo woooooah Kisnorbo woooooah He used to be shite But now he's alright
  7. Tough man!
  8. Ndidi poor? Was I watching the same game as you lot?
  9. This half is one of the worst halves of football I've ever seen
  10. Needs less width IMO
  11. That keeper
  12. Agreed. Think we're being very harsh on Roma on here. If it was a choice of playing for them or Arsenal I'd go Roma for sure.
  13. Kante never actually specified that he wanted to move to a Champions League club, and I think we forced him Chelsea's way because it meant we got more for it due to the clause.