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  1. Rate that. If we're going to go big on a domestic centre half it's got to be Ake.
  2. I swear that could cover literally hundreds of fixtures
  3. Never fails to amaze me when something like this comes up how much some people ignore all logic because it's LCFC. They'd defend literally anything.
  4. Yep. For me it's about having a core of youngsters but someone like Perisic is a difference maker in this side and I think you can afford a couple of players like it. The problem is when you go full West Ham / Marseille / anyone in Turkey and fill your squad with them.
  5. Can't be arsed joining Redcafe. I'd be banned within ten minutes.
  6. Jesus that's a crap signing. Bournemouth are getting some of their own treatment this summer.
  7. Knockaert's firmly in that too good for the Championship, not quite good enough for the Premier League category.
  8. If we aren't going to play Soyuncu, get him on loan to someone in this league.
  9. What a brilliant signing he turned out to be. He really got us.
  10. Would sum them up if they were actually starting to look. Should have at least 5 attainable targets from the word go.
  11. Charlie Adam's the biggest worm of an ex-player going. Biggest one season wonder going as well and still ended up relegated anyway. Given he's someone who left to a big club and did absolutely nothing his stance is very weird. Found it particularly funny that he tried to out Shaqiri when Stoke went down as well - whose contributions clearly outweighed his own. Fat headed snide.
  12. I've got to say with Europe factored in I fancy us to come above Wolves. Everton and West Ham shouldn't be ignored by us. I really think we'll come above Arsenal though. I reckon they're going to have a genuine howler season and I don't mean just stutter to 6th - I'm talking about 9th. There are so many reasons to think they'll do badly. Defence is awful, lost their best midfielder on a free and don't have a massive budget to fix things, and even then I'm not sure they'll make the right moves.
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