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  1. We might just have lucked it a little with playing Man Utd away this late on - they'll likely be safe of a Champions League finish by that point and may want to turn all focus to winning this.
  2. I hadn't even thought of that extremely unlikely though. Will make our lives a lot easier if Arsenal lose tonight.
  3. It would be a shame to miss out again, I don't think as big a bottling as last season (which I'm sorry, it's a bottling) but most of all because we'd have failed to take proper advantage of Chelsea and Liverpool's underperformance.
  4. I nailed it tonight. The Foden goal basically killed the other tie and it just happened to coincide with McManaman realising Liverpool were definitely out so I got to drink in the pain. A productive night overall.
  5. BT have been quite good with a lot of their football but they really ruin it on games like that Liverpool game and McManaman commentating. He's easily the worst I've ever heard. It's fanzone like stuff. Main reason I went for the other game tonight. Dortmund aren't going to keep this up for 90 minutes I don't think, fair play if they do though.
  6. Yeah sorry the argument about Trincao is madness. Don't forget even in our current squad Monaco didn't like Tielemans.
  7. Thought it was an excellent game. Pure luck of the draw that one of those two had to go out this early.
  8. I thought exactly the same. The bit where Jonesy climbs on the car too, I'm not quite having that. After the whole thing - tests the water by saying if the leak came from AC-12 which Ted rubbishes as hoped. I'm not having her after that. Reckon there's a chance she's dodgy.
  9. Definitely was last season and the signs are starting to look a bit worrying this time around as well.
  10. First good result for us this weekend. Thought Man Utd played really quite well there - I often think they win but don't overly impress, but they did well today. Spurs are crap, we can't be worrying about them.
  11. You can't turn a sport into a science. This is the proof.
  12. What I really don't get about this era above all, everyone knows about cheating, there's an art to it, nobody really likes it, but it was kind of an ar before, deceiving the officials, doing something and getting away with it. We now have video replays watching it back and for some reason, take no action against the blatant cheating, commentators don't even call it out - if anything, they praise it. Surely there being VAR actually changes this concept completely? It's like a shopkeeper watching the CCTV of somebody robbing his shop and saying "yeah you know what fair pl
  13. It's unbelievable isn't it. Every single weekend I'm just amazed at what they've done to it.
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