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  1. It's laughable how anyone could support such nonsense. It completely eradicates the fabric of sport in general. Infantino is every bit as bad as Blatter. Largely gets away with it because he's not quite as eccentric a character.
  2. Dan LCFC


    How did no-one go for Levi Porter in the small team? He was an absolute dwarf.
  3. Dan LCFC


    Sean St Ledger wasn't particularly tall for a centre half. Was Miguel Vitor very tall?
  4. Dan LCFC


    We were linked last year weren't we? Getafe have had an excellent season mind.
  5. It's brutal but Cardiff should pay it. Reckon this will be put off to see if they stay up or not.
  6. Dan LCFC


    Leicester & Everton. Well I never.
  7. The part I'd dispute is that he's one of our best players. I reckon Vardy, Ricardo, Chilwell, Ndidi, Tielemans and Maddison would all be harder to replace. You could argue even Evans.
  8. Good post this and agree with it. I'm in a bit of a weird situation gambling wise where I gamble a lot but do actually feel like it's under control*, so I've never actually gambled money that I didn't consider to be 'spare' if that makes sense. I've never actually gambled a penny I couldn't afford to lose. * With the exception of about 3/4 months ago where I was putting on a ridiculous number of bets every day. I was up at one point but a group of us were doing these in-play bets on football and ice hockey, literally any games in the world you could bet on where we fancied another goal and it hit the point it was taking over my life. I still do them every now and then but it got totally out of control a few months back and we all basically agreed to stop going on about them to each other as we were all bad influences - trying to outdo each other etc...
  9. Knowing us, probably Andorra, Gibraltar, San Marino, Micronesia, Tuvalu and Somalia. However we'd spank Germany, France and Brazil in the other games.
  10. I don't think at any point the club have really helped the situation with the layout of the ground. The expansion could be an opportunity.
  11. My biggest fear. This has been every bit as bad a signing as Slimani so far. Worse in-fact. Slimani did produce the goods for us in a couple of games when the game was level and he made the difference. Iheanacho has scored against generally awful sides bar those two at the end of last season. When your national manager is digging you out like that as well it's not a good look. I'm starting to fear that he's going to be viewed in future as one of these joke players. Bloke frequently looks totally out of his depth playing for us. I'd be more sympathetic if you felt he gave a shit but I'm not convinced he does. There's plenty to back that argument up. Rodgers will be the judge here but I can see him being binned quickly at this rate.
  12. Look at our ends in the FA Cup. It's like a completely different club.
  13. Will have a read of it but to be honest I think in the heat of the moment people will post things they don't necessarily mean. I've always had him down as popular with pretty much everyone - the fans here, the players here, the England fans, the other England players. He's just really likeable. But I've always thought that this does inflate people's opinion of him as a player. For me he's very decent on the ball for a centre half, granted probably takes more risks than his pace of the rest of our side can compensate for, is an average to good defender at this level. We had our best period defensively this season with him out of the side and I'm not sure it's a coincidence. If we sold him I'd wish him all the best, I'd be quite sad to see him totally flunk it at Manchester United but at the same time I think we've got to be pretty savvy with our money too for two reasons. One is the training ground / expansion that we need to pay for. The other is that quite simply this is the only way you break these top clubs - by using your money better than they do. If we sold Maguire to Man Utd and managed to sign Tielemans, Benkovic comes good (there is every chance he's as good as, if not better) then who truly is the winner overall? I'd be surprised if this happens really. Can Manchester United seriously not sign a better defender than Maguire? I thought they would be fishing in better waters. He's good but not top bracket.
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