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  1. Really like him and hope he'll stay. But if you could potentiality make 20 mil profit on him in a year and then get someone like Bradley Dack in I don't think it would be such bad business
  2. Who would you play him over? If its Maguire or Evans when are you expecting to do this? He's also played 7 times (including cups) and is our 4th choice which doesn't seem too unreasonable. I agree with @Beechey that he was bought in to give us options if a huge big came in for Mags. Which IMO is good planning.
  3. Bakey

    FIFA 19

    Anyone got any leaks of our player ratings?
  4. First two yeah, but definitely not that last one. i remember the last diamond midfield we had against Southampton away under Ranieri
  5. Agree with everything! Apart from my blip in belief after the Palace match
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