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  1. We should always have a replacement in mind no matter what the situation. You never know whats round the corner! I think its perfectly sensible for us to be scouting managers and players alike to prepare for any possible outcome, whether it be a long term injury or a player/manager being poached.
  2. The Global Voice of the Fans tweeting that we've bid 10m #neverwrong
  3. Sell, For me he just doesn't seem to have the footballing intelligence for me to cut it at this level as the lone striker. I think he could get some form and play well in a front two though for a bottom half prem team
  4. I see he's started every game since match day 5 at CB. They're rock bottom but does anyone know how he's actually playing?
  5. Aye worth the risk at £50 for a return flight
  6. Gone really quiet on this.... I was hoping that they'd be looking at moving in over the last international break. Hopefully it's ready for the next internationals
  7. Nice to see they're doing a console version but shame its not Playstation
  8. Everyone just overlooking the 195m that our owners put in before the last 5 years??? That investment has set us up to be how self sustainable we appear to be now. Although I do think that the Shirt sponsorship and Stadium naming rights don't reflect what they are worth. But I would like to think that if they felt like that needed to invest and could invest more that this would be their preferred
  9. Liverpool will also surely want to win also as it's their last home game and will have the trophy presentation after the game Wednesday
  10. And the common denominator is.......
  11. Gutted to read there are no actual updates on the training ground. Just someone spouting facebook-esque opinions
  12. Can't stand him anyway. Total bellend. Behaved like a right cock when Ranieri was sacked, shouting at him for a few words as he drove out of the training ground!
  13. I'll try it mate deffo! Just checked the location and its a 20 minute walk from where we're staying as well!
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