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  1. Why brave lol? Just easier to monitor than FT aha
  2. After 1 or 2 UTD Spares? Can contact me on albakewell@hotmail.co.uk
  3. After 1 or 2 UTD Spares? Can contact me on albakewell@hotmail.co.uk
  4. did you get a double delivery by accident aha??
  5. A nice snippet about Harvey Barnes' time at WBA from Chris Brunt: http://www.oldbaggies.com/christ-brunt-interview/ Another loan signing, and of course another revelation, Harvey Barnes, who made such an impact while at the club, then returns to Leicester at a crucial time in the season, that couldn’t have been helpful at all? “No it wasn’t, He brought a lot of stuff to the team, his game was a lot more attacking, it suited his game and soon as he came we started to play his way. I also think at times a lot of things he did in games probably papered over a few cracks if I’m totally honest, but you could get away with it because you had him in the team, you knew he had got the quality to do something, also with the attacking quality that he has, the emphasis on defending was taken away from him and our job was to just get the ball to him so he could go and do something and for six months of the season he did that, and when he left it was a massive loss for us because I think he scored ten goals and created countless others in half a season. If you sit down and look back, that might have been the difference in us losing out in the play-offs and getting promoted automatically.” I am reminded of the Sheffield Wednesday away game…..You came on as sub and suddenly brought him into the game and totally transformed it. “Yeah and that goal he scored that night, the second one especially, showed just how good a player he was and how good he was for us. I think if you also look at it as well, the fact that he has gone back and played for Leicester it makes it that much better because a lot of people at the time were thinking that Leicester called him back because he was doing well for us and doubted that he was actually going to be involved for Leicester but to be fair to him he has gone back and he has managed to play a lot of Premier League games which is what he wants to do, he wants to play in the Premier League for Leicester. It was nice to have him for six months, but it was disappointing to lose him.” Chris continued. “It was a difficult void to fill as well. Every loan signing is a gamble and obviously that one paid off, it’s the ones that don’t pay off, that’s just the way it is. I suppose every signing generally is a gamble of some description and as I said a difficult one to fill. With Matt Phillips getting injured as well for a long part of the second half of the season, that was a big blow too, because he started the first half of the season really well, he is a big player for us when he is playing well and to miss him from January and remainder of the season, that was a massive loss to us too and I suppose two players with that influence you can’t really replace.”
  6. Really like him and hope he'll stay. But if you could potentiality make 20 mil profit on him in a year and then get someone like Bradley Dack in I don't think it would be such bad business
  7. Who would you play him over? If its Maguire or Evans when are you expecting to do this? He's also played 7 times (including cups) and is our 4th choice which doesn't seem too unreasonable. I agree with @Beechey that he was bought in to give us options if a huge big came in for Mags. Which IMO is good planning.
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