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  1. Nice to see they're doing a console version but shame its not Playstation
  2. Bakey

    Jonathan Tah

    hmmm that's a bit much i think. You dont just become a shit player overnight at 24. Obviously we would all prefer Fofana but a year ago everyone would be spaffing themselves over this signing.
  3. Bakey

    Jonathan Tah

    Jovic on loan deadline day
  4. Very very short I would say
  5. Other than being right footed i think he fits our profile exactly.... Price, position, Prem experience, 23
  6. Everyone just overlooking the 195m that our owners put in before the last 5 years??? That investment has set us up to be how self sustainable we appear to be now. Although I do think that the Shirt sponsorship and Stadium naming rights don't reflect what they are worth. But I would like to think that if they felt like that needed to invest and could invest more that this would be their preferred
  7. Bakey

    Ozan Tufan

    Another utility man..
  8. Bakey

    Dwight McNeil

    pretty sure thats down to the finishing
  9. Sounds like a line from Homes under the hammer
  10. Bakey

    Dwight McNeil

    Harsh on Barnes. I know this doesn't show the full picture but.... https://www.premierleague.com/stats/player-comparison
  11. He's 28 in November. But Johnny Evans was £3m and a professional who had done it all with Man Utd. Tarkowski has done it at Burnley and would cost at least 10x the price!
  12. https://twitter.com/ITK_PL/status/1302922908269006851
  13. Makes sense but he is 28 in November, so not that young
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