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  1. Would be a great buy IMO. Would prefer a more right side biased winger but any improvement in the wings is a priority! Crazy how loads people views of loan to buys have change so drastically since it worked so well with youri aha. Remember when everyone was saying it's a lose lose scenario. Now its win win!
  2. Can't stand him anyway. Total bellend. Behaved like a right cock when Ranieri was sacked, shouting at him for a few words as he drove out of the training ground!
  3. I'll try it mate deffo! Just checked the location and its a 20 minute walk from where we're staying as well!
  4. Ahh good stuff, cheers for that
  5. Just looked at that. Looks really good thanks. Would it be a problem with the late KO time and them closing @ 1.30 AM? I'm hoping they wouldn't close on the dot and miss the last 5 mins of the game or even Pens?
  6. Is anyone in Dubai for the second leg against Villa? Or if not have any advice if whereabouts to go to watch it?
  7. Listened to the RL post match pod this morning and it seems to have been dramatised by Stringer trying to read too much into nothing and make a story up. 23:30 to 24:30 is the question about chilly and hamza. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07y7yrr Stringer asks why again they were omitted and he says "its a personal one". Then when Rogers leaves 26:20 stringer starts going "oooooooo" like bloody owl haha
  8. Would like a couple of seats for this one if possible?
  9. “We’re pretty much the same,” said Rodgers of his squad. “Wes and Filip got injured in our last game, so Wes will probably miss next couple of games and start training next week.“Filip was more precautionary and will be able to join us in training over the next couple of days."Both of those aren’t going to be as long-term as we first thought."
  10. I'm sorry but how will that help?
  11. 1 Norwich Ticket available in B3 £44 face value Ended up with 1 extra aha
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