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  1. Never knew Canada was a third world country.
  2. Only just realised I had Freddie Starr.
  3. Author Judith Kerr aged 95.
  4. Are we all off today to elect our unelected officials? 🙄
  5. Savage brought a round for me and my mates on my 18th birthday, so he's not a total ****.
  6. It's not about people letting others in, most of us do that. It's the people that put the indicator on and immediately move over, often when there isn't room. Someone did it to me this morning, barely clear of the front of my car, started to move in front as they indicate. You supposed to indicate, check it's safe and then move over.
  7. Only for the bad things. Good = because we voted leave. Bad = because we're still in.
  8. Arsenal fans want Leno to play instead of Cech since the latter announced he was joining Chelsea as sporting director this summer.
  9. Might try and catch the England games, but I won't go out my way, and I certainly won't be watching random games between countries I'd never give a second thought too like I would for the mens world cup. Be nice if England win though, and I'll celebrate like I've always been a huge fan if we do.
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