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  1. We should never have signed him, and its fine to criticise players for shortcomings, but there's no point in comparing players to the regular first team. Like it's OK to say Mendy or Choudhury have limitations or make a mistake, but its pointless comparing them to Ndidi, as they aren't Ndidi and there's a reason they play second fiddle to him.
  2. Exactly, never really get why people get riled up when a player well down the pecking order isn't near the standard of the a regular first teamer. What are they expecting?
  3. Finally found something Andrew might be useful for.
  4. Get them on a Jeremy Kyle Show special.
  5. It worked against Man City, but failed against Fulham, West Ham, and Villa straight after. We started it in other games, like Brighton at home, Sheffield United and struggled until we switched formation. I think we might have played it away at Leeds, but lets be honest, they imploded early in that game.
  6. It's not though and I would have thought there enough previous evidence to prove otherwise.
  7. Teams are built on defending well though. Get that right, and worry about the attacking side after. Set the foundation that works for us which is 4 at the back if that means playing a youth player on the wing or shoving someone out wide who wouldn't normally then so be it. Often we start with 3 to a poor team and they get ahead and then make it tough for us to attack them, so it might be an idea to stop going behind by playing a defensive shape that suits us.
  8. Its not just about the players in that 5 at the back, it's about the team as whole and we look more disjointed with 3 at the back. Plus I don't think maddison out wide is a great move either.
  9. Need to go 4 at the back straight away. Doesn't matter who plays right back, Amartey or Ricardo, 4 is better than 3.
  10. For his sake I hope so. Would be kind of funny if hes not and is completely missing out.
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