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  1. Also used a personal insult against me and hasn't been banned, which I have been banned for in the past. I did report the post and it was removed, but no ban.
  2. Someone posted a slightly amusing picture of an Asian looking woman in a headscarf who could be assumed to be Muslim with a bag showing the slogan "Bring Home the Bacon". Parafox had a hissy fit about assuming her religion being racist and how offended he was. Everyone told him he was being daft and than started taking the piss out of him.
  3. He's drinking in that picture, I'm offended.
  4. Even the picture, which is ridiculous. Actually I'm offended by the picture being removed, can a mod put it back up? If they don't I'll have to assume Para's feeling of offensive is more important than mine.
  5. Denmark beat Germany and Ghana but drew with Scotland
  6. Worst DJ on any station anywhere. Shouldn't be on radio 2, let alone for 3 hours every afternoon and certainly shouldn't be earning that much. Basically radio 2 has two shite dj's who cost a combined £3m a year. Sack them off and the BBC are making a decent saving.
  7. Only thing that would have saved Bianchi would have been not having a vehicle on the side of the track whilst the cars where at racing speed, and generally don't and they didn't usually before, and they introduced the vitual safety car. The halo is a shite solution to a problem that wasn't a problem.
  8. He's does plenty of other things too.
  9. Naga has presented a Sunday morning discussion show as well as Newsnight, not aware of Minchin doing much more than Breakfast.
  10. Plenty of moaning that Dan Walker is on the list at around £250k while his BBC breakfast co-presentdr Louise Minchin isn't even on the list. Even saw one say it proves the BBC value men doing the same job more than they do women. Walker presents Football Focus along with plenty of other sports programmes, Minchin does little else.
  11. Saw a bit of casualty a few months back and Charlie was having to stand up to this big muscular black nurse and the acting was terrible. He had no emotion, he wasn't convincing in any way. But we've all got people like him at work, big salary based on longevity rather than ability.
  12. How is Alex Jones getting the same salary as Matt Baker? They do the same job on the One Show, except she's now part time, and he does lots of other stuff and she does very little else. Apart from Evans and maybe Lineker I can't see much in terms of overpaying compared to what they'd get else where and I can't see much disparity between genders apart from the above example. I'm a little surprised Evans is top, I'd have thought as the go to guy at the BBC for most entertainment shows Graham Norton would be pulling in those kind of figures.