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  1. I was in pets at home the other week and this old lady was stood right behind me in the queue. I shuffled forward and she did the same. Eventually I just told her she was uncomfortably close even before covid 19 and could she take a step back.
  2. Still should have been right at the top of the list. You can't spend £200m and still be starting the season with a keeper you don't trust. Its the one position you must have total faith in.
  3. Said at the start of the season, Chelsea have spent all that money and not sorted the defensive problems out. If Lampard is as unsure as he appeared to be over Kepa last season, why wasn't a new keeper top priority?
  4. Still for one week would have been a great transfer.
  5. I was so close to replacing him with DCL as well! Gutted.
  6. I forgot I'd clicked on the film thread, read that first line and was genuinely worried!
  7. Fair enough, just on those two, that is a big difference. But is it enough for Souness constantly go on about Pogba even when hes not playing?
  8. So if that the case how do we explain his targeting other black players mentioned over their attitude, two of whom I don't think have been anything other model pros. And his character assassination of Kean that had absolutely no basis and was just completely made up in his head.
  9. I'm assuming having thrown £40m at the signing of Jota, Liverpool are no longer in for Sarr. They don't need £80m of back up wingers on the bench, especially when they seemed so keen on promoting youth players last year.
  10. I agree with you to some extent we shouldn't tie everything to race. Pundits should feel like the can criticise black players equally to white. On the Sterling thing, I don't think everything bad about him in the papers is down to his race, but people have pointed out the occasional difference in tone when talking about black and white players, which again whilst not being overtly racist do point towards a subconscious bias. Below isn't about Sterling, but shows a prime example. The headline on the left misses the detail that this house was for his mum too, the headline on the right fails to mention he hadn't started a Premier league game either at that point. Look at the Mail headline about Sterling after England were knocked out of euro 2016, talking about his obscene, vulgar house he'd brought for his mum and how he didnt seem to care about England going out. Then look at how Harry Maguires arrest in Greece was covered days after man utd were knocked out of Europe. Sympathy, and talking it down.
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