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  1. Piers Morgan will find a way to blame Meghan.
  2. Totally off topic, but I'm glad you changed profile picture. There's another poster who had the same as your previous one, and lets just say his posts weren't up to your usual standard, and I kept thinking it was you
  3. I could have swore Redknapp just called Tella Nutella.
  4. Still think Saints could nick a point. Been pretty even game.
  5. I'm watching a stream of the Derby game so slightly behind. Had a bet365 notification saying 1-0 Derby and then a minute later said disallowed. The ball never went in the net, only thing that did was Waghorn
  6. It also brings up the worry I mentioned last week about this formation backing us into a bit of corner. I don't think we had the personal to switch around last night should we lose a player like we did without making wholesale changes to the line up. I think the only thing we could have done is go to a back 4, bring Albrighton or Thomas in, push and play Vardy on the wing in a 433 or 4231, which wouldn't have been ideal.
  7. Theres was a guy on the news earlier from Hartlepool. Said he voted tory because he wants more police and a new hospital. So he voted for a party who cut police numbers and has already said they'll only be building 6 of the 40 hospitals promised.
  8. Every defender has been guilty of stepping up or not stepping up when we've been playing a three, so kind of puts to bed this idea we are more organised with Evans in there. It's been happening with him or without him. And as you say persisting with a high line when Evans was struggling to sprint. I stand by why I started this thread, and I'm happy to admit Evans is playing much better than he was back then, but lets not pretend we're some super tight, organised defensive unit when he plays in this three. We've look a car crash numerous times. When Evans is at his best I'm a big fa
  9. Another way to look at expected goals is how the opposition took advantage or not of our sloppy defending. Are we preventing them, or are they messing up? There's no clear way of knowing, just from the numbers. What is definitely not great, is constantly have one of the three defenders out of sync, playing people onside. Or stepping up at the wrong moment to allow an acre of space behind them. That's been happening whoever plays in the three. I think all three are good defenders, but I think in a three, even though we've been lucky to not concede a hatful until now, they aren't in sync. I don'
  10. I'm not saying we don't miss any first teasers when they are missing, and no doubt it didn't help with it being a late change, but to suggest we've been solid with him in the back three recently just isn't true. That's not a dig at him. I started this thread back in November when he'd be playing very poorly for months, and he has improved since then, it's a dig at the formation. Evans played in all the games I mentioned, where was the communication when Zaha got through a few times, or West Ham got behind our defence on countless occasions.
  11. So Southampton didn't get through our back three a couple of times? West Ham weren't getting through us like a hot knife through butter? Palace didn't have numerous chances they ****ed up, including the one Evans himself got the last ditch tackle to prevent Benteke scoring. Newcastle were clinical in front of goal tonight where the others weren't, but three at the back has been conceding chances for weeks, we've just been lucky at times the opposition haven't taken them.
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