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  1. Dodoo was even worse when he came on at HT.
  2. The sports news on 5Live yesterday reported O'Sullivan's progression as "remained on course of a 6th world title". Which I found really weird wording as it made it sound a forgone conclusion when we're only at the quarter final stage and he's in the same half as the defending champion and world number 1, and last years losing finalist. Even that article talks like he'll brush aside Ding whilst the only mention Selby gets makes it sound like his second round opponent is really difficult. The Ronnie love in pisses me off at times. Yes he's a fantastically gifted player, and on his day he's the best there is, but he's not always on it. The ways he spoken about is like he wins everything every year, which he doesn't so he's clearly not as dominant as the media make out.
  3. Extra time. Nice.
  4. Is she a gooner?
  5. Thought Aguero's touch had taken that too close to Cech then. Good finish.
  6. Ones a striker, ones a winger, so no comparison.
  7. Hughton never managed him at Brighton, and has spent 2.5 years building his own team and style. Not saying they wouldn't want him but I wouldn't automatically assume they'd want him back because of his previous connection when its a completely different team and set up. I'd say Brighton are as likely to try and sign him as anyone else.
  8. Exactly. If anything the Spurs players this weekend should be the ones really feeling loss and paying tribute and you've got Man Utd wearing shirts for a guy with a bad knee.
  9. I didn't realise they'd died!
  10. Does he? Don't really know to be honest. He not on tv much and I've never seen a newspaper column of his. I occasionally see a tweet of his pop up, but nothing to suggest he's obbessed with a particular subject. There are plenty more prominent people *cough* Farage *cough* who bring up the subject of immigration from the other side of the argument at any opportunity. I'd dare say if you're that up on the actions of someone as z list as Schneider then he's not the obsessed one
  11. Is he wrong though?
  12. He did. Open a ticket on the old website and they'll give you a link to the new one.
  13. Not just after an amazing season, big clubs have spent millions seemingly based on players performances in few games at a World Cup or Euros.