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  1. What's the confusion @ealingfox?
  2. I imagine it was one of two things, or they'll claim it was anyway. The clip of James they used was from the report the day before about him passing Bryant's record. They'll say someone searched Bryant on the database and that clip came up, and they didn't notice. That's what they said when the put the wrong clip of Boris Johnson laying the wreath on remembrance day last year. Or they'll say the original report was meant to include a line about James passing his record, but it didn't, so the clip was in with no context. That's just what they'll say it was though, it's also possible its neither and someone just saw a lakers Jersey and went with the clip. Either way, it was a quickly put together report by someone who had probably never watched a basketball game in their life, I think we can let them off.
  3. Yep, Milner is 33 I think, way too young.
  4. Titus Bramble and Steed Malbranque are still playing at lower levels, and the both played in the last season at Filbert street.
  5. They may crash less than planes, I have no idea, but it seems from what we've seen, if you are involved in a crash in one you'll almost certainly die, which is not the case with planes or other light aircraft. I can't remember hearing about anyone surviving a helicopter crash, wheres theres plenty of survivors of plane crashes, of all size of plane. There was Vichai obviously, the Cluther bar crash, Steve Hislop the TT driver, Colin McRae. It seems they just turn into fireballs as soon as they crash.
  6. Mums birthday today, sent this message on our family whatsapp this morning. Special day today! Happy birthday Brendan Rodgers 😂 x
  7. Should of put a team out capable of beating Shrewsbury then. Can't do that and then complain about extra games and lack of a break. Btw, is it pronounced Shrewsbury or Shrewsbury? I've always said Shrewsbury, but I've heard it pronounced Shrewsbury too.
  8. Terrible news. I'm not basketball fan, but he's one of those people that transcended his sport and was known and respected by almost everyone, even those who had no interest in what he did. RIP
  9. Well played Shrewsbury! What a result that is, coming from 2 down against a similar team that comfortably saw off Everton.
  10. Genuinely funnier than the original joke
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