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  1. I was checking this out after Tielemans scored. Its not easy to find out, but I found a Welsh player called Ken Leek who played for Leicester between 1958 and 1961 and scored against England in 1960.
  2. Tbf, I've got stonking headache finding it hard to concentrate
  3. Thats why he's doing his jacket up, to hide it. He doesn't want you to know he's really Wilfred Bony.
  4. I'm not an expert on German tax, but I just found a German tax calculator online, punched in the equivalent of my salary in euros and I'd come out with pretty much the same wage, or maybe a little more, I need to read up on it more, but I looks like it won't be less.
  5. Actually says he fell in the article, so we should probably wait until its confirmed as suicide. Why he was climbing up their if that wasn't his intention I have no idea, but for now it says fell.
  6. How many times did you press play? Totally honest, I didn't even think of that when I posted it
  7. I thought even though its technically a picture, its just a picture of a written joke, so stuck it in here
  8. He's been "off" for a while, that's the real point.
  9. I agree. Its weird when people you haven't spoken to in years react to things like that on social media. I'm not saying its why your kids would do it, but I think at times it because other can see it people think it makes them look more compassionate. Stops being about the person who's actually lost someone and more about the person sending the message. Then again people sharing their loss on Facebook is weird too. Its a private thing imo. Maybe afterwards, on birthdays and anniversaries put a post up, but I can't think of anything I'd want to less straight after losing a close rel
  10. He wasn't injured back in January when this started. I think it got over looked last season because the whole team dropped off, but he's not managed to get out of the rut like some others have.
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