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  1. Facecloth

    League 1 & 2 Thread - 2018/2019

    Nothing wrong with that Kewell interview. Responded with a touch of a sarcasm to the interviewer asking silly or repetitive questions, but otherwise was level headed, fair, respectful of the fans feelings, whilst being bullish about the pressure on him.
  2. Facecloth

    New Series of Taskmaster?

    The funniest one doesn't always win though. I was surprised as I didn't think she was anywhere near winning, thought it was between Jessica and Rhod.
  3. Facecloth

    2018 Deathlist

    Stan Lee aged 95
  4. Facecloth

    Souvenirs on ebay

    The under the seat thing is massively open to abuse, this isn't the first time the club have done this and stuffs gone missing. Problem is I can't think of a better way of doing it. Handing bags out as you enter the ground would be a massive operations, as would handing them to outside the ground as people arrive and judging from to stories above people were stealing them whilst the owner was sat in their seat any way. I guess the only way to stop it is if people stop being complete wankers.
  5. Not sure about the players but I saw Pearson with his arm round him talking at length during the lap of the pitch.
  6. He was losing it with Zaha in the team. He's obsessed with getting his best player up front, but Zaha isn't a striker, he's a wide player. He needs to be running at the defence, not holding the ball up with his back to goal. He'd be better starting Townsend and Zaha either side of a central striker, be it Wickham, the Norwegian lad or Benteke when he's fit. His excuse for using Zaha in this way is because it relieves him of defensive duties. Im sorry that's no excuse, he needs his job reiterating or he needs dropping if he can't be arsed to defend.
  7. I hope they stay up just to piss off Chris Sutton. He's been saying all season that they are already relegated. Not that he thinks they'll get relegated, but declaring they already are. I know he's just saying it to shock and get attention, but I found it really disrespectful of a team that had earnt their place in the league.
  8. Facecloth

    Match of the Day 2018/19

    Having seen our game, the only reason I was staying up was to see what got Charlie Austin so wound up and that's on 5th! I'm off to bed!
  9. Can't do less than Meyer.
  10. Iain Darke is such a shite commentator. Foyth just scored for Spurs and when the camera focused on him it was clear Darke didn't know who he was as he just stopped talking
  11. Hugo Lloris looking a bit shaky in this game. Probably not had a drink for a while.
  12. Love how high pitched he goes
  13. Facecloth


    Isn't he on The Chase?
  14. Schwarzer didn't play a single premier league game that season, the ones listed did, but didn't play 5.
  15. Facecloth

    The Apprentice 2018

    Think she said she's Canadian in the first episode.