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  1. Jean Fergusson , best known for playing Marina in Last of the Summer Wine, aged 74. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-50431493 And one that was missed, her co star Juliette Kaplan, who played Pearl in the show, died in October aged 80. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-49193273
  2. Well that was my point about Iheanacho especially, we'd be unlikely to get an upgrade at the right price in January, so right now he's unlikely to leave. I think anyone who's played in the first team in the league, made the bench or started cup games will be kept, and he falls into that category right now. That's simply down the fact buying in January isn't the best time to get good deals. But the others mentioned are nowhere near playing. Mendy especially will be commanding a decent wage to not play any part, so I can see us looking to move him on as a priority. James and Amartey are different as it's down to Rodgers view on them following injury. Slimani and Silva, if offers came in we'd sell, but as they're out on loan we'll probably just be happy with that right now.
  3. Facecloth


    All you needed to say.
  4. @MattP, just entered the current FT poll figures into your website, and it gives us hungiest of hung parliaments. Tories 279 Labour 271 LD 47 SNP 33 Green 1 Plaid 1 NI Seats 18
  5. Nobody anywhere near the first team will leave. In fact anyone used in what many would consider our second string won't be allowed to leave. So Gray, Albrighton, Fuchs, Ward, Choudhury, even Iheanacho etc will be here until the summer. Those who have fell down the pecking order, might be sold to free up wages if we want to bring anyone in, but it won't be a priority. I can see James, Amartey, Mendy, Slimani and Silva being offloaded if the right bids come in. I don't think we'll try replacing Iheanacho in January, we'd get ripped off if we're trying to upgrade. Think we'll stick with what we've got in most areas and use our position we end up in in the summer to attract suitable players. We're not going to get a player with long term aims in mind in January and we don't really need a quick fix.
  6. Don't normally watch it, but I do like Ian Wright, always makes me laugh and generally seems to love life. Might try and catch a few this year.
  7. Think you're right. There certainly, on here and out in the real world, people who will rip into something said by one side and celebrate it when said by the other. The Express ran two stories, two months apart, one celebrated the Tories raising the minimum wage, and another about labour doing it and saying it would cause huge unemployment, company liquidations etc. We all probably do it a little tbf.
  8. They've gone home, so luckily nobody is seeing me pretend to be a trainee Pol Pot
  9. I've just purposely done it to end up in the top right and did. I'm on the work PC so I won't download the image, but you can end up there. I think what these things do, like the "I side with" one, is show you where you actually sit on the political spectrum, rather than where you think you sit. I'm mean it's not scientific, but it's a bit of a guide.
  10. The Silva thing is a joke. John Barnes was on 5Live yesterday, saying we need to get away from the negative stereotype of dark skin and big lips. If you look like something, you look like something. Had the image been used for someone like Kyle Walker, who has much lighter skin, then there might be a point about racism, but it wasn't. If Silva has posted a picture of Kevin De Bruyne and Sherman from American Pie, nobody would be saying he was discriminating against gingers, he was just posting a picture because they lookalike.
  11. Probably been posted for past elections, but always interesting to see where people end up https://www.politicalcompass.org/test This is me
  12. I've heard she thinks you're great.
  13. It's amazing how poor an effort it was to create an animated character when they already had an animated character to work from.
  14. Put a fiver in a my account, stuck it on an acca of around 12/1, and went up to £60 odd. Stuck that on an acca on Sunday at around 8/1 and took that up to around £540, thanks to Dybala's late winner. I do this every so often see if can win a few grand and withdraw and start again. Low risk as I've only spent a fiver to start with. I look to build and acca somewhere between 7/1 and 10/1, more if I think it looks good, but any higher I think you putting too many games in. Might try an AFCON qualifier acca tonight, some strong teams at home, except Cameroon who have been in poor form.
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