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  1. My migraines have come back really badly lately, and seemingly for no apparent reason. I reckon it's the 5g thing
  2. @Izzy just found this. Body weight workouts at home. Might help with the motivation and it's a bit warmer than running. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.madbarz.madbarzApp
  3. It's good news when any number drops, but I kind of feel the death figure doesn't tell a proper story. We want the new cases figure to drop.
  4. I don't think he was credited with it as Vardy hit the bar and headed in the rebound.
  5. I think originally an hour was suggested, but now they are just saying minimise your time outside.
  6. It when it's cold that put me off running. I just can't motivate myself out the door, even though once I'm going I'm warm enough. Even going for a walk every day and a run every other day is better than nothing. Just downloaded a bodyweight workout app, that will hopefully help with giving me a kick start.
  7. Can't believe I forgot Vardy, Mahrez and Albrighton. Hope that helps.
  8. The checkout page isn't even working at the minute so might be unavailable. Clothes are starting feel tight now, after missing gym for a couple of weeks with my migraines, as soon as I was ready to go back again, it shut. Need to do something. Need to go for a few runs, tried on saturday, but it's had been nearly a month and I struggled.
  9. It's about Slutsk. I'm all over the Slutsk Slutsk played Brest at the weekend though, and lost.
  10. I saw the Amazon ones, but they were saying the 5th of May, so I gave up on that. The checkout on the ones above doesn't seem to be working at the minute.
  11. How long did it take to deliver?
  12. There's often a police car waiting just off the roundabout on the entrance to the farm. I'll be heading the opposite way, so hopefully I'll avoid them.
  13. I was thinking they might be manning them to stop people going to the countryside. I'm allowed to go work, we're classed as essential anyway as we're waste and recycling transportation, but I can't be arsed with being stopped.
  14. Bloody hell, where are they? I'm still going into the office near coalville a couple of days a week (we've split the staffs office days up) front fancying getting pulled over.
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