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  1. 2017 Deathlist

    William G Stewart aged 84
  2. http://www.sportbible.com/football/goals-islam-slimani-scores-an-absolute-worldie-in-carabao-cup-20170919
  3. Saw your tweet in one of those shitty Sports Bible articles actually
  4. What grinds my gears...

    And they wonder why people use Kodi with add ons to stream stuff.
  5. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    He's their only goalscorer this season, but I know what you mean. He's not that player anymore and won't get them enough goals. They need an out and out striker, or at least persist with Calvert-Lewin, Sandro or Lookman for now until they can get better in. Playing Rooney at the very top of the pitch doesn't work anymore and if he's going to do anything good for Everton it'll be a deeper role just behind the main striker.
  6. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    That may be the worst thing I've ever watched, and I've watched this
  7. Lukaku song - racist or banter?

    I don't find it offensive.........ah crap!
  8. Quiz questions needed.

    I'm guessing that's be the 1980 winner, so Ben Nevis?
  9. Quiz questions needed.

    Steven Gerrard?
  10. Quiz questions needed.

    Portsmouth during the 2nd world war?
  11. Quiz questions needed.

    Correct. Fa cup final winning goal scorers.
  12. Quiz questions needed.

    If Sunderland did it in 1979, and Villa did it in 1981, who did it and what was it in 1980?
  13. Quiz questions needed.

    Honestly, only just spotted the question, and I know he'd played for a lot. I didn't know it for sure but i knew he was up there.
  14. Quiz questions needed.

    I was just about to answer that, without Google too!