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  1. Just after he signed i went to see the movie 'Seven' at the cinema. I sat next to Frank & his wife. Just thought you all should know.
  2. The Mass Effect series passed me by the first time round but I played 3 for around an hour on Xbox. I thought it was dreadful. If that's indicative of the series then I certainly don't get the love for it.
  3. I'd be very surprised if we spent any money. Short term loan if anything.
  4. Mike Newell went to Everton & we got Wayne Clarke. Oldfield came from Man City. Edit: Clarke went to Man City in a swap with Oldfield. I didn't remember that.
  5. I played it today & it looks incredible. Its the best looking game I've seen on ps5 so far. It has the same re7 controls & gameplay too. Its crying out for vr.
  6. Spot on. Unless it bounces off the first man & into the net.
  7. This is going to be very unpopular but I'm glad others are starting to see it. He is the most overrated player I have ever seen in a City shirt. The way the pundits talk about him is ridiculous. He slows down our play constantly. He goes down clutching his ankle at the slightest touch. When he's tackled or loses the ball he just waves his arms around & shouts to the referee instead of trying to retrieve the ball. How about his extremely slow 'cant be arsed' stroll to take a corner which inevitably hits the first man? Like I said its unpopular but I simply do not r
  8. Whilst playing a game. I've not had much free time plus I got the Series X too so I'm flipping between the two. Im hoping its just a system stability thing & will be sorted in an update.
  9. I've used my ps5 for about 4 hours so far since launch day & its crashed/frozen 6 times.
  10. Nonsense. EA wouldn't ship an unfinished game. I won't hear of it.
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