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  1. I think the games on Peacock premium which I'm assuming is a paid service. No idea if its anywhere else
  2. Yep glad they gave a massive discount code.
  3. Paid for my preorder from Curry's today so hopefully I'll get one on launch. Its massive in those videos.
  4. I've always found when consoles launch they are hard to get but if you put the work & time in you will get one. Ring & visit supermarkets, find out delivery times & get friendly with the staff. This is the first time I've preordered & I'm fortunate to have both coming.
  5. Service engineer for the hospitality industry. I was Furloughed at the end of March. Fortunately my missus has a little business working from home & that went really busy for a few months. I got made redundant 3 weeks ago so job hunting at the minute which is a soul crushing experience. We've been lucky though & we are ok financially for quite a while.
  6. You should get a 10 hour trial with Ea play.
  7. Days Gone is ok but nothing special despite all the hype surrounding it pre release. Detroit is probably the best in that list. Persona is supposed to be a masterpiece if you are into those kind of games.
  8. I think Simplygames are getting more. I think you have to register your interest.
  9. Its funny if the launch console is black i want a white one & vice versa. It opens it up to some really cool stuff though.
  10. Got the early release 10 hour trial. Seems ok so far. Whats happened to Alan Smith/Martin Tyler? Can't stand Lee Dixon.
  11. Massive 50gb day one update no doubt.
  12. I've pre ordered both consoles but it is very annoying. I have a 2tb hdd in my ps4 & 5tb external all full. I know that some might say that's excessive but I still like to dip in & out of all the games. Depending on file size it is going to be a real pain to install what you want to play.
  13. I hate how some retailers force you to have bundles of stuff you don't want just to get the console.
  14. My own useless uninformed opinion is no matter what there will not be another lockdown. The financial aspect is more important than the loss of lives to the government.
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