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  1. Anyone think this will drag on & then he will sign on Deadline day?
  2. Looks like one of the characters from Fall Guys
  3. Is that serious or jest? I've not ventured near a pub/restaurant in months.
  4. Love it when you log in to see a transfer rumour has gone hot, only to find its just posters waffling more than normal.
  5. Me too. So far I have to say I'm a little underwhelmed. A story with characters I dont care about & overly fiddly combat mechanics. Im happy to be carry on though & see if its worth all the hype.
  6. Rodgers said he had been watching Bennett for some years. Its worrying.
  7. I can see this thread reaching the mystical 100 pages.
  8. Why not just say anywhere with an LE postcode? Utter mess.
  9. Very marmite game. I got it last week & blitzed through it in just over 40 hours & I rarely complete games. Parts were repetitive & slow but overall I loved it.
  10. Mot played Fifa since 15. Whats happened to ultimate team? Can you not play offline with league promotion/relegation anymore?
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