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  1. Colin Gibson, Gary Mills, Bobby Davidson
  2. Nacho can score without having a shot on target, he's that good😄
  3. I hope I'm wrong but this is starting to have similarities with the Peter Taylor reign.
  4. This is the point I've been making, no strength in depth when we need it. Too many players on big contracts that are either not up to the job or on loan, it's killed what had been a brilliant season.
  5. I'd imagine that FFP has hindered us. When you consider the wages we're still paying out for players that have contributed nothing or very little to Leicester City for a few years the playing staff is a bit of a mess with little strength in depth. Totally agree about it needing freshening up, we really have nothing to call upon when we need to change things.
  6. Mushy peas or Curry Sauce? Believe it or not you can have both.
  7. For me Mendy is one of those players that people disingenuously say played well in a bid to appear that they understand the game better than everyone else.
  8. I've been saying this since he arrived, absolutely rubbish signing. Offers nothing positive whatsoever.
  9. Passing it backwards in a tidy fashion.
  10. That first half pretty much sums up Mendy's 4 year contribution to LCFC
  11. Unfortunately these 'things" are the effect of attempting to approach change through anarchy rather than non violent, constructive behaviour. It comes with the territory, if they didn't know what this type of protest is all about then they know nothing of history.
  12. What about David Dorn and the other Police officers killed by BLM protests? What about the guy who lost half his head when a statue that was being pulled down hit him? What about the businesses lost and burnt in the protests? Is that what BLM is all about?
  13. I often moan about our quiet support but in general this club and its fans are awesome.
  14. Let's be honest, if he goes it won't be for £85m, that's ridiculous paper talk
  15. I've been to every game since I was born but I've always left 10 minutes before the final whistle, so by the minute that's 102 games in total I've missed.
  16. But let's not forget that we were in poor form. Justin came in at Left back against Villa and had a good game. Chilwell probably wouldn't be starting if Justin wasn't swapping to fill in for Ricardo.
  17. 30,000 tablets trying to log onto Brendan's office router is going to be carnage.
  18. It wasn't really the stadium that forced the club into administration, it was a combination of the collapse of ITV digital and the subsequent huge fall in transfer fees in 2002. The business plan was always to sell players if we were relegated. Unfortunately the market rendered uncompetitive most of our players transfer fees and wages, we were stuck with players we couldn't afford. Taylor and Elsom also partly to blame for the silly contracts handed out to many mediocre players.
  19. At some point they have to realise that we all have to work, and some of us in worse conditions than any Premier League footballer. They'd be queuing to get back to work if they were at risk of redundancy like the rest of us. If they don't want to work then don't, but they have to realise their power within the game will be partly responsible if the whole of English football collapses due to the unsustainable wages during a mothballed season.
  20. You can't speak for everyone, I for one will never forgive Kante for walking out on us after one season. Many proclaimed Ranieri's sacking as the death of football, but Kante stuck the first knife in.
  21. I predict there will be more idiots on the streets of Leicester when Liverpool win the the League than there will be when Leicester finally win the FA cup😉
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