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  1. Funny enough in 1990, we had gone up to boro on a supporters coach from Rugby. We lost the game 6-0, left at full time and headed back to our bus, there was roughly about 8 of us who walked through this park. we took the left path way only to be confronted by 40-50 boro lads, we legged as fast as we could,luckily saw a load of coppers or we would have got battered.
  2. There is a YouTube video of Leicester v Millwall 1991, it’s amazing how many faces you know, even me old mate Lee Carter is on there (rip).
  3. In them days we had a saying be on your toes all the time and be very wary of the ambush. I found Man City , Middlesbrough( did anybody go there when we beat them and stopped them going up)?, Millwall and Leeds as very dodgy places, there was others but it’s remembering them. In the ground having coins fizzed at you, not pleasant at all.
  4. How about the wizzardry skills of Roy Wood
  5. My Dad pays £65, my Mum £60, surely this cant be right, how on earth is this aloud to happen in these present times?
  6. I need a little help here, my Dad told me today, he and my mum pay £125 per month for there funeral costs, they have been into this scheme for 10 years. Made worse if they stop paying they get nothing, this sounds terrible and to me this is one big scam. Is there anything I can do to help them, thanks in advance
  7. Last Tuesday, me, my partner and disabled daughter went to the local hero for a meal, we have been ordered to pay a £100 fine because we was parked for over an hour. Do I have to pay the fine, can I dispute it?, I always thought disabled parking was free. Thanks in advance.
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