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  1. Please no. He is absolutely crap. Built like a bodybuilder football skills of Wayne Sleep. All huff n puff no end product. Surely we can do better than Traore.
  2. To be fair the bar stools at the bar look about 2m apart to me.
  3. I fear for tomorrow. Not in the fact we are playing Liverpool and they are particularly good but Brendan Rogers always sets us up wrong against these. He will do his normal approach of showing them far too much respect. We will stand off them with two banks of four and Vardy as the sole striker. We will allow them to play out from the back as we did at Anfield stand off them gifting them possesion with plenty of time on the ball. If only we could get in their faces have a high press as Brighton did against them we could get something, added with do not allow them to play out from the
  4. only thing that surprised me with this draw was that Man Utd were not drawn at home? Draws rigged I tell ye.
  5. Cannot understand the criticism of Mendy. If people are looking for a scapegoat why not Maddison? Maddison was bloody awful against Leeds. Couldnt clear the first man with his corners or free kicks gifted them the first goal when his pass led to them scoring, when we were attacking. I even read yesterday someone blaming Mendy for the third goal? A breakaway if anyone should be blamed its the defence or lack of in this instance. Mendy does his job. Retains the ball turns it over to our supposed more creative players. He played well against Man City and Everton he is certainly
  6. cannot for the life of me understand some posters who like the media rate Leeds so highly? They really are not that good. Their keeper is at best erratic and their defence is woeful. Media and Bielsa love in is a joke. They are capable of scoring however they always give the opposition plenty of chances.....hence why you get scorelines of 4 3, 3, 2 against them. Truth is if we turn up play as we did second half aginst Everton we should win.
  7. its okay Lawenson has us down to lose again......has one of you walked into his front room and peed all over his cat?
  8. Everton what can you say. Their fans must be pleased of the pandemic and they cant see them inside their stadium they were woeful. So anti football to play like that at home, five centrebacks, dull n duller. Thought we were excellent especially second half thoroughly deserved our equaliser playing some decent football.
  9. watched it on a moody stream Azerbaijahn tv so called Idman tv.....commentary was great didnt know we had shmeeeeeeeeeeeekel in goal Foooooorrrrrrrfaaaaana emphasis on fooooooooorrrrrrrrrr and Banes..........oh apparently no vardy no party it was so entertaining much better than BT. Also had a nice interpretation of their military might at halftime with them blitzing some poor locals ......highly entertaining evening alround
  10. Still cant get my head around why people always want to drop Marc Albrighton? Martin Keown on motd against Chelsea, did a brilliant analysis of him of what valuable attributes he brings to LCFC. His tenacity,drive, wearing his heart on his sleeve is second to none. He assisted both goals against Chelsea. He is worth a starting place plus defensively I would say he is certainly better than Under, Perez.
  11. Rubbish, superb again tonight worked well with Maddison for the first goal, set up the second. To think some people want Marc Albrighton dropped? Keep Ricardo on the bench for now ease him in when needed.
  12. Not nearly as bad as Leeds pitch today at Elland Rd I thought I had gone back to the 70s when watching it
  13. Lee sicknote Morris what a waste of money that was
  14. Tis a strange one his partner at the time attended court with his little girl and told the court nothing happened? (whether she was under duress or not who knows) he was convicted on police statements as when they attended the address a police officer stated he saw Simpson with his hands around her throat? What, really happened is anyones guess but are they not still together as a couple? I know Simpson has often said how much he loves his little girl etc.
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