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  1. Big 6 bias will always influence the England set up, doesnt matter how well you play for your club you will never be picked for the first 11 unless you play for Liverpool, utd, city, Chelsea, spurs etc. Southgate is so stubborn he more or less openly admitted he does not like either Maddison or Grealish playing in that number 10 role, doesnt fit in with how he would like England to play apparently. How the hell Pickford is number 1 and how on earth Henderson becomes a regular starter I will never know. England were so devoid of ideas yesterday it was at
  2. Bottom line is if Man Utd and Liverpool want to sod off and join some sort of European Super League let them do it. Would our game seriously be any worse off? I for one am getting sick of Sky, BT and the media bias bum licking the supposed big 6. I, have said from day one the premier league is a unique brand but it is morally wrong, when the premier league gets the ridiculous sums of money it inherits. Money should always be distributed down the football league not just kept within the premiership. No surprise that Rick Parry is part of this? This is
  3. It could be Ancelotti for manager. Everton are unbeaten, they even won in the crappabo cup.
  4. I can now see what Ranieri saw in Mendy. He is like an annoying little wasp that you want to swat, but cant. I loved him today breaking up their play and genuinely being annoying. A great performance from him.
  5. We really cant afford to let them play out from the back. Any team that does always gets mullered, we always allow Man City to play out from the back with only having Vardy up front. To be successful against these you have to press them and force their keeper to kick long. I fear Brendan will set us up to try and defend deep which only invites the inevitable pressure. Kasper better improve his distribution I dont like his latest silly chipped balls into the midfield area. De bruyne will have a field day. I hope we dont get battered I do fear a
  6. Steve Howard did batter them all night. If VAR had existed back then we would have won. Chopra was miles offside and I dont think Bruce touched him for the penalty. Hated Kermogant forever after that penalty. Didnt get back home until 6am in the morning either. Phoned in sick for work too. Gutted.
  7. To be fair to Gary Neville he doesnt show his bias towards United. He is pretty level headed and will criticise them. i Like him as a pundit. Unlike Carragher, Redknapp and McManaman openly bias towards Liverpool.
  8. Do not see why Praet should lose his place in order to accommodate Maddison? Praet was superb against WBA and that was a superb cross fpr our opening goal. It has to be the same starting 11 surely. Save Maddison bring him on with 20 mins to go.
  9. Castagne was outstanding take a bow son. Vardy did what vardy does score at West Brom. Overall a great performance and put some worries to bed. Well done LCFC.
  10. Which does prove if you take away our established first 11 our reserves and young kids are simply not up to Premier League quality. As has been said if we dont buy a central defender, a striker or right winger, a forward passing ball winning midfielder we are quite frankly doomed.
  11. Unless we sign a new centre back a new winger and a forward passing midfielder. League Position 16th FA Cup 4th round Carrabo cup qtr finals Europa fail to get out of group. I am afraid I just cant see this season being a good one. Too much over reliance on Vardy and as for our wingers Albrighton, Gray and Barnes well quite frankly all have been sussed out.
  12. Obviously reading this thread and others its clear certain posters are not worried about our current position re lack of transfer activity. Lets however look at it another way. Read what into it whatever you like but the facts are this current crop of players we have have won four games since January......yes four games. We will be now going into another season with the same group of players bar one Chilwell. We have extra games to contend with in the Europa league I think Wolves last season played in excess of 63 games. Considering how many they had they
  13. What like Adrian Silva did then think...................................................................................oh ****.
  14. people are being too nice and kind. Tell the truth I know it was only a pre season friendly but........we were shite
  15. I do not take notice of results in pre season but I am genuinely concerned. We simply do not have the squad depth to cope with playing twice a week once in the Europa league and then again on a Sunday. Our squad lacks depth and not enough experience and older heads to see us through games. We are relying on an ageing Vardy, Albrighton, Morgan, Fuchs to see us through games. At this moment in time Maddison is injured along with Pierera so both could be missing well into October. Other players just dont appear good enough. How many chances are we going to give Gray?
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