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  1. Seriously? People getting upset re fancam? PC Brigade out in force on this one. Simple answer is go down the concourse at halftime avoid the tv screens and don't watch it.
  2. This is very true. Have a mate and work colleague who is a big follower of Watford. Even worse, he was on a family holiday in Spain at the time he flew back with his son leaving his wife and daughter out in Spain, to go to the game. He went from Gatwick to Wembley and when Wolves were 2 0 up he left the stadium at around the 70 minute mark and made his way back to Gatwick in order to go back to Spain. To say he was gutted is an understatement. We at work regularly now take the pee out of him. He is adamant now though when he goes to the final he is staying right to the end, in his words, Rich they will have to kick me out cos I aint leaving ever again.
  3. Newcastle a championship side that had us in their back pockets all night.
  4. Chilwell how the hell does he play for England and is touted by Man City and Barcelona? I would personally drive him to those locations and drop him off for free. He is without doubt the most frustrating and thick footballer I have ever seen. What is the point of bombing forwards forty yards get to the edge of the opponents box turn and then pass it backwards to Maguire? Wash, rinse and repeat. Barnes marked by three Newcastle players Chilwell 10 yards away passes it to him we lose the ball. Ball is passed out to Chilwell on the left flank he kicks it forwards straight out of play. Ball is passed to him sideways he miss controls it straight out of play. He frustrates the hell out of me and quite frankly is bloody awful.
  5. I am now getting to the point where I genuinely believe some of our support are thick, stupid or plain ignorant. I am in the queue downstairs at halftime for my customary pie and pint deal, you have the option of either going in the card line or the cash line which by the way is clearly marked. Four times, in front of me people get to the front and say, "Can I pay by cash mate, in the card queue and vice versa. Manager says, no sorry I cannot accept cash in this line its card only. There then is a 5 minute standoff as the bloke argues his point, absolute idiot, holding everyone up. This has now happened to me at the last 3 home games. I just wish people would look and see what queue they are joining its not hard.
  6. Sod all the old has bean and round the block managers already mentioned and being bandied about and no to Rodgers or Benitez lets go for youth. I would go all out for Frank Lampard at Derby. Is doing a great job for them with money behind him with us it could be a great appointment.
  7. I was seriously on the fence regarding Puel. However, after today I am definitely out. I am fed up to the back teeth of the slow lumbering pass it backwards and sideways possession based crap. Where has the excitement gone? Its bloody boring. Today, we had no clue whatsoever of how to break down a team who were defending for their lives, Chilwell, what is the point of bombing down the wing if when you get on the edge of the box you stop and pass it bloody backwards. Maddison what has happened to him? Trying to score from 25 yards and he has caught the Leicester illness his corners do no longer beat the first man. Vardy what on earth has happened to him? Something needs to change and change quick. We are genuinely going nowhere with Puel.
  8. Wouldn't mind giving a young up and coming manager a shot. How about Frank Lampard at Derby? Certainly better than Moyes, Allardyce etc. Strong links to Chelsea too Could get some decent loans in.
  9. How about approaching Derby for Frank Lampard? An up and coming manager who has extremely strong links to Chelsea. We may be able to get some loans in with some of their youngsters. He is not doing too bad a job at Derby. Certainly better than Allardyce, Moyes, Hughes etc.
  10. Never ever in all my years of supporting City would I ever have thought I would see a tub of lard playing for us in midfield but in Matt James yesterday I did.
  11. Cant recall Ward having too much to do apart from one shot from Aguero second half so lucky to draw is crap. We played well second half and for Pep to bring on Gundagon, Sterling and Jesus 2nd half proves to me he was worried about losing the game in normal time. Tis a pity Puel did not bring on Okazaki for Ineacho 2nd half have him through the middle with Gray and Albrighton out wide. I will take the positives out of that, Choudary was a revelation. Ran a good Man City team close and again going out on penalties to them is a sickener two years in a row.
  12. its the manner of the performances that I am concerned about. At palace on Saturday we genuinely seemed frightened to attack with any purpose. We constantly pass it sideways and backwards across the back line. We begin an attack a midfielder looks up sees no one in the box and then passes it backwards to either Morgan or Maquire and we start all over again same old same old. It is like the song road to nowhere. Vardy is too isolated up top on his own he needs support, Gray lets be honest what does he do or offer. He has had loads of chances under Puel but he offers nothing game after game. Maddison sorry but he flatters to deceive I really cant understand the hype. He was woeful on Saturday. Shearer on motd on Saturday said we would comfortably finish top ten. Alan I will have what you have been drinking. I am not an advocate of changing managers. However, something has to change we are too one dimensional, too static and too predictable. Oh one last thing If Ineacho is a footballer I am my Auntys Aunt. Where did I leave my dress?
  13. The same Seville side that had won the Europa cup three seasons on the trot previously and dismantling Liverpool in the process. Please don't belittle your clubs progress in the Champions league. Spurs drew with a weakened Barcelona team that had already qualified. If Coutinhos two shots had gone in instead of hitting the post Spurs would be out.
  14. Rarely post now but I have had to come on to express my shock, horror and condolences. Vichai is a truly inspirational figure and a top top man. Anyone who could donate 2 million pounds to a local childrens hospital, drag our club out of the doldrums and deliver the ultimate prize of Premier league Champions and European football, something I will never forget deserves lifelong respect. I pray and hope he has survived this tragic accident. I will be wearing my shirt with pride tomorrow in honour of this truly remarkable and great man,
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