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  1. Only my wonderful team could make bloody Almiron look and play like Lionel bleeding Messi enough said.
  2. 100 per cent agree with this no worse than Maddison since he has come back into the team our play has become slow and ponderous another thing free kick specialist my backside.
  3. I genuinely feel sorry for any Englishman at Leicester. Maddison, Barnes, Justin, all are more than good enough to represent England. I know all three are injured at this moment in time but I genuinely dont think even if they were fit they would get a game for England. Prime example of Southgates bias, Lingard. Seven good games for WHU and he walks straight back into the team. A player who couldnt even get a place on Uniteds bench. Mason Mount, Southgates love child surely? I am pleased to a degree as I would rather all our players are fit and ready to play f
  4. No comparison Leicester by a country mile.
  5. 2 1 away loss to Seville the goal by Vardy we were going mental and a wonderful mini break away loss to Athletico Madrid the goal by Marshall Leicester away in Europe and that horrendous bus journey. Losing the 1969 fa cup final to Man City I was 9 yrs old remember the large crowds and the huge rosette pinned to my Blue Blazer. Arsenal away 2016 Atkinson sending off Simpson due to the baying home crowd Arsenal scoring a last minute winner Mahrez being denied a stonewall penalty. Knew we would be ok. Losing away 1 0 Athletico Madrid again. Great
  6. A strong rumour doing the rounds is both the semi final and the final will be used as test events for the European Championships. Hence neutral fans possibly NHS staff living in and around London will be invited to attend 10,000 maximin? Doesnt help either us or Southampton fans for the semi final.
  7. 1974 - Leicester 4 Luton 0 FA Cup that goal by Weller 2016 Man City 1 Leicester 3 Robert Huth and I knew we would win the league after this. 2016 Crystal Palace away won 1 0 stood at the end on my seat singing non stop we are going to win the league until we were all told to go home 2016 Spurs 1 0 away just to shut those clowns up - knew we would win the league 2016 Everton home Andrea Bocelli everything about that glorious day and year..... plenty of others too going back years but that title winning season will long live in t
  8. Not the players fault they were given ludicrous comtracts in the first place. You sign a contract you expect your employers to honour said contract. I dont blame the players at all. I too would want to be paid my money in these circumstances. No shame on the players at all. Bear in mind Harry Redknapp was the manager at the time how much of a wedge did he take?
  9. I really hope Choudary is nowhere near the team on Saturday against Brighton. Genuinely cannot see what he brings to the team. Has a mistake in him every game, remember the back pass from which Lingard scored for Man Utd, then last night. He never fills me with any confidence. Sooner we sell him to Newcastle who whoever the better awful player.
  10. Please no. He is absolutely crap. Built like a bodybuilder football skills of Wayne Sleep. All huff n puff no end product. Surely we can do better than Traore.
  11. To be fair the bar stools at the bar look about 2m apart to me.
  12. I fear for tomorrow. Not in the fact we are playing Liverpool and they are particularly good but Brendan Rogers always sets us up wrong against these. He will do his normal approach of showing them far too much respect. We will stand off them with two banks of four and Vardy as the sole striker. We will allow them to play out from the back as we did at Anfield stand off them gifting them possesion with plenty of time on the ball. If only we could get in their faces have a high press as Brighton did against them we could get something, added with do not allow them to play out from the
  13. only thing that surprised me with this draw was that Man Utd were not drawn at home? Draws rigged I tell ye.
  14. Dont think this is that far off of the sort of striker we may go for and can afford. Belgium, will fit in with our trio doesnt get many chances at Liverpool.
  15. Cannot understand the criticism of Mendy. If people are looking for a scapegoat why not Maddison? Maddison was bloody awful against Leeds. Couldnt clear the first man with his corners or free kicks gifted them the first goal when his pass led to them scoring, when we were attacking. I even read yesterday someone blaming Mendy for the third goal? A breakaway if anyone should be blamed its the defence or lack of in this instance. Mendy does his job. Retains the ball turns it over to our supposed more creative players. He played well against Man City and Everton he is certainly
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