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  1. if we are as attack minded as he says we are in training. Why do we pass sideways n backwards in a game?
  2. The bike would play better. Can we sign the bike?
  3. The debate over Chilwell rages on. However, I for one do not rate him. He cant cross,loses possession, regularly gives the ball away, switches off in games by wandering too far into the middle of the pitch, bombs up the flanks gets to the edge of the penalty area stops and passes it backwards bloody infuriating. yes, he is young and perhaps still learning his trade, but seriously if he is the number 1 full back for England I genuinely fear for us at the Euros. David Nish and Dennis Rofe were far better fullbacks come to think of it so is Christian Fuchs. If Chelsea are willing to pay 60 million plus for him I would sell and give James Justin a chance.
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