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  1. As @happy85and @Abrasive fox have said, he's with the first team in Athens. Looks to be training with the first team to me! https://www.lcfc.com/galleries/1879273/first-team-training-aek-athens
  2. I think this is just symptomatic of him trying to prove himself. He's desperate to show us what he can do, it's only natural when joining a club. Once he's settled and feels he's contributing, I bet he'll be less 'greedy' with his opportunities.
  3. Oh Harvey! C'mon lad, let's get you a hat-trick!!
  4. Reality is that injuries have hit us hard this year. I think we strengthened well in the summer and Rodgers is now prepared for a Plan B. We just don't have the personnel to perform at the level we'd like, because key players keep getting injured. Rodgers will make mistakes - like with swapping out Mendy for Choudhury when it should have been one of the other CMs - but he is still a good manager. We have to ride this out until Christmas time I think, and then hopefully be (ironically) fresher with more faces back and not burnt out like other teams are likely to be. It's going to be
  5. I really ****ing hope Vardy is back soon. Jesus.
  6. Decent English stream anyone? Can't seem to find any from the usual suspects.
  7. Permanent signing to Swansea to replace Rodon I guess.
  8. Sounds like they're pleased to have him! Best of luck to him, hope he blitzes the Championship.
  9. Feel kinda conflicted about this, but good luck to him! He'll always be ours really...okay and Brighton's 😉. Edit: It's just occurred to me that he played under Hughton at Brighton. Makes even more sense now, and means he's likely to thrive!
  10. 90 minutes each for Clark, Johnson and Hughes at Port Vale, Wigan and Burton respectively. All three losses, but good to see them getting game time in the EFL.
  11. Full time scores: Plymouth 2-0 Burton (Hughes plays 90 mins) Port Vale 0-1 Carlisle (Clark plays 90 minutes) Crewe 3-0 Wigan (Johnson plays 90 mins) Unfortunate results for all three, but more minutes under their belts, which is good to see.
  12. Not sure why, but looks like Hughes was the only CB of three at the back who lasted 90 minutes (2-0 loss to Plymouth). Good he's already getting game time.
  13. Can you imagine if a club's players banded together to do that? Pay for all the ST and members? Or at least enough to fill a stadium each game? £500,000 covers 33k viewers...but then that is every week I suppose. Mad.
  14. Bearing in mind I'm not a season ticket holder, I could accept in good faith this shit show if it meant Season Ticket Holders could watch their (our) games for free. £15 a game then effectively becomes the equivalent of a match day ticket for non ST, and I'm sure LCFC would do things to create more of a match day experience for those who buy 'tickets'. But this...this is just a sham where no-one wins. Not even the clubs in the long run, as fans everywhere are furious.
  15. Yes Harvey! Well deserved. Anyone seen how Little Wes has got on?
  16. 2 shots, neither on target. Cool.
  17. I think you're right, at least when we're playing opposition who aren't possession based and the back three are wider. Against the likes of Man City we play narrower, so communication isn't really a problem.
  18. G'won then, I'll head up now and see if I can come on for the second half... Anyone fancy going in goal?
  19. Could have fooled me, I haven't seen him in any decent central positions.
  20. I'm a staunch defender of Perez, but no. He really hasn't. He doesn't work out wide, full stop.
  21. Go four at the back, Soyuncu or Amartey off, Ünder on. 4-2-3-1 with Perez in the hole. If that doesn't work, then sub Perez off for Choudhury and push Youri up instead.
  22. WHAT ARE WE DOING?! Why do we keep giving the ball away so sloppily, it's so bizarre!
  23. ****ing atrocious. This is embarrassing already. Come on boys, turn it around.
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