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  1. As a season ticket holder I never imagined I would not be visiting the KP for a game for nearly a year, but like all of you , it's happened. As I live in Norfolk I am intrigued to see how the memorial garden has established. Does anyone have any recent pictures they could post please
  2. I would hope if we do go to a game it will come out of the £70
  3. Anybody got a clear view of what it says around the badge?
  4. I'm an old tech numpty so no chance of using photoshop, so would anyone who is good at it be willing to do me a quick favour, I've had the mother in law stay with us since lockdown began. Now shes going home. If I was to send a pic of her happy face to you, would you be able to insert it into a medal template and put a few words round the edge? Like in the attached pics? If anyone could can you pm pls. I really do deserve a medal !!
  5. With and without charge. I can move the mouse 'blind' to somewhere near I want to click, then lift my finger off, see where I am, move it again etc etc until it's where I need it to be to click, but is really unusable think trying a mouse is the way to go
  6. Complete tech numpty so go easy. I have an Acer laptop but everytime I try to use the mouse on the touchpad the screen goes blank. As soon as I put my finger on it, as soon as I lift my finger off the screen comes back any ideas? If I buy a mouse will I be able to use that, although I presume I would have to load drivers fir it to work which would be a problem
  7. Could this thread be pinned? Sky and bt showing re runs of loads of old matches. When I upgraded to sky+ I lost all the champions league games. Would be great to have them back all in 1 place if anybody sees any city games on the schedule they can post on here. But that link is rather good
  8. Went to the q&a he did after taking over, refreshingly honest in his answers
  9. Fuchs has signed a 12 month extension, good move as still a very capable defender and good bloke to have around the dressing room
  10. £30 and cant even get my normal seat in k1. No thanks. Not worth the £40 petrol as well, as we live in norfolk.
  11. There seems a lot of norfolk folk asking for tickets, so if any of you live near north walsham I could do with some advice. Just moved here in November and have tickets for this, so any advice on best way to get there from north walsham would be appreciated is the train a good option, is the station near the ground or car the best bet, and if yes what's the parking like round carrow road?
  12. We were beaten by the reigning world and European champions, and most likely the premier league champions as well. Who have only lost one in something like 50 league games.Men against boys most of the time. A game you could only admire the opposition. I sometimes look at teams and think who out of our team would enhance our opponents, and tonight I dont believe they would swap a single player for one of our own. but we still sit 2nd in the league and un a cup semi final so more than happy at this stage of the season, intact it's still like dreamland
  13. Yep, was there, ghezzal got pelters from our fans, ok he wasnt exactly mahrez but doesnt do a lot for his confidence
  14. Read my post again, and my subsequent comments
  15. Errrm I asked him if he was booing the ref or the team, his reply... the team as that was cr@p
  16. 🤣🤣nearly did but he moved out of reach
  17. As I put in my post.... I lost it with the pratt behind me !!
  18. Lost it with the pratt who sits behind me yesterday, always sits through matches criticising, then yesterday although we are 2nd in the best league in the world, taken 25 points from 27 in our last 9 games, actually booed at the final whistle 😳 so we werent at our best, but really? So if you're the knob that sits in k block, be ashamed of yourself
  19. Shouldnt this topic be merged with the one above it?
  20. Wow, see my answer above to a previous message 🤣🤣 Looks the business but might as well be written in chinese 🤣
  21. Dont know, that's why I'm asking🤣. A little about myself.... I'm a mid 50's total tech numpty 😳😢
  22. Moving house soon and chanding from sky + box to sky q. But on my plus box ive got all my lcfc recordings, from promotion, title winning season and all the reviews, viccy park etc, all champions league matches, up to the 9 0 Southampton match. Thought i would be able to take my plus box with me and just use it as a hard drive to view my lcfc stuff through a hdmi cable, but seems it has to be connected up entirely to the dish to do this. Any ways around this?
  23. Anyone seen this page on FB, foxes addict. Advertising our remembrance fixture for the boss with a pic of a helicopter hovering over the ground. Just think it's really insensitive could have used any other pic
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