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  1. One of my mates was asking on FB, I thought it looked familiar but cant place it, just asking, no other reason
  2. Can anyone help identify which album/single cover from the 80's had this pattern on it
  3. Does anybody have, or do we need virus protection on mobile phones and tablets, just asking as a complete numpty in that area and my subscription to McAfee is up for renewal, had it for my laptop but thats died hence the tablet, but I used to get multiple devices with my subscription so use it on my phone and tablet. I'm using a Samsung on android. Thanks in advance
  4. Who can blame them when you listen to Scott Sinclair , went from Swansea to man city in 2012 to 2015 and made 13 appearances , was interviewed after and was asked if he regretted going from a first team player to being a loan player. His response, I'm 26 now, got another 10 years hopefully in me, not only am I financially secure, but so are my parents, and in the future my children and hopefully grandchildren should be as well. Cant really argue with that
  5. Was drinking a few lagers last Friday in the pub, perhaps celebrating ?
  6. Just out of interest, how come the bigger teams from Wales are allowed to compete in English football but the likes of you and Rangers cant?
  7. Somebody from an undisclosed football club tried to buy iheanacho from LCFC with my card details for £100 , but luckily my bank saw this was fraud and stopped it as they deemed it about £95 too much
  8. On the lap of honour, can we change the name on the Vichai song to Aiyawatt had a dream, just for a one off and to to show our support for Top 
  9. On the lap of honour, can we change the name on the Vichai song to Aiyawatt had a dream, just for a one off and to to show our support for Top
  10. Was in Barcelona with my mrs (both season ticket holders), did the nou camp and the guides kept saying , see you next season (as we were wearing city tops) and kept getting requests from different nationalities for photos. Spent the match in an Irish bar by the harbour, when we were eventually champions the whole bar stood and applauded us, with a rendition of....stand up for the champions!! (Welling up as I write this ) free drinks for the rest of of the night, The next few days were so special, even the lucky lucky men were high fiving us, the Spanish papers were full of our sto
  11. Rodgers wants Fuchs to stay next season, he said it at the q&a
  12. My mrs asked me if I'd set it to record last night so we could watch it back and I'd forgotten, thank God ?
  13. Felt a bit sorry for him last night as it seemed nearly every time he went on a run , no one went with him leaving him isolated and the only option he had was to either come inside or look backwards
  14. Rodgers said at the q&a that we have too many defensive midfielders in the squad and wants more balance with attacking midfielders, also some young players need game time on loan. So i think Mendys time here is limited because he loves wilf, think Hamza will go on loan, said he loves James's personality around the squad so think he might stay, so although a legend in my eyes I think he might be moved on as hes not the attacking force we need now
  15. Listened for about a minute of the latest one and turned it off after about the 10th eeerm
  16. Thought it was quite funny how we were only allowed to submit one question by email, so upto 300 questions, then birch managed to ask about 30 of his own, allowing only about 20 public questions ??
  17. Give him your refs, he can then add them to his friends n family
  18. Yes mate, looking forward to it just got to get out of a night shift tho ?
  19. So just got our new puppy, a rescued 6 month old sproodle who is lovely, and got to obviously buy some pet insurance. Do any of you use pets at home at fosse park, is it a good service and price, or just a massive superstore with no personal service, Previously used the park in whetstone and the one at broughton astley but now live in LE2 so looking for somewhere more local. Any advice recommendations appreciated
  20. I think Barnes has made more progress in 3 months than Grey has in 3 years !
  21. Knocky after a few drinks at the awards ??
  22. Coincided with mendy coming on, draw your own conclusions ?
  23. McGhee to wolves Little to villa Not bad moves for them at the times it happened
  24. We've got our club back You gave him the sack Thank you khun Top We've got our club back
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