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  1. I agree to some extent, but his time at man city that made his name, in my opinion was pretty easy. Coming on with 20 mins to go after your team mates had passed a team to death and the opposition were knackered, plus the quality of the passes he was getting from team mates who were on another level to some of lcfcs, even I might of looked a good finisher ?
  2. So Nacho is on the bench, but he's asleep. Don't think it's because of excessive running, perhaps puel has just delivered another team talk
  3. Anyone watching this at the minute on sky? Who is the co commentator with Gary Neville and Martin Tyler, I know his voice but can't put a name to it. Bloody old age ?
  4. You can't upset the teachers on here mate. I saw your thread and thought it was quite good actually
  5. The action of the steward has probably made this into a far bigger news story than it would have been if she'd been left alone
  6. When was free speech banned?
  7. Well as I got told off last week on here by the teachers and was banned for taking the P out of puel I'd better be careful what I say. So i thought it was a magnifique perfoormence with tactiqueees that were magnifique,
  8. He's just a sh1t Yakubu, only difference is Yakubu could actually score as well as being a lazy fvcker. Wonder if nacho could actually be sued under the trades description act for claiming to be a professional footballer
  9. Titter titter titter at all you puel loving people. Defend the performance that couldn't beat a lower league club. Defend the decision to let 5 strikers go in the summer. Defend the fact we left our only proven scorer out the squad without a forward on the bench. Total tosser who shouldn't be anywhere near our club
  10. None according to all the ones I spoke to at st Mary's a few weeks ago
  11. Another game where the result deflects away from another shocking performance. We have no idea how to break teams down that don't attack us. Judging by some comments on here it seems a case you actually had to be there to see how bad it was.
  12. We can win against 2 of the best teams in the country because they play open and attacking football, thus allowing us to counter attack, our natural game. Against teams that are happy to sit deep we are clueless and have no idea how to break them down, the sooner the boring b4stard goes tge better
  13. Best crossed of a ball I've seen since Beckham. How he didn't get an England call up during the title season I will never know
  14. What time does the chiszora fight start
  15. It's just the utter dross performances that do it for me, when we had the great escape we were losing every week but you came away from a match thinking how the feck did we lose that. Now come away with ....can I be bothered to go next match
  16. Remove the ' R and Y ' from your username and then it sounds about right ?
  17. That's exactly what I want to do , well not exactly the same pictures. ? Is this done on a smart phone/tablet , or computer ?
  18. Total numpty when it comes to editing pics but, I'm after an app that can run on my galaxy s8 or tablet that will let me edit pics . What I want to do is cut a face out of one pic and put it on another also want to be able to add people to a pic from another pic. Is there any free stuff you recommend? Unfortunately my laptop has died so only left with the phone and tablet. Idiot proof if possible ?
  19. You will live to regret it, take a book with you to help pass the time
  20. Leo slimani and musa, ok they weren't top notch but gave us a plan b. Now we haven't got an option at all
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