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  1. When will the 'bubble burst', on numerous inflated football transfer fees (more worryingly most are to do with over-rated players)? Hope at some point clubs can save a few buying other club's players, by developing their own youth academy to a strong level - where they can add to their first-team squad via their own roots. Which will massively suffer if this carries on.
  2. Has to be officially unveiled next week, after all this waiting for it..
  3. They are all decent people, as well. Ian Walker wasn't too bad a keeper either tbh.
  4. Looking forward to it. Glad Chilwell isn't seemingly going to play, else if he played well against them Liverpool would probably try to unsettle him with some offer.
  5. If he maintains the good attitude he showed against West Brom earlier in the week, for sure. He's a rare type of quality when he's at it.
  6. Chat sh*t, get bogged.
  7. Slimani is vital for indirect both free-kicks and corners. Without him, these areas of the game may well go to waste as we'd missing the big presence like Slimani to suit these situations. If Mahrez does go, Slimani could be found lost in both translation and also being the pecking order eventually (the latter certainly when Iheanacho comes).
  8. What's the best way of dealing with interview anxiety? Had some before where I felt nervous but had positive outcomes. But the problem is right before it, fear of being negatively judged etc. Got one next week but already thinking of the above, one of the worse possible feelings..
  9. Picture got removed. #Savethebooze
  10. I've grown to enjoy him develop with us. Just illustrates that with effort to continually improve yourself and desire to make other players strong mentally around him and be focused like he has been to try and reach the top of the game - it can work with patience and rewards will eventually come (ala 2015/2016 season).
  11. Not sure, yet, who to predict to win the league. Yes, Manchester City in particular have spent the most but it's been known before that big-spending teams don't necessarily meet their anticipated targets. Just ask Mourinho and Van Gaal, for example.
  12. These low offers are mainly due to other teams thinking he can be excellent when he wants to but, like last season, can be inconsistent and his attitude can be questionable. As he requested a move, the above is his fault at present really. Had he played great for a large part of last season, like the season before, the club would have significant higher offers and hence a much better chance of Mahrez in having his desired wish in being allowed to leave.
  13. Doesn't surprise me much really with that sort of incident happening in that side of town. Either it's drugs-related, people arguing on the streets, or car accidents, that area and surrounding it doesn't have a positive reputation due to these from time to time.