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  1. Wymeswold fox

    Name this Leicester team

    Kelvin Etuhu?
  2. Think Silva will go out on-loan. What a let down of a signing tbh, especially after the very late transfer for him. Had genuinely expected more from him. Would seriously be tempted to recall Harvey Barnes if he carries on his form until January - he has something that's lacking in the current midfield and has still got further potential as well.
  3. Wymeswold fox

    Name this Leicester team

    Face rings a bell. Ex-Leeds?
  4. Wymeswold fox

    How Was Your Day?

    Has anyone else heard a rumour that Leicester General Hospital might close down (its on private land and apparently it could make way for housing development)?
  5. Wymeswold fox

    Name this Leicester team

  6. Looking at the club crest and logos at the top, it looks umprofessionally done in terms of how unstraight it looks. When I first looked at this aspect after just starting to look at the letter, that made me think the letter is fake.
  7. Wymeswold fox

    Absolute cvnts of our time Pt.MXXVI

    Hopes he gets caught and a court order makes it compulsory for him to be locked in a room full of members of the charity that the money he stole was meant for. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-46220831
  8. Wymeswold fox

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Point taken..
  9. Wymeswold fox

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    What "abuse"? Can't see him being the type of poster that would do such a thing tbh.
  10. Wymeswold fox

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Wouldn't be surprised at the very least if Russia were trying to get involved in this type of political debate at the time of voting..
  11. Wymeswold fox

    VAR to be used in PL from 2019

    Less advantage for Man United and Tottenham, then.
  12. Wymeswold fox

    Claudio to Fulham

    You would've thought wooden bench seats in football 2018 wouldn't exist..
  13. Wymeswold fox

    The "Random Thoughts" Thread

    Who came before Adam and Eve?
  14. Wymeswold fox

    Claudio to Fulham

    Saw this comment at the bottom of a BBC article about his appointment: 'Nigel Pearson did all the shopping and prep and the italian chef walked in taking all the credit? Sorry, sheer luck. I do not buy he's a good manager. Pearson is the father of Lestah's success' Come on, own up, who wrote this?..
  15. Wymeswold fox

    England v USA and Croatia Pre Match "£$%%^^&*

    Does the USA have any decent players? Is Landan Donovan still playing?