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  1. Gordon Brown Jeremy Corbyn Mary Berry Barbara Windsor Under 30's: Alexander Ludwig
  2. Mike Flynn, despite his lack of higher-level managerial experience, could be a decent choice. Ambitious and knows, based on solely his Newport background, how to get the most out of a current team and exceed expectations. But think it'll go to either Hughton or even Nathan Jones (the latter may seem the more suitable option, tbh). - Regarding Warnock, thought he managed a very emotional and stressful time very professionally (Sala tragedy, can't believe that it's not that far from being a year ago..), and Cardiff will miss him -knowing that it'll probably be quite some time before they a top-flight football club again. Think it's certainly time for Warnock to hang up his managerial ego, as the Cardiff should be seen as a success story for him/the club (despite the current position he's left them in).
  3. VAR is a bit like having CCTV cameras on roads. It can be a nuisance to have, yes, but it can help in terms of monitoring situations and justice.
  4. Draw. Back in 2008, wasn't expecting this to be a thread question on Foxestalk 11 years later..
  5. Think the Stoke hierarchy understand now, given their plight, that they need to start from scratch again. Reckon they'll give O'Neill good time to form better foundations and possibly success upwards. Thought, at the time when they were steady in the Premier League, that they would actually stay there for a good while - so it just illustrates how poor ownership and club organisation/recruitment etc can affect how the club is doing on the pitch.
  6. Can really sense another thrashing.. 0-4.* *It's gone to that stage where you wonder if, at the moment considering the team's form currently, the team will ever concede again at some point..
  7. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/fish-human-face-spotted-lake-20846470.amp
  8. Michael O'Neill is set to become the new Stoke manager. That'll be interesting. His £750k wages at Northern Ireland will reportedly be doubled there.., and is set to manage them on Saturday at Barnsley.
  9. Had to Google Aaron Ramsdale, admittedly.
  10. Don't think he'd be daft enough to leave. He knows the club is in a great place to achieve greater things, and he's doing very well indeed in his relatively short time here.
  11. This just shows that having a billionaire owner doesn't guarantee sustained success for a football club. Think Coates/Bet365 have made profit out of the club for their own gains, than actually enhance various aspects of the club during his tenure there.
  12. Not Forest, though.. Can't really see it happening now tbh, but it'd great to see a club like Brentford get promotion. Also would be good if Sheffield Wednesday get a good chance of going up come March time and manage to do it. Two city derbies in the same top-flight season (along with Everton* and Liverpool). *Also providing that Everton don't get relegated..
  13. Think it'll be a high-scoring affair. Something like 4-1 or 5-2 to Leicester. They should be there for the taking. Like many others, am not convinced that Emery has actually improved them at all.
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