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  1. Very well done. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/leicester-city-fan-wins-250k-3277644 Bet Kevin Friend has been smirking about this somewhere..
  2. 31st October might be a literally frightening day, with this.
  3. Something like this would be decent. (4-1-3-2) Schmeichel Pereira Soyuncu Evans Chilwell Ndidi Maddison Tielemans Albrighton Barnes/Perez Vardy
  4. Hope he's good at keeping shots away from the net.
  5. Wymeswold fox


    Unless he's banned (presumably), surprised that Lamby hasn't been posting much in recent times; particularly with his club doing well. Remember @RedHux being quite a decent contributor on the Championship season topics, despite being a Forest fan. The posters who support other clubs, overall, are quite respectful and decent when on here.
  6. McGoldrick has been quite wasteful. He was on the ball with a few defenders around him and, despite James McClean being free on his left in a better position, he makes a tame shot. Though, he was unlucky with a cross from the right tbh, a few minutes before half-time, where the ball was slightly put of reach for of a fellow ROI player to strike. McClean is a decent player, and he probably deserves better than being at a current bottom-of-the-table Championship club.
  7. When will we know whether Brexit will be a 'success' or not? Am personally fearing another recession is going to happen, due to this vote outcome.
  8. Can someone include that sitting image of Jacob Rees-Mogg on some LCFC photo/image, please?
  9. Thought about putting this in the 'Amusing News Stories' thread, but it would've been harsh on this lad.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-49586421 A pretty rare incident..
  10. Wan-Bissaka is out of England's gane before this fixture with a 'back' injury. Am sure he'll return next Saturday, ready to play; as it's quite a common theme that a Man United player apparently gets injured before an international game but are then available for the next domestic game afterwards..
  11. Read that a teenager had been arrested earlier.
  12. Like others have said, would say haven't got any money if a homeless person asked for change. But I've, in the past, given some change to those that actually try to 'promote' themselves in their sad predicament - such as those playing who play their guitar well etc.
  13. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/local-news/cautious-dunelms-warning-over-brexit-3283560 Which type of business/industry would thrive during the Brexit era? The 'b'-word might lead to an increase in small businesses, such as some traders and the like, which could help local economies.
  14. There hardly much point in comparing, imo. The club's worst manager was Ian Holloway; that led to years of building much-required solid foundations, particularly via Nigel Pearson, in order to give the club the opportujity to grow for the future (after such a torrid few years before Pearson arrived). The club's best manager was, of course, Claudio Ranieri. Even though he has a wishy-washy managerial history with big clubs before joining LCFC, he led our club to something that only very ambitious betting people would believe would happen - That season has ultimately led to world-wide praising from the sporting world and will inspire the current and future players to believe that, with hard work and integrity (alongside some luck), they can possibly achieve anything. - But we've now got Brendan Rodgers; who seems to have the club's interest/aims at heart - to develop the talented younger players at the club's disposal, alongside keeping the reliable and more-experienced players. His interviews (at the training ground, and pre-match and post-match) illustrates that he knows what's needed at the club, and has got very relevant experience in driving teams forward as much as possible (see Celtic, with the quick attacking tactics) that with time he could apply greatly at LCFC. After the disappointment of Puel's era, Rodgers is very much the individual who can stabilise things again (which very much seems now, already, with seemingly high-morale in the players in terms of their attitudes). Am actually quite glad that Rodgers came in before last season ended; to allow him to thoroughly help him and his assistant (those that came with him to LCFC), to analyse how the players were performing under Puel and to help with recruitment aspects; plus it has made him to think how he can positively change player's thinking more, to both inspire the players to enjoy playing more and also to help the players to motivate/push each other more in order to try and increase the team's matchday performances overall. Rodgers has had a decent start so far, despite some individual mistakes, but am very confident that this club can surprise many people again to achieve something - as the club seems to have the right ingredients again, like in the 2015/2016 season, in terms of the right manager being the perfect fit to get the best out of a squad that has strong potential. Puel's strategy/tactics would serve well in a club that hovers around the relegation zone with little ambition, but not at a club like LCFC where (since the 2015/2016) the philosophy here is a need of greater ambitions and eventual achievement.
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