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  1. It's not Theresa May's fault that the country is in quite a mess, in regards to the Brexit fiasco.
  2. If it says someone 'may' have accessed your account, it could mean that it's not from Facebook - particularly if they're not sure, themselves, it was someone else trying to access it.
  3. Family used to have an IT System administrator who was an Everton fan and had the club's logo that was painted on most of his car bonnet, whilst he worked in Leicester at the time.
  4. At the reported £80m-£90m price tag Man United are apparently set to agree on, that kind of fee really is normally for a 'world-class' defender.. He can be great, but don't believe that he's in that category yet.
  5. Didn't he go out with Taylor Swift a few years' back?
  6. This feels like speculation that is leading no where both for Manchester United and their fans at Sky Sports and the like.
  7. Not sure, but doesn't plane/helicopter crash investigations take up to a year in some cases? Edit: Had tried to Google an answer to how long helicopter crash investigations can take, and a Wiki page about the incident was shown in the results and gave the cause as: 'The Air Accidents Investigation Branch attributed the crash to a loss of yaw control owing to a failure of the tail rotor control linkage.[4][5][6]'
  8. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/police-concerns-over-incidents-belvoir-3108144
  9. They miss out on the award. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/heroic-police-officers-who-tried-3113657
  10. How does Cocu come across? After meeting him both in-person and from radio interviews, Morris seems a sensible and approachable individual.
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