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  1. Knife incident at ASDA, Thurmaston.. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/live-reports-assault-asda-thurmaston-2688498
  2. Sounds like a player that some would 'love' to have here. Gerrimim etc..
  3. It does seem like the press etc are siding with the McCann's, whilst some of the general feeling amongst us looking at the situation as a general reader are edging towards the other way.. It has also appeared and still does appear that when as if somebody believes her parents were involved with it, others disagreeing with it get the hump about the hearsay (like theirs is, as well) and blame them for disrespect/lack of sympathy.
  4. Heard a few monkey chants at a point where Hudson-Odei (sp?) was on the touchline towards a corner when he was about to take a throw-in. Also, a few of the ITV pundits and other British reporters at the game reported racial abuse and reported it to UEFA (according to a BBC article earlier). Even a couple of local pitchside photographers apparently said they heard some as well and reported it themselves too. Thought, in particular, Sterling reacted well against the abuse made towards him. Him speaking out in recent times about this and related incidents has out him up in my estimations.
  5. Can't believe you've missed this kind guy..
  6. Think cargo shipping companies and the like need to take more responsibility for their actions. Their waste (oil, general discarded product items etc) can leave both their drop-off location and stretches of their journey afterwards polluted. If there is a proposal for paper shopping bags to be used by people and not the current cheap fiddly plastic ones currently in circulation globally, I'd go all for this idea as at least the paper material will be less harmful to the environment than the damage plastic has shown to do in the oceans. Otherwise, am not sure how any one can stop (aside from obviously stopping it themselves) others from dumping plastic bags but also other plastic material from entering the sea zones. Stopping it from happening is currently like trying to prevent everyone from smoking and taking drugs; a battle which can't really be won.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-47691606
  8. Some people on here sent Rincewind a few 'Get Well' cards (picturing horses on them) when he was admitted to hospital around a few years back now. With regards to the question, am guessing that animal pictures can bring back memories to the recipients.
  9. What's the obsession with crypto-currency?
  10. The jury has retired to consider verdicts. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-47693265
  11. But even some local newsagents in the city are not selling them now..
  12. Can they even still get relegated this season? Don't know how the points process works in the sport. Edit: Just read the top post, so they can. Maybe relegation could actually help them. Get the old roots out and start again?
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