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  1. Sorry to be the spoilsport again - watch these videos and share them:
  2. I don't stalk other posters' profile, really. Enjoy the flashback, the Kinder thread is pure comedy gold.
  3. I suppose I haven't read from many of them either because the football sub-forum's been a bit dead to me since mid-March, or because some of these names I don't see that frequently in general on here.
  4. Very embarrassing for one side.
  5. Oops, flew underneath my radar! Show yourself more often elsewhere, you.
  6. Good to see read from you, too!
  7. Just started with South Park again, straight from Season One, Episode One. It's funny when you notice the initial, relatively crude approach to animation or when you finally pick up on some of the nuances. Wendy Testaburger's name makes much more sense now. In "Cartman gets an anal probe", at around the 9:32 minute mark, you can see one of Trey Parker or Matt Stone's hands for a millisecond.
  8. Post more often, then. I think it's been a while since I've seen you contributing. All well at your end?
  9. The Kinder thread brought a few names back - quite an impressive list, really: @AoWW @lavrentis @SOCCERROO FOX @Walkers @Hitesh @James. @Libertine @The Reverend @Bryn @Edmund @isaidno @potter3 @stez @Wet Trump @Kilworthfox @Fox You Forest @Nick @theessexfox Vålerenga (@davieG?) @Koke @Houdini Logic @AjcW @Bellend Sebastian @Jay @Haydos @Jackirius @MikeyT @Wymsey @Amin @EnderbyFox @I am Rod Hull @Benji @Ross-Kemp @fox123 @
  10. The irony of the story is they went after the wrong guy. And later charged this innocent man for "resisting arrest". https://www.abc10.com/article/news/local/sacramento/sacramento-county-sheriffs-office-launches-excessive-force-investigation/103-80227c9d-0447-4233-bfdc-ddd2255a5a6f Some cops...
  11. It's kicking off in Atlanta - CNN headquarters vandalized: https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/cnn-center-heavily-vandalized-during-atlanta-protest-against-death-of-george-floyd
  12. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. Money can't replace character if there ain't none.
  13. It's possible to stick to the current system: You can guide people with regular voting booths accordingly, but only if you prepare it correctly, of course.
  14. Well, some may see that as an explanation or a reason, some may call it an excuse.
  15. Well, why putting the idea of mail-in voting forward only now? The Democrats and particular, Dem-dominated states have had three years to come up with something more "just". The timing now, in the year of the presidential election, seems rather odd.
  16. You want proof of looting? https://www.startribune.com/mayor-frey-calls-for-peace-as-looting-flames-erupt-around-police-station/570816112/ Also, check Andy Ngo's Twitter. From your statement, I gather that you claim that the increase in polarization (certainly done by the president, the media and both major US political parties alike), would negatively influence the population (or certain minorities), thus leading to more violence and/or criminal offenses. And that's definitely not the case, especially given the fact that crime rates are going down whilst the populat
  17. Oh, definitely. Sadly, we as a society and the media are putting too much emphasis on what people are saying (not just on Twitter) instead of what people (not just politicians) are doing. Twitter's just the convenient excuse for the media not to do any proper journalism and the convenient excuse for people not to engage in a proper, personal debate. It's mad.
  18. You don't seem to get that Trump was stating an opinion, not fact. Just like every other Twitter user. Twitter themselves say that as long as you don't target an individual repeatedly, this is just fine and everyone's entitled to their opinion. It's not as if Twitter aren't innocent in all of this: They have a very odd way of moderating tweets, and tend to allow more leeway on the left than on the right (I'm not talking about extremist views here). As somebody else once said: If Twitter disappeared overnight, the world would be a better place. Twitter is toxic
  19. If the polarization were such an issue (and I do believe the US media play a big part as an often despicable third party with their sensationalist and selective take on issues), then how come US crime rates have decreased lately? https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2019-preliminary-semiannual-uniform-crime-report-released-012120 Crime rates since 2017 have gone down each year (with the odd exception in the report on 2017). All of that whilst the US population keeps increasing, it rose by three million in between 2017 and 2019. As for the Yahoo UK report, just google
  20. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/minneapolis-police-fire-flash-grenades-200000916.html On a sidenote, I think many of the links you post in politics threads aren't political per se, and I do hope you're not using socio-economic or cultural issues in the US for example as a mean to imply it has something to do with the current government. Now that'd be clinging onto straws. Police brutality in the US has been around for a long time, and so does one-sided media coverage. Look up "Kelly Thomas, Orange County" and ask yourself why we've hardly ever heard of him.
  21. Two wrongs: a) Excessive police force while apprehending a suspect. b) Rioting, breaking & entering and looting. People had a field day disguising themselves with masks. I thought mass gatherings were still not allowed, even in the US?
  22. Just another case of you attacking the messenger instead of the message. I mean, it's Twitter - it's a cacophony of useless opinions. How is reporting on an opinion on Twitter even news? Sure, Trump makes an exaggerated point, but the point still stands. There is a higher risk of election fraud with mail-in ballots due to the increased amounts of people involved in handling the votes. Anyone coming into touch with the mail in this chain could tamper with the mail, from start to finish. Non-voters can be coerced to sign against their own interest, envelopes can
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