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  1. Christensen grabs Vardy and tosses him to the ground - call against Vardy.
  2. What a move forward. And what a miss.
  3. Based on the performance in the second half, that goal is truly deserved.
  4. Our biggest asset in attacking is Ricardo Pereira. Tielemans, Maddison, Perez, Vardy. Nowhere to be seen.
  5. Obsessed much? Are you even a Leicester fan or just here to wind up people?
  6. The away kit is the least of our problems today.
  7. Who'd have thought Mason Mount can be so threatening going forward... XD
  8. Chelsea starting with a stormer! Breathtakingly attacking-minded. Surely a reaction to last weekend's game. Need to be more composed on the ball and eliminate that nervousness.
  9. Looks like the same 4-2-3-1 again. Two defensive midfielders in Ndidi and Choudhury behind Tielemans, Maddison and Perez. Vardy lone striker.
  10. To be fair, Chilwell didn't really push forward last weekend. Could be that he was already hampered by that hip injury, who knows. I think today must be a clear Ndidi/Choudhury Day, with both of them to soak up pressure early on.
  11. Kudos to Sheffield United, currently playing a lot better than expected. Still think it's merely promotion positivity carrying them, they'll suffer the same fate as most promoted teams, entering a slump in automn that wlll span a while. In terms of depth in squad, they are lacking.
  12. Not quite sure why people are so wound up about what they perceive to be a "negative" or "defensive" set-up. It's pretty much the same lineup that we fielded against Wolverhampton. Chilwell out injured, so Fuchs the logical replacement. We've seen last weekend that we do play well, my question is whether we can finally manage to get closer to the opposing goal, and that more often. Starting attacks from midfield will be key today, including breaking up Chelsea attacks early on.
  13. MC Prussian


    Albanian restaurant owner in Porto Palermo not happy with Spanish tourists not wanting to wait for their food: Morale of the story - Albanian chefs are great stuntmen.
  14. MC Prussian


    Probably a Tyson fly - very annoying:
  15. Peter Fonda, 79. Ride easy, Easy Rider.
  16. Already goal of the season contender. Got to hit that ball perfectly from there!
  17. Bayern in for Coutinho on loan... Deary me, they are getting desperate to bring big names aboard.
  18. If this can be done, it'll probably one of the best/one of the most successful transfer windows we've ever had.
  19. Shows promise every single season, and then is either frozen out or can't deliver. Still, I think there's a player in there somewhere. He's no Leroy Sané, but surely able to compete on a Premier League level consistently. Just needs to up his ante and be more simple in his approach to games and more efficient in front of goal.
  20. Hope they recover, have a bit of a "grey mouse" feel about them, an air of mediocrity, seemingly around forever in the Premier League a few years back, but never pulling out any trees. Maybe the crisis can act as a catalyst and only good things to come from it. Phoenix from the Ashes and whatnot.
  21. I think the right way of doing it is following Rockstar's model with RDR II, which is a finished game (as far as I know), with only a multiplayer DLC out. (But I'll let the experts clear that one up in case I'm wrong) And Capcom did it right with Resident Evil 2 Remake also, a game which pretty much offers four separate playthroughs in one game and various bonus modes in the sales copy. You can tell Capcom loves this game, the amount of detail and graphics are outstanding (RDR II, of course).
  22. Hence why I said "we're risking", because we're not there. Not yet. Also, your personal experience is all fine and dandy and listen, I'd like to believe that we as a society (in Western Europe, democratic countries) are still level-headed enough. But as a side effect of this modern, present-day society, you'll find that more and more people shy away from voicing their own opinion in public, in real life, because they fear they'll get chastised. So they keep it to themselves. Bit of a stretch here, but it wouldn't surprise me if some of your closer friends held views you'd find either irritating or appalling. You just don't know it. Yet. I just think that minority issues are given too much importance over issues that affect the society as a whole. Not that these issues shouldn't be taken care of at all, but simply in due time, one after the other. The media certainly play into it, using these stories as blown-up fillers, in terms of coverage. Our free daily newspaper over here consists of 90% non-stories, a lot of advertisement and paid product placements, and the major newspapers tend to put more and more importance on opinion pieces, rather than reporting what's going on or supporting investigative journalism. The line between information and entertainment/shallow messaging gets more and more blurred. Disagree with feminism being a key issue, btw. Equality of opportunity, absolutely. Most women don't even consider themselves feminist or buy into the ideology, certainly not third-wave feminism. As for Climate Change, you have my support. Here, I'd like to see less populism on both sides, less hysteria from Climate Change extremists, and more reasonable talk about the current situation, including the impact of an ever-growing global population (especially in Africa and Asia) and reasonable, feasible solutions. As for racism, the question is how pertinent it still is and whether it is merely used as a tool by political parties, and one side in particular, in order to pander to their voters. Are we more racist than ever or are we simply being told we are more racist than ever?
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