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  1. Darren Moore becomes the permanent West Bromwich Albion manager: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/44174232
  2. MC Prussian

    FIFA 19

    Slowly, but steadily approaching that Vrsaljko TOTY nominee card.
  3. That is not the point, is it? It's mostly about performances, tactics, player roles - and recent results, of course. The previous "reality check" piece doesn't really help Puel, does it? With regards to league position, my main concern is that we're about to see us repeat the mistakes from last season. I do hope we take the one goal left to us serious - finishing 7th.
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    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Going back in time, watching the five episodes of "Holocaust", first aired in 1978/79. Yes, the history of the Holocaust is condensed and yes, not everything is explained in detail, but the major events are mentioned, the cruelties of the war shown, as is the pain of the Jewish people whose rights, liberties and dignity were taken away bit by bit and it still holds up very well after all these years and is a very well written TV show.
  5. Thanks... somehow. Besides, it's not a trap, no nationality bias involved. Remember Lilian Nalis? Knocky? Le monsieur here is known for his stance himself and you could plough through his input to see that he is clearly biased. I'm just stating the obvious.
  6. Just for the record @yks: I'm not against Puel per se, I just don't think these recent interviews coupled with recent results are doing him any favour with regards to the relationship to the fans. I think the timing is wrong for these press pieces and that he doesn't appear to be able to reflect upon his deficiencies and (false) decisions as a manager. Most of the time, matches under Puel are a carbon copy of each other. If he were to approach games with a more proactive gameplan, (slightly) more attacking football, two strikers even (or let's say Iheanacho behind Vardy), if he could minimize the constant sideways and backwards passing aspect of his overly cautious tactics and deploy a system in which Jamie Vardy sees more of the ball, my bet is we wouldn't be having this discussion at all.
  7. You haven't destroyed anything. You simply stick up for the manager, not the team and not the club.
  8. MC Prussian

    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check

    Wow, so much "shit" in one post. Iheanacho isn't shit, he's just completely out of form. Either because he isn't being played or because he can't replace Vardy up front (yet). If I remember correctly, Iheanacho playing behind Vardy worked well last season, so why not trying it again? Okazaki isn't shit, he's just slightly past it, hasn't played that much for us this season, anyway. I think he can still offer something to a lower-table PL team, or else moving abroad or back to Japan. I wouldn't question his fitness levels. Puel's persistence with one striker up front is his decision. As a consequence, other strikers hardly get a look in. As for the long ball question, you simply evaded it. Again, what's the point in playing this way when we have no striker to work off it up front? Makes no sense. Who gives these instructions? Yep, you guessed it right. The manager. I can wait for a manager bringing his own players in - but what happened last summer? We've now had Diabaté (vanished completely), Pereira (a revelation after a slow start), Ghezzal (a ghost), Ward (backup keeper), Söyüncü (bit of a bombshell still), Benkovic (getting lots of praise in Scotland, but not played in the Premier League yet), Evans (good, but often injured), Maddison (highly promising in increments, sometimes still too rash in his decision-making). How many more players of his does he need to bring in? How many more years before we actually make an attempt at getting to 7th or at least try and win a cup for once? As I said, it can't be the only ambition to remain a mid-table team for eternity, constantly shifting between 8th and 17th. Yes, we have indeed sacrificed sportive success again. Again, we've thrown the FA Cup and League Cup away under Puel. We're currently 8th in the league. As stated before, there's little to no room for improvement looking up in the table, but plenty of space looking down. Next four matches consist of three against Top Six teams. Let's see where we are comes May. What is clear is that we cannot approach matches against the likes of Crystal Palace, Brighton, Burnley, Bournemouth, Watford or Fulham the way we did against Cardiff or Southampton. Cautious, ponderous, lacklustre, defensive, passive. Maybe I support the wrong club after roughly twenty-five years of ups and downs, heartache, disillusionment, two relegations, three promotions, League One adventures to Hereford, playoff heartache at Cardiff and whatnot, what do I know. I just happened to be here long before you came along. What is clear is that you don't support the club at all, you support the manager first and foremost. That is quite clear from your comments on here - popping up mostly whenever somebody has something bad to say about Claude Puel, even if it's justified. Are you being paid to do this?
  9. This is the Leicester Mercury, it can't be. The club's propaganda tool working against the club? Not so sure about it. Then again, I've worked for my local newspaper on the side for years, and still hear about what's happening there and do take into consideration what's going in the press industry in general, with layoffs and whatnot. Sad affair on its own. Media in a crisis, needing to rethink their approach to generating interest, to research, news and coverage altogether.
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    FIFA 19

  11. MC Prussian

    What are you reading at the moment?

    Seeing that the "What are you listening to?" thread is still very popular, I thought I should start with something similar in the literature division. I assume you're all still aware of the fact that there are books out there. You know, those weird square things you can get at bookstores or libraries. Pages and stuff... :mrgreen: Anyhoo, I'm into Joseph Campbell - The Power Of Myth Right now. Wonderful read of a recorded conversation with one of the world's most famous generalissimi...
  12. Coming from you, that is pretty evident. You wouldn‘t even go near criticizing your fellow compatriot.
  13. Then surely there is a way of recovering the whole interview, as it must‘ve been recorded in its entity, either by Tanner, the club or both.
  14. Point is, he‘s pretty much been frozen out of the first squad by now, which I find a shame. Two bit-part appearances are no way of rediscovering your form. Comes across as punishment more than anything. In the case of Slimani, you can support the decision to move him on after all the things that were mentioned on here, which points to a very unhappy player, a bit of a diva and the cause for unrest in the dressing room. After Mahrez‘ transfer, I doubt Slimani wanted to stick around any longer himself. Don‘t have that impression of Silva, who tends to conduct himself well.
  15. The same Rob Tanner who usually acts as a mouthpiece for the club and rarely ever, if at all, dares to criticize the hand that is feeding him? Doubt it.
  16. The question I‘m asking myself is why this interview was sanctioned by the club in the first place. And yes, Puel doesn‘t do himself any favours by being obtusive/vague in his answers, it‘s only logical that (some) fans will feel as if he‘s talking about them, as well.
  17. He has hardly been given a chance, hasn‘t he? Two league appearances for a grand total of less than 90 minutes of football this season. Sad numbers. That‘s so little gametime, there‘s no way you could say playing him more often couldn‘t have been any worse, at least Puel could‘ve shown some courage in that department. I fear it is now too late and Silva on his way. Meanwhile, Puel plays his favourites in Mendy and Ndidi, who are both nearly undroppable, no matter how badly they perform. I find it another incredible waste of money and talent, which Silva clearly has, given his pedigree.
  18. His name is Silva, Adrien Silva.
  19. I agree with the general notion of „unconditional support“, still it can‘t act as an excuse to hide behind the owner‘s death to justify our poor home form and the type of bland football on display, a type of football that hasn‘t changed in more than a year. Criticism where criticism is due. Personally, he‘d have been better off by saying nothing at all, focussing on football rather than the media.
  20. The article states that „Puel is hitting back at his critics“, including a portion of us fans as well as the media. So, yes - it is in parts „us fans“.
  21. There is a press/media responsible: Anthony Herlihy, communications manager, young-ish guy in his 30ies.
  22. I find it strange that the manager is now quoted in two separate pieces in the space of a few days, rather unusual. Coincidence? We‘re playing badly because of a collective players‘ trauma? Doesn‘t hit home with me. More an excuse than anything. We‘ve played this uninspiring before, as early as early 2018. To me, it‘s as if it‘s deliberate, a smokescreen to divert from the main issues on the pitch.
  23. MC Prussian

    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check

    Well, here's another curious case: If you put it down to a lack of experience (in particular, but not only, in midfield) - why did we let a player such as Iborra go and why isn't Silva playing more often? Why not putting Pereira up on the wing and using Simpson as right-back? Why still persisting with a single striker up front that doesn't see much of the action or the ball on a regular basis? Why the long balls forward that don't go anywhere? It's a bit of a two-edged sword to promote youth players, whilst sacrificing sportive success. How long do you think we'd have to be patient to endure more of this "one step forward, one step back" approach? What does success mean to a club like Leicester and where do the ambitions lie? I can't just be finishing mid-table every season now, with nothing else to play for.
  24. MC Prussian

    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check

    I agree with that. We are a surprise package at the moment. However, I think the league position is slightly flattering to us and it could all go pear-shaped rather quickly. I just don't understand why on earth we're able to beat teams like the current champions and Chelsea, with Puel then pulling such a clanger with the initial tactics, personnel and in-game decisions against Cardiff, Newport and Southampton. Even Everton away was so dire, with us lucky to pick up a win. The guy's an enigma, and in the long run, his stubbornness will cost him his job. He shies away from leaving a particular comfort zone and I find it somewhat lackadaisical to promote this as "progress" or "trying to make progress". He seems to take pride in "trying" and then blames the failure not on himself, evades taking responsibility. Also, I wouldn't say that there are that many fans that have written off the season, I'd argue most of them realize what potential we still have looking at finishing 7th in the extremely positive case. All in all, the perception that I have is that the manager is willingly happy not risking too much, in particular but also against "weaker" teams. For every positive result we get (and some of them were fantastic when you look at the financial prowess of Manchester City or Chelsea), we get a setback in the shape of Cardiff, Newport or Southampton. And the football on show is really, really cringeworthy. Too often.