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  1. Put it this way: If I were ever faced with the decision of either being able to be bribed out of a terrorist cell having being kidnapped beforehand or just being killed by one without any further ado because of no regard for human life, which one would I prefer? Hmm... (Look, this is pretty hypothetical and sick in a way as a scenario, but nothing about terrorism is healthy, anyway) So, yes - there are levels of terrorism. And the Brookings institute - quite liberal, I might add - points out that there's nuance. Nothing crazy about it if you look at it from a rational point of view. You do realize that I refer to the "Mahrez Cult" as the Algerian plague? It's right there, in my original post. Context is everything, and you either aren't good at understanding English fully or you're obfuscating on purpose. Your claim of me being "xenophobic" is thus laughable. Again, I refer to my previous posting history and the people who know me best. You talk about absurdity? Think again, read it all again and maybe take a look in a mirror. You're welcome.
  2. Yep, that's the one. Given our club's online history with Algerian football fans during the Mahrez era, it's fair to say you'll find a lot who share(d) my sentiment. The thumbs up speak for themselves. If I remember correctly, you got confused there with your interpretation of that user feedback. From what I gather, people felt the same with regards to the football fan invasion on Social Media (and here to some extent). I personally don't miss your fellow countrymen. They were irritating and cultish. And for anyone interested in the Sunni vs. Shia conflict, read up on history. ISIS? Sunni. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genocide_of_Shias_by_ISIL The majority of deadly Islamic terror in the past few years and decades? Sunni. https://www.brookings.edu/research/sunni-and-shi-a-terrorism-differences-that-matter/ Feel free to prove me wrong, I'm up for a debate. But in that case, I'd suggest another thread.
  3. Well, I think from a Western perspective, given the Age of Enlightenment and whatnot, you can be critical of Islam without attacking Muslims, although you could claim that by questioning Islam you are as a consequence technically questioning all Muslims (that's me going out on a limb here). Since he's left the EDL, where has TR spread hate exactly and against whom? Not trying to be facetious, just curious. As for the amount of "violent altercations" he's been involved in, how many of those were initiated/orchestrated by himself or his followers and how many were reactions to provocations aimed at his person, or rather, persona? Listen, this is by no means a defense of the guy, I just think the British media have a rather dubious way of dealing with him and I'd question their motives.
  4. I need a reference with regards to the 24h thing, I suppose you're talking about my post where I mention the Sunni vs. Shia conflict? If you have the time and interest, feel free to dig it out. You can also PM me in that matter, as I think it'd otherwise derail this thread forever. I'm all up for a proper discussion, mind. When I talk about giving you "advice", I mean you ought to think about how you articulate yourself on an English messageboard, because just by looking at your previous post, one could indeed come to the conclusion that you are trying to intimidate people for simply bringing up Tommy Robinson, which is rather laughable. I can discuss this matter as much as I want, as long as I don't incite violence or hatred (which, given my previous posting history and the people who know me, is not my cup of tea at all). In any case, your argument is poorly formulated. I'm pretty sure I've read and heard more about the guy than you have, so I claim an advantage.
  5. You are in no position to warn me, as I am in no position to warn you. I'd like to point out that your post borders on the verge of intimidation. As an advice: Careful now.
  6. Well, if it was only about having to leave the pub, why was he still followed by several policemen for a while outside? The police force on location was excessive. He was essentially kicked out of Cambridge, I'm not entirely sure what's wrong about that. As for the Benjamin interview, wouldn't you say the background Robinson provides on Mike Stuchbery makes the story the way it is portrayed in the media a bit one-sided? Or is everything Robinson says about Stuchbery a lie? Like I said before, I certainly don't endorse doorstepping (or doxing for that matter), but a bit of context never hurts. TR admits himself it was a foolish move and that he shouldn't have done it, as it just provides more fodder for the press and the people who despise him.
  7. Sorry, mate. Not going to happen. Because Freedom of Speech. What's it like in Algeria, I wonder? Hmm... https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20171019-algeria-fails-on-human-rights-and-freedom-of-expression-says-eu/ Thank you and goodnight.
  8. @Detroit Blues: Turns out Trump was correct after all, Moore is indeed a co-founder of Greenpeace: Greenpeace is apparently trying to rewrite their own history: https://dailycaller.com/2019/03/17/patrick-moore-claims-google-scrubbed-founders/
  9. Hmm... He spelt "Islamophobe" wrong... Funny the people criticizing Peterson for this (remember him posing with the Pepe the frog flag?) But seriously: Who's for genital mutilation? Misogyny? Wife-beating? Rape? Paedophilia? Anyone? Although in all fairness, you could use some of these points against major Western governments, such as funding of terrorism.
  10. Just thought I'd return the favour: Goes into detail with regards to the Cambridge pub incident and trial, the doorstepping accusations (starting at 12:00), adding background that the media failed to mention. I'm not forcing anyone to watch it. Just like the fact that it's a decent chat between two grown-ups - both with UKIP ties, mind.
  11. A conversation boosted massively by one party inebriated. You could say both were in the flow, just for different reasons.
  12. The event was pretty recent, just earlier this month. And not on my map as of yet. So, it remains to be seen whether this marks a point of a return to his old self, before he claimed to have been "reformed". Maybe the whole UKIP advisory role has given him a fatally wrong impression and a distorted view of his own importance in the grand scheme of things, who knows? I never said he's a "nice guy", as I mentioned I'm well aware of his criminal and controversial past. The whole thing of him using media at his advantage could also be seen from the viewpoint of "fighting fire with fire". He's definitely got a temper that shines through from time to time these days, but is trying to manage it as good as it gets.
  13. I'm well-aware that he's not that squeaky-clean. The way he ended up in prison due to a dodgy mortgage issue in his family circle and what spiral it set in motion was an interesting tale - has anything he said about the arrests, the reasons behind them, the timeline(s) and his treatment at the prisons ever been disproven by the media? The doorstepping at the historian's house was over-the-top and unnecessary, as were the subsequent allusions of mob intervention by Robinson's "pals". The holiday video with him in drunken stupor is pretty shambolic. The Syrian refugee boy story is sick (if the allegations are true). In parts, you can blame mob rule on Social Media - and Social Media. Both leftist and right-wing extremists gauge the masses that way, or at least try to do so. It's uncanny. In my own defense, I don't follow English politics on a daily basis, so I do miss out on many things. Thanks to @Carl the Llama for the heads-up.
  14. Who says I'm defending him or that he needs to be defended? He's pretty good at that himself. I believe that it's better to be open for input from both sides of the political spectrum than condemning others for their political beliefs for the sake of it. I have no clue how many people actually watch and listen to the guy and make their own mind up compared to the amount of people following hearsay, groupthink and media reports. I find the political development worldwide at present both fascinating and terrifying. Just my two cents.
  15. Thank you for leaving out "(unless provoked by authorities and certain individuals)". Go and watch that interview - you might learn something. #nottryingtobecondescending
  16. Again, I like to refer to Robinson's Pettibone interview. All the attributes given to him emphasize "former" - former member of the BNP, former leader of the EDL. Why this constant regurgitation? Seems to be the way of wording it in order to create a certain effect. So, the media apparently acknowledge his change of heart. Why the constant highlighting of his past? Other politicians swap parties, as well. It's not out of the ordinary - the list is sheer endless: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_British_politicians_who_have_crossed_the_floor As for the Cambridge Pub incident, you can clearly see him wearing a light outfit (flip-flops even) in his cell phone video, he was out with his wife and kids. Surely indicators that the "hooligan" argument doesn't hold up to the truth? Why would you bring your family with you if you were out for picking fights? Makes no sense. To me, the police intervention occurred under a pretense. I see the UKIP development with interest, I wonder whether the right-wing tendencies will continue. Maybe the whole Farage affair is blown out of proportion, with Farage sick of not being in the limelight any longer? He is also cited as opposing Batten's role in UKIP, so there's more to it than just Robinson. Sadly, I think in these troubled political times, people search support in groups and are easily gullible, following extremist causes more easily - that accounts for both sides of the political aisle. Why are we letting it come to this? Where are reason and personal tolerance in terms of discussion abilities? And to top it off, you bring Hitler into the equation at the very end. Congrats. A move that kills all remaining rationale in the discussion. It's just as dumb as leftist Americans and American media putting Trump and that dead Austrian nutjob on the same pedestal. Cringeworthy. Please stop.
  17. Watch his interview with Brittany Pettibone and tell me you don't feel for the guy after what he had to go through. He lays it all out, including the accusations against him and treatment by the police and Scotland Yard. There are parts during the interview where he seriously battles with his tears. His tale should be a cautionary one. Also, branding all his followers as "braindead" and "hate-filled" says more about you than it does about Robinson and/or his followers. Unless you're actually trying to distinguish between some of his followers who may be "braindead" and "hate-filled" and a vast majority who are just as level-headed and soft-spoken as he does come across in his interviews and speeches (unless provoked by authorities and certain individuals). This is by no means a defense of his - I don't live in the UK, I'm simply looking from the outside in.
  18. If these numbers are real and knowing what the living costs are in the UK, especially in the big cities, then I wonder why anyone's even bothered to still go to work in the first place: https://www.findcourses.co.uk/inspiration/articles/average-salary-uk-2018-14105 As for poverty in the UK, the percentage has remained rather stable for the past 20 years or so - roughly 21 to 22%: https://www.jrf.org.uk/data So that encompasses both the Labour rule under Blair and Brown, as well as Cameron and May. You could thus argue that poverty knows no particular political affiliation.
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