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  1. The "gender pay gap" - I think we need more information on her case before we can call it inequality: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2019/may/22/female-bbc-manager-offered-12000-pounds-less-than-man-same-role Does she work the same hours? Does she have the same broadcast experience as her male counterpart? BBC says no: Does she have the same or a similar education? Could it be that she didn't bargain well enough in the first place? How much does she actually earn or would she currently earn per month? The higher the total salary, the smaller the actual earnings gap.
  2. R.I.P. - grew up in Germany, heard about her in a BBC TV documentary a while ago, where she went back to Berlin, re-visiting her childhood home where she lived before the family had to flee in 1933. Highly active into her later years, an inspiration. Fantastic woman.
  3. I don't care if I have to take them all the way through, even if I lose in the process, but it's satisfactory to say the least when you hold up well against people who start with a full Saudi League team, only to bring on 95 TOTS Son, RW Ronaldinho and Ronaldo as the game progresses. Up yours.
  4. At age 36, Chris "Wondo" Wondolowski scores FOUR goals for San José, smashing the MLS all-time scoring record: Respect.
  5. POTS Ederson from my player picks. I think my PL team is now settled in terms of goalkeepers.
  6. The tale of the Unionistas de Salamanca and the two Murphy brothers: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48296119
  7. Dortmund are just doing what Bayern have been doing for years, if not decades: Buy the best talent in the domestic league in order to weaken the immediate opposition. £48m is still a lot of money for a Bundesliga club, not many can afford that kind of dough for only two players. Dortmund stocks are also available for purchase on the market, so that's where they've got a fair share of their investment from. Football on the whole thrives on underdogs winning things, and our title was so far the last real triumph for the sport, not just in romantic terms. Long gone are the Kaiserslauterns or Werder Bremens winning the Bundesliga title. The last ten years have seen only two teams win the "salad bowl", as the trophy is known in the football scene. Bayern are currently on 17 title wins out of the last 25 seasons! Utter dominance, no wonder people cheer on teams who manage to beat them.
  8. How many games did it take you?
  9. Oh, I've been using Valencia and Kolasinac mostly. Just completed the objective - that was a chore... FUT Scream Mings with the fifth and last assist.
  10. This TOTS Digne Weekly Challenge is doing my head in!
  11. TOTS Alisson as part of the PL TOTS SBC.
  12. Bruins vs. Blues it is. We’re all Blues now!
  13. Incredible three-point accuracy by the Raptors, plus some real nitty-gritty rebounding did the trick. Also, Drake...
  14. It's ok. I'd say this forum can be used to debate on that level, but I'm not sure it should be on a practical level - it becomes a bit tedious or overwhelming. All that writing...
  15. ... and expanding too fast. Cost control, cost control...
  16. The cynic in me says it's merely a one-off to make him look rather benevolent, it remains to be seen whether he'll be consequential and repeat it in the near future. Good on the lucky 400, though. In the end, it's merely a drip in the ocean. A big issue in the US are the extreme costs of higher education and the student loan debt it produces/provokes. A serious debate on the topic of higher education, its value and some of its major flaws needs to be had in the States. Because it's become an industry, financially crippling youngsters very early on. See the recent college admissions scandal for reference. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/may/13/felicity-huffman-guilty-college-admissions-scandal
  17. "Alt-right" is a school of thought, a collective term that encompasses a variety of particular groups and/or organizations who are on the (more or less) extreme right side of the political spectrum, it is, however, not an organization in itself, which you claim it to be. https://www.adl.org/resources/backgrounders/alt-right-a-primer-about-the-new-white-supremacy I don't see how you still manage to make this attribution mistake. That's a flat-out conspiracy theory on your behalf. Also speaks volumes that you opt out of the debate so easily, which is a shame.
  18. Well, one of Squash Oviedo's president is a woman - so I have slightly harder time to believe the present was made as a remark about the winner's sex: https://www.elespanol.com/deportes/otros-deportes/20190520/squash-oviedo-disculpa-regalo-vibrador-campeonato-asturias/399961174_0.html Is it inappropriate given the occasion? Sure. Dumb? Definitely. The BBC article also doesn't say who bought/organized the gifts in the first place. That'd be interesting to know. Who is the real culprit here...
  19. There's loads to unpack here, and I'm trying to boil it down to the most interesting aspects. First of all, pretty early on, Benjamin clearly states how he despises the far-right and/or right-wing extremists. That should be pretty clear, because that is his belief and he hasn't changed in that regard. So, people on the left should embrace him for that condemnation. Also, pretty early on, he calls the left "regressive", not "oppressive" - so we'd need more proof he shares that sentiment on a constant basis. Labeling the reacting faction "regressive" is a pretty fair assessment. One on the Left should be smarter than that. What Benjamin does is putting the Charlottesville event into context, with the main reasoning being that if you start reacting to it (right-wing extremism), then you make either completely credible or at least partially, you start giving it meaning. One can argue that if there hadn't been a counter-protest, none of the violence would've happened, no people injured, no deaths, no retard driving his car into the crowd. The longer the clashes went on, the more the right-wing protestors saw their existence/their presence legitimized. Freedom of Speech applies to all people and groups in the US, you can't just pick and choose (if you're on the left). I think I've seen much more ludicrous attempts on the (extreme) Left to shut down debate and people on the right or merely to the right of the Left, than the other way around. Also worth noting that the US or Americans have a different understanding of Freedom of Speech or at least it's handled different over there as opposed to the UK, for instance. Some of what I read in the news about law enforcement in the UK against people to the right of the Left is concerning to say the least. This unbelievable attempt at censorship does my head in - in what world do they want to live in? A Communist state where everything you say or do is controlled by the authorities, à là German Democratic Republic? That worked out well. The question is - what is the way forward? If we've learnt anything from history, censorship can't be the way forward, because it emboldens radicals (on both sides). Social Media outrage via Twitter does nothing to resolve the issue, it's merely and mainly self-absorbed claptrap of so-called "do-gooders". With regards to the Charlottesville incident, Benjamin criticizes the local police and law enforcement, as well as the city council for dealing with the issue so poorly. Also the media for its rather one-sided approach to reporting, and the misleading headlines. These days, the coverage is all somewhat one-sided in its weighing of left and right extremism. For instance, lots of talk about the AfD in Germany being a threat to society, yet little talk of how the German Green Party is affiliating itself with Antifa. I think part of it is certainly down to it being a rather US-specific thing, with two extreme sides colliding, not just in political terms. There's a distinct lack of discourse and nuance. I'm not even sure it's a left vs. right issue, more so a case of dumb vs. dumb. I can't see Benjamin making any excuses for the far-right movement, he condemns them for their existence and their stupid set of ideas, but also criticizes the left for its false way of reacting to it. As long as the answer to extreme views is no rhetorical challenge, only physical presence (the counter-protestors outnumbered the original protesters by at least a factor of two) and shouting insults, plus the attempt to dox right-wingers, nothing will change. The wheel continues to turn, an endless cacophony of extremist rhetoric on both sides. Both sides thrive on getting a reaction out of each other, so why not simply ignoring them and/or use the police to arrest anyone who breaks the law by either attacking, injuring or killing people or damaging or vandalizing property? Towards the end, he raises the issue of selective racism. Is racism only to be called out for if it's aimed at black people, Asians and other minorities? Shouldn't we be consequential and apply it to all situations, no matter where the racist person comes from? Why is it okay to shout obscenities at white people because they are white? Main point here is that Benjamin wants you to see through that Leftist argumentation in terms of collectivism and intersexuality, that minorities to them are merely a pawn in the chess game of identity politics. The irony of it all - remember Sally Boynton Brown who makes an appearance at the end of the video? The white woman telling white people to "shut up"? Turns out she was complicit in sexual harrassment at work: http://sunshinestatenews.com/story/fdp-president-sally-boynton-brown-resigns Speaking out against something, only to tolerate it in real life. The hypocrisy gets me.
  20. Ok, here's something more positive from the US of A. Fantastic gesture by billionaire Robert F Smith, paying off student loan debt of close to 400 youngsters at his alma mater: https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/education/2019/05/20/student-loans-robert-f-smith-morehouse-college-billionaire-commencement/3741079002/
  21. That's semantics. You may argue that one doesn't "support" somebody as a subscriber, but that sounds a bit far-fetched or clinging onto straws to me. At least you surely admit you're interested in or sympathetic to (some of) what he stands for, otherwise you wouldn't be a subscriber in the first place. But maybe I'm just imagining things. All in all, I think what this discussion shows is that one tends to be sidetracked talking about certain individuals, when we should dissect their ideas and politics instead. We still haven't talked about the "coded hate speech" you've been referring to. Examples, please.
  22. Then let's have these alternative opinions. I don't see how you can come to the conclusion that ALL of the people following or interested in YouTubers such as Benjamin or Watson only accept their take on things as gospel. I'm all for discourse and debate, an art form that is seemingly getting lost in the overly inflammatory rhetoric of today's politics.
  23. Because the "alt-right" isn't an organization per se. It's a way of thinking at best, an ideology at worst. Otherwise, one needs proof to back up such unsubstantiated claims. Antifa, on the other hand, does exist as an organization, albeit a loose one, coming together in masses to impose their worldview onto others, gearing up, hiding behind balaclavas and masks, intimidating and trying to silence free speech in the process, going as far as doxing and vehemently attacking people, many of them innocent bystanders. Anyone who is now right of the Left today is too easily labeled "racist", "alt-right", "Nazi", "woman hater" just for having a different opinion. This is a sort of libel. Throwing around these terms only helps diluting them. And once you're up against a real "Nazi" or "racist", it's probably already too late. People who are or were in parts sympathetic with some of the leftist causes are put off by this purge, then head in the one direction they can still go - to the right, where they feel accepted. This is fatal. As for the US, there's been a graph of late showing how far both sides in the US have drifted apart, the Democrats in particular:
  24. If you play it long or often enough, you'll know what I mean. The thing with Squad Battles is is that the difficulty settings are different to the ones in other modes. It's harder, much harder, especially on higher difficulty settings. I don't know how often you've gone Ultimate on Squad Battles against seemingly weak full-Bronze teams on low chemistry, where a 60-rated left-back with 56 long shots can score a free-kick goal against you or 58-rated attackers suddenly score worldies.
  25. Squad Battles is unplayable again. Seems to me EA have meddled with the difficulty settings again, making it harder in every single match.
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