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  1. If we can pick up 6+ points in our next 3 games, we’ll be fine. as others have stated, hopefully after FA Cup and international break we’ll have most of the squad back. then it’s a big push until the end of the season and three massive games at the end. We’ll still be in it by then. Hopefully we’ll have most of the team ready for then. Plenty more twists and turns folks! Keep the faith.
  2. Commentators: “If they win today they will go 13 points clear of Manchester United and Chelsea who both play tomorrow” ... ... always invisible
  3. Teamsheet was fine, tactics were not. We had the quality on the pitch to beat these lot easily and showed no desire or intensity for a single minute in either legs. When that happens you don’t win football games. Best team won
  4. we deserve nothing from this tie. No ambition, no intensity and no quality. What’s the point getting into Europe if you’re going to get knocked out like this.
  5. Incredibly frustrating that the blatant cheating and play acting from the opposition hasn’t been called out by the commentators or the pundits.
  6. pitch looks like Derby Road Playing Fields
  7. Another class interview. Love this lad. What a guy.
  8. Doesn’t look good which is a real kick in the teeth. What a player he’s been for us this season, and if this means he misses the Euros too because of it, how gutting for the lad. Such a shame
  9. Brendan does like to match up against a back 3 sometimes. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just rotating though, there’s a lot of games to play this month without Fofana. Will be interesting!
  10. Amartey reposting some good luck messages on his Instagram... maybe gets the start today?
  11. totally agree with you here. I’m finding the some of the rhetoric on Perez a bit much. People clearly don’t like him and are quick to slag him off after a bad result. He played poorly, as did every player for us yesterday, but according to ‘TheOther14’ on Twitter he also created 5 chances in the game, the most of any player in the non ‘big 6’. Stats aren't everything but i thought it was an interesting one to add to the discussion.
  12. good to see everyone’s keeping level headed.
  13. Perez offers more in his all round game to Iheanacho, in my opinion. I don’t trust either of them to set the world alight in terms of scoring goals so i’d rather have Perez on who I believe makes the players around him better.
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