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  1. We need to go out and spend 30/40M on a proven young goal scorer from one of the top league's to under study for Vardy asap I think Vardy has one full season at the top left in him and use it as a transitional period for them both the young lad would learn a lot from Vardy.
  2. It's on the Tuesday 1st September starts at 11am or 12pm no time zone information on the UEFA website.
  3. The only down side to being in Europe is you can kiss good bye to Saturday 3pm kick-offs and a good probability we will be playing the Monday night match.
  4. European football will not be such a burden on the squad next season there planning on excluding teams in Europe from playing in the league cup or allowing the development team to play instead.
  5. Not sure if this has been answered elsewhere but just say we manage to finish 4th but Man U win the Europa League will we lose out on champions league also if Man U pip us to 4th and they win the Europa league will we qualify for the champions league or Europa
  6. For a comparison winning the FA Cup would get you about £8.5m in total winning the Europa assuming you win most of your matches will net you about £20m and that is just prize money there would also be TV rights on top of that.
  7. Rogers to blame Gray??? Perez??? No Albrighton and Barnes on tooo late
  8. A typical second string performance so far
  9. Remember when they used to charge after Tuesday night there would be about a 100 pages of bitching on here.
  10. I think there probably just looking for power lines.
  11. Yes all the pre-season matches are even the Atalanta at home hopefully the quality of the stream will improve though.
  12. This should be top 6 or FA Cup? 4th league cup win is not a priority.
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