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  1. Not the best source but a bit of noise on Twitter suggesting Benko is now part of the deal.
  2. He's a gimpish bellend alright but dwarf-like? Not according to HeightPedia he's not!
  3. Interesting that his defensive stats are excellent but his distribution needs work. Maybe the plan is to play a bit like Sheffield United do and one of the back three pushing right up to join the attack, thus creating a bit of chaos. You'd imagine Cags would be that player with Fofana and Jonny as the covering defenders. Personally, I'd have preferred Tarkowski but obviously Fofana has massive potential- just hope he's another Soyuncu and not a Benko. Still hope we go back in for Tarkowski at some point in the future.
  4. £62 million they paid for this chump To be fair, I went on the Blue Moon forum last night to see what they were saying about the game and they're all slating both Rodri and Guardiola for their comments. Guardiola criticising us for being defensive is just hilarious, no doubt he'd be saying what a "fantastic team we are with a great manager" if we'd gone toe-to-toe with them and got smashed 4-0. As the Man City fans were saying on BM, that's just deflecting from the fact that he got absolutely schooled by Brodge.
  5. Glad to see him taking a leaf out of the 2016 play book, worked pretty bloody well that year. Said himself that today's approach went against his instincts and even admitted that after 13 years it was the first time he'd really done that. Fair play to him. Like @UpTheLeagueFox said, I don't see many better managers we could realistically have in charge here. Considering the way last season ended, he's done brilliantly to help the team bounce back the way it has.
  6. I ****ing love Youri Tielemans. Love him.
  7. Nampy Mendy has been ****ing brilliant today. Best game he's ever had for us. Well done Brendan for resurrecting his career here.
  8. Hopefully we can do a Newcastle and somehow shithouse our way to a dodgy point. Preferably from an equal dodgy penalty award.
  9. Where's Ryan Bennett when you need him eh?
  10. Think you're right. Mendy + Amartey = half a Wilf.
  11. Makes you wonder why we wasted money on Cengiz when the answer to our right wing issue has been there all along. Step forward Cristiano Amartey.
  12. Amartey!! Bloody hell, I love the guy but ****ing hell, I don't want to see him actually playing for us. Hopefully he proves us all wrong and plays a blinder.
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