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  1. Leicester and Everton - shocker
  2. The Sun cranking it up yet further: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/9501566/man-utd-harry-maguire-leicester-transfer/ Sod what I said a few posts back. I hope he stays just so these **** rags don't get what they want. It's actually disgusting.
  3. Great post. Well said mate.
  4. I really hope he stays. If nothing else so that it sends the message that we're serious about competing with the top clubs.
  5. Steve Bruce given permission to talk to Newcastle. Might be in the minority here but I feel really sorry Newcastle fans. Seems like Ashley genuinely despises the club and it's fans and it's almost as though he's so wealthy that he can afford to just take the piss out of them. I hate the guy and I'm fairly indifferent toward Newcastle.
  6. Paddy.

    Dennis Praet

    £15million & Adrien Silva? He'd probably suit Serie A if Samp could afford his wages.
  7. This stuff can work miracles. From one part-baldy to another.
  8. I literally don't understand homophobia. I just think that an individual's sexuality is **** all to do with anyone else - such a weird thing to get angry about- the way someone else lives their life. You've got to be a seriously sad **** to go to the trouble of trolling about something that doesn't affect your life in the slightest.
  9. The irony of this is clearly lost on these people.
  10. It shouldn't have anything to do with it but while homophobic abuse continues to be rife in the stands then the football club are doing absolutely the right thing by taking a stand against it. Hopefully one day it isn't an issue but while it invariably is, it needs to be tackled. If clubs take the 'not our problem' approach then abuse and other types of discrimination at matches will only proliferate and no-one in the right mind wants that - I'd hope.
  11. Great post. Couldn't agree more. Also top marks for using the words 'dweeb' and 'amoeba'
  12. I think she lost because she had other things on her mind...
  13. Paddy.

    Mario Lemina

    You get the impression that no-one at Man Utd has a clue what they're doing.
  14. Got to agree with this. I love Kingy as much as the next Leicester fan but the guy is a Championship-level footballer really. If you were being cynical you'd say he's done very well for himself contracts-wise in his career. It pays to be a superb professional! He'd have no chance of getting into Celtic's side. Not sure he'd get a game at Rangers either tbh.
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