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  1. Never knew until now that Tim Cahill is an actual android.
  2. Michael Keane is dreadful isn't he?
  3. I agree but I'd also say that sometimes I think he tries to be a bit too clever - the selections of Mendy and Gray were weird choices. I'd also say that his insistence on starting Madders out wide is infuriating. I like him a lot but he's not immune from a bit of stick.
  4. Ditch Puel-ball for a start and have a go at them. Bit embarrassing how much respect we paid a piss-poor Man United side today.
  5. I've been stressing patience with Gray for years but I think now I've got to admit that other supporters were right and I was wrong. He just doesn't offer anything. Doesn't seem like it will ever click for him here. Today was pretty typical of his time with us. Not as bad as some make out but mostly ineffective.
  6. Let's not bother with Mendy, Gray and our number 10 on the wing eh Brendan?
  7. Still got faith in BR but for goodness sake man, stop picking two DM's. Lets attack teams and ffs don't waste Madders on the wing.
  8. Does seem mad to start him over Barnes. Harvey seems to come up with something every time he gets a start.
  9. Fans championing their own club's players - whatever next? Oh and Madders' stats piss all over Barkley's for example. He deserves a chance.
  10. Creates the most chances in the premier league 2018/19 - doesn't get a look in. Pathetic.
  11. Well, the two defensive midfielders are doing a shit job of protecting the defence so get Madders on there.
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