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  1. Paddy.

    Corona Virus

    Scary thought..... https://www.si.com/soccer/2020/03/25/atalanta-valencia-coronavirus-champions-league-san-siro-milan-italy
  2. Can't help but feel that Chilwell is somehow responsible for the coronavirus outbreak.
  3. Paddy.

    Corona Virus

    News flash, they are open 5 days a week.
  4. I think they should resume fixtures around the time that Riccy P returns from his ACL injury.
  5. You just know that Matty James will 100% be one of the 3 with the virus already.
  6. Here's a mental idea, maybe we keep Chilwell and JJ? Outlandish, I know.
  7. I thought the Praet / Ndidi combination worked a treat in the centre tonight. Wilf was brilliant (as usual) but I also thought Dennis had a cracking game.
  8. Evans for me. Man is an absolute machine.
  9. He didn't seem to have a clue when he was Leicester manager.....
  10. Villa's fixtures - they're well ****ed.
  11. Smith doing a great job of keeping a straight face while claiming the penalty 'changed the game'. Just can't bring himself to give us a compliment even though we should have won 8-0. He is right though, 4-0 was harsh.....on us.
  12. Sven is definitely not going to win Sky Sports guest pundit of the season 19/20. "Is that a penalty Sven?" "........... I don't know."
  13. Carra claiming the pen shouldn't have been given. Okay, Jamie.
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