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  1. Funny how, after the massive pre-game build up they wait until the end to tell us "Oh yeah, it's almost always 0-0 this fixture."
  2. You do realise this makes you sound like a sensitive moany bitch?
  3. Carragher: "As it stands, this massively benefits Manchester City." ....what about the team in second place Jamie?
  4. I hate the phrase "he's entitled to go down." Sums up a lot about modern football in one phrase.
  5. Played a lot of junior football with Jonny. Unbelievable talent. Two problems, one he stopped growing when he got to about 14 and two, Jonny wasn't big on the professional part of being professional footballer i.e. he was keen on the money, but less so on the discipline required. Still see Jonny in town sometimes, he's a professional body builder now.
  6. Sorry Cags, you're not in the side today Good news Cags, you're in the side today Sorry Cags, we're fining you two weeks wages for that red card Great news Cags, we're doubling your wages! Wow, Cags, you've won the Euromillions jackpot, €156m! Mr Soyuncu, where did you bury the men you killed?
  7. In my opinion he's better than 'good', he's an excellent goalkeeper, there are very few I'd swap him with. As our captain, he sets the tone with his consistency and he seems to have that hard as nails mentality that makes him a great leader of the team. I actually don't think he gets the recognition he deserves for his captaincy. One of the top 10 keepers in the world for me.
  8. Agreed. Made a great recovery challenge on our 18 yard line too. The ball had gone beyond Wilf and Youri. Vital tackle. He should have squared to Vardy but otherwise he came on and was effective.
  9. Since Brodge took over two years ago, only Klopp and Pep have won more points.
  10. Brendan: "First 25 minutes I thought we were social distancing."
  11. Youri and Wilf in the middle are absolute filth together. Just brilliant.
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