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  1. Sheffield United were excellent tonight. Wish we'd taken the game to Chelsea in the way they did in our cup semi.
  2. Paddy.

    Said Benrahma

    Just watched him take Derby to pieces. He looks fantastic, get him in!
  3. Watching Jake Humphries live reaction to seeing Norwich relegated is golden.
  4. Paddy.

    Luka Jovic

    Pulisic is literally one of, if not the form player in the PL. That's just about the worst example to prove your point you could have chosen
  5. Paddy.

    Luka Jovic

    "coronavirus lockdown-flouting Serb"
  6. Paddy.

    Luka Jovic

    I thought exactly this. Mad isn't it? I don't get what there is to gain from that?
  7. Agree. I hate that about modern football, being a cheat is now being 'clever'. There's nothing clever about cheating to win a pen.
  8. Tyrone Mings. Literally. How that guy ever got an England cap I've got no idea.
  9. Game over lads. They just needed Mossy to get them started.
  10. Even after being reviewed by VAR, how strange.
  11. I wonder what the ex-Villa guys in the studio will think.....oh wait, yeah
  12. "Maybe it's because it's not a clear and obvious error." Yes it ****ing is. It's ****ing clear and it's ****ing obvious.
  13. I genuinely think it is. I think VAR has brought a it to a whole new level. There is no explanation for Graham Scott giving that as a pen. So many ludicrous VAR decisions recently. It's just there as an extra helping hand for the big clubs.
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