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  1. Riyad will be so pleased. Has had nothing but good things to say about us since he left. I'm pretty sure he never wanted to leave in the first place.
  2. Amartey, Mendy and Kapustka all out on loan and that will be it I reckon.
  3. Commentators seem to have missed the fact that Chilly has contributed to all 3 goals.
  4. Well, if Harry Maguire is worth £90m then Cags is worth at least £500m. Pretty sure Arsenal can't afford that. Plus he's a top notch centre half and not a wispy and mostly ineffective winger so I doubt they're even interested.
  5. Hopefully now he feels he's fulfilling his full potential on Manchester City's bench.
  6. I agree although I genuinely believe that Champions League football is coming back to the KP and that would be an amazing achievement.
  7. Really hoping that Fabien Delph stays fit. We're going to need his midfield mastery if we're going to beat the mighty Montenegro.
  8. Gonna be sweet when we take the title on the last day.
  9. I've got to admit, I hadn't realised until today that VAR stood for 'Virtual Anfield Referee'.
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