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  1. Paddy.

    N’Didi signs new deal

    People actually thinking Unabomber is serious
  2. Paddy.

    Vardy red is not a sending off

    Don't know about that. Showed plenty of Hyper Venom on Saturday.
  3. Paddy.

    Vardy red is not a sending off

    To those saying "that would be a good tackle 20 years ago" **News flash**...It's not 20 years ago. Also, 20 years ago, it was 1998 and I'm pretty sure that would still have been a sending off. Maybe in the 1980's it would have been okay but that's 35-40 years ago now and the game has moved on whether you like it or not. That's not a good tackle and those criticising the Wolves player for his 'body position' should have a word with themselves- did it cross your mind that the guy's awkward position may have been because he thought '****ing hell, I'm going to get crunched here'. Anyone who has played football knows it's one of those where you go in hard to make a point and because you're angry. You make that tackle knowing you're probably going to get at least a yellow so it's always a gamble the ref will see it as a red.
  4. Paddy.


    I thought he was really neat and tidy today and to be fair he's looked decent whenever he's played for us. I'm glad he got his opportunity today. I thought he might just be one of those guys who for whatever reason just doesn't fit in. Today made me think he could potentially be an important player for us.
  5. Paddy.

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Evans had a shocking first 30 but I thought he looked pretty solid after he got to grips with the pace of the game. Mustn't forget that this was his first game back from injury.
  6. Paddy.

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Totally agree. Love Vards but you can't defend that. Stupid.
  7. Paddy.

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Am I the only one who thinks that's a definite red for Vardy? Not the worst I've seen by a long way but still a red imho.
  8. Paddy.

    Most overrated City player

    I was quite young at the time so I might not be recalling it all correctly but I remember everyone raving about Julian Joachim but, bar scoring a few worldies, he actually didn't contribute a great deal after bursting on to the scene.
  9. Paddy.

    Most overrated City player

    The overrated poets thread is in general chat mate
  10. Paddy.

    Söyüncü Signs

    Welcome Caggers
  11. Paddy.

    What's the worst fart you have ever done

    Forgot that this rather brilliant thread existed so anyway, this happened to me about week before last (It's more of a shitting story than a farting story but who cares?). I was in a Mexican restaurant in Durham having a few drinks and a meal with some my wife's old uni friends and their husbands. I'd been out in Leicester the night before and had a curry and wasn't feeling 100% as it was. Anyway, more beer, Mexican and yesterday's madras is a toxic combination for me and pretty much straight after the meal my stomach had gone and I needed to empty my guts and quickly. Anyway, I excuse myself from our table and run to the toilets. I make it but it's an absolute tidal wave of brown. To the point when I'm worried there's literally nothing left to expel from my body. Tired, emotionally and physically drained I'm finally ready to clean up the devastation....except there's no ****ing toilet paper. I kid you not, I had to fight back the tears a bit. I was literally thinking this is the unluckiest anyone has ever been in history. I sat there for about 5 minutes wondering whether to text my missus, maybe ring the restaurant or what to do. I realise this is all academic because my phone is on our table. There's one toilet for each gender so it's not like I could waddle to get some toilet paper from another cubicle. All there is, is the toilet and a bin. Then suddenly I have a plan. A brilliant plan whereby no-one will ever know what's gone on. So I carefully take off my trainers and then my socks. I put my shoes to one side. It's not perfect but I use the socks to clean up my ravaged anus. It's absolutely disgusting but hey, no-one will notice if I'm not wearing socks. I stand up and carefully place the shit-covered socks in the bin and bury them a bit below all the other crap in there. I put my trainers back on. Nailed it. However it ****ing stinks - better open the window that's right above the toilet. It's at that very moment I notice that there's 3 ****ing toilet rolls on the window sill
  12. I think he's right to criticise Arsenal for playing right into City's hands but I'm not sure his brand of hoofball would have been any more effective which is what I think he's implying. It was maybe a bit naive from Unai Emery but when you compare his CV with Big Sam's......there is no comparison.
  13. Paddy.

    What is the Funniest Thing You Have Seen?

    In my first year of teaching I taught this kid called Adam Bailey. He was a right little twat and one of those kids who just seems to be everywhere. Anyway, he'd been a bit of a knob in a few PE lessons and young me was thinking 'I've got to get the better of this kid'. One morning he doesn't turn up to PE and I'm actually quite relieved. However, come lunch break, I'm on duty and lo and behold, there's Adam holding court in the canteen and I'm like 'you cheeky bastard' (in my head of course). So I steam in, giving it all the 'So Adam, you think you can pick and choose which lessons you go to eh?' 'Think you're too good for PE then?'. Kid looks at me and cocky as you like says "wasn't me it was my twin brother Sir, he's off sick today". Now I'm raging, little piss-taking bastard. I'm like "you think that's funny do you? Lying to a teacher?" "You can come back after school for an hour". Adam starts kicking off and I'm like "keep on like that and you'll make it worse" (I know, ****). Anyway, unexpectedly he actually turns up at 3pm and does the hour without saying a word. I've ****ing won. Then, at 4.30 I get a phone call from Mrs Bailey. Why has ASHLEY been held back for an hour when ADAM isn't even in school.