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  1. Bournemouth (Vitality Stadium) Capacity: 11,464 Average: 10,480 Percentage filled: 91.4% Wow. A premier league club struggling to fill a stadium that holds less than 11,500.
  2. Bloody hope not. Don't even want him on loan.
  3. As long as it's a loan. We could get him doing some photocopying and stuff while he's here .
  4. Will go on to be one of the best CBs in the world, I'm sure of it. He's got everything. What a signing.
  5. I think it's great that the BBC give opportunities to the differently abled.
  6. Can't believe you think we've been garbage? Amazing- absolutely not but garbage? Nah.
  7. Controversial but should be starting over Vards in the Villa semi final. Just my opinion.
  8. Paddy.


    Mino Raiola is an absolute **** though. Agents like him are ruining the game. In some respects I'd say fair play to Man United for not letting him dictate to them.
  9. Scenes when the media team release their Twitter teasers on the morning of deadline day and then 2 hours later it's Jannick Westergaard who steps out in the blue kit and not Stevie Bergwijn
  10. Paddy.


    Heard that Neymar may want to move on - straight swap?
  11. You'd think they could afford a coffin each on their wages.
  12. Totally agree. People said we had no chance of getting Ricardo or Tielemans but we did and now they're flying. He'd prob double his wages & great manager & great owners & brand spanking new training facilities coming soon - we're an attractive proposition for a player like him.
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