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  1. Which is fine. But these very same timid children are being required, by governmental diktat, to wear PPE on the way into schools. Do you see the contradiction. You MUST wear them outside the school but inside it's too scary for you.
  2. There'll still be some folks willing to stand up for him.
  3. I'll do a full two liter one straight out of the bottle in less than two hours. I ain't thinking about my insides.
  4. A lot could be solved by allowing ppe within schools but for some reason the government seems really against that. I have my suspicions it's owing to the fact that there isn't very much ppe available and it's easier to paint a picture of a poor education system.
  5. Thing is if the kids aren't suffering from it but spreading it then it undoes the hard work.
  6. Very odd stance isn't it? Social distance in public, ppe worn on transport and in public, neither to be used in school. Any good done by using them in public is undone in the school system.
  7. He's not confused he's just a piece of excrement. He wants the public kudos of being seen to support the NHS but his politics are that it ought to be privatised. He's banking on the public not accessing his voting record. There's also the post truth nature of society now - the truth is what they say it is.
  8. Carragher is right - as much as i hate to say it - shifting Maddison has nullified us. Rodgers takes blame here.
  9. Just the same bullshit every match since the restart. Every single game has been gutless. Earn your crust Rodgers.
  10. I dunno about him. Seems like he's running in treacle sometimes - lower half of the Prem type player to me.
  11. I agree here. Solksjaer recently dug out his team despite being on a winning run - players need to earn the right etc. On the face of it that could do some harm but it galvanised things. As a club we've become a bit stuffy and soft.
  12. I mean I'm unaffected by the recent re locking but I'll be ditching the idea of the boozer and shopping etc for the foreseeable. My town is likely to be flooded over the next few weeks and I have not got the energy.
  13. Oh i have sympathy my man. Endless sympathy. It's just a different game for the time being. And one that our society is finding difficult because b selfishness has become the rewarded norm. I'm exhausted by it all.
  14. Understand the sentiment but the meritocracy aspect is on hold at the minute. It's live and die by community and its not great but that's what we've got to understand.
  15. About due some good news
  16. How unpleasant talking
  17. I'm struggling to understand this. Am I right in thinking that they've gotten the time frame wrong for lockdown, there are no current deaths, we're guinea pigs and they've still managed to cock up getting out the information and guidance.. What is actually happening at the minute?
  18. The map presented to my place of employment is the map that was being denied last night...
  19. Children not being effected has driven the government to threaten parents with fines if their kids are not in school in September. I wonder if that will be rethought given that one decision contradicts the other.
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