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  1. But the point is sport is competition, not moving all the talent in to one place. The Premier league thrives because we have competition. If you listened to the pros they'd have anyone with half a chance of success at the big clubs with the rest of the clubs scrubbing about like the Scottish leagues. For the league to be entertaining we need the top six to be competitive and that won't happen if we're shipping all of our good players to Manchester or London. Worth mentioning that Jenas is a buck toothed turd.
  2. Industry, awareness, and his first touch are his greatest strengths. He's being done a disservice through being played out of poor position.
  3. This is endemic of the government over the last six months. Information and guidance being released at the last minute makes the public services look disorganised - it allows for the blame to be placed at their door in the event of a cock up. Not at Whitehall.
  4. Yeah he's decent isn't he. Facilitates discussion without trying to be too neat or witty.
  5. There seems to be a national fascination over children. These last few years. People have become obsessed, literally and not figuratively, with their kids. Parents have started to almost live through their children in a really odd way. My parents were brilliant to me growing up but they weren't obsessed with my every move. I'm sure they celebrated private milestones of mine but they weren't running to let the pastor know I had built a sandcastle.
  6. Crouch would be brilliant. It won't ever happen though.
  7. It's Slimani. 2 goals against Burnley. This feels like a four candles type of affair here.
  8. Oh these two are absolute dross. The quality of punditry has been poor for some time. I know that the beeb want ex-pros but sometimes playing the game isn't enough. The managers and thinkers at football clubs aren't usually top level pros (Lampard is one exception; there are others but it's not a rule) and yet we have to suffer through Micah Richards explaining fullbacks go forward and backwards purely because he played the game.
  9. Who's the other guy on with him? They're both a bit crap.
  10. I've been to the church he's been interred in. You won't get a full day out of that but it's worth a visit and a nosey. Pair it with the museum and I'm sure you'll fill your time.
  11. This is almost identical to me. Grew up with Walsh and Izzet. Grew into Mahrez and Vardy. The big separater is the attitudes for me. Riyadh showed us disdain and Muzzy was on the transfer list by request for the best part of three years Walsh, on the other hand, was roaring on the pitch after Taylor sold him and Vardy turned down Arsenal to spend the rest of career with us. Their both exceptional footballers for us but they're also closer to fans - these are the top two because they obviously care.
  12. The question was who last scored on their league debut.
  13. The thing is the head of this current government, and Mr Cummings behind him controlling things, has become so morally empty that the previously reviled will come forward to try and grab a bit of moral credit. I mean look at what's being proposed. Agree or disagree with Brexit, whatever, if a foreign PM was treating our country with such flippancy I'd be appalled.
  14. The stadium deal was criminal. It had to be used and couldn't sit empty, but West Ham have taken the government to the cleaners. Some definite back handers going on. Rumour has it the lease is worded such that the tax payer funds the staff refreshments. I'm not sure how true that is.
  15. Always happy to take a few games. Dm me a list if you get chance!
  16. Three players in our team from the #1 International team in the world. Absurd.
  17. On the same day Arsenal Women beat West Ham 9-1. There's a huge gulf between the men's and the women's game despite the media trying to beat that drum.
  18. It's not splitting hairs it's being accurate.
  19. Yes I have heard of apartheid. The cricket selection was, for a period, based as much on race as ability in order to be 'representative' and there isn't a lot about that that sits comfortably. But then I'm no expert on South African race relations and this isn't the place for that discussion.
  20. What particular point are you driving at? The South African cricket team selection process? No. I don't agree with it.
  21. Oh I ENTIRELY agree that black lives matter. But this isn't just about parity between races. It's snowballed into a political movement and the entire tenet of sports, locally and internationally, should be apolitical.
  22. They shouldn't be. Sports should be free of political discourse, really. Especially they shouldn't be promoting a group whom, in the UK, are borderline fringe activists. Sky are aligning themselves with a group whose UK chapter have been publicly supportive of an anti semitic regime. This ****ing about with the 'taking a knee' - meaningless gesture politics for the most of them - is already becoming a farce.
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