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  1. Agreed. Sometimes he turns his back a little on active play, as though he can't be fussed. I hope he comes good. There's a great player in there.
  2. We haven't heard from ANY players as a result. That's inclusive of the title winning season and champions league campaign. Stringer, and NOBODY else, is responsible for that being made unavailable to RL listeners. The guy being a dick has cost that. I'm not engaging you any more on this as this is old ground, ploughed regularly.
  3. He used to slag us off because we were crap at the time! At least he was impartial hahaha.
  4. The issue is that we are not getting the content we are within our rights to expect because, and only because, he's been a **** to the club.
  5. That's a bare minimum of expectancy. He SHOULD interview him, the players and have them on the forum on occasion. They won't because they, the players who have dealt with him professionally, refuse to engage with him. I've never met him but that should tell you all you need to know about the man. If I were so objectionable that people refused to interact with me at work I'd get sacked.
  6. Wasn't he drummed out of there by the fans?
  7. The abuse comes from the fact that he has repeatedly tried to meddle on club affairs. He's eminently dislikable, too. He's been known to run through Coalville memorial parade clad in pink lycra to maximise his exposure. Fundamentally, people have found him a dick and act accordingly.
  8. Ham fisted attempt at metaphor and symbolism.
  9. The thing is that our officials are desperate to be part of the game and not officiate it.
  10. That thing was ****ing horrible. A spidery little thing that had dystopia undertones. Right in the eyeline for some parts of the game. I did think about complaining about that.
  11. If he ever tries this crap near me I'm smashing the camera and belting him. Self obsessed arsehole. An entire vanity project. It has no place at the football.
  12. It's the Boris Johnson chanting that has confused me to be honest. He doesn't represent the interests of the vast majority of those in the ground, why are they do enamoured with him?
  13. He has a great future in the game but I feel he'll suffer from being from being played whilst his confidence is bereft.
  14. 'Chilly' and 'Madders' at the start was the definition of cringeworthy, Bruv
  15. Won't watch anything with that absolute tool Corden in. He ushered in this era of it being considered comedy to shout and laugh at your own jokes.
  16. How sad we built ours when bowl stadiums were en vogue.
  17. My Mrs loves the 'We only love the boys in blue' song.
  18. Korean culture is weighted around maintaining and saving face. There's probably an element of that involved.
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