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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/sep/01/jetpack-los-angeles-airport?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other How's this happened. I didn't think this would be possible. 3,000 ft?!
  2. Mushrooms - they only exist as an extent form of death. Disgusting. Slimy. Taste foul.
  3. This is very altruistic and all - whats the catch?
  4. Not only that, there's a prevailing attitude that men are bastards. That will have huge impact on some folk.
  5. So, hypothetically, if a family member didn't want to keep their ST and another family member were paying their monthly fee to them and using the ticket this would be a crime?
  6. Mercury reporting a 40 million tag on him. No ****ing thank you.
  7. Odd stance. I let those around me influence my professional decisions. It would be more concerning if he were letting the stewards influence his decisions. The pay will have accounted I'm sure.
  8. Just because it's prevalent doesn't mean it's okay. There are rules about it for a reason. For reference I'm not too concerned about losing BC. However, do we want Maddison on international duty if Rashford is going to be in his ear about a move to Utd? Put into another dimension - all politicians use their expenses account to buy personal stuff, let's not get too moral about it. All companies circumnavigate tax laws leaving the public to pay more, let's not get too moral about it. IF, and it is only if, but IF this November tapping up is true then it really shines a light on his performances this year. And in particular does beg the huge question if was his absence at the end of the year genuine or to safeguard a move he had planned for 8 months. If the latter then isn't our absence in the Top 4 resultant of 'tapping up' to some degree - we'd have been better with England's left back in the team.
  9. Agreed. There can be safeguards put in place. My post was aimed at those who believe the disease doesn't exist or is government sponsored as a means of control. Not those who want to seek normality.
  10. Oh god. Conspiracy theorists have really shone in the last six months haven't they? Liberals take note - this is what happens when people are all allowed to think their equally as clever. You get deadly disease deniers.
  11. If there is then I'd be fuming if I worked in the hierarchy at Leicester. It's tapping up without the risk of being exposed.
  12. The context is you posted saying that IF we built a team around him he would be fantastic. That's the context. And it is utterly ridiculous to suggest that. He can't command a first team place.
  13. Spurs border on the pitiable. It's clear how much they want success but their chances of it are long gone. They're back to the midtable part of their cycle. It's the culture of the club that is the real problem. It's got the whiff of the loser about it.
  14. I want a bacon sandwich but I don't want to have to make it.
  15. And why is it that 4 managers haven't given him a good run in that time? One or two could be a personality thing but 4? It's because he's mediocre.
  16. 'if we built a team around him he would be fantastic' Even hypothetically that is just the rummest thing I'll read all month.
  17. No. You're dead right. Looked like a real player day one.
  18. Are you seriously suggesting building a team around a player that has 100+, appearances for us and has not strung together a sequence of good games? Baffling call that.
  19. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/leicester-city-made-wait-premier-4468229
  20. Suarez linked in the Mercury. Utter nonesense I'm sure.
  21. If anything is been downhill since day one. Which is marginally better I guess.
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