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  1. School near me has been open for key worker kids and full staff have been in on rotation. They are opening September for the full cohort as per governmental instruction. All schools are expected to open in September. What you're posting is misinformed bullshit that is better kept for the daily mail.
  2. I've been exceedingly critical of Gray but he's looked much better these last two games, despite not offering a terrible amount. Maybe it'll click for him soon.
  3. WHO reporting a surge in cases in Europe related to easing lockdown. I guess its now a case of keeping surges at a manageable level rather than containing it.
  4. Made a philli cheese steak today. Big mistake in the bread. Used Ciabatta and its just too hard. Needs a soft white roll really.
  5. Have i missed something?
  6. Weird one. When found it is wasn't a symbol of hatred he seems to try and make out that it being a noose is somehow wrong. It's a type of knot. It's mere existence isn't an act of hatred if it wasn't intended as such. Think the chap is reaching a bit there.
  7. Pubs seem a quietly dangerous place. After a couple of beers the hubris is going.
  8. Try and get some recording device on the car and see if you been pinpoint the people doing it. Once you've caught them you can either report them to the authorities or take your vengeance as you see fit.
  9. Is Bent pushing for BAME quotas? How is he so ignorant?
  10. I'm only in my thirties. Ask me again in 370 years.
  11. Don't call them ignorant. They're enlightened people who are acting with a full Understanding of the suffering and strife for racial quality. They're not at all entitled, privileged idiots trying to make themselves feel as though they're contributing to society.
  12. Which makes it worrying for us because we've got no ****ing clue what we're doing hahaha.
  13. South Korea reporting a second wave of infections. Doesn't bode well for our recent good news.
  14. I was on the cloud trail not so long back and every hedgerow was home to tonnes of plastic litter. Really sad to see.
  15. Some of the roads off Narborough Road are right shit holes. Plastic bottles rolling through the streets like tumbleweed.
  16. Maguire did look like an oil tanker in pursuit for their goal but old Keane has taken that a bit far.
  17. I wonder what his experience of matchday is with no crowd. I'm convinced that's at least 50% of reasoning to be a manager - crowd interaction.
  18. I'd have him at the club though. There's talent there.
  19. Proper Kevin Keegan over this idea.
  20. Not sure if I'm being thick but infection rates seem to be rising from minus numbers upwards in a lot of areas with no diminishing r rate. This is bad isn't it? And not in keeping with the reduction of alert status? Or am I not understanding the figures correctly?
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