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  1. Tool. Doesn't he realise that the club aren't going to look on his stirring favourably? That it'll only serve to harm him in the long run?
  2. It doesn't matter. He'll be firing up those saliva glans ready for the title parade. Pronunciation as well as children.
  3. This annoyed me more than anything. The door squeaks open for the thawing of relations and he's at it again with the sensationalism. Hope Rodgers is aware of his rep and puts him back in the bin
  4. Probably a little late and luckless anyways but I'm after 2 if anyone has them spare.
  5. We're ****ing shit at the moment, and whilst we're not in danger of being relegated it's not fair on the average punter shelling out to watch that garbage. I don't earn £50,000< a week, but I do at least look interested at work. There were plenty on the pitch today who didn't look that bothered and I know are capable of better. We're never going to win every game but it's perfectly acceptable to demand a certain level of commitment and application.
  6. You're romanticising this as much as the previous poster is buying into his persona. Whilst he obviously practices his corners they're not exactly great right now, are they? And whilst it's part tongue in cheek it's also part rolling about whilst a serious game is passing him by. He's not a bad bloke, and he's a decent player, but he needs to be under some scrutiny because, despite this lovely notion of 'teeth cutting', he isn't cutting it right now. Oh, and in a 'friend of a friend' manner, I know a little bit about the poker. It wasn't a 'clever pop'. It was a bloke playing poker.
  7. Did he get a belt? I'd love to see it if so.
  8. Kalac - the non penalty saving heroics. Konchesky - for his hammers and the fact he grew hair when everyone had accepted his baldness. Walsh - too many moments. Taggart - for the Red Star Belgrade goal. Andy Impey - that cross for for the Izzet goal. Ian Ormondroyd - great moment in the build up to the goal in the play offs. Muzzy Izzet - for those goals against Tottenham and Grimsby. Nails - That goal against Leeds. Mark Albrighton - first CL goal. Matty Fryatt - quickest ever goal scorer. Tony Cottee - that goal against Utd for the first win at Old Trafford for the first time in ages.
  9. Could do the alternate greats as a talking point. Players who have had moments of greatness in a city shirt you wouldn't typically v select. Kalac in goal. Nalis in midfield. Feyatt upfront.
  10. I think we are also ignoring the fact he very clearly loves the club and might well be hoping to get a lifeline in the team.
  11. Something I HATE our fans doing. Added to that we both sing 'VAR VAR' when we want a decision and '**** VAR' when it goes against us.
  12. Tbf most thought they were having us on a platter taking Maguire for 80m.
  13. It's not the first time I've thought about this - I think we need an older head in midfield. I think having someone with a bit of experience would help get players like Chilwell and Tielemans off the hook in higher pressure games. Perhaps that is the thinking behind Fuchs being part of the back three, he's there to serve Chilwell as an old lag. I did notice a few times against Villa he was pointing and attempting to direct Chilwell.
  14. You're 100% correct. Norwich found us out and other teams are cottoning on. There are a few players that really don't like being pressed and pressurised. This, I feel, is the drawback of a young team. Whilst talented there is a lack of composure that comes with age and maturity. Fuchs never really looks flustered, mistakes or not, and this is probably owing to the fact he's an ex international captain with a career behind him. Chilwell has an entire career ahead of him, and I think that he'll be something special with the right application, but hasn't had the experiences of being pressed, harangued, and high stakes games.
  15. I get your point and agree to an extent. However, if I go to work and repeatedly turn in lacklustre, often apathetic, performances then I do leave myself open to criticism. He shouldn't be immune; he looks like he either can't be arsed or is scared. I do get what you said earlier about him being called a c u next tuesday regularly, that's bang out of order, however I can't feel too bad about people telling him to pull his finger out of his arse whilst he's stood around looking like it is up there. I also think, in Chilwell's case, that criticism will have an impact on him and might serve a role. And like people have pointed out : he plays like couldn't give a toss but is all smiles and eager to have some mad bantz with the lads. That gets up some folks' noses, not mine particularly, but I can understand why it pisses them off. Even if we know, deep down, players don't really care about the club we like the illusion because we love it. The players are recompensed enough that they should, at very least, present the image that they give a toss. Chilwell is a nice lad and clearly popular - he could help himself by networking away from the view of already frustrated fans. Also, and on a side note, that intro to the light show is so hideous that when it comes on I wince. Get. In. The. Bin.
  16. I can't work out why it gets up my nose so very much but it infuriates me to the point I can't watch it without having to call him a ****.
  17. If Chilwell harbours ambitions of being England's left back for the next decade he'll face far more hostile atmospheres than a sedate KP cheering a completed pass. The idea that this players need nannying is weird.
  18. I like him as a player and think he's a bright future ahead of him. He's terrifically cowardly though.
  19. He's been incredibly poor and shouldn't been immune to criticism. If his head has been turned, that's fine and natural, but it says a lot about who he is personally that he wouldn't give 100% to his job just because he might want a move. I'm looking at changing my working conditions and I'm giving it my all because I'm paid to do so and a very small amount of people rely on me. If he isn't turning up because he fancies a move then ought to be ashamed of himself and he deserves all the criticism coming his way
  20. Do you find that name funny?
  21. foxile5


    How hasn't his been hammered? This is so much worse than 'Kermo was decent'.
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