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  1. I like him as a player and think he's a bright future ahead of him. He's terrifically cowardly though.
  2. He's been incredibly poor and shouldn't been immune to criticism. If his head has been turned, that's fine and natural, but it says a lot about who he is personally that he wouldn't give 100% to his job just because he might want a move. I'm looking at changing my working conditions and I'm giving it my all because I'm paid to do so and a very small amount of people rely on me. If he isn't turning up because he fancies a move then ought to be ashamed of himself and he deserves all the criticism coming his way
  3. Do you find that name funny?
  4. Sometimes the weight of expectancy can hang heavy and I think there's a touch of that. He looked very disappointed today when things weren't going his way, knowing he was the creator in chief.
  5. He has one. Have you not heard it?
  6. Agreed. He was asked to play in a role that he isn't mentally sharp enough to play in.
  7. He was way too hesitant and cautious today. He kept going backwards rather than take on a man and make use of the space that was open to him. This nervousness is simply not good enough against opposition as this. He's better than this too. 3/10.
  8. Children under six should! I've done Bognor Regis, Isle of Wight, and Skeg. It ought to be mandatory for improving your core British values at an early age.
  9. Hahaha. It's not just for me! The kids don't enjoy it, either, and there's very few reasons for children that young to be out of the country.
  10. Children under the age of six shouldn't be allowed on air craft. It should be age restricted unless in very rare cases of exemption.
  11. Oooh! Derby have gained a place over the last decade.
  12. The freize going really disappointed me.
  13. Giving something an incorrect name repeatedly isn't evolution. I'm not sure you understand it. He's correct. That's what the term means. It's been bastardised, it hasn't evolved.
  14. You're right, 100%, but you're going to just face this 'language evolves' argument over and over from s person incapable of accepting they've made a mistake. If you're really lucky you might get a 'that's your opinion' thrown in. But I'm afraid you're arguing with ignorance.
  15. Yeah, they basically drummed him out didn't they?
  16. foxile5


    Looking to adopt a German Shepherd over the next few weeks. Any advice any forum members have?
  17. But it won't. Players like Maguire will look at drinkwater and assume that they're more capable of handling the move. At the end of the day money talks.
  18. I feel for the bloke. He backed himself to succeed and it's just gone so terribly wrong.
  19. This is probably the most unforgivable thing. He has a transparent agenda and he should be impartial. It's not okay to try and remove a manager from his position just because you don't like him. And, in my opinion, it makes him less of a fan.
  20. Good to see mourinho back to form, whining about referees and ball boys.
  21. To like myself again.
  22. Ahaha. Remember how excited he was to leave? And how excited they were to have him? Haha.
  23. Still howling at this. How the hell are they driving him AWAY from medical attention.
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