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  1. The government's polarised leading of this pandemic has generated this - the 'we're right in the face of facts' attitude has generated resentment in some quarters that are hoping for the metaphorical bloody nose. Both sides of that coin are particularly idiotic.
  2. The young people who definitely don't spread it - they've done the research, y'know.
  3. I can't explain any of it anymore.
  4. This isn't going to happen!
  5. Its not gospel, its just added weight to my argument. There are too many core similarities in policy, personality, even the way they look. It's not a huge coincidence. I mean you can find tonnes of evidence if you keep looking of people, involved in a professional capacity, acknowledging their deep seated similarities. The reason tories don't want to acknowledge this is because doing so really acknowledges the fact that we've got someone in charge who is okay with racism, homophobia, and sexism (there are multiple public sources for this, please don't make me go and find them). Far rather dissociate the two and deny it than accept that, morally, we're becoming a right wing nationalist state. Boris = Trump connects our leader (just a bloody good British chap salt of the earth etc) to quite possibly the worst ever president. I get why this might not be ideal to accept but it doesn't make it any less accurate.
  6. Presiding over a car crash of a pre season right now. Needs to earn his crust.
  7. Donald Trump has literally called him Britain Trump. If that isn't identify massive parallels then I don't know what is. https://www.politico.com/news/2019/12/12/trump-boris-johnson-relationship-083732
  8. Facetious dismissal aside, there are massive parallels between the two acknowledged by both the Tory party and Trump himself. It's not a flippant remark.
  9. Enjoyed the film but the loudness of the score made it really uncomfortable watching.
  10. https://www.google.com/search?q=Boris+fascinated+trump&oq=Boris+fascinated+trump&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60.3114j0j9&client=ms-android-ee-uk-revc&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 Tonnes of news outlets reporting the exact same thing. Y'know, its an interview with AP or such and not an OpEd piece. Were you ignorant or did you just not bother to read the article?
  11. It's a direct quotation. You might not like their political outlook but they aren't fabricating quotes.
  12. There was a diplomat in the news lately that said Boris is fascinated with Trump, his use of words, and his relationship with truth and facts. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/politics/2020/sep/05/boris-johnson-is-fascinated-by-donald-trump-says-ex-diplomat-lord-darroch Trump himself has said Boris is similar https://www.npr.org/2019/07/23/744076619/boris-johnson-britains-next-prime-minister-shares-similarities-with-trump?t=1599418327778 Those close to both have remarked he's following his habits and, to be honest, the bull shit he had spouted during the pandemic - half truths and lies - combined with his past history of documented racism really suggests to me he is aping Trump. That there is accurate, researched and I don't give a **** of you think it's helpful. Don't accuse me of being inaccurate, when I am accurate, lazy, when I'm not and unhelpful without offering any commentary yourself.
  13. Wonder why forest and Derby are on our list.
  14. Hopefully there is some benefit from him, Youri, and Praet playing together at international level.
  15. He won't. He's an arrogant narcissist. He won't recognise he's doing a crap job and that, in part, is because none of his party or supporters will acknowledge it. Trump Lite.
  16. Think i remember this - a young lady driver wasn't it?
  17. How much faith can we put in your word Wymsey. Are you coming out as ITK
  18. I'm gonna call him Chilwell and ****ing bollock him all game. There's no reason that the left flank should have to change at all.
  19. A few questions raised by this sacking. The primary for me being : 'Has Rennie been removed as a means of covering underperformance?'
  20. Oh you're right. My point was that I didn't look at them and think they'd be terrible. I looked at them and thought they were doing the club a service. It was a different type of value judgement placed on the players signing during that era. Billy Mac was one of the better midfielders of his era.
  21. I thought both when I read the title. But after some real consideration we signed both during a tough period when every signing was expected to basically keep us afloat so didn't think it was in the spirit of things.
  22. Once knew a Sunday league player who used to shout 'skin him and punch him at the same time' when someone on his team had the ball. Great motivator.
  23. To add nothing to the discussion but this - I absolutely love Ricardo. He's possibly the best player we've signed since Kante.
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