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  1. It was a training exercise. Pretend terrorist incident
  2. Milky

    Cricket 2017

    Malan is 30 in September.
  3. Duck lips is a massive tard. Without football he'd be a lucky luck man in the yate's toilets.
  4. Milky

    Least Enjoyable Season?

    It's not as enjoyable as before but it's far from the least enjoyable, unless you enjoy being depressingly average with no obvious immediate prospects of doing anything even moderately successful.
  5. My cousin. Yeah, you heard me
  6. Hope the money was good
  7. Milky

    Celeb beauties

    Bella Thorne
  8. Milky

    The Paedophile Next Door

    DT, do you still defend Jimmy Saville?
  9. Milky

    Players that you completely....

    Gary Lineker
  10. It was Andrew Neville
  11. Milky

    Ashes 2013

    Rich coming from you.
  12. Milky


  13. Milky

    Trying to find a song!

    Sugababes had a video in the desert with a car or two about 3 years ago. About a boy or something like that. I don't remember that song being on an advert though, and they aren't australian. In summary, I can't help. Sorry.
  14. Milky

    Huddersfield Match Thread

    Alan Young wants Knocky on the bench away from home because he's a "luxury player". What an out dated clown.
  15. Milky


    He's been very average in training. Worst technique in the squad by far.