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  1. Age and experience aren't the same thing.
  2. To be fair, as much as I've complained about it, I've apparently put in about 50 hours across two saves so there's obviously something enjoyable there! There's just absolutely no end in sight and the actual gameplay, most of which I don't find very entertaining, doesn't seem to change in any meaningful way the further you progress. When the whole cult thing got introduced my initial thought was "wow", quickly followed by "for ****'s sake, how am I ever supposed to finish this?". I've dropped out at more or less the exact same point both times so I guess it's just not for me, but I know a lot of people love it and rate it as one of the best in the series. Each to their own, I suppose.
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    He's actually very good. I doubt it'll happen because I can't see anyone paying what we'd ask for Maguire, but we could do far, far worse for a replacement. If Brendan and the Gang decide they don't really trust one/both of Soyuncu and Benkovic then we would need to get someone in and he fits the profile. Seems he's being written off a bit as a big hoof merchant clogger because he plays for a shit team and has a one-syllable surname.
  4. Interested to read the impressions of AC Odyssey because I've just given up on it. Exploration is fun enough and the environments look nice but it's far, far bigger than it needs to be. The combat is an absolute chore, especially if you have the nerve to fight anything above your current level or use under-levelled gear. It's not challenging, since all enemy attacks are completely telegraphed and the parry window is about five minutes wide, just tedious. That'd be OK if you could get by with assassinations and the bow, but you can't really because anything above a common soldier can tank stabs to the throat and arrows to the head. The story, characters and world aren't engaging enough to make the slog feel worthwhile and the only thing the RPG stuff (i.e. character and gear levels) achieves is to artificially stifle your progression. Bin.
  5. think you meen the spuds!!!!!?
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    Not really his fault that we overpaid for him and then stuck him in a role he couldn't play. On the rare occasions he was actually utilised as a proper striker he looked decent and scored a few important goals. There are pretty big limitations to his game and maybe you'd expect a more well-rounded player for the fee, but again, not sure you can really blame him for that. I'm beginning to think there's actually no point even trying to sign a decent striker until Vardy either fancies a massive final payday somewhere or retires. I doubt anyone we can realistically afford/attract will fancy their chances of displacing him, nor the prospect of sitting on the bench for the majority of the season. Sign someone young like Che Adams and we'll just end up stifling his development by restricting him to cameos and cup games against lower league teams. Sign a bigger name with better pedigree and either he or Vardy get pissed off playing second fiddle and leave.
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    FIFA 20

    Going to be good when they come up with loads of in-depth progression and customisation systems for this gimmicky street mode and leave pro clubs and career mode untouched for the hundredth year in a row
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    I don't mind him but I'd be pretty disappointed if he was the only winger we signed. Think the fact that he scores one or two belters every season has maybe given people the impression he's more prolific than he actually is - 14 in 124 across all competitions for Palace doesn't exactly get the pulse racing. A decent rotation option but in terms of a starter on the right wing I would hope we could do a little better, to be honest.
  9. There's a difference between wanting to get rid of them and recognising that it might be necessary if we want to sign the players we need to progress. If, using your example, we sold Maguire for £75m and with that money brought in Tielemans and a quality right winger, it'd be worth it. It's a gamble, yeah, but so is rejecting all offers and hoping we can go back to striking it lucky and plugging the holes in the squad with cast-offs and bargains.
  10. It's not really that baffling that he decided to leave Leicester for Chelsea, is it? He was approaching the prime of his career having just experienced a title and then Champions League football, rightly concluded he was unlikely to get any more of either by staying here and accepted an offer to join the current champions. With the benefit of hindsight it's not worked out brilliantly for him for whatever reason, but it's a short career. I don't blame him at all for taking the chance to win some more trophies and probably double his earnings in the process.
  11. Not sure if you've heard this mate but apparently our kits are based upon some kind of template??? Shocking if true
  12. I agree with the general sentiment in that we're probably not a million miles away from some of the teams above us and if we can maximise the potential in the squad whilst making some clever additions, we'll go far. Can't agree with some of their conclusions with regards to our transfer policy though. "The permanent signing of Youri Tielemans, the ruthless upgrade of Kasper Schmeichel and the addition of a worthy alternative to Jamie Vardy would leave Leicester with a Champions League-standard squad" - maybe, but realistically that's probably costing somewhere towards £100m and I really don't see us spending that sort of money without selling. I don't see what's so outdated about accepting over-the-odds bids for players if it allows you to strengthen the squad. If we hold on to all our players then great, but doing that whilst also bringing in a good striker, a quality winger and Tielemans/a Tielemans replacement would leave us reliant on the "combination of supreme scouting and sheer luck" through which we've apparently survived selling Kante, Drinkwater and Mahrez. It's good to be ambitious but it's always going to be constrained by financial realities, no matter how determined or optimistic you are.
  13. I think he's a complete helmet. The others on RL come across fairly well and I like Piper but they unfortunately get dragged down to his level by his incessant class clown bollocks. Maybe he's a really nice guy, who knows, but as a broadcaster and journalist he's not to my taste. More concerned with soundbites and inane banter than actually doing his job and keeping people informed about the things he's covering.
  14. In truth after repeated listens I'd probably rank it exactly the same as you, but I've still got time for it and it's got a certain charm of its own. It'll be interesting to see what he does next as these last two really sound like him retreating inwards and from the interviews he did around this release it sounds as if he's had enough of the "slacker/goofball" image.
  15. What would you rather they did? If they'd just slowed the game down at 2 or 3 nil and just kept the ball for the rest of the game, not sure that would have been any more respectful to their opponents. Maybe they should have scored a few own goals in added time just to take the edge off it and add a bit of #class #respect to proceedings
  16. I obviously think he's a club legend but that doesn't mean I think he should never be dropped. If he goes through a sustained spell of bad form then of course his place in the starting line up should be questioned, as with every player. That's not really hypocrisy
  17. Guest


    I could understand the clamour for a target man if we were talking about someone actually good. Rondon's got 34 goals in about 140 PL appearances, he's 30 in September and I doubt he's all that keen to go from undisputed first choice striker to our last minute panic hoofball option when we're drawing at home to Sheff Utd
  18. His track record is certainly very poor and I would rather not have the manager influencing who we appoint in recruitment positions, but think I'll wait and see how he actually does before deciding he's the worst thing to ever happen to the club
  19. Given the new album a few listens already today and really enjoying it, very relaxed and low-key.
  20. Guest

    Tom Rogic

    Two of the key figures in the Liverpool team that's made it to two successive Champions League finals came to the Premier League from Scotland. Some of our best players in recent years have been signed from the likes of Le Havre, Genk, Fleetwood, QPR and Forest. I would think Leicester fans of all people should be able to recognise that a player's current or former clubs are not necessarily representative of the limits of their ability.
  21. Guest

    Pedro Rebocho

    Almost certainly, yes
  22. Yeah why don't we just come out and beat them? Easy isn't it
  23. I'm not sure how you can complain about questionable reporting and bias and then back it up by referencing that article, which is one of the most bizarre things I've read in some time
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    I had him down as being pretty limited - good for if we needed someone to disrupt the opposition but not really anything beyond that. Couldn't really understand the consistent calls for him to be in the side but think he's probably going to prove me wrong. Tidy passer, not afraid to drive forward with the ball and strong and aggressive in the tackle without being reckless. I get the impression Torreira might fancy himself as a bit of a scrapper but Hamza made him look like a little kid on more than one occasion. Still think it's a little early to properly judge how good he is and I wonder how useful he'd be against more defensive-minded teams, but he's looking good and I hope it continues.
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