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  1. I've got a couple I don't need as well - will PM both of you the codes/instructions later today
  2. And I'm sure fans of every other team in that table would make a similar case.
  3. Nope - the obvious flaw with those stats is that they don't tell you about all the times VAR didn't intervene, so it's definitely not the be all and end all.
  4. Guest

    Adam Lallana

    To be fair I don't think he's a bad player, I just can't see that he offers anything we don't already have in abundance. As another body in the squad, maybe, but the point of a rotation/backup option is that you can count on them when the players above them in the pecking order fail (whether through form or fitness) and I'm not sure we could in his case. Two or three years ago, maybe, but he's spent a few seasons now contributing very little.
  5. All from an ESPN article by Dale Johnson: https://www.espn.co.uk/football/english-premier-league/story/3929823/how-var-decisions-have-affected-every-premier-league-club If you can't be arsed reading it - Man Utd and Brighton have done best out of VAR with a net result of 7 decisions in favour, followed by Palace with 5 and Burnley and Newcastle with 3 each. Wolves, West Ham, Sheff Utd and Norwich are worst off with -5 each.
  6. I think this is basically it. I can absolutely believe that the bigger teams with more famous players and more fans in their stadiums get more than their fair share of decisions, and in fact I'd be surprised if there weren't statistical evidence for that being the case. However, I find it infinitely more likely that it's down to subconscious biases and pressure rather than some nefarious conspiracy drawn up by the suits to keep Leicester and Sheff Utd out of the Champions League. Man Utd have got plenty of overturns in their favour but so have Brighton (9 overturns in their favour, 2 against), for example - is this because the league is rigged to ensure Brighton stay up and Villa (1 overturn for, 4 against) go down, or because the refs are simply inconsistent and pretty shit?
  7. Guest

    Adam Lallana

    You know what, those clips of him from six to eight years ago have really sold me on him. If we can also bring in Daniel Sturridge and Adam Johnson then I'd say our forward line would be pretty much set.
  8. 17/18 - 10th, 11th and 12th all finished on 44.
  9. You're telling me you're not won over by such weighty Conclusions as "2. James Maddison didn't play"?
  10. Guest

    Adam Lallana

    Now that is a zinger
  11. Guest

    Adam Lallana

    Really not convinced. 32, spotty injury history, probably on a decent amount of money. Is he much of an improvement on Maddison, Perez, Barnes or Tielemans at 10? I'd say probably not. You could argue he covers for the wide positions too but I don't think we're especially crying out for another slow winger who neither scores or creates goals with any regularity. Maybe he wouldn't exactly break the bank but we're on a budget and I find it difficult to imagine we couldn't put those funds to better use somewhere else.
  12. I don't think he meant to kick him in the face necessarily, but neither do I think he made a concerted effort to avoid doing so.
  13. A little frustrating to have not worked them a bit harder after we equalised but probably not a bad point. If we do fail to get top four then I'd be looking at the points dropped to the likes of Norwich, Brighton and Burnley before last night. As president and founder of the Kelechi fan club I think he can feel a bit hard done by, not for the first time, to have come off when he looked our biggest threat - though I thought he really should have stuck away the chance in the first half from Albrighton's cutback. I've not always been Schmeichel's biggest fan but he's been superb since the restart and for much of the season actually. Sublime ball from Gray for the goal, shame Barnes came out with his trampoline boots on but never mind. By far the worst part of the game was listening to those two dusty old perverts in the Sky box rubbing themselves silly to the mighty Arsenal and Saka in the first half but at least we got to hear Alan Smith's heart audibly break when it dawned on him that they weren't going to disallow our goal.
  14. Please don't, it gives me chills to this day. "Nile Ranger, very much the lone ranger tonight." ****ing hell that was torture.
  15. Wouldn't want to see him starting games with any sort of regularity. OK as a cheap backup but I'd sooner we went after someone actually good
  16. Obviously we can't, but they will have been able to very easily and decided that it was clear enough not to require further investigation
  17. Think it was taken out of the equation for that because the ref had already blown the whistle (if I'm remembering correctly, anyway). Nice that we saw a referee using the monitor for a change but it was pretty horrendous how long it took for the red card and the review of our equaliser.
  18. If Vardy puts in that challenge there is absolutely no way he stays on the pitch
  19. That's definitely a positive - in previous games maybe there's nobody gambling on Tielemans' cross at the back post in case the keeper doesn't claim it, or maybe Sakho isn't pressurised as quickly from the goal kick for the second. Certainly helped that with the formation and personnel changes we committed more players forward to force and then take advantage of these errors.
  20. Traore bullied out of that one. Got one on one against Tierney a few times but apart from that kept completely quiet, hence Wolves completely quiet too. Come on Watford
  21. Sadly you're wasting your time trying to convince this particular poster to stop whining about Chilwell and Maddison, no matter the circumstances
  22. Superb, basically single handedly stopped us getting penned in and two good assists to boot. More of that please Harvey lad
  23. Him and Perez are made for one another. The dream team 😍
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