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  1. Do you have any evidence of him doing otherwise?
  2. It's not inconsistent to criticise a player when they do something bad and praise them when they do something good, it's the rational thing to do. Just because you've made a definitive judgment on him and won't budge from it, doesn't mean everyone else has to. Congratulations on your appointment as Harvey Barnes' head of PR though mate, you're doing great work
  3. My problem with that is a) the attacker in that diagram is offside, simple as, so why not just give it offside? And b) you're still giving decisions by very small margins, but now you're giving him offside because he's 1mm ahead of the thick line rather than 1mm ahead of the defender, or onside if he's 1mm inside it. It's the same with "daylight" - if you're still looking for 1mm of daylight to give someone offside then what's actually changed? I don't see the point in looking for ways to give attackers the benefit of doubt within a system designed to remove doubt from offside decisions altogether.
  4. Not the best performance but not a total shambles either. Wolves probably got what they came for and what they deserved, defensively very solid and Boly in particular was superb. Bit concerning how many times they were able to counter in behind our full backs but I suppose that's the risk you take when relying on them to provide width. Good: Ricardo our biggest threat throughout, Soyuncu looked right at home and bullied Jimenez for most of the game, Ndidi did a great job unsettling them and winning the ball back, Barnes looked fairly bright when he came on and was the only time we got in behind into a threatening position. Bad: Chilwell well off the pace, Maddison not a great deal better and quite wasteful throughout, Vardy pretty anonymous for large spells and should have scored from Tielemans' cross in the first half, Perez not the best albeit against one of the most impressive individual defensive performances I've seen against us recently from Boly, Albrighton's crossing was poor and aimless. Still, clean sheet and a point against a very reasonable team isn't a disaster and it's better than we've managed from the last three openers. Onwards and upwards.
  5. It was retaken for encroachment...
  6. I'm the same. If allowing a goal from a player who was provably offside isn't a clear error then what is?
  7. You can't start arbitrarily deciding that he's not offside enough to be given offside because it's really close, can you? How far is far enough offside then? It's nothing to do with how you interpret the law, he just is offside, it's a fact.
  8. Big reveal of the multiplayer tomorrow which should give a better idea of how it'll actually play than the 2v2 mode they showed previously. Hopefully it looks good
  9. Yep, this is a wider problem sadly. When Maddison went through a sticky patch last season he was an overrated, arrogant Beckham wannabe, Iheanacho is lazy and thick rather than just being rusty and short of form and confidence etc. Does usually seem to be targeted at our younger players, presumably through some deep-seated jealousy or resentment of "young people these days" - Chilwell and Gray have had plenty of it too and I'm sure Barnes won't be far behind if he goes on a bad run. Odd how people can reach these conclusions based on watching them from afar for 90 minutes once a week, obsessing over their social media output or leafing through their preferred tabloid.
  10. A lot of the talk is about how he's got all the ability but not the mentality to fulfill it, but I'm not convinced he's got the ability at all. His close control and running at speed are good but his first touch is poor, finishing is erratic, crossing is poor, can't spot or pick a penetrating pass. His one standout quality is his ability to take on and beat a player but he regularly decides instead to check back and play a simple pass or cut in and belt it from distance. I've no complaints about his supposed bad attitude or work rate on the pitch, he's just not that good and there's no evidence that he's getting any better or that he will do in the future. Maybe Rodgers will improve him, maybe he's one of those players who needs a change of environment and will go up a level at a different club, but I seriously doubt it.
  11. Of the domestic options I'd want Dunk. Better on the ball than Lascelles and Tarkowski and while Ake is almost certainly the better player, losing Maguire would mean losing a big physical presence and I'd maybe be a bit hesitant to replace him with someone under 6 foot. Not seen enough of Tah to judge - nor of Benkovic, but if anyone ought to know whether he's capable, it's Rodgers. Soyuncu I like and with experience should grow into a really good player but it's a bit of a gamble if we want a real good go at top 6. Ultimately, every option's a risk. Buy locally and we'll get absolutely rinsed given the price for Maguire, buy abroad and there's no guarantee they'll settle in quickly and prove any more reliable than our current back-ups, whilst we've not seen enough of Soyuncu or Benkovic to know if they're up to it.
  12. I'll be treating myself to the Lite in September. Perfect for me as I fancy the idea of being able to take proper console games out and about but I'd get no use out of it in docked mode. Any essentials to pick up, particularly exclusives? I've never really been a Nintendo fan so will probably give Mario and co. a miss but Breath of the Wild looks right up my street despite never having touched a Zelda game. My first purchases will likely be stuff already out on other platforms that I've just never found time for, like Cuphead and Dead Cells, and Stardew Valley is a must. Anything else that's particularly well suited to handheld gaming?
  13. It's gone from a per-transaction fee to a per-ticket fee, so if you're buying a number of tickets then you are incurring a purchasing charge multiple times that which you would have been charged in the past. Not talking about the overall price, but the transaction charge, which this discussion is about. How good of them to offer supporters the chance to print their own tickets and charge them for it! I've no idea how far tgat poubd would go, but again, if that's what they need the charge for then come out and say that that's the reason. I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't mind paying a little extra if it meant ensuring the club staff got paid a decent wage. Even then, it's perhaps a bit cheeky of a club pulling in hundreds of millions a year in TV revenue to stealth tax its fans because they need a fresh batch of A4 for the office printer. If they decided to charge you for the privilege of entering their store or ordering your shopping online, I think you'd be within your rights to complain. However, the two things aren't remotely comparable, as I'm sure you're aware.
  14. But the issue for a lot of people is that there's been little to no justification for why we have to pay it. The club themselves admitted it's been poorly communicated so from a fan perspective you're suddenly being charged many times as much for buying a ticket as you were before, for no adequate reason. Charging an admin fee for you to print tickets at home yourself is inexcusable. As has been stated, the ticket prices themselves haven't gone up, the transaction fee has, so they're essentially charging more while still being able to say ticket prices are still unchanged. Not good. Our owners have done, and continue to do, some incredible things for us and we're lucky to have them, but that doesn't mean that they or the club should be beyond criticism. It's tiring to see people continually try to shut down legitimate criticisms with "they won us the league" or "they buy us a few beers".
  15. Think the primary effect will be loads of people throwing their hands in the air and screaming about the game being ruined every weekend
  16. Not sure if this is the right place for this but it seems a US sports site called The Athletic is making a big play for the UK football journalism market. Subscription-based, recruiting a few big names from the big papers as well as a host of local journalists. More info here. I assume this is the opportunity that Rob Tanner left the Mercury for. Any of our American members know much about the site? Anyone interested in a subscription model for their football coverage?
  17. Isn't that exactly the situation as we already understood it? He'd quite like to go to either club but until they pay the asking price, he's not going anywhere
  18. Guest


    £40m for Dunk is a better deal than £80m for Maguire imo. Our method this window seems to be identifying targets early and stumping up whatever it takes to bring them in, rather than haggling or shopping about for a better deal elsewhere. If he's the one Brendan and the gang want in, then pay the money.
  19. Reporting restrictions were in place until the end of the trials, so either his research wasn't especially thorough or he somehow believed that live streaming himself confronting the defendants as they were about to enter court would not constitute a breach. Can't say I've seen the videos but the judge said the confrontation was aggressive in nature and that he was encouraging "vigilante action" from his followers, which I imagine was taken into account. Whatever his motive, it was a pretty stupid thing to do and the type of thing an actual trained journalist would know not to do.
  20. As far as I can see it's the one glaring weak point in the squad. We've had a superb window thus far in terms of bringing in exactly what we need but our wingers don't produce enough in terms of goals or assists. Rodgers is obviously a good coach and improver of players but I seriously doubt he's going to suddenly turn Gray and Albrighton into regular goalscorers or Ghezzal into a reliable top half winger. I think it's also a pretty big ask for Barnes to shoulder the burden alone in what will be his first full season at this level. Get a good winger in, sell some of the unwanted fringe players and we've had as close to a perfect window as possible for me.
  21. Guest

    A. Perez

    It means the club has another £20m to spend on players, staff, wages, whatever. What's not to get?
  22. Guest

    A. Perez

    Both right and it's definitely good to have players who are genuinely effective in multiple roles as opposed to someone like Gray, who can at a push play central but never looks natural. Having thought about it more I think this is the only sensible route to go down with regards to signing a striker - someone who can complement Vardy and play alongside/behind/wide of him as well as step in for him if necessary, rather than bringing in an out-and-out no.9.
  23. Guest

    A. Perez

    Whenever I've seen him he's been playing just off the striker, which makes me worry that our solution to our winger shortage is to move Maddison wide permanently and have Perez behind Vardy. Might not be the case but he's not an obvious first team winger signing, nor is he going above Maddison in the no.10 pecking order. All conjecture on my part and he's a tidy player, but I don't really see where he fits in apart from as a bit of a jack of all trades rotation option.
  24. Guest

    A. Perez

    Wouldn't mind this, never struck me as an outstanding player but it can't be easy to stand out in a negative team where your job is basically to collect knock-downs from hoofs up to Rondon. Gets a few more goals in the team which can't hurt. I've always had him down as a second striker in the Okazaki mould rather than a winger, but if he can play both then great.
  25. If we sell Maguire and get Dunk/equivalent for less than half the fee then that's outstanding business
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