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  1. If that’s the team our wingers and fullbacks will pen their fullbacks in and can’t see much in the way of protection from auba and pepe. Stick wilf on Ozil who won’t track back when we have it their centre mids can run about but that’s it and less said about their centre backs the better. we got this
  2. The problem with replacing vardy isn’t just finding someone quick who can finish. its his aggression, desire, work rate and unselfishness which will be the hardest to replace (shit housery aside) he looks after himself so can see him going for a couple of seasons after this. after that god knows - he’s so vital to us
  3. I’d be happy as we are in January unless someone too good to be true becomes available for a decent price. in the summer id go for a centre back to replace Wes and a long term replacement for vardy. Best to get him know so can bed in before the inevitable happens. God knows who though as vardy is as irreplaceable as they come
  4. I agree that Praet looks class but he’s hard to fit into the side - which is a great problem to have I see him as a replacement for Ndidi, Tielemans or Maddison if their unavailable or used in a three with WN and YT against the bigger sides
  5. Do we need to play a DM against these? A midfield four of Perez, Praet, Tielemans & Barnes/Albrighton with Maddison off Vardy. Ndidi could always come on to then protect a lead
  6. Schmeichel Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Ndidi Perez Tielemans Praet Maddison Vardy Subs: Ward, Morgan, Justin, Choudhury, Albrighton, Barnes, Iheanacho
  7. Schmeichel Justin Evans Morgan Fuchs choudhury albrighton tielemans praet barnes vardy
  8. Schmeichel ricardo evans soyuncu chilwell ndidi tielemans perez maddison barnes vardy subs: Ward, Justin, Morgan, Choudhury, Praet, Albrighton, iheanacho
  9. Have we officially announced it? Can’t see it anywhere
  10. I agree with your comments on centre mids, I just put it like that as vary system from one holding to two and I think Choudhury can play as an 8 if we need him to. winger wise I’m happy. Albrighton is hugely underrated and for me is a must against the bigger sides. I have huge faith in Barnes and Gray (who I think BR is going to turn into a superstar) and Perez will start getting on the scoresheet soon. My only slight reservation is on iheanacho playing up top for long periods if Vardy gets injured. My guess is BR would turn to Perez if not working out. Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea and Utd have looked poor imo. Wolves and Everton look weaker too so it’s ours for the taking
  11. I’m massively optimistic about this season. We’re building momentum whilst our competition are going the other way. The biggest thing for me is our squad depth. We’ve got two decent 11’s and I genuinely don’t think the others outside of City and Liverpool have: GK - Schmeichel/Ward RB - Ricardo/Justin LB - Chigwell/Fuchs CB - Evans/Morgan CB - Soyuncu/Benkovic CM - Ndidi/Mendy CM - Tielemans/Choudhury CM - Maddison/Praet RW - Perez/Gray LW - Barnes/Albrighton ST - Vardy/Iheanacho There seems to have been some rotation already which shows the faith BR has in our whole squad. Would like Iheanacho to get some minutes as looked sharp in preseason
  12. Schmeichel Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Ndidi Tielemans Choudhury Maddison Vardy Albrighton Subs: Ward, Justin, Morgan, Praet, Barnes, Gray, Perez Press, win the ball and attack at pace. Confident we can beat them
  13. Great news, think he is going to be a huge player for us in years to come. Him and Ndidi sat in front of the back four against the big 4/6 will be like trying to get through a brick wall.
  14. Soyuncu making us all forget whatshisface The performances of Fuchs, Choudhury and Barnes demonstrating our great squad depth. BR focusing on a cup competition The assists, goals and celebrations at Bramall Lane But, the biggest thing for me without getting too carried away, is outside of Man City and Liverpool how poor all the other teams have looked. If we continue as we are there is no reason why we can’t challenge for the top 4.
  15. Schmeichel Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell (Fuchs if not fit) Ndidi (Choudhury if not fit) Perez Tielemans Maddison Barnes Vardy Subs: Ward, Morgan (Benkovic if not fit) Justin, Choudhury/Mendy, Praet, Albrighton, Iheanacho
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