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  1. Whilst I appreciate our strategy has been very successful in recent years in the current situation should we adapt? I’d rather us buy a couple of older players on shorter contracts (and lower outlay) and use the loan market if it were to bulk up our squad where we need it rather than have our pants pulled out/run out of time trying to get Fofana
  2. With the Europa this season and Man City next weekend I’d go with: Schmeichel Justin Morgan Soyuncu Thomas Choudhury Mendy Gray Maddison Albrighton Iheanacho
  3. Going forward we look great but a little unsteady at the back - to be expected with Ricardo and Evans to slot back in. When everyone is fit our best team doesn’t include Fofana (hopefully), Justin, Mendy, Praet, Perez, Iheanacho, and Gray. Add Albrighton, Choudhury, Fuchs and Morgan into the mix and we’ve got a strong squad
  4. How good was Jeff Schlupp tonight?! He tore Utd apart - good lad!
  5. Chuck everything we’ve got at Zaha. would be perfect for us
  6. Rumours that Origi is available around £15m, any takers?
  7. If we are persisting with a back 4 we will rely on the full backs overlapping our wingers who will be cutting in. Cant expect them to do it every game for 60 odd games (plus internationals). If we can pick up another decent fullback for £10m or so we should definitely consider it
  8. 2 weeks until we play Man City. by that time Evans and Maddison should be back and we’ll have 3 new signings in. As soon as Ricardo is back (without anyone else getting injured) we’ll be in a strong position We’ve got enough to beat West Brom and Burnley with the available players we have. If we do that everyone will be in more of a positive mood
  9. If he’s willing to work hard and contribute then give him a go, definitely gives us something that our other attackers don’t.
  10. What an absolute shambles. Welcome Lee Tomlin.
  11. I’d keep him purely to come on for 20 mins and charge round like a lunatic. That and for when we play Newcastle
  12. Purely based on the fact that Mandy has played more during pre-season that Praet and Choudhury and we’re weaker at CB so will give extra protection
  13. Schmeichel Castagne Morgan/Benkovic Soyuncu Justin Ndidi Mendy Gray Tielemans Barnes Vardy Subs: Ward, Morgan/Benkovic, Thomas, Praet, Albrighton, Perez, Iheanacho
  14. Apparently he waited until Callum Wilson signed before committing. Definitely not the right character you’d want at your club. Newcastle are welcome to him
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