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  1. Schmeichel ricardo evans maguire chilwell ndidi ghezzal maddison tielemans albrighton vardy subs: ward, Morgan, Fuchs, mendy, Barnes, gray, iheanacho our widemen are the problem at the moment imo. No harm giving ghezzal a game (assuming he’s fit) and be interesting to see albrighton in a slightly different wide role.
  2. According to my Liverpool supporting brother in law he’s been fit all season and done well whenever he’s been played. not selected at Liverpool due to combination of playing style and this betting probe. If we could get him on a low wage and incentive based contract he’s worth a risk. Was abundantly clear on Friday that we had little goal threat from the bench and he would solve that problem. hopefully BR will ask him to have a word with lallana/shakiri while he’s at it!
  3. The equivalent for me would be to take a 6 month trial at a company in my industry and if I got on the with the people there, saw a positive future with opportunities to progress my career further and enjoyed what I did would I swap that for going somewhere completely different on the same terms? Definitely not. If we can offer him terms he’s happy with I think he’ll join.
  4. Schmeichel ricardo evans maguire chilwell ndidi tielemans mendy maddison vardy barnes
  5. Kasper soyuncu evans maguire ricardo ndidi tielemans chilwell gray vardy barnes subs: ward, Morgan, Fuchs, mendy, Maddison, ghezzal, iheanacho
  6. With two minutes left I can’t believe he didn’t go long into the corner looking to win a throw in, corner or free kick to apply some pressure. Instead a tentative punt into the centre circle which contributed massively to our defeat
  7. If we played soyuncu instead of Morgan and gray instead of Maddison I think we win this. glad to see BR trying something new and he would taken things from the game. Ultimately we didnt move the ball quick enough and attack with enough purpose. Plenty to work on and disappointed with the result but I maintain plenty of faith for the future of our wonderful club.
  8. Their goal offside and Mariappa should be off. think we’ve done ok just not used the space and been clinical enough. When we lose it Barnes and Maddison need to give some protection as they’re getting in 2 on 1. I would keep it how it is then take a CB and either Barnes or Maddison off for gray and iheanacho if we don’t get back into it
  9. Ryan sessegnon to provide back up at LB and to push for a start on the wing (start 2 from him, Barnes and Gray 🔥) Sign tielemans on a permanent deal (Silva + £). Then sign one other CM of an attacking/creative nature. I like Ndidi/Tielemans/Maddison as a three but don’t seem to have anyone who can compete with/replace Tielemans or Maddison. Plenty of DM options to cover Ndidi. Then two strikers. One as a long term replacement for Vardy and one as more physical threat as an option. My knowledge of the foreign leagues isn’t what it used to be but from England I’d take any from Wilson, Mitrovic, Rondon and Austin. Then sell/release Simpson, Morgan, Fuchs (😢) King, James, Ghezzal and Slimani
  10. Schmeichel soyuncu evans maguire ricardo ndidi tielemans maddison chilwell/barnes vardy iheanacho Subs: ward, Morgan, fuchs, mendy, gray, ghezzal/Barnes (if chilwell fit) Okazaki vardy cant play up top on his own, wingers have no end product. He’d may as well give 3-5-2 a bash as nothing else is working
  11. I’ve tried to be patient and see the bigger picture but my faith has run out. whilst we keep the ball better we have no idea what to do and in final third. The amount of times we worked ourselves into a good position then no-one was in the box. We need someone in to steady the ship until the summer then go again. Rodgers or Rafa would do for me
  12. Thought we were brilliant. One poor piece of marking and a touch of fortune for their other 2 goals. On another day we’re looking at a 3/4 goal victory. tielemans looks class. If we can get him signed up that’s our back 7 positions for next year sorted. Just need to concentrate on the front 4 now. Vardy made a difference, thought iheanacho did well (don’t shoot me) and the other four were good on bursts just some poor decision making/finishing. future is very bright. Puel in.
  13. Based on pace on the counter. Its a close call, and I like Maddison, but gray edges it for me
  14. I’d go for this apart from gray instead of Maddison
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