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  1. Schmeichel Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Ndidi Tielemans Praet Perez Vardy Maddison Subs: Ward, Morgan, Justin, Choudhury, Barnes, Albrighton, Iheanacho Harsh to drop Perez after two games. They play 3 in the middle so I’d go like for like and encourage Maddison/Perez to drift inside leaving the fullbacks to overlap
  2. 2nd half we were incredible, just needed a bit more composure and we would have run away with it. That is our best system except I’d put Praet in for Hamza and Chilwell back in for Fuchs. The future is bright.
  3. You’re spot on and it’s a nonsense that the attacker can be penalised but the defender can’t. what I meant is that as time goes on it could go that way - sorry if not explained well! VAR is great but the rules need looking at
  4. I’m all for a system that means clear and obvious errors are not made. The officials can’t see everything so they do need help. however disallowing goals for a nipple being offside or if the ball accidentally brushes an arm is ludicrous. Completely spoils the game. I agree that it’s not VARs fault, the rules need looking at it. with the Man City one yesterday if we are being really OTT, Skipp pulled laportes shirt first and the ball hit both their arms so could easily have been given as a penalty instead. This is going to ruin our beautiful game if we’re not careful
  5. Schmeichel ricardo evans soyuncu chilwell ndidi perez maddison tielemans albrighton vardy subs: ward, Justin, Morgan, choudhury, praet, Barnes, iheanacho
  6. Morata and David Luiz are the only other ones I can remember
  7. Schmeichel ricardo soyuncu evans chilwell choudhury tielemans perez maddison albrighton vardy ward, Morgan, Justin, praet, mendy/Silva, Barnes, iheanacho 2-1 win 👍
  8. Convert Ndidi to CB and play Praet CM - simples
  9. Anyone see this on the Facebook page the other week?
  10. Wonder if we can tempt Bournemouth to give us Fraser and Ake in exchange for £40m, Gray and a season long loan for soyuncu/benkovic?
  11. Getting over £80m would represent great business. As much as I wouldn’t want to lose him that’s a huge sum of money for someone I think we can afford to lose. i wouldn’t buy a replacement. I’d stick with soyuncu and use Morgan/benkovic as back up. Use the money on a world class winger and squad centre mid
  12. If he goes and if we replace him I wouldn’t have anyone from the premier league. Would be horrendously overpriced
  13. I just hope whatever happens it’s sorted in the next week or so. with the deadline now before the season starts the last thing we want is a last minute sale. If he stays I’m happy, if he wants to go and we get £80m + for him I’m happy. Either way let’s just get it sorted. If he does go I’ve got faith in soyuncu to fill in as would be reluctant to throw benkovic straight in
  14. So happy this is over the line - massive statement from our wonderful football club! Top marks to the board for backing the manager and producing the goods! hopefully this will convince Harry he can get champions league football with us and he’ll stay put cannot wait for the season to begin! ?
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