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  1. You don’t think starting 3 players who are not fully match fit/rusty isn’t a bigger risk? Coupled with the fact that West Ham’s strength will be out wide - coufal and masuwaku/cresswell from deep and Bowen/lingard/fornals up top you want to go narrow in midfield? I personally think our midfield would be pulled all over the place and our fullbacks would be exposed. Each to their own - either way I just want the three points. If we go with your system (or similar) and win I’ll be delighted to hold my hands up. cheers for not being overly condescendin
  2. Hopefully we’ll have a clean bill of health (bar absentees we know about) The more I’ve thought about it this week I think I’d revert back to our 4-2-3-1 system. With their absences I think we try to blow them away early and leave them chasing the game. id go with Schmeichel Amartey Evans Fofana Castagne Ndidi Tielemans Ricardo Perez Albrighton Vardy This team has the flexibility to go to a 3-4-3 to match them if needed. That leaves Iheanacho, Maddison, Praet
  3. I’m glad we blocked his move. He’s got the career he has because of us and we deserved to call the shots on his departure. As good a player as he is, he’s not one I miss
  4. Can see Chelsea going for Aguero and possibly Spurs if they lose Kane
  5. I’d be happy with this, my mate who’s a hibs fan raves about him. We need to replace Fuchs in the summer and would rather sign this lad than a Bertrand or similar. This would leave Ricardo, Castagne, Justin and Doig as our 1st choice fullbacks. Ricardo can cover RW and JJ can cover CB (if playing a 3). Thomas, Flynn and Daley-Campbell could be loaned out for experience. Amartey to then purely play CB if required
  6. Knowing our luck Mark Noble will turn into a Iniesta/Busquets hybrid before we play them
  7. Soumare also comes in very handy during the AFCON (especially as Mendy now playing for Senegal) Likewise Eduoard for Iheanacho and another CB for Amartey as Fuchs and Morgan will more than likely have gone by then 😢
  8. The benefit of Amartey being in there means we can always switch to a 4-2-3-1 if needed. Schmeichel Amartey Evans Fofana Castagne Ndidi Tielemans Ricardo Iheanacho Perez Vardy
  9. Schmeichel Amartey Evans Fofana Ricardo Tielemans Ndidi Castagne Perez Vardy Iheanacho I’d persist with this system, looked good in previous games. Wouldn’t change it due to one result against champions elect
  10. No shame in losing to these. They are a great side with a ridiculous squad (just look at their bench yesterday) and they played very well. My only gripe is that I was surprised we didn’t make a change or two at half time. They were so dominant it was clear something needed to change. Just need to dust ourselves down and prepare for West Ham
  11. Hopefully it’s rubbish If not big Dan can come in and do a job
  12. Schmeichel Fofana Evans Soyuncu Ricardo Ndidi Tielemans Castagne Maddison Iheanacho Vardy Subs: Ward, Amartey, Fuchs, Thomas, Mendy, Choudhury, Praet, Albrighton, Perez Would rather start madders than bring him on if not fit for the 90 mins. Bench looking a lot stronger than a few weeks back 🙌
  13. I sense there is more of a problem with application rather than talent. BR has seen more of him in a handful of training sessions than we have all season and it’s possible that he does not train as well as BR would like. Speaks volumes that Albrighton was getting picked ahead of him. Just goes to show that a moment of magic is great but consistency and work rate will always win the battle. All that being said, if in the last couple of months he gets his head down, works hard and produces when required I wouldn’t say no to taking him on a cut price deal (what we
  14. Pep will have an eye on the champions league midweek game. let’s get stuck in. I think we’ll pull this off
  15. Very good for us. Can tap up his international team mates with a reduced chance of getting injured.
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