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  1. Best we can get out of this is a vardy goal to get some confidence for the run in
  2. Was thinking this earlier...isn’t particularly good at anything
  3. They were calling him one the best players in the world because he was...
  4. Feel pretty similar about Huth's goal against spurs.
  5. Solid that. It was all about getting back on track after the Leeds game and the lads did it perfectly.
  6. The amount of money they've spent to play like that is actually disgusting
  7. Honestly **** off he’s made some incredible saves recently.
  8. The current situation is that we are 4th. Lighten up pal.
  9. We’re 4th you miserable ***** Up the foxes!!!!!
  10. Yeah been doggo for a while. Straight swap for Soyuncu when he’s fit.
  11. Nice one Jim! What's the point of this post?
  12. That guy cannot actually speak english. Idk how he's managed to get himself into summary/commentary roles for the BBC and Sky. Absolute mystery.
  13. Is this commentator disabled? We are literally playing with wingbacks...
  14. He scores one of those Podence chances though surely
  15. Don't see either of these two being good enough to take over from Jota.
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