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  1. Player Meet & Greet/Signing Session

    Yes usual type of answer, Jim is a waste of space, just a club ''yes'' man
  2. Kasper Schmeichel

    The only problem is that before ever game home and away he drills the ball right and left with some success, during a game its always to high also he is very slow to throw the ball out , sometimes he dithers in the box and will not throw it , not comparing them but his dad was the opposite and rarely kicked the ball out when he could throw it more accurately, all players have bad games and this was one of his worst but im sure he will bounce back from it
  3. Chilwell is amazing

    My spelling was a mistake, yours is pure ignorance,
  4. Chilwell is amazing

    Or you are in the Chilwell love in crew, i watched full backs in the 60s who could tackle , Chilwell cant tackle cant defend and has the footballing brain of a 4 year old, i saw Shlupp make better tackles and posiitIonal decisions
  5. Chilwell is amazing

    Nothing to do with yesterday possibly the worst left back i have ever seen in a city shirt he was sh#te at Everton and cost us the game, may be ok as a wing back or even a winger but as a defender he will never make it
  6. Chilwell is amazing

    He can not defend, total liability, i dont understand the chilwell love in, get shut in the summer, great championship player
  7. Frank Worthington’s bit o’ 1970s fun at Bailey’s

    I remember being in Tiffanys in the mid 70s when Wortho and the birch got up on the very small stage next to the dj and sang Elvis songs , it was a great night from what i remember, a few years ago speaking to Birch at the woodies he clearly remembered this, also last season big Frank was outside the KP with his daughter, and in conversation with him i mentioned this peticular night, a big smile came onto his face he had remembered, although he has problems with memory he clearly remembered '' ah birch , cant sing as well as me though can he , will he be here today, we shook hands and away he went posing for pictures with many of the fans, great night, great era, great man
  8. Should have sold Mahrez

    then why did he sign a great contract instead of running his old one down.
  9. Julian Joachim Jr Shabadoo's Bank of Free-to-use Free-range Emoticonamajigs

  10. Time to stand up and be counted, Who moaned that Puel would bring us boring football

    Still mourn the Pippin shutting
  11. When he was appointed many on here were none to pleased , i think its time to hold your hands up, some of the football has been superb.
  12. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    Wow whatever next , he should stay at home and watch the TV
  13. New Leeds crest

    Worst badge ive ever seen ( FOREST COME CLOSE), good job its only LEEDS
  14. Teams after our Players

    Better see the nurse for your medicine now
  15. Chilwell is amazing

    thats one