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  1. Great player .. no Good player yes, please realise that the 2 centre backs a BOTH better than him
  2. Will not happen, lazy journalism, fake news
  3. Chilwell has gone backwards since he joined up with England. doesn't look to play it forward, lets players get in front of him in the box, cant defend, poor crossing on the odd occasion he does get one in, does not get Barnes into the game enough but heads the ball well and good pace when playing as a wing back, time to bench him as he is the weak link the other clubs are playing on.
  4. Barnes supply line is Chilwell who at the moment cant pass the ball forwards, Perez getting better week by week 100% this
  5. He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy
  6. All people can do is moan an complain, if its not for you then fine, let the kids enjoy it, im oblivious to it, plenty of other thing to watch or do, have a chat with other fans, watch the tvs, have a pint, enjoy your night, STOP MOANING.
  7. Chilwell has had enough first team and England games now..... he can not defend , alright going forward , heads the ball well, fast ,but has not learnt the art of defending,
  8. Have you ever seen Andy King play or was it before your time ?
  9. If he's not good enough for England and not good enough for Man Utd then there is no way he is good enough for us, sh#te when he was here under Pearson and still sh#te now. Maddison 10 times the player Lingard is and ever will be
  10. Wonder if cheesy's dinosaur will turn up ?
  11. but........according to this forum hes to old and his legs have gone. he is by far the best left back ive seen in a city shirt since the 60s.... bar none
  12. Just got back, totally outclassed, outplayed, outposesed outscored and outsang them
  13. OK, only the privileged seats available, will that do ?
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