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  1. A usual there's a right way and a wrong way to do and say things, Mahrez and his advisors or agent seem to always go the wrong way, good player, poor attitude towards thoes who got him to where he is now, Without Walsh, Pearson, Rudkin and Vichai i really dont think he would have made it it to riches of the Premier League
  2. There’s only one person to blame for all this. By JoeDerby, 17 hours ago in Derby County Forum JoeDerby Member 558 418 posts Posted 17 hours ago (edited)
  3. His best all round performance in a Leicester shirt and he will get better under Brendan
  4. This is not a football problem its a social problem, to many blame football
  5. Hamza Bin Ladens last words, please give the gun to Demarai Gray
  6. And he will fob you off with some lame excuse as normal
  7. Make sure to bring an inflatable dinosaur, leave it in your seat when you go for a drink at half time.
  8. Because he wasnt one bit interested in our club only our money and that hasnt changed,
  9. This must be the best midfield Leicester City have ever had, EVER
  10. Technical scouting chief Ollie Waldron leaves Leicester City 16th March 2019 Luke Pawley 0 Comments Ollie Waldron has left his role as Head of Technical Scouting at Leicester City. Look at the date ###
  11. This guy is stealing a living, in any other trade he would be sacked, get him sold or loaned out, will not make it here
  12. Bristol City wanted him at the start of this season, i would think a season in the championship would do him good
  13. Needs to move on now, he's not going to make it here, best for all if he goes elsewhere.
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