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  1. Come on owners make a stand, if Swansea can do it so can you, stick to your guns Everton now offering £45m for a £30m player , Mahrez £45m or he stays here
  2. Read recently that he was skint due to the high life and treatment, a proper sick note, could do without him at the club, i cant see him being a good influence on our youth,
  3. Matty needs to stay , a better midfielder than many give credit for, in todays market where Hughes went to watford for £4m James must be £12 - £15m, It will be like a new signing for us, £4m is a joke
  4. The Sun Football ⚽‏Verified account @TheSunFootball 2h2 hours ago More EXCLUSIVE: Leicester set to pull off one of the surprise signings of summer http://thesun.uk/60108qesi
  5. Poor at best, no confidence, not commanding, no communication, best gone,
  6. A fox cant smell its own hole.
  7. What about the Dinosaur ?
  8. I read somewhere that Nigel Pearson will have Nick Barmby as his assistant so im guessing Chris Powell or Sammy Lee
  9. He was at the front leading where we were.
  10. spot on
  11. For me the very childish ''we're coming for you'' the stupid immature hand games when the likes of Kane or Alli score, the very silly wave of Alli, Its a professional mans game not an u14 league, Grow up
  12. Not sure if it mentioned elsewhere but were are the last team to take a point from White Hart Lane. Im sure it will get a mention on Thursday.
  13. The amount of badly wrong decisions made this season it wouldn't make any difference to linesmans decisions whether there were straight, diagonal or no lines in the grass at all they still cant get it right. That design is awesome
  14. No good ringing him he dosent talk
  15. No. i like the view from where i am