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  1. This must be the best midfield Leicester City have ever had, EVER
  2. Technical scouting chief Ollie Waldron leaves Leicester City 16th March 2019 Luke Pawley 0 Comments Ollie Waldron has left his role as Head of Technical Scouting at Leicester City. Look at the date ###
  3. This guy is stealing a living, in any other trade he would be sacked, get him sold or loaned out, will not make it here
  4. Bristol City wanted him at the start of this season, i would think a season in the championship would do him good
  5. Needs to move on now, he's not going to make it here, best for all if he goes elsewhere.
  6. Typical, double standards from the FA. He was just a kid, weve all said and done things at that age that were regretable but dont get dragged through the mill for them, The lad has apologised and that should be enough.
  7. Because if Liverpool win it we will never hear the end of it, their fans go on and on and on, also only 6 names on that trophy ill be happy if it stays that way
  8. Thanks for the words of wisdom again Geoff
  9. Great result for the stanny, fully deserved, they have won trophy's year after year, to reach this final is the icing on a 30 year cake, we all had some great sunday nights celebrating, in the 90s and noughties, congratulations to pete and all the boys
  10. His first touch is terrible, i cant see that getting any better
  11. Thats mine i left it in your car
  12. I dont get this , Celtic didnt back Brendan with transfer funds, they effectively sold him to us for £6m and didnt try to stop him, and Sutton, Hartson and their deluded fans are blaming him for taking a job for twice as much money in the best leagUe in the world, i dont blame him one bit
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