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  1. Not so long ago people were saying that about Chilwell , he played himself into an undroppable England left back
  2. The person who started the thread, never even mentioned Puel, all he said was Vardy is not happy, and he is dead right
  3. i understand that but the 3.00 kick offs are down to it not affecting grass roots football, which is after all the future of the game
  4. its not that, ive been to quite a few away games this seasen where there were plenty of seats,
  5. Not many of our games home or away have sold out
  6. You can always get sky with the money you have saved by not going
  7. Peter Taylor Leicester City June 2000 September 2001 54 19 9 26 35.19 Claude Puel Leicester City 25 October 2017 Present 63 23 17 23 36.5 After the next 3 games win rate will be almost the same, Taylor was the most hated manger in our club, Puel is not far behind
  8. Dont read the topic then, read the others
  9. I cant ever remember him putting a foot wrong ( apart from the free kick against Stoke) absolute hero and legend.
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