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  1. spot on
  2. For me the very childish ''we're coming for you'' the stupid immature hand games when the likes of Kane or Alli score, the very silly wave of Alli, Its a professional mans game not an u14 league, Grow up
  3. Not sure if it mentioned elsewhere but were are the last team to take a point from White Hart Lane. Im sure it will get a mention on Thursday.
  4. The amount of badly wrong decisions made this season it wouldn't make any difference to linesmans decisions whether there were straight, diagonal or no lines in the grass at all they still cant get it right. That design is awesome
  5. No good ringing him he dosent talk
  6. No. i like the view from where i am
  7. I rarely have sat away from home. no intention of sitting , its never good when you cant get your legs in, im one of the older fans, i would stand at the KP if i had a chance
  8. Just wondered what yours are after enjoying some of the chanting and personal banter across the wall stewards at Arsenal, i thought the '' his eyes are offside chant '' on Wednesday was superb.
  9. Leo always gives 100% , not always as quick with laying the ball off but offers something different. I would love to see him stay,
  10. Man of the match for me yesterday v Palace
  11. I would play Slimani v Everton, they have Jagielka only of their central defenders, perhaps rest Shingi for the big one on Wednesday,
  12. It seem to me he didnt want Claudio here when appointed and then didnt want to see him go, Gary as a city fan should now be backing shakey to take us back up the league
  13. Wasyl is a good shout, a few have been saying it was a role for him next season anyway, if wasyl says team bonding , you bond,
  14. It seems like the band waggon is getting full , perhaps people like Cantona forget the kung fu kicks, merson forgotten his drink and drugs ect ect
  15. yet another Gerrard told BT Sport: “I think they’ve let the manager down big time. I think to show the character, the desire and the fight that they showed in their last two performances, to not give that to Ranieri previously after what he gave them last season, I think it’s badly disrespectful. Read more at http://www.squawka.com/news/steven-gerrard-leicester-city-players-have-disrespected-claudio-ranieri