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  1. hahaha Roger Davies, what about George Armstrong, Lammie Robertson, Geoff Salmons, Alan Waddle, nearly a full team under the worst manager
  2. Yes ok he had a bad game, he's young and he will learn from games like today, get off his back give the lad a break, its players like him that will bring silverware to our great club.
  3. The point im making is that Ulloa is not current and no one knows how he would play with Youri behind him supplying or keeping up with Barnes
  4. You cant compare Shearer with Vardy as the whole premier league is different same as Ulloa and Iheanacho different type of player in a vastly different team
  5. No way can you compare these, when different styles and service is considered
  6. Nacho and Gray have been stealing a living for a long time, No improvement, bin them very quickly
  7. Chilwell wasn't a left back but was played there as one many time (he was a left wing back)
  8. And me , the game that tied me to this great club, so proud
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