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  1. And maybe stop at traffic lights , and stop trying to balance like something out of a circus rather than take their feet off the pedals when at a junction
  2. Worst performance, never, did you watch the Norwich game ?
  3. Ive been sent an inflatable dinosaur by the club
  4. Im pretty sure Albrighton will start when Justin plays to cover him on the defesive side of things, Albrighton can get a cross in without beating his man, Gray has to get infront or go on a run before he does anything and they dont come often enough.
  5. Ive never missed a game and neither has my mother
  6. If you've written that for a reaction its not worked, and yes it was an average team but we had been classed as a below average relegation team, you forgot to say he didnt even play in every game. I wish i had one of his rare iconic shirts
  7. Remember when we nearly signed Cambiasso, was that newsworthy
  8. Great shout, what about villa with a championship logo
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