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  1. Leo always gives 100% , not always as quick with laying the ball off but offers something different. I would love to see him stay,
  2. Man of the match for me yesterday v Palace
  3. It seem to me he didnt want Claudio here when appointed and then didnt want to see him go, Gary as a city fan should now be backing shakey to take us back up the league
  4. Wasyl is a good shout, a few have been saying it was a role for him next season anyway, if wasyl says team bonding , you bond,
  5. It seems like the band waggon is getting full , perhaps people like Cantona forget the kung fu kicks, merson forgotten his drink and drugs ect ect
  6. yet another Gerrard told BT Sport: “I think they’ve let the manager down big time. I think to show the character, the desire and the fight that they showed in their last two performances, to not give that to Ranieri previously after what he gave them last season, I think it’s badly disrespectful. Read more at http://www.squawka.com/news/steven-gerrard-leicester-city-players-have-disrespected-claudio-ranieri
  7. Pundits can go and do one, MERSON , supporting his playing buddy Pearson as the only one to be able to get us out of a mess, and says most neutral fans want city to be relagated, CARRAGHER having a verbal battle with danny simpson on his own medal winning , LE TISSIER taking it upon himself to speak for 95% of Leicester fans and saying they wanted Ranieri to stay , SAVAGE now jumps down the throats of any city fans who speak on his shows. OWEN, SHEARER, the list goes on and on, to many are supporting the clubs they played for rather than being neutral and giving a fair reflection, The world and his dog wants to talk us down at the moment.
  8. Looking forward to this, i think the last couple of months home and away we knew what was coming, i think Shakey will serve up something different, i think the players will think the pressure is off them a little bit and play a more ''Leicester'' way which we have only seen glimpses of this season, what do you guys think
  9. Mourinhos a kn#b, this is what he said not log ago The Portuguse mocked the 63-year-old's grasp of the English language and lack of trophies. “He (Ranieri) has lived for five years in England and still has trouble saying good morning and good afternoon,” Mourinho said. “He is almost 70, and he has won a Super Cup and another small cup. He’s too old to change mentality.”
  10. Could not agree more, great post
  11. Everyone else can do one. LCFC comes first. End of
  12. 100% behind the owners, as far as im concerned they have always done the right thing for LCFC , Ive waited a long time for premier football and under Claudio i dont think we would have got it for next season. What he did for us was absolutely fantastic but we should have been looking at an easy season not one where we are looking over our shoulders at the sides below us. Well done Claudio we will love you for the legend that you will become here but LCFC comes first
  13. You are not getting the point, its not about scapegoats or even the result im on about passion and showing it, 5,400 will be there later and deserve at least that
  14. the F A Cup is regarded as the biggest domestic cup competition in the world so so domestic cups abroad dont come up anywhere near
  15. its not just a local game its the F A Cup,