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  1. Wow do people talk about other things............amazing
  2. Gone up one notch for that, could have said nothing
  3. Done nothing wrong, go for it Madders enjoy your holiday, mind on work when you get back
  4. No one said it was new, Im saying time is not compensated for by the refs that are not watching the amount of time wasted
  5. Im getting really racked off with all the obvious time wasting, last week at Burnley one of their players twice went down holding his back to try and stop the game and jumped up as soon as the play went in the opposite direction, goalkeepers taking their time at goal kicks and when having the ball in their hands as timed by Vardy against Southampton, throw ins, free kicks, players picking the ball up and running off with it dropping it further down the pitch when its not their free kick, the slow substitution walk off, walking to take a corner, it just goes on and on, the problem is its boring and although the referee stand and points at his watch you get a couple of mins instead of a lot more, i remember when players took the ball into the corner to waste time at least with the kicking pushing and shoving it was entertaining now i feel there is just to much of the boring side... What do you think
  6. Great player .. no Good player yes, please realise that the 2 centre backs a BOTH better than him
  7. Chilwell has gone backwards since he joined up with England. doesn't look to play it forward, lets players get in front of him in the box, cant defend, poor crossing on the odd occasion he does get one in, does not get Barnes into the game enough but heads the ball well and good pace when playing as a wing back, time to bench him as he is the weak link the other clubs are playing on.
  8. Barnes supply line is Chilwell who at the moment cant pass the ball forwards, Perez getting better week by week 100% this
  9. He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy
  10. All people can do is moan an complain, if its not for you then fine, let the kids enjoy it, im oblivious to it, plenty of other thing to watch or do, have a chat with other fans, watch the tvs, have a pint, enjoy your night, STOP MOANING.
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