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  1. No, I'm well aware that he started playing for us before 1990 and finished playing for us after 1993. I selected those 3 seasons because of the intensity of his playing contribution during them. I think Gary played a handful go games in the disastrous 94/95 relegation season and left the club during it. But he was a brilliant player for us and we were lucky to have him at the time.
  2. I've been provoked to making this comment by hearing Klopp moaning today that Liverpool had to kick off at 12.30 rather than 3.00. I was reminded of the contribution Gary Mills made to LCFC in the early 90s. Gary was a great player for us and in the seasons 90/91 91/92 and 92/93 he made a total of 163 appearances for the club. That's an average of 54 games a season over 3 years and he probably both started and finished every one of those games. He was also the wrong side of 30 at the time but was probably our best player during those 3 seasons. During the 91/92 sea
  3. I miss Filbert Street. I miss being able to stand on the terrace and move around during the game without having to get written permission from G4S. I miss being able to smoke a fag during the game. I miss getting wet when it rains. I miss the electronic scoreboard above the East Stand malfunctioning. I miss singing ''Who ate all the pies?'' while some fat bloke is being frogmarched out of the ground by the Old Bill. I miss seeing our star strikers hit the Kirby and West sign on the Double Decker Stand. I miss s
  4. Imagine if he does a Teddy Sheringham or a Ryan Giggs and plays on until he's nearly 40.
  5. There are still 9 games to play before the end of the year, so I can see it happening. By the end of the season I think he might be looking at 160 +
  6. 140th goal for the club tonight. Could the 150th come before the end of the year?
  7. Orient away in the 1979/80 season. It was the last game of the season and although City were effectively promoted because of goal difference, it wasn't mathematically certain. But the 0-1 victory that day secured not only promotion but the 2nd Division Championship. My dad said we'd go but before the day before something came up which stopped us. So I had to settle for the Radio Leicester commentary instead as the supporters invaded the Brisbane Road pitch at then end. I went to every home game that championship winning season season and a fair few away games too, including such ex
  8. I forgot to add. Southampton at home in the 1st Division October 1983 when the match was abandoned in the 2nd half after rainfall of Biblical proportions. MOTD used the footage of Steve Lynex swimming through an enormous puddle on the pitch for a year or 2 afterwards on the opening credits. The footage is on You Tube if anyone cares to look.
  9. I seem to remember Leicester playing an American side called Tulsa Roughnecks at Filbert Street sometime around 1979/80. I can't remember why the game took place but there must have been a reason.Does anyone else remember it? Other strange ''I was there'' matches which occur to me are as follows. 3 FA Cup replays between Arsenal and Sheffield Wednesday with were played over the space of about 9 days in January 1979 at Filbert Street. No penalty shoot outs in those days so if the game ended in a draw it just went to another replay until the a winner emerged. These 3 game
  10. Fair play to you then. Did you get a match programme?
  11. Not so sure about that. He'd been doing Saint and Greavsie with Ian St John, which was ITV's equivalent of Football Focus, for a fair few years before he became Central TV's pundit. And he was generally good value at the time and I think he liked the Midlands football scene of the early 90s when ourselves, Forest, Derby, Wolves, WBA, Birmingham, Notts County and one or two others were playing each other on a regular basis. It sounds like you remember that time so you'll know that every Sunday afternoon there was a live match on Central and Greaves was one of the main commentators, along with R
  12. Greavsie was a fixture on Central TV at the time and did the commentary on loads of City matches. He was always funny and interesting to listen to but he did seem to have a real grudge against us at times. After the Derby play-off win the chant was ''Are you watching Jimmy Greaves?''. He's not in great health these days so we can forgive him.
  13. I was still in the 6th Form at the time. I seem to recall the match being played around lunchtime on a Monday but I can't be certain. Incidentally, City won the first game 6-1 but it doesn't count towards the career statistics of any player who took part in it or scored a goal. Lineker got a hat-trick that day and is still aggrieved that those goals aren't included in his official City record.
  14. I was at that one. Played at the Baseball Ground. The match was forced to be replayed behind closed doors at Highfield Road so I hope nobody will claim to have been at that one.
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