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  1. I remember the days when we had serious rivalries with Notts County and Peterborough United, let alone Derby and Forest. And they would beat us too.
  2. Will the people of Brent get behind us or behind Southampton I wonder? Or will they split into various partisan factions? It would be strange indeed if trouble broke out between those Brent residents who backed Leicester and those who wanted Southampton to win?
  3. I remember the days under David Pleat when the team would get a civic reception if they won a throw in.
  4. Your location suggests Scraptoft. I used to know it quite well and was never overwhelmed by its human potential. Are you a Jeremy Corbyn supporter as well as an LCFC supporter?
  5. Don't bother. Do you really think that Stringfellow, whoever he/she is, is really capable of identifying where commas do and do not belong in a sentence? You'll consume way too much popcorn than is good for you.
  6. Are there? Feel free to point out those instances then.
  7. Yes I remember that game and that incident in it. I was watching the match from the Double Decker with my father and one of his friends and they remarked on how the Leicester dugout was packed with the manager, assistant manager, physio, PR man, social media moderators etc, whereas the Cambridge dugout just had one bloke in it, presumably the manager, who was stretching his legs out as if it was a lazy Sunday afternoon.
  8. I'm not interested in pubs anymore. Once smoking was banned in them they changed for the worse. They became the haunt of lazy parents who didn't want to pay for a babysitter and and vegan socialists who thought they were planning a multi-cult utopian paradise. You're probably part of the latter faction.
  9. Hang on a minute pal. I'm going to drop the sir and call you pal. You quoted my post and then began your reply with a question so I think it's a bit stupid of you to tell me that there's really no need to explain myself. You asked for the explanation and I provided it. If it makes little sense to you I can only assume that your reading skills are not what they should be, which is why you failed to understand what I wrote in the first place.
  10. Excuse me Sir, I think the Grammar Police would like to ask you a few questions. ''Possibly only the Derby side were worse'' doesn't mean that there is a possibility that they were better. If it meant that, the word ''only'' would not be in the sentence. It means there is a possibility that they were the only team worse than us from 77/78. In other words, the worst top flight team was Derby of 06/07 and then there's close competition as to who is the 2nd worst and our 77/78 team is one of the contenders. Amongst those contenders I would include Stoke City 84/85, Swindon
  11. A truly abysmal season it was. Under 3 points for a win we'd have finished on 27pts and that was a 42 game season, not 38 like today. They were one of the worst top flight teams of the last 50 years. Possibly only the Derby side of 2006/07 were worse. Knocked out in the first round of both cups too. Looking at the players in that photo, although there were a few who were decent servants of the club in their day, they were all gone within a year of Jock Wallace taking over, with the exception of Mark Wallington. And don't get me started on the players who were signed d
  12. He was playing in the first City match I ever went to but that was the only time I saw him in a Leicester shirt. If we'd held on to him we might have stayed up in the 77/78 season but he left and Keith Weller was refusing to come back from America if I remember rightly and we had one of our worst seasons ever. He was one of those players of whom it was said at the time that they would add 2 or 3,000 spectators to the gate. I recall at school in the mid 70s, one of the lads was reputed to own one of the football cards that we all collected of Frank Worthington but he was
  13. I liked Ian Wilson too. Remember his goal at Craven Cottage in 1983. We signed him from Elgin Rangers if I recall correctly. God knows what our scouts were doing in Elgin but he went on to win a league title with Everton.
  14. It depends on how old you are and how old you were when you became a supporter. Like everyone else my favourite season is 2015/16 when we finished in our highest ever position, i.e Champions. But my second favourite season is 90/91 when we had an absolutely crap team, endured some horrific defeats and finished in what was then our lowest ever position. Without experiencing the lows you can't appreciate the highs.
  15. Did they? I'd forgotten that then but let's face it, it was a long time ago. The Tigers seemed to win it every year back then.
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