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  1. When reading posters views on what’s going on out there, we should take into account that everyone has their own ‘cross to bear’ over the past year. We know that Harry has commented on his anxiety over the period and it’s natural that people’s perspectives are going to be influenced by their experiences .......... perhaps boris is one of them ......
  2. Moving on from my 2 no win fa cup semi final streak, my ‘new Wembley’ record consists of three defeats .....(the Spurs ones v entertaining though)
  3. Paracetamol you should be passed the worst by tomorrow if not later today you could cheer yourself up by thinking the following 2 things a) you’re not ill. You don’t actually have anything wrong with you at all. That may help you cope mentally. b) your reaction to the jab can be correlated to what your reaction to the real virus might have been. Think how grim you’d have felt if you’d contracted covid !! there’s no evidence for this but i figure it can help those who have a bad reaction get through it more easily as they consider the silver lining ....
  4. Have you travelled much Harry ??? You’d hate China ....
  5. All the supermarkets have a caterpillar cake ............
  6. You can mock it but if it brings in cash then it helps on the field..... I wish our club had some commercial brains .....prem league champions, millions of social media followers and it generates ???????
  7. some chat that Edouard is now looking at west ham ahead of us. pretty sure thats just talking the fee and package up. however, west ham could call him their no 1 striker and allow Antonio to rest plenty (assuming they get Europa league). he will not see that he starts most games here and he could end up third place if vards recovers his form and kel remains at his current level.
  8. oh harry, you need to let it go at some point. don't let it push you to the point where it will affect your trust in loads of things - eg. you wont be able to get on a plane. (and its 18% of positives are false, not 18% of tests) this 20% false positives on positive LFT results is a bit of a problem as others have pointed out. the current protocol is that you have to take a walk in lateral flow test the day before the event. then you take your own test on the day of the event and again five days afterwards. if we look at current ONS data, the virus is inf
  9. This doesn’t follow the narrative ..... Between February 2020 and 15 March 2021, Covid-19 killed at least 852 of Brazil's children up to the age of nine, including 518 babies under one year old, according to figures from the Brazilian Ministry of Health. But Dr Marinho estimates that more than twice this number of children died of Covid. A serious problem of underreporting due to lack of Covid testing is bringing the numbers down, she says.
  10. She’s just setting up a network of safe houses .........
  11. Data on pcr retesting shows the lft’s give 20% false positives if only there was a system to reimburse those (and their families) who have to isolate then we could get a big uptake on these LFT’s and that’s the way forward to open up everything. Of course human nature would provide a sizeable percentage of people who would actually try to become infected if the compensation was sufficient to act as an encouragement to be tested.
  12. Liverpool with no distractions in their chase for top four ......
  13. I thought that but then realised that Timmy was playing right side of the three ..... we had Marc and Ricky on the right as the game progressed .....no room for Timmy as a RB aswell .....still think JE is carrying an issue
  14. Billionaires tend to get richer whatever happens ..... the fact they got richer during a pandemic shouldn’t surprise anyone .....
  15. You wrong footed me by putting it in the premier league thread! I get it now .....doh!
  16. Why is it good if Man City rest players against Chelsea ??
  17. If he doesn’t move that soon, he won’t have any wheels left !
  18. The more transmissible Kent strain was responsible for the apparent lack of success of the nov lockdown, especially further south whilst we suffered badly from this through nov, dec and moreso January, the rest of the world is now catching up. In Areas where the Brazilian and s African variants are primary, the Kent strain is not taking over but other parts which have done well to keep those s hemispheric strains out are now suffering with the Kent strain assisting in encouraging faster transmission of the virus. whilst we pat ourselves in the back, epidemiologists wi
  19. Brendan needs to earn his corn now in controlling the squad dynamics .....
  20. No team can qualify for CL finishing below 4th in the league via their league position 5 teams can qualify from the prem if the fifth team does so by winning the CL or the Europa league iin the unlikely event that two teams from outside the top four win the Europa league and CL then the fourth placed team will go into the EL
  21. PSG players have already spent four mins on the floor having treatment .... with virtually no contact each time .... their tactics are clear in this regard
  22. Born in redbourn ?? not many can say that! Would love to be able to take all my boys but can’t (that’s not an easy situation!)
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