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  1. Yes , there’s a huge difference between our boys being in their beds by midnight on Thursday when Arsenal’s will be four in the morning if they’re lucky. And then the Arsenal coach has to drive up Saturday evening to ensure they make it to the stadium for 11 am Sunday
  2. its nedim onuoha .....(although he has more of a manc accent ) he’s decent
  3. A bit like we did with drinkwater’s hip issues .....
  4. last summer i believe he had surgery. its a big concern that his discomfort has returned within six months…. the fact he is having a second opinion isn't great imo. if the first diagnosis was positive then why would you want a second opinion ?? the first assessment was either not great or uncertain. i assume he had an injection before he played second half at everton in july. that lasted about twenty five mins before he was unable to run ! i'm worried and i wouldn't take too much notice of what Brendan has to say …. going back to cags needing an op (he didn't), timmy being out
  5. if we retain the same shape then i expect he will alternate ayo, kel and under as a ten. but these guys will not drop as deep as madders does so we simply cant keep the same structure. these guys are more link up players than a true creative ten like madders is. tbh, we haven't seen if under is able to play this role - we might tomorrow for a period. we need ayo fit asap - he has looked ok in between the lines high up when given the chance. its certainly more suited to him than leading the line! kel also likes to link play by dropping into that space. lets see how it goes befo
  6. We voted to increase the tv money for the top clubs because we intend to be one of the top clubs .....
  7. Totally agree - he’s been here before and there will be people at the club who know his character
  8. It’s nov/dec ‘22 so they have a little more time than just next season to establish themselves. Not leaving us in summer ‘22 will be more relevant re World Cup squad selection. Is it relevant to non English players anyway?
  9. Here’s a conundrum we finish second in the league and win the Europa league this season we are invited to become part of this ‘super league/expanded CL circus’ with no strings attached I know what we would all decide but what does the club do ????
  10. He’s been fourth official more times than he’s reffed a CL tie. The three he’s done have been low profile only 35. Either he’s a top ref of the way up and will deal with their antics or he’s inexperienced and will fall for them !
  11. ...my missus lost her antibodies after about six months .....and got it again few months on from that ...bit grim that they’re so ill to end up in hospital....
  12. Totally agree ....he is way better running onto the ball with the final third ahead of him and at full pace ...
  13. How long ago was their first infection ?
  14. I wonder if they are content for the virus to be spreading around on the basis that the vulnerable and over 60’s will have been vaccinated and therefore far less likely to be hospitalised. I could be wrong but is the virus more likely to mutate if it’s not spreading easily ??? I always thought that the virus just wants to spread as much as it can and when it becomes suppressed it mutates to try and spread again ?? It could be argued that trying to remove the virus as much as possible at this stage could lead to a mutation that the current vaccines may not deal so well with at a ti
  15. still makes me sad - i remember i was having a 'tom tit' when it was actually reported on five live …...strange how you remember some things ………..
  16. depends what her legs were like …………………………… sorry, couldn't resist ….. fwiw, i knew when i read the original post early this morning that someone would pick up on it ……………. not because i thought there was anything particularly wrong with it but because i knew it would upset somebody ……..
  17. I am beginning to struggle with the numbers. Maybe we’re not being told everything we need to about the effectiveness of the first jab without a booster ?? I know that in my mums care home, two residents have passed away in the last week having tested positive for covid within the past 28 days. and they all had the Pfizer jab early jan. I assume they died from being old but their deaths will go in the covid column and I have no idea if them catching covid accelerated their passing. The word from the place is that those who are catching the virus are not as ill as would be expecte
  18. Surely not - can’t believe Brendan would publicly slaughter an official who was taking the return leg ....
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