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  1. still makes me sad - i remember i was having a 'tom tit' when it was actually reported on five live …...strange how you remember some things ………..
  2. depends what her legs were like …………………………… sorry, couldn't resist ….. fwiw, i knew when i read the original post early this morning that someone would pick up on it ……………. not because i thought there was anything particularly wrong with it but because i knew it would upset somebody ……..
  3. I am beginning to struggle with the numbers. Maybe we’re not being told everything we need to about the effectiveness of the first jab without a booster ?? I know that in my mums care home, two residents have passed away in the last week having tested positive for covid within the past 28 days. and they all had the Pfizer jab early jan. I assume they died from being old but their deaths will go in the covid column and I have no idea if them catching covid accelerated their passing. The word from the place is that those who are catching the virus are not as ill as would be expecte
  4. Surely not - can’t believe Brendan would publicly slaughter an official who was taking the return leg ....
  5. Don’t take away an easily accessible away day by the seaside .....
  6. surely it’s not about cases but about hospitalisations? I presume that the data over the next six weeks will show how that relationship is changing thanks to the vaccine effect .....however, if large tranches of the population are not getting vaccinated (potentially the BAME community according to some studies ) then surely there is a danger that the NHS remains under too much pressure and this drags on longer than it needs to ???
  7. swap vards for kel - of course i forgot about the ban what else is horrific ??? what would be horrific for the rest of our season is players like timmy, ricky or wilf picking up injuries ……..
  8. According to some, it’s always Xmas at old Trafford .... Fernandes can be one of the ugly sisters !!
  9. Jesus ..,,,, I addressed the unconscious bias point and I accept it exists I do not accept (outside of the normal commercial agreements ) that there is a conspiracy within the footballing authorities to ensure man United (or any of the ‘big six’ ) retain their positions .....
  10. What’s best here ? glorious failure in two cup semis and fading to 7th in the league or hanging onto a CL place ?? Of course isn’t that binary but it could turn out like that ! that’s sort of what the manager has to think about? He surely can’t just take it one game at a time and hope it all works out with the crazy workload on a stretched squad ...
  11. We must surely expect teams that have a dreadful first 45 to come out with a different attitude or tactics for the second half. Sometimes it looks as though we just go in and rodgers says ‘that’s great - same again for the second period lads’. Palace (A) was a great example.
  12. Did madders have an op or not ? I’m sure he did. In which case, isn’t it concerning if his hip issue has returned as per Brendan’s comments ??
  13. Apart from Dennis wise, I don’t really understand any other approach to ex players .......
  14. So what went wrong with the wolves one .....did the var and on field ref between them not receive the memo that little old Leicester are under no circumstances to be allowed to get an advantage which will put additional pressure on the ‘top six’ ....... my nativity will enable me to enjoy football a lot more than your ‘well Informed’ situation ........ I dont suppose you have any strong views on other stuff - just wonder if people who distrust the footballing authorities to that level have a similar attitude to all things authoritarian??
  15. Please get a grip ....... soft pens are soft pens ....United have already got a larger share of soft pens ( pre var ) than most and VAR wont change that because it’s not a clear and obvious error to think that there is some kind of conspiracy ongoing is just nonsense ...... referees are human beings and will always unconsciously favour the bigger clubs ..... just as we will begin to get softer pens in our favour as we establish ourselves in the top six area. and we have had pens given that, if they hadn’t, would not then have seen the call overturned by VAR.
  16. We haven’t had that many fewer - clearly the premier league want us in the top four aswell ........ This place is very weird at times ........
  17. We were 12 points clear of 5th ...this time it’s 6. So have to aim for that 70 point mark this time.
  18. Someone quoted 1928 in another thread earlier today ....
  19. There are five subs available but as we saw in Prague , if you don’t get ahead then you can’t take off your best five players and then win the game ....
  20. After 25 games we have 49 points...... same as last season
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