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  1. The year is 2026; Lisburn Distillery who I have had the pleasure to manager for nearly 7 years, have came from the slums of Northern Irish football to absolutely dominate the land and are finally making their mark in Europe, by beating Juventus in the 2nd knockout round of the Europa League. I started as an ex-Sunday league player and now a club and Northern Ireland legend. Now with the club finances in excess of £11m and a transfer budget of £3.5m, a 35 year old Riyad Mahrez seeing out his retirement in Sunny old Lisburn and accompanied by a slower than a tortoise 33 year old M
  2. Evra vs Jimmy Flloyd is a much better watch than that match.. Really seem to dislike eachother.
  3. To be fair, this game has probably sent the VAR chap kip.
  4. How did VAR see anything wrong with Maguire wrestling in the box?
  5. Im decent at Multiplayer, but awful at Warzone! Very good game though.
  6. It's been difficult to feel as connected to the Sport as I did pre lockdown. The 'Project Big Picture' debacle and the EPL charging fans £15 to watch games has pushed me even further away. would much rather find use that £15 to support a local non-league team.
  7. That Pickford challenge looks worse everytime I see it. The people behind VAR assumed that the challenge was irrelevant if VVD was offside IMO which, as explained by the ref on BT is incorrect and they are therefore not fit for the job, if so.
  8. I work in the Private Pension sector, so been working from since mid March. I've been fortunate throughout.
  9. Among Us has taken over my life over the past 24 hours.
  10. I appreciate and respect peoples faith and religion, however I feel it is an easy solution to the mystery of the Universe (i.e. it was made for us by a divine creator and that's all there is). I feel people tend to ignore Science, as we essentially no nothing about it. Why and how are we here? There may be no answer to these questions or at least we will never have the ability to find out. For some, Religion is the answer and puts an end to the debate, allowing them to carry on happy without needing to find out the truth. I feel the difference between religion and science is th
  11. Our own individual existence. You, as a sperm, beat the race of c200 million others to fertilise the exact egg required to create you and come into this world. Not only that, but this was the same for each generation before you, from human existence. The probability that you as a person are here living is incomprehensively astronomical. If any generation before you did not meet and create the offspring that eventually led to your own birth, you simply would never have existed. Sometimes that is worth reflecting on when you feel worthless. The fact you are here is an absolute mira
  12. Anybody a Painter & Decorator or know of any decent ones happy to give a quote for a living room painting job?
  13. Had a few Motorola's over the past few years. Reliable and extremely cost efficient in comparison to similar phones on the market
  14. Quiche, avacado, Maryland chicken
  15. Any training tips to teach dogs to stop jumping up at people? Our 7 month old Collie Cross gets over excited meeting new people on walks. It means we have to leash him most of the time as he will uninvitedly jump at people. When we come home, will sit on command and not jump. With others though, he will bounce and jump so high to get a good face lick. Is it just an age thing? I'm hoping he will calm down in the future, as he has Collie blood, I'd love to be able to have him ort leash more to run, explore at his own pleasure.
  16. Tried to get back into the multiplaywr on this. Again, lost my interest as absolutely nobody on my team plays the objective, all just want to try and quick scope and increase their KD. Why do they do this on objective games and not just go into Free For All or TD? These modes are designed for straight Kills, why ruin other modes? Its made it worse now they've taken off Shipment; that made playing the objective easier without the team contributing. ,
  17. Liz Kendall says can't meet indoors. Jon Ashworth says can't meet indoors or in private gardens. Both waiting for full guidance from the Government, so nothing confirmed as of yet.
  18. The handling of this from the Government is so inept, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. It's unbelievable. They run the country, and they can't even issue a clear and precise statement; leaving thousands of people to try and work it out amongst themselves.
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