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  1. Ok thanks mate. So it won’t affect my policy when it comes to renewal? Car is a golf mk 2002
  2. Anyone know the cost involved for a cracked windscreen? And would I need to contact my insurer? Its quite a large crack some idiots must’ve done it as you do. Sorry if it might be a daft question I’m fairly new to driving
  3. Great viewing that love lookman proper decent player.
  4. Brighton are a such a good watch just been missing that striker to finish off the chances all season
  5. Rewatching house of cards, great watch
  6. So then lads might as well start the bruno penalty lottery what minute we going for? 84th I reckon
  7. Dark waters on Amazon great watch
  8. Would’ve liked to see under but good team regardless
  9. Finally got round to watching the boys. Absolutely loved it
  10. Decent team spurs seem to have gone a bit defensive too
  11. Missing the full backs badly can’t wait until they’re back
  12. That’s a great team. Looking forward to see ladders barnes under and vardy together. Good to see no James for them would’ve been nice to also see Pickford playing
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