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  1. Was good second half. Would’ve loved for Barnes to get onto that flick of his he did.
  2. Massive game the midfield will be where it’s won you’d really like to think we should have the better of them in that department as allan and doucoure will be out
  3. Great second half after a nervy first. Buzzing with that
  4. Hahahahaaa that is so sweet FairPlay Burnley. Liverpool trying to score by crossing
  5. Mings . They need to get rid of him he’s overrated. Just a thug
  6. Villa are seriously good. City without a striker nowhere near as good
  7. Play the second string should be more than good enough to beat them. I can imagine them resting a few too
  8. Great to see him back in form so good when he’s on it
  9. Yep he’s a proper student of the game so refreshing to see his interviews rather than the robotic rubbish you see from most of them
  10. We are actually so good the way Rodgers has our press set up, absolutely spot on
  11. Ok thanks mate. So it won’t affect my policy when it comes to renewal? Car is a golf mk 2002
  12. Anyone know the cost involved for a cracked windscreen? And would I need to contact my insurer? Its quite a large crack some idiots must’ve done it as you do. Sorry if it might be a daft question I’m fairly new to driving
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