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  1. Should be enough to win looking forward to seeing under
  2. He should’ve definitely come on against wolves. There must be something going on behind the scenes because from what I have seen he’s impressed ie those assists for vardy against Leeds and arsenal and that goal vs Brentford just glimpses of what he’s capable of .
  3. Play a mix of both first teamers and fringe players
  4. Zerozerozero on sky is very good. Same director of gomorrah
  5. He’s not started the last few anyway has he?
  6. Ward prowse is inevitable from free kick. Pretty much like a penalty for him
  7. Take great pleasure in watching mourinho do shit. He’s so past it
  8. Yh coufal has been excellent. He’s a very solid and reliable defender reminds me of Simpson as he’s not great going forward but doesn’t matter as much because he gives u a 7/8 most weeks.
  9. Watched requiem of a dream recently although a strong message didn’t think it was as goof as the ratings personally.
  10. Very professional performance with sprinkles of quality. Buzzing for nacho
  11. Thought Justin ****ed that . Unreal goal nacho should’ve started on Sunday ffs
  12. Promising young woman was class
  13. Brighton absolutely dominated them. Fear for them as it’s only 1-0 though
  14. He chooses not to so the media can’t manipulate what he’s said
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