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  1. I thought Rev Malthus was predicting population growth based on arithmetic vs geometric progression. Mind you I learned that 1000 years ago. What was his race theory?
  2. I went there last December, it's like eating in a cottage bedroom. If fact you do eat in a cottage bedroom. The ability to relax and enjoy the company was overshadowed by incessant attention of the waiters and sommelier. I guess they are proud of the food and wine, quite rightly but I didn't find the ambiance at all relaxing.
  3. Smudge


    I'm not sure i'd be taking the pharmacy lobby as gospel.
  4. Smudge


    After reading The Da Vinci Code many years ago, I visited the Inns of Court in the City and the Temple Church. I found it fascinating but that's me. Access is easier on weekdays, There are guuided tours https://www.london-walking-tours.co.uk/inns-of-court-tour.htm
  5. I'd say the overriding reason is that it stops theft of cash.
  6. That's true but a drowning man will grasp at straws.
  7. Once Sanders and Warren have been laid to rest I think we'll know more. Storming the Winter Palace isn't for right now.
  8. Just a few others Robert Johnson Buddy Guy Jimmy Page Steve Howe Snowy White Lindsey Buckingham Jeff Beck
  9. I was at that track 3 years ago. There are TV screens everywhere and certainly where all the spectators are seated. They will know what's going on. No doubt in my mind that Vettel moved his wheel to the right to block him off.
  10. I have a Festool drill and it is the best I have ever owned but it is super expenive. I also have a cheap Ryobi impact driver which I use for driving screws and it works well but will have a short life I feel. For concrete I have a Bosch SDS (slotted drive system). I have owned Porter Cable and Milwaukee, I wouldnt buy Porter Cable again. I think that the best value and quality would be Bosch. I own many more of their products including a jigsaw, flush cut saw, talble saw and orbital sander.
  11. Thanks @Wymeswold fox for getting it but to anyone else who is confused, I apologise Explaining jokes is something I have never had to do before maybe it's a generational thing? There are two "jokes' I was trying to make but I accept unsucessfully. He was taking his medicine in water means mixing with a glass of water not having to have a bath. Using Senokots and liquid paraffin, a well known pair of laxatives, would pevent anyone from risking coughing and the possible accident. Sorry!
  12. This chap had developed a serious cough and was complaining about it to his wife. She said "You need to see that doctor who gave you the cough mixture last time" "I know" he said, "I was told to take a spoonful 3 times a day in water. I have never taken so many baths in my life!!" Anyway off he trots to the doctors and comes home with a box of senokots and some liquid paraffin. His wife looked at him gone out and said "How will these cure your cough?" "Well" He said, "If take this lot I won't dare to cough..
  13. John Sjoberg and Graham Cross took no prisoners. Willie Carlin was a terrier, being described by Brian Clough as "a belligerent, aggressive little Scouser" However, Marcin takes the all time bruiser title.
  14. The Trees, I used to live near there
  15. They measure the amount of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) to check if your thyroid gland is working properly. My doctor does it every time I have a blood test.
  16. I don't follow the logic, If the same number of parking spaces are available, how will it reduce traffic?
  17. Never a truer statement for today than "Foxes Never Quit" A quite amazing result.
  18. You have to wonder what Stowell does all day.
  19. It sounded to me that they weren't inspired by him which is somewhat different.
  20. Plan B - Mike Stowell This will be the 5th time he's been caretaker.
  21. Since 1894 that is true, however, since 1954 when I started following the club that's not correct. In the last 65 years we have been in the top flight for 40 years and 25 at a lower level. Even since 1990 they have been in the top flight by 15 to 14
  22. @chuck'em As @Costock_Fox said, you have a skill set that not everyone posseses. Good management and people skills are in demand and can be transferred to service industries such as health, transportation even banking. Selling a product doesn't need to be to be retail, sales are required in all industries,. Good Luck with your search
  23. Great man and a true gentleman. I saw him play many times and had the honour of meeting him in recent years God bless Gordon!
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