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  1. That's a good assessment Alf. I think McConnell's opinion is the key.
  2. I have no idea what you just said. Could you precis that in one paragraph please.
  3. I can only think that on hearing people bemoan their lot with the lockdowns etc., someone will remind them of the fact that others have had it worse. Using that as a ubiquitous argument for all situations is asinine. If that is happening then I agree with you
  4. Would you please explain this comment? Being infatuated by a war, and I assume WW2, was an anathema for my parents. My Dad was a prisoner of war for three years and my Mum was bombed out of her lodgings in Highfields in Leicester. In what way is that weird? They are merely trying to tell you what those young people had to deal with in their twenties
  5. Lovely to see you on here again, Happy and Healthy New Year to you too
  6. I haven't had a pint of Everard's in two years. Not that's the best beer in the world but it tastes like home.
  7. I do. I also say Paris instead of Paris
  8. Sounds like our first real ITK poster
  9. Ah I see! Being a pragmatist I wasn't necessarily following your objection.
  10. Good to hear. I'm sure it's not easy with kids.
  11. @JattdoggI would have thought that if you have a cold, you could have caught any airborne virus. Stay Safe
  12. He's doing ok, Belgians look lack lustre
  13. Under scores 3rd goal to draw even 3-3.
  14. I enjoyed it, shut up you tart
  15. If we rid the world of the lies and corruption of power, unseen in my lifetime, I think it's worth the wait
  16. continuing I know you must be confused, but feel you were being used Oh, Wesley, I couldn't have paid no more I’ve led you away from home Just to save you from that boring old gnome I played my ace and that's what really hurts
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